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Game finder thread. Please include the following information:

>Game(s) you want to play:
>Role(s) you're willing to fill:
>Method of play (online, IRL, etc.):
>Contact info:
>Anything else worth noting:

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Game(s) you want to play: Basically anything not 40k
Role(s) you're willing to fill: Player
Method of play (online, IRL, etc.): Online, unless you live in the 502 area and feel like picking me up since I have no vehicle
Contact info: [email protected]
Anything else worth noting: I once wrote like a third of a Carmen Sandiego screenplay.

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>Game(s) you want to play:
Dnd 3.5e, 4e, Pathfinder
>Role(s) you're willing to fill:
Anything but cleric.
>Method of play (online, IRL, etc.):
>Contact info:
Skype: roadrunner_lr
>Anything else worth noting:
...I've been told I sound like batman over a mic. I guess that's something.

And an image, because those draw attention to your posts.

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>Any of the 40K games
>Online, Skype, dice roller or honor system
>E-mail in the e-mail field
>Veteran of RPGs, long-time GM, very familiar with the 40K universe

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Derp, forgot my e-mail.

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>Game(s) you want to play:
Whatever that is low fantasy or hard-ish science-fiction. Or AdEva.
>Method of play (online, IRL, etc.):
Online, I'm a a frog eater.
>Contact info:
[email protected]
>Anything else worth noting:
I'm a fucking newbie.

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>And an image, because those draw attention to your posts.

I knew I forgot something.
>>17832163 <<
>>17832163 <<
>>17832163 <<
>>17832163 <<
>>17832163 <<

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Oh, stupid me. Role as in player/gm, not class or party role.


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Oh, and player.

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>Game(s) you want to play:

>Role(s) you're willing to fill:
Uh, Sorcerer?

>Method of play (online, IRL, etc.):
IRC preferably, willing to try and learn Maptools or what's it called

5 P.M. Onwards on Tuesdays and Fridays
GMT +02

>Contact info:
mad on suptg irc

>Anything else worth noting:
Only played Black Crusade and Dark Heresy, not much of either...

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>Game(s) you want to play:
>Role(s) you're willing to fill:
>Method of play (online, IRL, etc.):
Online, MapTools, Skype, IRC, etc
>Contact info:
email: [email protected] (can pass details there)
>Anything else worth noting:
I am a uni student, my schedule is a bit full, but by the gods I wanna play.

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>Game(s) you want to play:
>Role(s) you're willing to fill:

Haha, wut.

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>I once wrote like a third of a Carmen Sandiego screenplay.
You should've finished it. I would shell out cash for a Carmen Sandiego movie.

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It means I'm desperate enough I'll play pretty much any system, as any role.

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Here, if any potential GM's have seen that Giant City thread, it'd be pretty kickass if you used that as a setting.

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Also, under the "anything else worth noting," I'd like to mention that I have 10,000+ words of a 40K novel that will never see print written. Hooray!

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This is the basic ruleset. Classes are based on FFT jobs. Combat is similar to FFT as well. Set in Ivalice.
I'm a player representing the GM
>Method of play
Fantasy Grounds II and Steam
>Contact info
Check the steam group, talk to Gheed, Gheedsaibot, or Dousiq https://steamcommunity.com/groups/ivalicev

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>Game(s) you want to play:
I'd like to get into WoD (either version) or Shadowrun. Either would be my first, so please keep in mind. Apart from that, I could go for 40K games, though I've no experience with Dark Heresy.

>Role(s) you're willing to fill:
Player, obviously. New systems and all.

>Method of play (online, IRL, etc.):
If there's dudes in the Netherlands, I'd be all for IRL; as it stands, though, online is the only option. Prefer IRC, Skype can be done too.

>Contact info:
E-mail in field. SteamID is nieve.roja.

>Anything else worth noting:
Mondays are taken (RT game), apart from that I'm available whenever. GMT+1. Also, call me Jones.

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>Game(s) you want to play: D&D 4e or 3.5 preferably, willing to try similar games

>Role(s) you're willing to fill: Player

>Method of play (online, IRL, etc.): Online

>Contact info: [email protected]

>Anything else worth noting:
Played a few sessions of 4th Edition Essentials IRL but Im still slow to work things out, and im completely inexperienced with online play, you should probably only invite me to play if you want a complete noob to play with other noobs, i'd get annoying very quickly otherwise

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>Roles willing to fill


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>Game(s) you want to play: pretty much anything, i'd like to play nWod maybe
>Role(s) you're willing to fill: anything
>Method of play (online, IRL, etc.): online (I live in the middle of nowhere, it'd be an exercise in futility to list my location)
>Contact info: [email protected]
>Anything else worth noting: this is pretty much my first time playing any rpg.

