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Alright... It's pretty much impossible to focus long enough to plan for a Rogue Trader game when you've had as much whiskey as I have had tonight.
So let's post pretty 40K pictures until the room stops spinning, shall we?

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Also, let me just say Damn you captcha, damn you.

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By the way, i HIGHLY recommend Fireball Cinnamon whiskey. One of the smoothest, tastiest, most drinkable whiskeys I've tried. A little TOO drinkable in fact.

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So is /tg/ the ones who invented the whole "Tau females are cute/sexy animu girls" thing? I've always been curious because this was the first place I saw fanart like that way back in the day and nowadays its everywhere.

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People, but especially us, will sexualize damn near everything. I'm sure we weren't the VERY first ones, but we ran with it willingly.

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No, but we're the ones who developed it into a "thing".

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I'm not sure if it was /tg/ at the heart of it. I remember seeing someone posting a scantily-clad animu-style Shadowsun on Warseer's art board, then it being reposted to /tg/, who sort of took the idea and ran with it.

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Also: HAHAHA! I love never getting hangovers!

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drink Chivaz Regal much anon?

thats got the same problem a bit too easy to sit down and drink one after the other

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... You know, A smarter man would take this hour before the game and use THAT to plan...

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No, but that looks pretty good. I'll have to pick up one of those $20 bottles sometime.

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Unfortunately I don't know how long I'll be here for, but I'll dump as much as I can.

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Gotta bail. Should be able to drop some more in later with a bit of luck.

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Oh hey, a quick question for all of you.
One of my Players has an Ork with a Power Klaw. Now he SAYS it's not permanently attached, because it doesn't say it is, but I think that's kinda odd. I mean, I've never seen an Ork with a Klaw were it WASN'T a replacement for the hand.

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yeah the $20 are still nice. i got a $250 bottle for my 21st a few years ago got a set of cooling cubes ( marble bricks to keep drinks cold ) and some nice glasses from a couple of friends. sat there and drank the whole bottle before i realized it.

woke up without a hangover though which was nice

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I don't think that's 40k

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Wow, this is an awesome pic.

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It's possible to not have it attached. However, most orks just replace the hand because it's more convenient.

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Thank you kindly DL. Though I'll probably be at my game by the time you get back, and my group games for about 5 to 6 hours at a time.

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Jesus, $250 a bottle? Man, I don't spend more then $20 on booze. I just don't have that kind of money!

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Oh shit... it's my week to bring food...

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well thats my opinion generally but they bought me it because it was my 21st. it was so expensive because it was one of the older batches.

but then these are guys who spend money like it is poison

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Blame Shadowtsun.

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It is - IIRC, I pulled it off Deviantart. It's an Inquisitor and his minions killing some Squats.

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A few too many spikes and seals, but overall pretty alright, saved

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That's a pretty damn good Ship Captain picture if you ask me.

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Totally. Two thirds of being a successful Rogue Trader is how awesome your outfit is.

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just how complicated is rogue trader

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Not at all, really. The GM is having the hardest job.

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Yeah, tell me about it. I'm going to have to level up the NPC Navigator and actually have to roleplay her some.
I'm no good at being a girl.

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Especially since Rogue Trader is a game that lends itself towards shenanigans.

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the last third is how pimped your ship is.

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Though technically OP's picture is Captain Sylvia Locke of Battlefleet Calixis Passage Watch 27 Est. CO of the Dauntless Light cruiser Aegis.

She's actually quite the Captain Kirk and has a reputation as a maverick officer who liberally "interprets" orders.

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He's batshit insane yeah but a damn good artist, you gotta admit

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Why's there an Eldar grav-tank just hanging around to the left there?

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