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I think the group I GM for for Rogue Trader WANTS to die, I really do.
First off, they're ALL fucking Heretics, including the Missionary, who love Xenotech, and don't mind Xenos. Hell, the RT hired 4 Kroot bodyguards just for the novelty of it. She also doesn't leave the ship without the Ork Freeboota that another PC controls.
They install Xenotech (A Runecaster) into their ship... and don't tell the Navigator about it until AFTER the first Warp jump with it in.
They actively annoy anyone that they consider unworthy of their respect, like the Council of Elders who runs a planet owned by the RT.
They found a Cogitator from a Pre-Heresy Cruiser containing borderline AI, so they made a goal of getting AT LEAST a Light Cruiser so they could stick put it in, and they did.
And, just today,they fought some Eldar. The Warlocks NEARLY killed the Exploritor, but 4 of them were killed. So the party gathers up the corpses and then tear out the Soul Gems and are wearing them like Jewelry. They KNOW what they are, but they're still wearing them.
I love my group.

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My group stole a Warhound Titan from a Thulian Explorator fleet.

Still, I your group sounds pretty damn good.

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Ordo Heriticus gives a "surprise" investigation for heresy.

Make sure to pop popcorn for the players' expression as the investigator judges them as Heretics and then purges the ship with the players in it.

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Sounds pretty standard for an RT.

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sounds like your players just want to troll the entire universe.

and they are doing a damn good job of it

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>I love my group.
If you truly love your group, and if they really know what soul stones are, there is only one thing to do: throw ever-increasing waves of Eldars at them till they die and/or get wraith-raped.
Or you can throw the Inquisition at them, depending on how powerful their Warrant is.

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Rogue Traders are outside the Inquisition's jurisdiction. Should the Inquisition declare this as their intent the Rogue Trader is fully justified in glassing whatever planet the Inquisitor is coming from. Seriously, the Inquisition can't touch the Rogue Traders and this PISSES THEM OFF.

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Right now they're out in the Heathen Stars. They don't like getting any closer to Imperial Space then Footfall.
Te thing about the Warrant is... Well the RT isn't ACTUALLY part of the family the Warrant was issued to. But she found it. And since no one had heard from the Dynasty for several hundred years, and no one else was using it, she took it. And the ship she found it on.
That's a Gray Area right there. It depends on the wording of the Warrant of Trade. SOME the Inquisition doesn't have any power over, some they do. And the universe is a dangerous place. A lot can happen out there in the middle of nowhere. I mean, the Inquisitorial ship just FOUND the wreckage, right?

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i have only played one game of rogue trader, it started with me fighting my way onto there ship and ended when i pierced the hull with a las cannon

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Sounds like your group is DOIN' IT RIGHT!

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That is not totally true. They have to operate within the bounds of their Warrant, or they get to take it up the ass as much as any other Imperial citizen. MOST warrants don't let a rogue trader do whatever the fuck he wants. However, MOST interesting rogue traders have very loose warrants. And even then, they generally require you to advance the Imperium, and teaming up with Ork warbosses to loot shrineworlds isn't doing that.
Then there is the process of succession for the Warrant, which the OP's group is not operating under, voiding any claim to the warrant and its provisions, which is more then enough for the Inquisition to go on IF they find out. Nice bit of drama really.

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Oh, and the site where they fought the Warlocks? Best described as a "temple."
After they got done that said that it was too cool for anyone else to get to see, and they'd already looted it. So they turned their Lance Battery on it from orbit. Just to be assholes.

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Yeah... I think even the DARK Eldar would hate these guys.
That or buy them a drink.

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Nah, it's more like:
>Eldar send assassins to get back the soulstones
>Dark Eldar Incubi initiates sniff out the soulstones and want to get them to prove their worth
>Massive 3-way eldar blade orgy

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How hard is it to rework Dark Heresy/Rogue Trader for other settings?

A friend's been playing a lot of pirate-y types for a weekly pick-up freeform game I run, and the rest usually fall right in behind him as crew.

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The Dark Eldar occasionally work with the Eldar to gang-rape people who fuck with soulstones

but Dark Eldar are temperamental and unpredictable.. so..

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Ok, while I'm still ranting about my group...
How many NPCs is TOO many? Because once an NPC gets a name, they want to talk to them multiple times. I have VERY basic personalities for all of them, but things are starting to get a little too much. These are of course just the NPCs from their ships, not even going into outsiders.

