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Hear me maggots, time of the Changer of Ways is now.
You will all serve his plans one way or another, so why not give yourself freely to him.
All glory to the Tzeentch!

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>He worships Tzeentch!

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>They don't think they aren't being used by Tzeentch

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I already do though! I have a lovely Tzeentch-ian Army

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If it's all the same either way, I'll just kick back and relax and ignore his bird-brained schemes

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>doesn't worship HerWhoThirsts

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Nicki Minaj?

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>Hear me maggots

I wonder why the OP is trying to convert Nurgle's most adorable progeny.

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>worshiping Chaos

Sorry to break it to you, Gue'la, but she/he/it/hir is dead.

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No. Slaneesh has tentacles to fuck me with.

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Bitch, what?

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>implying the dark prince of chaos is mortal

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>not worshiping Zuvassin the undoer

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>Implying your species is even remotely strong
I recall one of your precious planets being scoured right under... whatever it is you have for noses.

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>Tzeentch sounds and acts like Foghorn Leghorn.


Now listen, I say, now listen here, Magnus. Stand up, boy, yer fallin' all over yourself! Now what, I say, now what you're gonna do is go into the Warp, real quiet like, hear? You're gonna mosey on over to Terra, and then yer...*unintelligible whispers*

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>Not reaping the favor of all the dark gods

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>This thread.
Yesss... Run around my little pawns.

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Can Khorne be Daffy Duck?

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Who else would he be?

Bugs is Slaanesh, no other toon has cross-dressed as much as him.

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I'm not sure what happened, but this smells like win.

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>Sorry to break it to you, Gue'la, but she/he/it/hir is dead
This is what the Tau actually believe.

You know, the Imperium was like you once upon a time (even had a leader that knows whats out there but denied it).
Look where it got us.

Then again, if you want to be the dominant power of the galaxy, maybe you should take notes.

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I was thinking Khorne would be Yosemite Sam.

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>not worshiping Slaanesh
His/her mortal avatar walks among us today. Truly, this century belongs to the Prince(ss) of Excess.

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Bugs is tzeentch or Khorne.

Have you seen the original bugs through, the original Bugs was a sadistic motherfucker, he beat the shit out of Elmer Fudd for shits n giggles.

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Who is Nurgle, then?

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hope and change motherfuckers.

4 more years of glory to Tzeetch

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Porky Pig, who else?

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Pepe Le Pew perhaps?

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>not worshiping Khorne
Really guys? Of all the gods its potentially the furthest away from mutations and maiming yourself. As long as you just fight he's happy, no mutilating yourself, no mindless berserkering around, nothing out of your mind. Just going to war and doing your job as a soldier. That martial pride. That is Khorne.

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Dave Chappelle: I'm watching Pepe Le Pew today as an adult and I'm like "What kind of MOTHERFUCKING RAPIST IS THIS GUY? CHILL OUT PEPPY.

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>not recognizing him as Nyarlathotep
C'mon now.

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Rescinding Bugs Bunny comment, Pepe would be an awesome Slaanesh.

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Tzeentch: Foghorn Leghorn.
Khorne: Daffy Duck
Slaanesh: Pepe le Pew
Nurgle: ?

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>Not Wile E. Coyote

The Road Runner can be Zuvassin.

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I think the original Bugs Bunny is definitely Khorne.

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The fuck?

In what magical reality do you live where war isn't a hideous task of violent death, murder, and cruelty?

I'll take pretty much ANYTHING over getting horribly maimed by shrapnal and/or captured and tortured as a POW.

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We're going to need a drawfag in here before long, I think.


Also, if Yosemite Sam isn't Khorne himself, then he should be Kharn. You could even put those hair-clasp thingies of Kharn's on his beard.

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>Being a tau >Calling someone a plague unto this universe

Hi pot, have you met my friend kettle?

