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Why do elves find it difficult to reproduce?

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you ever tried getting two women to have a kid?

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you just jelly cuz elves are way sexy and your just a fat lardy neckberd

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Lack of fertility mostly. Comes with having such a long lived race.

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Likely it's just genetics, having 200-300 year old (or older) citizens reproducing at the rate humans do and for a much longer cycle would lead to horrible overpopulation.

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Yes actually.
I still lol'd though, magnificent riposte.

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Only so many people like having sex while people are watching. Now try doing it when you live in the woods and you consider trees to be sentient.

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Because people like to copy what they assume races were like in Tolkien's books, and they are usually wrong.

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Because they need a weakness to justify why they aren't dominant in whatever fantasy setting they're found in.

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Why not make a setting where elves are dominant?

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Because they're highly advanced, egalitarian societies.

Just look at the real world. Literally every single first world country has negative population growth. Why bother spending so many years of your life raising little brats when life is so short (Well, not for elves. Well actually, I'm sure they also see their own lifespans as way too short as well.) and you would be better off buying new video games and going to vacation more often than buying diapers and LEGOs for your child?

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Apparently Elvish women only exist for rape fantasy.

So I'm guessing Elvish men have no dicks.

After all, where are the kids?

They must grow them or something.

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Ein Wald. Ein Volk. Ein Fuhrer.

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I prefer the "elves reproduce just fine but have almost no industry to support a growing population."

You can't get much done when your technology level is one step above "nomad."

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Elvish men are too busy taking it up the ass to reproduce.

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because then you can play legos WITH your child and have a room of legos.

I bet you were one of those kids who had megablox or some such lame shit. or maybe you tried to snort the four-block.

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But why do they have shitty technology?

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Why do pandas find it difficult to reproduce?

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Elves = Pandas

Thank you, /tg/.

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Why do dreadnoughts find it difficult to reproduce ?

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>letting your kids play with you and potentially mess up your architectural design for the ultimate LEGO imperium

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Maybe elves have some form of birth control, like taking abstinence seriously as a culture, or their inherent magic interfering with reproduction on a molecular level.

Who knows.

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