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Chaos Marines.
I know they're subpar, at the moment, but I like them.

Anyway, I'm starting the army for use in the escalation league my LGS just started up. It starts at 500pts and goes up by 250 every two weeks.

Seeing as we'll be playing on full size tables even at small points levels and that terrain will be a bit stretched with 3+ games going on at once I think I should be focusing on ranged firepower, for now.
I've done a few practice lists, but they all turn out like shit.

So... anyone with CSM experience care to give me some pointers?
Also, how accurate is:

Other than that, Chaos general thread.

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Get a Defiler. The crab monster is too cool to not run.

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I agree, easily one of my favorite models. That's the first thing getting added at 750pts.

Tried fitting one in at 500, but between it and the HQ I was putting too few bodies on the table to be effective.

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CSM experience:
-Obliterators are your friend
-Plague Marines don't die. They can take full salvos of lasgun fire and not even take a wound. They can be assaulted by orks and survive the entire game locked in melee combat.
-Lashprince is nice. Moving your enemy 2d6" is incredibly usefull.
-Slaaneshi daemon weapon is debatably the best (Insta killing wounds, 4+D6 attacks on the charge)
-Terminators with any mark can be useful in melee.
-If you take a dreadnought, give him close combat weapons only. If he flips his shit and starts firing on you, he won't do much with only bolter fire.

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That about sums up what I've heard. What about the less-used units? Vanilla CSM squads, Defilers, Chosen?

I'm not a big fan of Slaanesh, you see.

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Vanilla CSM are good, but you MAY still better off choosing Berserkers or Plague marines (depending on whether or not you want to assault or defend). Vanilla CSM with (or without) a mark are still a solid, cheaper choice with a lot of uses. I guess it just comes down to personal choice and knowing who/what you're fighting.
Chosen are rather mediocre, although they get infiltrate, right? Vanilla marines will do you better most of the time.
Defilers are HUGE firemagnets. They are probably going to be shot down by las cannons as soon as the game starts. That said, if you can maneuver them up the field into melee or just start firing off battle cannon rounds, they'll pay back their points. Field more than 1 if you can. It'll force the enemy to split their fire and you'll be able to throw down more pie plates.

The 1d4chan page is very accurate for CSM from what I've seen.

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Not op here but very immilar story doing a league from 1000 to 2000 points or MAYBE 1500 I am not sure which. I am using a unit of basic csm and was wondering on weapon load outs. I want to run a group of ten with two plasma guns. People sem to hate plasma but i like em. any thoughts on other basic marine load outs?

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Makes sense. It's just that Chosen look like they can take soooo much dakka.
Until we start playing 1000+ point games, I think I'm going to avoid cult troops. They just cost too much; I feel like I need more bodies.

What's a good HQ for small games? They all seem so expensive:(

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Just gonna say - see if you can't get this into use at your lgs -

They're solid, and also awesome.

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Basic lord is rather durable and is rather brutal in melee against anything but Dark Eldar (or anything else faster than him). Throw on a power weapon, stick him in a rhino, and send him into the thick of things. Give him a mark for good measure.
I'm a huge fan of cults so I'd probably have gone with Plague marines even at 500 (not much will be able to kill them at that point range considering heavy weapons are the only efficient way of getting rid of them) but normal CSM will do you fine.
Plague can take more anti-infantry dakka than Chosen. Not many people are going to throw anti-tank weapons at chosen. You may see some plasma, but they're more likely to be shot down by regular guns.

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Prince with wings is best HQ at all points costs.

5 Chosen with 5 plasma or meltas infiltrating is only good use out of them. Termies are better.

CSM <<<<<< Plague Marines. Zerkers are trash except in gimmick lash lists.

5 Plague Marines + 2 Plasma + Rhino. 170 points. x2. Good to go.

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5Plague+2Plas+Rhino x2 = 340


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You present a good argument, but I still feel like I need more ranged Dakka.

Then again, maybe I could spend that left over 160pts on a decked out Prince to draw fire while I get close...

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Thanks for all the help, /tg/. As always, you guys rock!

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Why the hell are Chaos Predators 70 points when SM ones are only 60?

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Alright, how about this:

HQ: Chaos Lord w/ power weapon-----105
Troops: 5 Plague Marines, 2 Plasma Guns, Rhino-----170
5 Chaos Marines, Plasma Gun, Rhino------125
Heavy Support: Predator-------70pts

That's 470pts right there, leaving me with 30pts of wiggle room. These are my options as I see them:
+add 2 CSMs to the regular squad or give them a Mark
+Give plague marines a champ w/ power weapon
+Exchance Predator for an Obliterator, leaving 25pts to play with
+Give Havoc Launchers to both Rhinos
+Daemonic Possession for predator
+Heavy bolter sponsons for predator
+something else i can't think of because I don't know Chaos very well

What do ya'll think? All of those ideas of some merit, in my opinion. Which would you go with?

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I prefer melta to the plasma myself, seeing as they're cheaper and more versatile, but that's not a huge thing.

Of that list, my pick has to be Havoc Launchers. For the points cost, you pretty much can't go wrong with the things. They should serve particularly well against ork swarms at low points, something that's tough for your higher points cost armies. Switching to melta would also let you take a combi-flamer on the CL, an attachment I'm rather fond of.

Still, Havoc Launchers, all the way. They're arguably the only proper advantage any aspect of the CSM codex has over its loyalist counterparts. Might as well get some use out of it.

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My only worry with the Havocs is that the Rhinos are so easy to stun/shake.

Still, Havocs are so cool.

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