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Honestly, Daffy Duck would be a better Slaanesh. The arrogance and imagination he puts on display is pretty astounding, something which Slaanesh would admire. Porky Pig would be a great Nurgle.

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So you would subject yourself to the diseases of Nurgle for all eternity or the base nasty of Slaanesh instead of fighting for a few years as a professional soldier and then retiring? Khorne doesn't demand for your head to roll, and when you've done your job he won't demand anything more from it. If you do your job and do it right he never asks more from you.

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Khorne: Bugs Bunny (Yosemite Sam is Kharn)

Slaanesh: Pepe le Pew (Daffy Duck is Lucian)

Tzeentch: Wile E. Coyote (Road Runner is Ahriman)

Nurgle: Porky Pig. (Typhus is Gossamer)

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>Khorne doesn't demand for your head to roll, and when you've done your job he won't demand anything more from it
You know literally nothing about Khorne.

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All right, it's official. We need a drawfag on this STAT.

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Everyone, join hands for the ritual of summoning. Does anyone have sacrificial pencils on hand?

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Seems to me like your only experience of it is from Dawn of War.

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Last time I joined on summoning ritual, someone touched my ass, and we accidently unleashed horrible daemon.
How do we prevent that from happening again?

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So then would Taz be a Khorne Berserker perhaps?

>> No.17824967

Conversely, I'd say your only experience with Khorne is from absolutely nothing. I can recall far more instances of Khorne being displeased with the amount of blood shed and killing off his followers than Khorne saying "Good job, go drink a beer and head home to your family."

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We hope the Daemon can draw.

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>chaos summoning.
>accidently summoned horrible Daemon.
son, what did they tell you we were doing at this summoning during the recruitment seminar?

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Khorne demands one thing from his followers. Bloodshed. Be it your blood or that of your enemies. As a follower, letting a day pass without worshipping Khorne (ergo shedding someone's blood) will incur his wrath upon you.
Also as with all Chaos gods you don't just get 'released'. You are in it for life.

Stop idealizing Khorne, he isn't better or worse than any of the others.

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>So you would subject yourself to the diseases of Nurgle for all eternity
Live forever, feel no pain. Oh how terrible.
>the base nasty of Slaanesh
What, did Hedonism kill your parents or something
>fighting for a few years as a professional soldier and then retiring?

You do know what soldiers do, right? They kill, and are in turn killed themselves. They are the tools that are discarded when they break.

Nurgle will make you unbreakable.
Slaanesh will take your goals to the extreme and beyond.
Tzeentch will make you both puppet and puppetteer.
Khorne... what? Exposes you to danger and drinks your blood?

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There was a time when Khorne was also a god of the martial aspects of war and the whole mindless BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD shtick wasn't as prominent. The generals and soldiers that fight in wars are just as important to his will as the berserkers. Soldiers have lives outside of war, and when their war is over what do you think they do? Yes, they'll go to another war, but in the between times they actually have their own lives.

>> No.17825015

makes you an awesome badass.

>> No.17825026

Honestly, Slaanesh would be my choice. Perfection and endless pleasure are goals I could certainly strive for.

>> No.17825027

Chaos summoning?
Oh dear.

>> No.17825039

>Khorne's most favored follower killed all his comrades
Good luck getting anywhere with that attitude.

>> No.17825041

>The Eldar look, sound, and act like Marvin Martian.

Christ, my sides.

>> No.17825044

Because there's no way anyone could ever be awesome unless they're a soldier.

>> No.17825055

Kharn's such a great guy.

>> No.17825060

>The Emperor is Elmer Fudd
"Shh, I'm hunting Daemons."

>> No.17825074

>implying all Khorne's followers are soldiers.

They could be a casual psychopath.

>> No.17825090

Of course Khorne respects martial prowess. Of course regular soldiers go home after a war. But worshippers of Khorne are beyond being mere soldiers. As worshippers of Slaanesh are beyond just trying living a good life.