They have Johnson, entirely ripped from Aliens/Halo, who leads most of the Away parties that the Explorer are not personally part of. Hates Icarus
Icarus, a big beefy Techpriest who built himself for combat and combat repairs. He wants to turn Johnson into a Servitor. Somehow the two are always paired together on away missions.
Lucky, a nervous wreck of a Techpriest so named because several session in a row the Exploritor failed at repair rolls for the RT's Ship, but the final NPC roll succeeded were he failed. They joked it was the "Lucky Techpriest." When they gave him better Armor he panicked, thinking they were going to throw in on the front line.
The Aforementioned Military AI. They call her Czarina, she gives the ship the Martial Hubris Machine Spirit Oddity. The Exploritor 'romanced' her to get her to cooperate with them installing her into the new ship.
The NPC Navigator AND Astropath, though you guys helped me with those. (Astropath Team Mom and Bad Cook Navigator!)
The Arch-Militant Orkaboo who now runs the RT's Frigate while the party lives on the Light Cruiser. For no other reason then he was a Player Character before the player switched to the Freeboota.
And now they recently killed a Slaver. He had 20 slaves with him, 12 surviving the fight. The Slaves, being brainwashed from birth to BE slaves, thought that when the RT offered them a "job" she was claiming them. So now the RT is trying to teach them to NOT be slaves. She named all 12 of them.

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Stop Naming NPCs?

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Dark Eldar fuck up humans that fuck with the concept of Eldar. Sure, *they* know that their superior to the craftworlders, but if a human thinks he's better than one eldar, what's to stop him from thinking that he's better than all of them? You need to set an example.
Plus, they probably find it pretty funny when the haemonculi allow them to literally walk around with their heads as far up their asses as you'd have to be to do that.
Bear in mind, I'm not saying that you are doing it wrong, OP, but this is the line where the gloves come off. They've got to work for their shenanigans now.

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Hmmm... So would Eldar blow up a ship that had Soul Gems on it, or would they try to board, steel the gems back, THEN blow it up?

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Man, you should be happy your players care about things like that.

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>Soul Gem

Eldar confirmed for next Elder Scrolls game.

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I'd say have a squad of scorpions infiltrate their ship to retrieve the stones..

but that might be overkill

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You're group sounds pretty badass.

>> No.17823911

The Question still stands.

>> No.17823920

What. That is so totally and completely false it makes me brain hurt for a moment to attempt to understand what manner of person actually believes it.

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I don't believe that soulstones can take a plasma drive explosion, so "Disable ship, board, get the stones."
Now, OP could be mean and make those some important Eldar and have a Harlequin death squad (or 5) go in after them. I guess it all depends on how straight he is playing the setting.

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I was afraid you'd say that. They built anti-boarding measures into both ships.
I'm talking Mazes, Murder Servitors, the works.

>> No.17824016

>Murder Servitors
Haywire. And honestly, any Eldar warrior could rip a clumsy Servitor to pieces.

>> No.17824018

Do that Steven King did in The Stand.

Blow half of them to hell in a fiery inferno of plot advancement half-way through the campaign.

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The eldar could always seek to disable the ship(s) first, and then attack with a large force.

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>Be sure to Nofunallowed.jpg

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It's pretty much established cannon that Eldar will go to any lengths to get back soul stones, overkill is practically their MO on that front.

I think one squad of striking scorpions is actually rather tame for them.

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Sounds more than reasonable to me. I mean, being badasses is one thing, but being suicidal badasses is quite another.

If you're unwilling to wipe your badass party, you should at least have the Scorpions tear some serious shit up. Maybe the party interrupts the Scorpions while they're in the process of destroying that Runecaster. And the Ork Freeboota's head is already on a different floor of the ship from his body. Make it so the party can defeat the Scorpions, but fuck up their ship and make it apparent that being reckless badasses has consequences.

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So what does the Runecaster DO. I mean, I know what it does in IMPERIAL ships, but its Eldar technology. What is it actually for?