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Which nWoD splat?

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>Game(s) you want to play:
Pretty much ANYTHING. I'm interested in Dark Heresy, but only have passing knowledge of 40K. Chunks I learned from /tg/. I can recognize a servitor but can't tell you what they do. I know what a Celestia is, but don't know the Astartes. I should probably look up what the Astartes are...that's important.

>Role(s) you're willing to fill:
Fuckin' anything. You need a mother fucker, I'm your mother fucker.

>Method of play (online, IRL, etc.):
Online, text based. Have no mic. Anything where we type to talk, I'm down with.

>Contact info:
email in email field

>Anything else worth noting:
I have only played some 5 rpg's in my life. I have yet to even reach "novice", I'm so god damn new. Every game I've played was a 5 hour one-shot. I don't know a single system, only the basic concept of how these games are played. I REALLY want to get into this hobby, but I have no starting place. If you're willing to put up with a fucking retard, I will try my god damnedest to not That Guy anything or ask "okay what can I do here?" every time ANYTHING happens.

I just looked up the Codex Astartes, seems to basically be "The Rules" to being a human in 40k. Neat.

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I don't know what a splat is.
Werewolf seems pretty cool though.

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Would anyone be interested in running either oWoD Vampire or a survival horror game of some kind? Or Doctor Who.

Or Doctor Who survival horror...

Or if anyone else is interested in playing one of those games, we could get together a group of 3-5 people and thus be more likely to find a GM.

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I'm gonna lurk here til I find someone from Iloilo, our group needs more members.

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>fucking anything
I should probably note that that's not totally true. Now that I think about it, I probably wouldn't play an evil character well.

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oWoD sounds good, if you don't mind a newbie. I could go for a survival horror of your choice too. Not so much for the Doctor Who, if you don't mind.

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>Game(s) you want to play:
I'd love playing any RPG. Would just need guidance in character creation, etc.
>Role(s) you're willing to fill:
>Method of play (online, IRL, etc.):
Any online method
>Contact info:
[email protected]
>Anything else worth noting:
Available everyday from 4pm EST onwards, weekends, all day.

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I've been wanting to play oWoD Vampire for a while.
LaSombra Antitribue, fuck yeah.

I'd be down to get in on this.

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Send me an email: [email protected]

That makes three people.

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I sent you an email.

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I enjoy playing 3.5, Pathfinder is ok but i don't play it often yet can play though,
I can play online but dunno how often.
Will post contact info if someone is interested possibly.
I'm pretty good at playing/ current charcter has played from lv 1 to lv 28 and is a diefic lv 1 being.

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So, I now have a group of four people (including myself) looking for a GM/ST for an oWoD Vampire game over Skype or Infrno or something.

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>Game(s) you want to play: I will literally play anything. I'm not much of a 40k fan, though.
>Role(s) you're willing to fill: Player
>Method of play (online, IRL, etc.): online
>Contact info: [email protected]
>Anything else worth noting: This would be my first RPG game.
Please pay attention to me.

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Directing attention toward this in case you missed it

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>Game(s) you want to play:
Paranoia, that's a real big one for me. I'm cool with anything else though.
>Role(s) you're willing to fill:
I like killing stuff.
>Method of play (online, IRL, etc.):
I'm looking into this, haven't downloaded it yet though
Downloaded this, pretty shit GM so don't ask me to GM
>Contact info:
[email protected]
>Anything else worth noting:
I don't have access to my computer right now. I might be able to go on this week. I'll definitely be on by saturday.

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>Game(s) you want to play: 3.5 / PF
>Role(s) you're willing to fill: Player
>Method of play (online, IRL, etc.): Online via Maptool or if any of you guys are in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.
>Contact info: [email protected], allhaillordshadow on Skype or http://steamcommunity.com/id/Xandiel
>Anything else worth noting: GMT-6, free every day except Wednesday 3pm and onwards

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I can play weekdays that aren't tuesdays and thursdays from 10-12 and 1-3ish

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Alright, I've tried this a few times as a GM and I've chickened out every time. I'm so afraid of stepping behind the DM screen that I lie to my players about reasons I have to go the day of the game. But not this time!

I want to run a game in the GURPs universal roleplaying system. The setting would be generic medieval fantasy, with slimes a plenty, orcs a raiding, dragons a...being dragons....you get the picture. /tg/'s fantasy. The only twist is that the players are a collection of monsters trying to start their very own dungeon to defend and expand from adventurers, and perhaps start their own empire!
The points value would be around 85/-40, and progression would be quick.