Khorne worshippers don't just go home after a war and are done with it. Once the war ends they seek new enemies and a new war. Without rest. And if there is none to be found they will eventually war against each other. That is what Khorne demands. Not simple soldiering.

>> No.17825112

Psychopath you say?
Then how favoured he would be?

>> No.17825118

Strive for, but never attain, because the God you follow only finds its' pleasure in you constantly falling short, until eventually you are a fevered, obsessed shell chasing something you can never attain; all the while your soul withers away to nothing as you sacrifice more and more, and throw away more happiness, to grasp unattainable perfection.

The chaos gods are not your friends.

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See, that's where you're wrong. Those are the berserkers. Its like the difference between Kharn and the Blood Pact, minus some of their crazy.

>> No.17825126

Judging by the crazy shit he pulled off, Tzeentch would love him.

>> No.17825129

He is more along the Slaaneshi side of psychopath imo.
Enjoys it way too much.

>> No.17825144

But I want to server him! It's all part of my plan.

>> No.17825148

Remember: what feeds the chaos gods rarely pleases them.

>> No.17825163

I didn't say you couldn't go about without constantly screaming or raging. Khorne worshippers can be quite methodical and somewhat 'sane'. But they are caught in endless conflict and will pursue it. They won't just go home and be done with it like a normal soldier.

>> No.17825170

its the kind of pleasure you would cut your nipples off for.

>> No.17825189

Do I have to cut my nipple off, though? Because I kinda like my nipples and think it would detract from the aesthetics of my body to have nasty scars where they used to be.

>> No.17825194

I'd eventually be so far gone that this would be boring for me. I'm all ready getting bored with most of the deviant pornography I can find as it is.

>> No.17825206

Everyone who doesn't cut their nipples off gets to fuck themselves with a chainsword. Your choice.

>> No.17825209

Well, you don't HAVE too, but it might be nice to try it out and see how it feels, you know? Besides, I'm sure you can find a way to fix it.

>> No.17825221

Unlike the Imperials with their hubris and the El-Dar with their unfocused minds and burning passions, the Tau have wisdom on their side. They have the Greater Good, and thanks to its teaching the Tau will never be lost or succumb to the horror.

I'am aware of the Tau underdog position in this war ridden galaxy, but in time these young and underestimated people will surpass the ancients and achieve their glorious destiny.

The Imperial Creed is the cancer that plagues humanity and is slowly killing it. Chaos is the parasite that feeds upon the cancer.

Tau'va is the cure for both. Only through the Greater Good can humanity throw away the shackles of hate, ignorance, and tyranny. Only through Tau'va can humanity escape the wretched grasp of Chaos.

>> No.17825227

Can I... can I do them both?

>> No.17825255

> nasty scars
Just a new aesthetic and the pain is just another type of pleasure.

>> No.17825257

You're too predictable. Its getting sad. You are a broken record. You are BY FAR the least interesting tripfag that has ever been /tg/'s misfortune to bear.

At least Jim Profit was entertaining in his sheer buttfaggotry.

>> No.17825279

There's no way you're not trolling.

>> No.17825306

I'am not here for your entertainment. I'am here for the Tau.

>Comparing me to Jim Profit


That is uncalled for!

>> No.17825307

if you get 500 points on your Slaaneshi cultist card you get access to the ultra porn channel, it's in 6d vision and your head may or may not explode.

>> No.17825311

But why take your ratty and old nipples back when you could take someone else's nipples? I'm sure they won't mind, besides how many times have you looked at your nipples and thought "Wow, these just don't cut it, they're too plain and boring."

>> No.17825315

Just go away and come back only when you get a new codex.

>> No.17825320


>Tau are the good guys!

I am honestly shocked people still believe what is basically HL2's Combine (but a thousand times easier to kill) are the good guys.

>> No.17825331

Sounds like a... blast!