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Oh, gee, if only they had some way of seeing the future, and otherwise getting knowledge that they wouldn't have access to. Assuming that they don't just fusion gun/melta bomb straight through the walls like anyone with half a brain.
>Murder Servitors
Mind Bullets, and ample amounts of fusion guns

Fuck, give them giant drill ships that bore into the cruiser, or grappler ships to rip and tear, it's the Eldar, you can do whatever the fuck you want with them, just as long as they look pretty. Just because they aren't going to lance the plasma core doesn't mean that they won't literally tear that ship apart if that's the best way to get the stones.

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>>17823346 Rogue Traders are outside the Inquisition's jurisdiction.
And since when will that stop an inquisitor? Sure, there might not be any public trial in this case, but... Excitus acta probat.

The Adeptus Mechanicus and Ecchlesiarchy probably won't bother too much with legal technicalities either here, beyond perhaps being a bit discreet about thing, and while they might not be on the "kill ASAP" list of any of the great houses of the Navis Nobile quite yet, their navigator (and his house) probably wouldn't mind nudging the crew towards an untimely end either.

They probably want the guys who took the soul stones alive. (Incidentally, don't let the eldar take you alive if you've nabbed a soul stone. You really, really don't want that to happen. Best not to let a seer get near your still warm corpse.) But as long as the damn ship doesn't suffer a warp core implosion or plasma drive going nova their seers can probably find the stones n the wreck/void for retrieval even after the ship has been pummelled to shreds.

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Well Eldar don't use the Warp, they use Webgates...
So I have no idea.

>> No.17824285

Oh, and Webway Portal.

>> No.17824290

Rune Armor and Witchblades only get their REALLY awesome stuff when worn by Eldar Psykers, right?
What happens if a Human Psyker uses them?

>> No.17824306

Demons and other wiggly things.

>> No.17824311

They're fancy plated robes and an ostentatious sword with little to no benefit other than that?

>> No.17824328

I dunno, they have a SIX AP. That's pretty damn good.

>> No.17824343

It's light and 6 AP, but that's about all. Which would be good, if it didn't get you killed by the people who wanted it back. Stick to Carapace.

>> No.17824382

Other than the fact that that fancy gear is one of the best declarations of being a badass this side of mounting a carnifex on a tank and riding that to a meeting with a client?

Assuming they could figure out how to use it though, a psyker could utilize the armor, but it would be a process of trial and error.

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They looted Soul Stone. I don't think this party gives a SINGLE fuck.

>> No.17824436

Human psykers cannot use the additional properties of Rune Armor of Witchblades. Asides from being stated in Lure of the Expanse in which such things are statted, it's described in fluff.

>> No.17824445

They really don't. I mean, the Ork added some to his 'Eavy Armor. it was from the suits that were ruined by gunfire, but the party managed to Salvage 2 suits, 4 Soul Stones, 4 Witchblades, and nearly killed another Rogue Trader because she just so happened to have a Harlequin's Kiss.

>> No.17824493

With all due respect, your group sounds more like lolsorandum rather than roleplaying. So long as they're having fun, I guess.

>> No.17824550

Hey guys while this RT thread is alive I have a quick question:

is there any extra rulebooks that include xenos PCs? I have the core, GM kit, and a few adventures (Forsaken Bounty, Lure of the Expanse, Secrets of the Expanse, Battlefleet Koronus)

>> No.17824554 [DELETED] 


>> No.17824556

To be fair to the Ork, he was building the 'Eavy Armor out of the bits of things he killed during good fights. It was mostly chitin from local Fauna at that point, along with some scraps of metal and hide.
And the RT has been trying to get a HK for a while now. She said she wanted one as soon as she found out about them.

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Yes. Into the Storm has rules for Kroot and Orks. But no one has rules for Eldar PCs.

>> No.17824589

The Ork, sure. But the rest just seem to be conforming to the sad sad 'I loot everything and troll xenos and horde waifus and don't care about the law or the Inquisition and I suffer no consequences of any!' stereotype of Rogue Trader groups /tg/ seems to herald.

>> No.17824599

"Into the Storm" has the rules for Kroot and Freebootaz, I think. Coincidentally, it is the only RT book that I can never, ever find in stock.

>> No.17824619

I understand a desire for serious RT roleplay, but these groups are funny.

not op

>> No.17824633

I understand and agree, but when it's all the same it loses its novelty. And it's been done far better than this.

>> No.17824662

Most heretics are like that. Still, if their actions ever come back to bite them let us know.