IF anyone is interested, knowing my spotty history, I can run this on fridays, EST, after 5 PM. I can start up an IRC channel shortly. Just give the word.

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when saying 10-12 you mean PM right?

What are your times for the week-end?

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I'm in. Start that channel, my good man.

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Alright. #Monstergeneration on suptg. I'll be there posthaste.

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>Game(s) you want to play: Dark Heresy, Pathfinder, D&D (anything but 4th edition), Rogue Trader, Shadowrun, anything pony related
>Role(s) you're willing to fill: Any, I like to mix it up
>Method of play (online, IRL, etc.): Online
>Contact info: [email protected]
>Anything else worth noting: I'm fairly new to tg's and rpg's in general.

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>Game(s) you want to play: Anything
>Role(s) you're willing to fill: Any. I've got plenty of experience as both but am wanting to play more than run.
>Method of play (online, IRL, etc.): Online in any method, but I live in South West Virginia so I would love to hook up with a few of you fa/tg/uys.
>Contact info: Skype contact: squalematte (email's in the field)
>Anything else worth noting: I'd love to get a once a week game that spans months or even a year. I'm very open to all sorts of campaign settings.

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I am this guy
And I would LOVE to play that game. Can you send me info?

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>Game(s) you want to play:
Some traditional fantasy, horror, or cyber-punk (not Shadowrun though). Alternatively, something weeaboo.
>Role(s) you're willing to fill:
Anything really, but I feel like playing a fighter.
>Method of play (online, IRL, etc.):
>Contact info:
See email field
>Anything else worth noting:
Please include me in the group if you want me to play. I've joined a few online RPs and I just felt left-out because of already standing friendships in the group.

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Of course I forget the email.

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This is why no one likes you.

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>Game(s) you want to play: Pathfinder Variant
>Role(s) you're willing to fill: GM or Player
>Method of play (online, IRL, etc.): Online Skype
>Contact info: [email protected]
>Anything else worth noting: Variant rules if I am running a game, if i'm playing then no problem.

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>Game(s) you want to play: Pathfinder
>Role(s) you're willing to fill: GM
>Method of play (online, IRL, etc.): Online Skype
>Contact info: [email protected]
>Anything else worth noting: More info when messaged.

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>Game(s) you want to play:
DH,WHFB, CoC. Unisystem,AdEva,Fallout P&P, Any WoD
>Role(s) you're willing to fill:
Any besides GM
>Method of play (online, IRL, etc.):
IRL and/or IRC/online
>Contact info:
[email protected]
>Anything else worth noting:
Free pretty much anyday after 6PM and free on weekends unless it runs into another game already running

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I was thinking about doing a human nWoD campaign I came up with, but I'm quite new at being a GM. I only did one game, and I've done about 3 simple d6 rules-light bullshit ones.

willing to give it a try, what's the worst that could happen?

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I was thinking about doing a human nWoD campaign I came up with, but I'm quite new at being a GM. I only did one game, and I've done about 3 simple d6 rules-light bullshit ones. One was a Jurassic Park one that went pretty well.

I say I'm new because no one stuck around long enough to finish a game with me. It's not that I'm bad, just everyone's schedules made it impossible for it to continue.

willing to give it a try online, what's the worst that could happen?

email is in the field, I CAN do teamspeak and google hangouts if video is very important. Skype refuses to cooperate on my PC, so I'm limited to those two. I can also do IRC.

send me an email and if I get at least two I'll get started right away. Yes I am that desperate and bored. Please tell me all the schedule crap in the email, I'm going to bed atm.

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>>Sigh I am jonesing for DND

Game: Dnd 4th edition or Retroclone eberron
Role: DM
Method: Probably IRC althought pbp is possible

>Contact info: [email protected]

I've run a few games before on irc, i go by ANDHOW and im in atlantic standard time and work shifts (so gauge time availablity accordingly)

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Game(s) you want to play:
-AdEva, AFMBE, Deathwatch, Giant Guardian Generation
Role(s) you're willing to fill:
-Any (except director in AdEva)
Method of play (online, IRL, etc.):
Contact info:
[email protected]
Anything else worth noting:
-I'm in Texas so I run on CST. My only free times are Friday night and Saturday evening/night.

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Derp, I'm a player, I confused game roles for party roles.

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Also, by Irc I mean sup/tg/


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DAMMIT I DID IT AGAIN, I could also probably be talked into a game of WEG starwars or a supes game.


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>Games you want to play:
I'm easy.

>Role you want to fill:
Once again, easy.

>Method of play:
Online I suppose, unless you live in Sydney.

>Contact info:
[email protected]

>Anything else:
I'm a rank novice in a horribly inconvenient timezone. Involvement in a game is pretty much wishful thinking. Still, can't hurt to try.