You, sir, are a genius. Better yet, take your new nipples from an alien. Or perhaps graft breasts to yourself. Hopefully you can figure out a way to make them sensitive and produce milk.

>> No.17825337

Really, you're probably one of the worst tripfags I've seen on here simply because you're so boring.

>> No.17825343

You're one-dimensional as fuck and everyone hates you.

>> No.17825346

Is greenmarine still around? Because we could really use a drawfag.

>> No.17825369

He still comes by every now and then but its a lot less frequent than it used to be, which is a damn shame. Once the mod started cracking down on NSFW material his drawfag threads were usually cut short, if you catch my drift.

>> No.17825391

I...I'm...sorry...I will try to be better...I promise!

>> No.17825398

If I had to recommend a pair of nipples from any species, I'd go with Eldar. Dark Eldar preferably but it's just a matter of whether you want them to come a bit worn in or not. The Eldar always brag about being more sensitive after all.

>> No.17825403

Only if those breasts lactate pure cocaine, then you can hang with Doom Rider.

>> No.17825410

I hate how boring the current mods are. Not to sound like an ass, but it really stifles creativity.

>> No.17825430

How about lactating your own blood mixed with hallucinogenics that are absorbed through the skin? You could spray LSD blood out of your nipples during parties then.

>> No.17825433

Actually, drop the absorption part. They have to drink it up.

>> No.17825445

No. Fuck off. You're not even annoying, you're just a white noise in what would otherwise be a fun thread.

>> No.17825449

hallucinogenic blood nipple parties are the best parties

>> No.17825481

Seriously now.

How can anyone hate me? I mean hate is such a strong word. You can't just throw it around like that!

>> No.17825485


gb2 what little of the galaxy you own you weeaboo commie voldemort-wannabe smurf

>> No.17825494

You know what'd I'd like to see (maybe).

What if TIDF took the side of Commander Farsight and denounced the Etherals.

Rather than sounds like the Tau 1984 Ministry of Truth

>> No.17825497

If you ignore him he'll go away eventually, guys.

>> No.17825500

My Question is, what's a good nipple to arm ratio when it comes to lactating, one arm for each nipple, a few extra arms incase it needs a bit more coaxing or a few less to seem a bit more skillfull when I milk more then one breast with a hand?

>> No.17825507

It's called anal pain. I don't see a reason to ditch you that hard like he's doing.

He could just ignore you and it would be all good

>> No.17825526

Perhaps you could gain a second set of arms whose only purpose is to constantly stimulate your nipples? That would leave your primary arms free for... other things.

>> No.17825529

Like hell I would. If there is one Tau I dislike, it is Farsight.

He is the one ruining it for everyone in the Empire because of his selfish renegade antics.

>> No.17825535

See, that's where you're wrong. Its because he's a tripfag that inherently makes him a cancerous faggot who won't take a hint and stop trying to ruin threads simply by posting in them.
And you can fuck right off to reddit where everyone is a perpetual tripfag if you like them so much. I know some of the ones on /tg/ are better than others, but holy fuck you're dumb.

>> No.17825544

What about the demon princes? They won the game; well except for Fulgrim.

>> No.17825556

I think we can have ourselves a compromise here, what about Tau nipples, or can you feed the Kroot specific things to give them nipples with the qualities we desire?

>> No.17825562

I empathize with Farsight.

I wouldn't want to visit the Ministry of the Love either.

>> No.17825572

What if we just swap out nipples with a new species every few months?

>> No.17825586

awww, but I don't want to give up the orphan nipples I sewed out to my ass checks.

>> No.17825596

Feel free to keep them and just put the new ones somewhere else. I suggest your fingers.

>> No.17825598

I both relish and fear the day we decide to give ourselves Hrud nipples.

>> No.17825600

Their walls will fall.

Their faith will fail.

Their flesh will tear

>> No.17825610

Had a bad day, or do you always rage that much over such things?