>> No.17824690

Those are some nasty weapon, I admit, especially if you have a character without a huge strength bonus, plus they're rare as all hell. Be careful though. Pissing off craftworld Eldar is one thing, but pissing off the minions of the Laughing God is another thing entirely.

I'm surprised your group hasn't worked up to a Grand Cruiser yet. Then you can start throwing wraithships at them

>> No.17824704

Well, there's a line between "non-serious role play" and "bad internet fan fiction only with dice". And, at its heart, I'll agree that RT is the "do anything" of the 40k RPGs. But when you are successfully doing not only anything, but everything, you start dipping into that pseudo-shitty fan fiction area.
The important part is that the players should still be able to "lose" that "game" part of the RPG, regardless of how straight you are playing the setting.

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It probably wouldn't help, but they only entertained the idea because the RT in question only had a few bodyguards that would have been pretty easy to take out, and they were isolated in the wilderness.
They DIDN'T, and instead defended the RT against another threat,

>> No.17824764

>Dark Eldar sniff out soulstones
>Horrifying mutants everywhere
>Your party's faces when

>> No.17824856

Alright, so the OP should give ELDAR RAPE, ELDAR RAPE EVERYWHERE!
That should wipe the smug look off their faces.

>> No.17824893

Honestly, the Farseer statted in Lure of the Expanse along with a single squad of Dire Avengers would probably be beyond terrifying to fight.

>> No.17824928

Throw in a few of the Warlocks from the same book for good measure.

>> No.17824946

Well, it doesn't have to be all day, erry day, but, because of the sheer arrogance displayed, semi-regular, escalating Eldar attacks should happen until they are dead, and, baring saving an entire craftworld or something, the Eldar really won't stop till they are dead. It isn't just about getting the stones back, you've insulted them, and the Eldar don't let go of grudges lightly.

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RT here

My character prides herself in being rather diplomatic, even with xeno scum, so if/when more Eldar show up to claim back the stones, if they stop to talk she'll try to negotiate a ransom. If they don't stop to talk, she'll bolt, then eject the pieces of crap into the nearest star.

We may be basically playing "Rogue Trader: The Anime" as OP so loves to call it, but that doesn't make our characters "lolrandumb."

>> No.17825075

Wait, you're playing in OP's game?


>> No.17825095

Alright, so what happens if they DON'T try to negotiate with filthy Mon'Keighs?
All I'm saying is, maybe Soul Stones are more trouble then they're worth.

>> No.17825151

Pertaining to all of these.

Warlock soulstones would be particularly valuable, therefore on could expect a very large and expertly trained number of aspect warriors and seers to completely annihilate them. My advice to PCs...

Run like fuck.

>> No.17825215

Can you talk to an Eldar inside a Soul Stone?
Like... if you're an Astropath or something? I know they can kinda talk to Wraithgaurds and Wraithlords.

>> No.17825250

Except that they aren't. It is a documented that if that stone breaks, the soul inside is condemned to an eternal Hell.
It honestly depends on just how arrogant your characters acted to get the stones. Did you straight up murder the Eldar for no reason? Or was it just some breakdown in communication, and you'd be happy to get rid of the haunted rubies giving the navigator and astropaths nightmares? Eldar aren't beyond making deals if it is the safe route, but again, these are long-lived, petty, elitist, spiteful beings, so it is best to not act dickish with them.
Personally, I wouldn't bother with Eldar at all unless it was trading soul stone caches I've found for lance batteries, or restocking on dinosaur steaks and riding dragons.

>> No.17825265

>what happens if they DON'T try to negotiate with filthy Mon'Keighs?
>If they don't stop to talk, she'll bolt, then eject the pieces of crap into the nearest star.

So, destroy the soul stones.

>> No.17825272

It would be the same as if it were a wraithguard, perhaps easier b/c the stones are from warlocks.

>> No.17825293


Assuming an Eldar would want to talk to a human that stole its stone.

>> No.17825309

Not the best idea if the RT wants to avoid Eldar starship lance rape

>> No.17825310

The Inquisitor game had an Inquisitor that installed one into a fancy helmet for a special visor mode. I think it was giving him bad dreams, and starting to screw his mind up. Don't remember if he was psychic.
Human psykers probably can't do too much from a combination of not knowing what to do, and an Eldar soul not wishing to talk to the "lesser being" effectively holding him hostage.