>> No.17838779

>Game(s) you want to play:
>Role(s) you're willing to fill:
>Method of play (online, IRL, etc.):
Online, any system
>Contact info:
Contact me here first
>Anything else worth noting:

>> No.17840691

>Game(s) you want to play:
DH/BC is preferred over anything else, but fine with RT as well. D&D/PF/nWoD/oWoD/whatever-else-have-you I am fine with.. Honestly, I miss the RPGs
>Role(s) you're willing to fill:
>Method of play (online, IRL, etc.):
>Contact info:
Email in field
>Anything else worth noting:

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>Game(s) you want to play: DnD 3.5e
>Role(s) you're willing to fill: Player
>Method of play (online, IRL, etc.): Online or IRL if anyone is in NW arkansas
>Contact info: [email protected]
>Anything else worth noting: pretty new, only had a couple experiences with DnD several years agoa dn i want to get back into it

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I can second this! Actually, I'm the DM. Gheed.
(EST by the way)
>Game(s) you want to play: My Homebrew Game
>Role(s) you're willing to fill: DM
>Method of play (online, IRL, etc.):
>Contact info: Steam: Gheed, Gheedsaibot

>Anything else worth noting:

I DM a homebrew system/campaign that I firmly stand by. The setting is Final Fantasy Tactics Ivalice and I like to believe I go out of my way for every player that shows interest; Classes are custom tailored for whatever class the player wants to play (Within reason, of course.). Combat is simple, challenging, and fast. Furthermore, for better or for worse, I am very open to creativity both in and outside of combat. I believe firmly in saying yes to player actions but attaching a DC or challenge of sorts to the action.

Check us out.

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Small problem boss

>> No.17842463


>> No.17842491


>> No.17842509

>Game(s) you want to play:
DnD (whatever edition, only ever played 3.5)
>Role(s) you're willing to fill:
>Method of play (online, IRL, etc.):
>Contact info:
contact twitter @anonymous881
>Anything else worth noting:
I'm a newb to DnD but I am a fast learner

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F-Zero RPG
Looking for more racers. (i usually run races & scenes but also play. its an open playtesting group)
suptg IRC server. join #mutecity
Anybody around will be able to help you make a character.

This is a homebrew F-zero RPG by Viral.
We also play a number of other games, like Joints & jivers, RBGY heroes ect over irc.
Come join us we'd love to have you!

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>Carmen Sandiego
>Blue eyes


>thou ogryna
Thou must be, Captcha. Thou must be.

>> No.17842740

>Game(s) you want to play:
WoD (old and new), anything narrativist, anything really silly.

>Role(s) you're willing to fill:
Onine: Player. I've never gamed online, so I'd better start there.
IRL: Player preferably, but I can DM.

>Method of play (online, IRL, etc.):
First time online would be fine.
IRL would be perfect, but I don't think there are other French people around here, even less so in southwestern France (Toulouse).

>Contact info:
e-mail in the e-mail field

>Anything else worth noting:
I'm a Forever DM with experience in both Changelings.
I'm not a native English speaker but hopefully it doesn't show too much.
Chargen for me always include spirituality and sexuality, but not in a creepy, omnipresent, gets-in-the-way fashion.

>> No.17842774

Damn, 4chan swallowed my e-mail like it was spring break.
It's shizumaru underscore elnikow at hotmail dot com
Yes, I used to be weeaboo.

Oh hey I found a fellow frenchman!

>> No.17845964

>Game(s) you want to play: D&D or Vox
- D&D2e: Post-apoc game involving survival, exploration, Dark Sun style makeshift materials, and Flame Princess style weird fantasy. Expect to wield a sword made of a rib bone from that chimera you killed two weeks ago.
- Vox: The Facility scenario from the back of the book. Futuristic sci-fi horror involving waking up in a computer controlled medical facility with little memory of who you are and a Voice in the back of your head. Players will have a character as well as play someone else's Voice. Experiences in the futuristic horror environs in The Facility will be interspersed with "shared dreams" / flashbacks to other time periods where you'll swap to playing your Voice (and will take the part of your character as someone else's Voice).
(This is run with the PDQ2 system, described on RPG.net as "like a narration-ready GURPS: Solid, easy to go to, and a system that doesn't tie you to it, doesn't get in the way." I could teach you it in less than 15 minutes. http://www.aeforge.com/vox/ - Recommended for fans of Wraith: The Oblivion.)
>Role(s) you're willing to fill: GM
>Method of play (online, IRL, etc.): Online
>Contact info: Up above.
>Timezone/availability: EST evenings

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