Either way, I don't care for the answer, I'm not even mad, was just giving out my point of view, try chilling down or enjoying feeding the god of anger.

>> No.17825618

This thread has gone somewhere beautiful.

>> No.17825629

good sir, are you proposing that we selectively breed and feed kroot for dem titties and dat ass?

>> No.17825631

If you support a tripfag you are supporting cancer. You might as well be going ass to mouth with the mod at this point.

>> No.17825652

>Sympathizing with a bunch of racist ''Fire Caste First'' rebels, abandoners, deserters, pirates, and mercenary scum.

I seriously hope you don't do this, Gue'la.

The Tau want to do some good in this galaxy and build a brighter future for themselves and their allies.

Farsight's and his rogues only seek to blow things up (mostly Orks) and get paid for it.

>> No.17825654

All these worshippers of the other gods, They don't even realise their gods and powers only work because of tzeentch. Through him your gifts, your powers, everything are possible. Your urges for assention are playing right into his hands. Fools. All of you.

>> No.17825663

Hold your horses there Bucko, we're just talking about nipples here. We'll get to asses and titties eventually, just pray to Tzeentch or Slaneesh for a bit to influence the flow of time while you wait.

>> No.17825664

I'm not supporting a tripfag, I'm rejecting your attitude, I see /tg/ as a fairly decent board in which people don't constantly troll or call each other faggots.

I was hoping you wouldn't answer to make me derail this thread again, but oh well, had to be said.

>> No.17825690

Sure they do, buddy. The most horrible of atrocites are commited in the name of "Greater Good".

>> No.17825727

/tg/ is mostly polite, as long as people are entertaining or contribute to threads, regardless of whether their posts are "on-topic" or not. Thread derails on /tg/ are magical things and new people like you don't understand that, and instead you report things to the mod and delete the threads. Its stifling /tg/. It really is. Its making older people leave and newer folks are actually saging 40k threads. You're killing it. Stop it. Tripfags are bad. They always have been. You're fooling yourself if you think TIDF isn't some fucknugget looking for attention and shitting up every thread it comes across.

>> No.17825732


>Tau are good guys

Tau are just as evil as everyone else in the grim darkness of the 41st century, don't even kid yourself.

>> No.17825745

Deathleaper is pretty all right, IIRC.

>> No.17825753

Yeah, mostly by humans against other humans.

You'll scarcely find anything of the sort in the Tau version of the ''Greater Good''.

>> No.17825757

i dont know why i want to see a picture of this

>> No.17825766

I hope you're not serious.

>> No.17825777

TIDF doesn't kidd himself.

He practically runs the Ministry of Truth.
I think requirement 1 is to be able to brainwash one'self

>> No.17825784

>you report things to the mod and delete the threads.

Let's get one thing straight.
Some things can not be salvaged.
They never get derailed into anything good, they just are awful shitspam that retards argue about, using the same arguments/troll copypasta over, and over, and over.

>> No.17825785

Deathleaper, Shas'O, and a few others are all right, but then there are faggots like TIDF and Jim Profit who you KNOW are used only to try to annoy people.

The problem with TIDF is that he's a one trick pony if there ever was one. Every thread he is in always boils down to the same arguments and he never budges and no one else ever budges on their opinions. Its a cycle of unending assfuckery and its just stupid. You can't ignore somebody like this because any time the Tau are mentioned he pops up like its his goddamn business to mess up a thread. Its not even annoying any more, its just sad. Its sad that he's not only developed no new material to argue with, but its sad that he's wasting so much of his time doing literally FUCK ALL on this board. Its not even like you're getting people mad to laugh at that, everyone just pities you for being a retard.

>> No.17825806

If you let the retards argue amongst themselves in a single thread at a time it keeps them away from everyone else.

>> No.17825809

Well, actually, you can ignore him. It's called, well, ignoring him. Just don't reply to his posts and pretend they don't exist. Shit, you're just being as fucking useless as he is by arguing about him instead of contributing anything to the thread.