>> No.17825314

I say you sick Dark Eldar on them. It's pretty unlikely they'll be able to negotiate their way out of that one.

>> No.17825324

The warlocks were trying to phase some temple into the webway or something. We needed the writing on said temple in order to find the Great MacGuffin. They said some shit in wacky xeno-mumbo-jumbo then shot us with witchfire, so we killed their asses.

>> No.17825330

You know, opening a psychic link to the probably very pissed spirit of a pretty powerful psyker sounds like one of those things which could tun out to be a bad idea.

>> No.17825342

Good points. Rather than talking the warlocks would likely drive any remotely warp sensitive beings insane.

>> No.17825365

good thing they already knew you were going to do that

Haywire charges! Haywire charges everywhere!

>> No.17825370

>If they don't stop to talk, she'll bolt
>Outrunning Eldar

>> No.17825409

I'd say dump the gems on a planet for the eldar to collect. Even if they did negotiate with you, they may just bast you out of existence for causing any trouble. They're assholes like that.

>> No.17825454

Why can't we all just get along?

>> No.17825465

Ah, they must be following the path of Sexy Parties.

>> No.17825502

See, the thing is, you only have 4 stones. The most you might get is "we won't hunt you till you are dead," which is guaranteed if you destroy them. It does however let you trade any eldar crap you find in the future back for sweet xeno-tech, which is a pretty good long-term deal. Eldar hold grudges, but they don't forget favors either.
Well, you might get some sweet digs for your characters, but don't expect lance batteries and holofields.
Oh, and when you are out of this, pick up a henchman or two that speaks eldar, so you don't have to deal with this kind of bullshit again.

>> No.17825522

I foresee OP's group looking out the bridge window after an emergency warp exit and seeing this one day.

>> No.17825527

>wacky Xeno mumbo-jumbo
I wonder if Eldar have the equivalent of Scat Singers?

>> No.17825563

Stupid Mon-Keighs, not understanding the most beautiful and meaningful language in the Universe.

>> No.17825640

So what's more valuable?
A few Eldar weapons and armor, or a Farseer's Spear?

>> No.17825688

A farseer's spear (usually) isn't inherently more valuable than any other singing spear (not that those aren't valuable themselves). It also depends on the weapons and armor. Do you have a million suits of guardian armor and shuriken pistols, or all the arms and armors of a complete Court of the Young King?

>> No.17825689

weapons, I doubt any mon-kleigh could manifest the psychic prowess required to wield a whichblade.

>> No.17825769

Well, a few suits of Rune Armor and a couple Witch Blades. A few Shuriken pistols as well.
The reason I ask is because I know this party. They know a Pirate Captain who got a hold of a Farseer's Spear, and then it was stolen back. He was pretty pissed.

>> No.17825909

Shuriken Pistols would be a Very Rare item, so you can use that as a baseline, though "Creatures Anathema" does give the black market price.
Witch Blades and Rune Armor? Shit, sell it for as much as you want, you can't buy that shit, like, at all. Might even get a fair price from the Eldar themselves for it.

>> No.17826079

Well... the Soul Stone theft PROBABLY makes the Eldar not want to trade, probably.

>> No.17826133

They might part with some valuable raw materials, which has the benefit of being able to sell high wherever you want without attracting attention. And as the whole thing seemed to be a general clusterfuck, and if the party acts diplomatic and apologetic and give the stones back, the Eldar that come looking for them might "let it go" though not entirely trust them. Rune Armor and the like is still pretty damn useful to Eldar.

>> No.17826303

Why are their agility and intelligence so high when their strength and willpower suck? It's like they're wood elves or something


>> No.17826307


>> No.17826322

Oh hey look! Farseer Buzzkill!

>> No.17826341


>> No.17826551

>> No.17826625

They only hook those helmets to Psykers who, while strong enough not to get NOMMED, are still pretty weak, right?

>> No.17826669

Lol i dunno.

>> No.17827092

my RT group has a exploritor that have given 3 of the players the regeneration trait becouse he found it in their navigators genes, and they think he can give it to them becouse he is a biologis genetor. so if they ever get dna scanned by the worng people, they be fucked.

>> No.17827246


>> No.17827410

Meh, they're just Eldar.

