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Has anybody else lost pieces of a miniature, important pieces aswell?
I was just about to assemble my cryptek, when I dropped its head!
Anyone know of anyway I could get a replacement, or a suitable different part?

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Most people at my shop are using the Lychguard box to make their crypteks and lords. Other then the huge chin on a normal cryptek you should be able to use any normal necron head.

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Deathmark heads would work, though they lack the crest and beard, which may or may not be a good thing.

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>assembling Mandrakes
>sunny day
>decide to go and do it outside
>knock box over
>arms fall between cracks in decking and under house

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i lost a left arm off one of my old metal immortal models. i ended up using an old bionic arm to substitute. still looks off but it serves its purpose.

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my shop owner hates when i do this. made 5 crypteks for half the price.

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My lgs owner asks us players on ideas how to make conversions like that. Hell when another player is looking to cut down the price of expanding his army the shop owner sends him to me for tips of other models/conversions to use.

I've got a buddy that lost a arm of his old metal lord, so we carved it a new one out of sprue and gave it a res orb using a airsoft pellet.

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Well, the only other necron head I have is a standard warrior...

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i used a marble for my orb on my old lord. shit be ballin.

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the airsoft pellet also happens to be a clear green one. He's had a ton people picking it up thinking it was an awesome paintjob

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You know what you must do.

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If you don't want to do that and have the package for the cryptek still just call up gw saying a part in it was damaged or has severe bubbles and they'll ship ya a new one.

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if I could find it, I would.

Have just priced up some lychguard heads on eBay, might turn there.

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ebay my good man, ebay has everything you are looking for....well almost.

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I use eBay alot, got a Setinal for 12 GBP

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Ebay is either awesome or crap, I've gotten 3 killa kans for 20 after shipping.

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I also brought enough bitz to make a champion.

Pic related.

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I got 90% of my goblins army through ebay, for a fraction of the cost I would have from GW, it's most of the reason I have 158 spider riders.

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The staff at my GW ask and encourage people to get creative and convert with various kits, lychguard to make crypteks? scratch building a knight paladin? right this way sir! come have a rummage in our bits draw for some deathstalker heads/vehicle bits that could help.

Rather good group at that store.

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I lost some of those fucking tiny pieces of a Leman Russ's tracks.

Any IG player will know what I'm talking about.

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don't worry, it could be worse

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that would give me the shits so badly, I eventually started to cut small bits of plastic card to shape and replace the missing links. It looks alright once it's been painted.

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>that feel when I bitz ordered an eldar guardian off ebay to make into a sacrifice to Slaanesh, and when cutting his shuriken catapult off, the arm went flying and I have no idea where it is.

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been there, done that, got a t-shirt.

my suggestion, just make it look like the arm was ripped out of socket.

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I was going to use a Dark Eldar arm, but I can't find any suitable ones. Might go with a Catachan arm, if their command squad has similar stuff to the Cadian one.

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Replacement head brought, shame my plastic cement dosent like resin, have to get some supar glue.

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are there finecast bitz sellers on ebay now? because I could sure use a few servo-arms and I'm not buying that fucking $45 techmarine set twice to complete my counts-as-Chronus dude.

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Well, I DID order some lychguard heads, but I just put my foot down, and found the cryptek head.

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HAHA, funny how things work out yes?

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so I have 30 gargoyle heads and bodies from the nids cause I needed their wings for my Deamonette furies conversions, anyone have an idea of what I could do with these guys?

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derpy Termagants?

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Would you be able to kitbash them with some other parts to make counts-as units for other Daemons? Even just generic Lesser Daemons for Chaos Marines? Perhaps heating and bending the tails into position so it looks like they're slithering along the ground.

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Make them termaguants but make them as if they are burrowing out of the ground. They would be great as a unit which pops up after a trygon makes a tunnel.

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you are telling me!
Now to glue up this bad boy, and put it on a old scarab base

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I had actually thought about buying some hormagaunt talons to make them look like a different type of nid, but I'm not interested in playing nids anymore.

eh...maybe But I can't think of much to do with them their tails are about the only really neat thing about them, and I don't really want to buy any more deamonettes to make hybrids.

now if I had some bloodletters I would use them in conjuntion with the gargoyles and run them as a different type of fiend.

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The arms can be substituted for Chaos Marine arms in places to appear like chitinous mutation, similar story for the tails. The heads can be used as trophies, or the jaws can be carefully trimmed out and GS'd onto bolter barrels or used to decorate armour.

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I love that conversion!

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If I didn't already have my CSM army built, I would probably do somthing akin to this.

I suppose I could use their tails on something bigger, make them tentacle like appendages....maybe make some slaaneshi style terrain out of them.

(tentacle pit ahoy)

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I do too, but I'm never inspired enough to undertake it. also I can never seem to find any bloodletters when they are on sale on ebay.

well got to go to work folks, check ya later.

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work on a Sunday?!?

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