>> No.17825821

Vespid Mind Control helmets, pheromone Etherials, concentration camps etc. Nice try. The Imperium was once a good, secular civilization. Tau are just repeating it's fate.

>> No.17825822

Well it's a slow descent but they've been becoming more and more unethical as the editions go by. Ethereals have been employing mind control via technology on some species that are allied to them. They've sterilized entire human settlements under their control. It's really not long till they just become just like the Imperium. The only difference is that the Tau don't have Warp shenanigans to act as their excuse for doing these things.

>> No.17825839

>thinking posting in one thread prevents you from posting elsewhere

I've had this conversation before. Awful threads attract awful people, but they also occasionally suck in gullible, but otherwise good posters.

And when awfulness prospers, it breeds and attracts more of its own kind.

>> No.17825870


Pretty sure Tau keep any non-Tau under their rule as the lowest rung on the ladder in their society. And anything that isn't under their rule gets sterilized or blown to bits. So it's either "Die like a man right now or have your race neutered." Kinda like the Combine.

There are no good factions in W40k.

>> No.17825890

Exactly, so join Chaos and have a party for all of eternity unless you die.

>> No.17825900

Contributing to what? The thread is all but derailed and it happened before I even started yelling at the faggot that did it. People ALWAYS respond to tripfags. Besides me and a few others yelling at him people STILL instigate conversations and debates with him, only fueling his shitstorm and ruining the thread further. You can't ignore something that ruins everything around you. Turning a blind eye to it is what got us in this fucking mess in the first place. People didn't care to moderate themselves enough any more and faggots cried to Moot to do something, so he unleashed a moderator on /tg/ that's all but fucked it in the ass.

I'm beating a dead horse, everything is fucked any way and assholes like TIDF will keep running free and everyone will wonder why nothing is being done about it.

>> No.17825967

I like the way you think, compadre.

>> No.17825972

That's an astute analysis of /tg/'s current state, but mayhaps it wouldn't be true if we continued discussing mammary glands and the selective breeding of Kroot to get asthetically pleasant mutations.

>> No.17826047

>Vespid Mind Control helmets

Whisper and rumors. Properly spread by an Ordos Xenos inquisitor with too much free time on his hand.

>pheromone Etherials

Theories with zero or little evidence.

Time and time again it has been shown that the Ethereals don't have a firm grip on the Tau population.

They are respected and revered leaders nothing more nothing less.

>concentration camps

They are called reeducation camps. They exist to EDUCATE the doubtful and stubborn.

Nobody gets tortured or murdered in there.

>Same fate

As long as Tau'va continues to guide the Tau it shall preserve them from such a horrid fate.

Dear lord...am I this infamous? Little old me?

Get out here. You're just overblowing it!

>> No.17826070

Struggle all you wish, mortal. Your defiance will only feed the Lord of Decay.

>> No.17826099

I had to dive deep into the internet but i found it.
I present Kroot bred for sexy time.

>> No.17826129



You've been screwing with us this whole time. Completely in-character as a Tau, and not one of their mouth-breathing fans.

Bravo, sir.

>> No.17826172

Come on man, I've been trying to avoid talking to you but this is just out of hand. You've been posting "Greater Good this, Aun'o Fap'Tau that." Start talking about them blueberries already.

>> No.17826192

This thread needs more Looney Tunes 40K

>> No.17826214

Tau are just like the USSR. There is no sex there.

>> No.17826241

I'm not only referring to the alien himself, but his eventual fate at the hands of his "Greater Good"

>Nobody gets tortured or murdered in there.
as far as we know, given the extremely limited information on the inner workings of the race, from both GW and their subsidiaries.

however, much of the stuff we DO know is full of heavy-handed implications.

>> No.17826243

I suppose that's true, when you impose eugenics upon your people for the sake of keeping some caste system, sex loses that certain charm.