>> No.17827443

>> No.17827640

This "filthy Mon-Keigh" say's yes

>> No.17827743

>> No.17827901

What you do is claim you took the soulstones to prevent them falling into the wrong hands, give them back in a great show of diplomacy, and then ask if there's any supplies of Imperial tech messing up one of their colony worlds you could take off their hands. Cleaning up all that useless to an Eldar gear (but valuable to a RT)

>> No.17831121

Is it at all possible to become FRIENDLY with the Eldar?
I don't mean like temporary alliances, I mean the Eldar actually LIKE you.

>> No.17831295

I remember reading, I THINK it was in the DH handbook, about an Inquisitorial Acolyte who gathered somthign like 50 Soul Stones and gave them to the Eldar. They took him to a Craftworld and let him speak to a Harlequin.

>> No.17831362


It happens, it's just that the xenophobia of most humans plus the intransigence of the eldar prevents it.

One relatively large scale example was Tallarn, where the Eldar fought alongside the locals to contain some huge chaos artefact. Fluff states that friendships were formed and occasionally one of the Eldar warriors will stop to say hi or do a favour for the descendants of someone they fought with.

tl;dr friendships can form between any of the sentient races. It's just it takes extraordinary situations to force everyone to stop being assholes long enough for it to happen.

>> No.17831403

The beginning of that Tallarn battle was kind of shitty. Instead of telling them that the big-ass chaos prision they unearthed was about to break and they had to seal it, they decided to try and fight through the standing army there. And apparently the Eldar cannot into deserts, because most of the soldiers died of heat stroke. But yeah, after that was all sorted out, they left on good terms.
It is from "Purge the Unclean". The Acoylte was trying to acquire the identity of a BBEG, which, as it turned out, couldn't be spoken, he had to watch it performed by the Harlequins. Also, the performance always kills 1 harlequin. And the guy went completely nuts shortly after, and is attended by deaf servitors to stop him from making other people nuts.

>> No.17831427

One shot was all he needed... at love.

>> No.17831457


>> No.17831490

Wait, really? There's like 188 Love can Bloom pictures in my folder.

>> No.17831495


>> No.17831501



One of the characters has even gotten a nod from the 40k roleplay books in the form of an attributed quote.

>> No.17831524

Which, frankly, I find absolutely hilarious. Evidence that FFG is paying attention to us.

>> No.17831542

AND a mostly obvious picture.

>> No.17831573

>> No.17831731

Blow up ALL the things!

>> No.17832044

Eldar, what are THEY good for?

>> No.17832128

>(end of known content)


>> No.17832266


Because bloomwriter posted the final installment on 7chan for unknown reasons, and none of the niggers there thought to save the thread. So all we have is a summary.

>> No.17832283


>> No.17832284

A lot of things, actually.

>> No.17832421

Ok... so Ulthwe and Beil-Tan were used in the DoW games, right? Ulthwe from the first few and Beil-Tan for the later expansions/DoW2?
And Eldrad is Ulthwe.
What are the other Craftworld's claims to fame?

>> No.17832640


>> No.17832676

Alaitoc-Rangers. Like, a shitload of rangers. And apparently they are the eternal guardians against the Necrons. Being Eldar, they are, of course, absolutely awful at this.
Iyannden-4/5ths of the population was eaten by Hive Fleet Behemoth, but they were able to win out and broke that Hive Fleet, ending its threat. Most of their armies are made up of wraith units.
Saim Hann-Knife-fighting, hot-blooded, honor-bound biker gangs who kick all the asses and fuck all the bitches.

>> No.17832850

How many Known Craftworlds are there?

>> No.17832951

A note on wearing Spirit Stones - there's a named Inquisitor that wears one. He's described as becoming increasingly erratic and detached from the world, his actions turning towards the strange and the radical. It's heavily implied that the soul inside is directing his actions and slowly taking over (if it isn't in control already).

>> No.17832986

31 have been named, though most haven't gone further then that, with the previous 5 listed being the big 5.

>> No.17833030


Get out.

>> No.17833088

Did I hear someone mention Soul Stones?

Because I could really go for some Soul Stones right now.

>> No.17833180

My groups explorator and his tech underlings are on the verge of war with the ships senechal and his band of imperial cult zealots. Religious dispute obviously. The RT is having a really hard time keeping the peace

>> No.17833423

This is why you have an Arch-Militant to keep the peace.

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