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What is the benefit of Emperor worship?
If you worship Chaos, you get all kinds of cool "Gifts" the biggest downside being that, when you finally die (Unless you have reached deamnhood) your soul is going to become the gods plaything even more than it was in life.

But emperor worship?
We get the occasionly saint with ultrapowers, but what about the soul? what happens to the emperor fearing mans soul after he dies?

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He joins the Emperor and his fellow man, of course. He's brought to the Emperor's side, like all loyal humans are. This is Emperor Worship 101, where have you been?

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Not sure if trolling, or just heretic.

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>what happens to the emperor fearing mans soul after he dies?

Well...the same thing that happens to chaos worshipers. Unless you're a psyker that gets eaten by the emperor, you're going to be a plaything of warp entities when you die regardless of what you worship.

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Oh you have not figured it out yet?

Emperor worship is useless and does nothing.

That's why cool and respectable people worship Nurgle.

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How about you don't get killed by the inquisition. How's that for a benefit?

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I remember reading that many souls gather to the Emperor's presence in the warp for the final battle at the end of time against chaos.

I think source is one of the many grey knight texts.

Also, it should be noted that serving the emperor faithfully is a good way to avoid becoming a play thing of the warp entities before death. True faith may even passage you more safely to the Emperor's warp presence.

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so the Emperor, even tho he does have a pressent in the warp, (Untold billions screaming fanaticts can do that to a powerfull psycker) does not even lift a finger for his loyal servants?
what a bitch, im going to join Slaneesh, that's were all the fun is.

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Enjoy being addicted to everything, breaking down your body, crushing every last bit of humanity you have in your crackhead like attempt to feel after bringing your body to such extremes you no longer feel anything from normal things.

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That pic?
is that the void dragon?
in the Horus Herecy "Mechanicus" book there is a nice part where the emph defeats the void-dragon in the shape of.. well a dragon.

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He powers the astronomicon, and is a beacon of hope for countless trillions. That is present day, never mind his extremely important work leading to his interrment to the golden throne.

As for serving Slaanesh; pleasure is a fleeting sensation in his halls, pain and despair are more prevalent.

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that dragon looks more DEAD than defeated..

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Nurgle blessed my crepes. That makes him pretty cool in my book.

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That's a pancake

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>implying that the Emperor does not not protect the souls of the faithful

Sure feels heretical in this thread.

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Pancake loyalist scum!

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This Thread brings forth the question
which of the 4 (5 if you count Mala too) chaos powers is the best?

it's a simple question of My taste > Your taste, shouldn't be too difficult to answere.

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Did you eat it? And do you feel... normal?

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If you worship Chaos Gods, you soul will be with your deity after you die. And it's much better than simply dissolving/becoming plaything for furies.
So I don't really see the point of worshiping the Emperor. You won't get any good mutations, gifts or psychic powers.

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pancakes for the pancake god
pancakes for the pancake throne

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Though exterminatus of these heretics seems an appropriate solution, even if a loyalist or two is lost.

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Sounds good. Not so far from my current state.

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This thread is now pancakes

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Pancakes, the true lords of the warp.

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<--- eldar codex

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I feel the SYRUP OVER TAKING ME! It is a good taste!

Look! Cheerios! CHEERIOS! Our Cereal hide in CARDBOARD BOXES, the Cereal! THE GRAINS! We… We should take away their CARDBOARD BOXES!”

The Recipe Crepes does not support this ingredient.

This thread is now 40k breakfast

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When I stated this:


I believe that it was in reference to Space Marines and other sufficiently powerful loyalist forces; not humanity in general.

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Whorshipping the Emperor is no safeguard against the uncaring judgement of the Inquisition.

All in all, 40k metaphysics are not really clearly defined. I prefer to think that the "soul", the psychic essence of a human simply becomes one with the Immaterium, unless something intervenes (i.e. a daemon, a soulstone or some technological device).

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Pancakes for the Pancake-God!
Crepes for the Crepe-Throne!


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