>> No.17826295


>> No.17826312

>less than 5 minutes pass

>> No.17826360

I have learned through my years of experience that the only way to defeat chaos is.....TO IGNORE IT!

About the sterilization thing. Most reports of this come from the imperials and we all know how truthful and accurate these guys are.

Anyways, I could imagine an Ethereal or a Commander who are not very fond of humanity ordering the sterilization of a resistant Gue'la population to lessen their threat.

However this action will go against Tau'va and the Tau Empire's mission of enlightening the Gue'las and redeeming them.

But remember this is war and not a simple war. It IS a war against the most brutal regime and genocidal force the galaxy ever known, The Imperium of man.

War against such a hateful foe would taint any saint and make him commit questionable things.

I'm not admitting that the Tau indeed sterilize the Gue'las, but if its true (Most unlikely) then there should be a reasonable justification for it.

>> No.17826494

>I have learned through my years of experience that the only way to defeat chaos is.....TO IGNORE IT!

Worked out real great for the Eldar.

>> No.17826535

>I have learned through my years of experience that the only way to defeat chaos is.....TO IGNORE IT!
You can hide in the closet all you want, but sooner or later you'll have to face the truth that there are powers in the Universe you cannot comprehend or defeat. Then you'll have to struggle fruitlessly against it or embrace it.
By the way, your cool tanks and battlesuits will make excellent playgrounds for my Nurglings.

>> No.17826559


Da-Da! Da-Da!

>> No.17826574

his entrails give the best hugs!

>> No.17826649

>red armor
>seven bodyguards+him=8
>close combat
Well, there's your problem.

>> No.17826722

I'm not listening!

Nothing but noise and static.

Frankly. You are giving me way too much credit, my good sir.

I bloody despise the Blueberry Tau stuff. Makes me cringe with with rage and disgust everytime.

Shas'o Tash'var Ol'nan B'kak. OVAR!

Each time an Imperial cries ''Nimbosa!'' and I'm forced to explain the whole situation to them, He laughs at me from his grave.

He was rogue hot headed commander that went against the teaching of Tau'va and let his hatred get the better of him. His atrocity will forever shame the Fire Caste and the whole Tau Empire.

I'm glad that justice was brought upon him. He deserved his fate.

>as far as we know

Until I'am presented with solid proof and evidence of intentional Tau wrongdoing, I will continue to deny everything.

>> No.17826843

Evil? To some extent, definitely. As much as they preach peace and equality, they will always be race supremacists.

But just as evil? No.

They're the modern America or old British Empire to the Nazi Germany or Soviet Union of, say, the Imperium. They're imperialist racists, but not to the extent of the Imperium in general. And they don't want to destroy all life or summon evil gods like the Necrons, Tyranids, or Chaos, so I don't even know how you can say they're "just as evil" as them.

Tau are meant to be a counterexample to the unadulterated pure evil of the other factions. They're evil, but by being considered the relative "good" guys they make the other factions look even worse. That's kinda their thing.

>> No.17826865

Also, this is coming from someone who plays both Tau and Imperium, so try and keep accusations of fanboyism out of it.

>> No.17826875

(>>17826241 here)

>I bloody despise the Blueberry Tau stuff. Makes me cringe with with rage and disgust everytime.
well, that makes you alright in my book. Even if I don't really share your views on the Tau

>> No.17826934

>Nothing but noise and static
Your denial is worthy of an Imperial Zealot. Come, we have such sights to show you. Any sentient being's mind must grow out of it's ignorance, let me help you to see the light.

>> No.17827099

I wonder what will happen if a battlesuit pilot becomes infected with the Obliterator virus.

>> No.17827123

same thing that happens to everything the obliterator virus touches

>> No.17827163

Oh god...
>Broadside with fuckton of guns

>> No.17827292

>and it's still BS 3

>> No.17827368


>> No.17830036

This thread has been derailed by Socialist Blueberries....


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