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Sup /tg/. I have a question: which Chaos Space Marine Legions are the most organized and united? Do Daemon Primarchs command them>
Also, Chaos thread general.

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Alpha Legion.

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Alpha Legion could make a case — though the answer there is kind of "who knows"

Black Legion

Some Word Bearers still answer directly to Lorgar, don't they?

But they're pretty fractured, it keeps them from being the threat they could/should be.

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Word Bearers, Death Guard and probably Alpha Legion. Most of Daemon Primarchs do jack shit, so they don't command the Legions I guess.

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The Daemon Primarchs are all faggots too concerned with the Great Game to actually lead anymore. And on the rare occasions that they have come out of the Eye, they generally got their asses kicked.

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Lorgar is doing little other then sitting on a couch in the Eye of Terror. The Dark Counsel commands the Legion in his absence.

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What about the Iron Warriors?
I think a good case could be made for them.
They're led by one of their own, until that one is rewarded by the Chaos Gods. By which I mean until he's turned into a spawn or a Daemon Prince.

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>Unlike many of the other Traitor Legions, the Word Bearers have remained a unified, if loosely organised, Legion. Each of Lorgar’s champions have become an amalgamation of brutal war leader and divinely inspired preacher of Chaos known as a Dark Apostle. Each is gifted an army roughly equivalent to a Space Marine Chapter, known as a Host, and these armies have proven to be deadly raiding forces against the Imperium.

>Alone amongst the Legions of Chaos, the Word Bearers maintain a facsimile of their former discipline and faith. That faith has been corrupted beyond all recognition and their discipline now serves darker masters, but their organisation bears a twisted resemblance to their former glory. The various warbands of the Word Bearers, known as Hosts, are scattered throughout the Eye of Terror and the Maelstrom, each led by a mighty champion known as a Dark Apostle.

>After the death of Horus, proper structure within the squads and companies disintegrated, and their later dispersal in various spacecraft further fragmented the Legion. Now warbands of virtually any size and composition can be found following Black Legion Champions – ranking officers from older times or newly emerged leaders who have won favour through their violent deeds. At times, such warbands rally together under the banner of a greater Champion or even Abaddon himself, for a major raid or incursion into the hated Imperium. However, loyalty to differing Chaos gods often leads to internal politics and conflict. Possession by Daemons is still considered highly favourable, and many members of the Legion have the honour of being hosts.

From Index Astartes.

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They fight among themselves just as much as most Chaos Space Marines. Their trademark mistrust and paranoia doesn't help matters.

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Alpha Legion's gotta be the most organized, if only because of their borderline obsession with a nigh-Tzeentchian 'Just As Planned' attitude.

But, that's opening Pandora's Box because we all know Alpha Legion may or may not actually BE traitors.

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and thats why every black crusade fell flat on its face. these guys can't keep their shit together for 5 minutes.

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Indeed. The only reason the Imperium still stands is because it's enemies can't get their shit together.

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Still, it leads to some pretty interesting developments among Chaos warbands. You get to see all sorts of weird-ass group dynamics emerge when Chaos Marines from different legions end up in the same boat.

Iron Warrior: ...So. What's your story?


Iron Warrior: Heh. Amen to THAT.

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OP here. Another question: do Undivided Legions have Cult Troops like Noise Marines or Khorne Berzerkers?

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Maybe Tzeentch is fucking things up for the Chaos warbands, so that they don't kill everything and accidently starve the Chaos Gods.

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>every black crusade
Not every. We don't actually have details on most of them, and the ones that have information provided have rather mixed results. Overall though, Abaddon is doing pretty well if after 10,000 years of constant warfare his Legion has gone from being on the brink of annihilation to the largest Traitor Legion (according to Dark Creed the Black Legion is ten times the size of the Word Bearers).

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I believe they do. According to Storm of Iron Iron Warriors have Khorne Berzerkers. Rubrics marines are Thousand Sons-only though.

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Failbaddon more like.

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Depends. Black Legion for one, has everything. Noise Marines, Pestilence, Obliterators, Berserkers, Possessed, everything else.

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Pretty sure there's been cases of that WITHIN THE FLUFF - And I want to stress that a LOT. Chaos Undivided commanders would probably be willing to try and get everything they can scrounge up from available sources, including Chaos Marines that swear fealty to one Chaos God above the others. They'd just need to make damn sure they stay separated by distance (and preferably enemy fire) from each-other on the way to the warzone and then on the battlefield.

But in 40k tabletop, no, you can't get Noise Marines and Berserkers together, and in-character, it's likely to come to blows in a game of Black Crusade. And when Chaos Marines come to blows, you can practically guarantee the boltguns are loaded and coming out shortly afterwards.

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Black Legion loves its cults. Rules-wise, the previous codex's Legion-specific lists didn't allow specific-god-marked troops for the other Undivided Legions, but there have been examples of them in BL. The Alpha Legion too are known for using any means necessary to achieve victory, and if they don't have Marked Chaos Marines of their own, they would certainly welcome aid from other Legions or Chapters.

Storm of Iron:
>Kroeger had picked these killers personally; they were the most blood-soaked berserkers of his grand company of the Iron Warriors, those who had trodden the path of Khorne for longer than most. The Blood God’s hunger for death and skulls had become the driving imperative for these warriors, and it was doubtful that they would ever break from the cycle of murder and killing that had swallowed them. Kroeger himself had revelled many times in the fierce joy of slaughter that so pleased Khorne, but had not yet fully surrendered himself to the frenzy of the Blood God.

Dark Creed:
>While the Word Bearers as a Legion worshipped Chaos in all its glory, Khalaxis and his brood had a tendency to gravitate towards the sole worship of great Khorne, the Bloodied One, the Skull Taker, the brazen god of destruction and brutality. For the most part Marduk overlooked this failing, as had his predecessor Jarulek, merely for the fact that Khalaxis and his squad were such devastating shock troops, and that their pre-battle blood-rituals honouring Khorne lent them unmatched fury and savagery.

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I hope Chaos gets a new codex soon. Because the whole Icon thing is retarded, Warptime got nerfed hard etc.

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I'm hoping for a Lost and the Damned codex. It bugs me that even though there's a huge variety of traitors mutants and xenos that serve the Dark Powers, GW still feels the need to focus on the KAYOS SPEHSS MAHREENS.

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True enough, but Forge World did Vraksian Renegades. I actually hope for the Dark Mechanicus models/rules.

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Well, to be frank, Chaos Marines ARE kind of iconic of Chaos as a whole. Not to downplay mutants, daemons, Traitor Guard, Chaos-aligned aliens (however rare or common they may be), and so on, but the Chaos Marines definitely fit into that iconic role as champions of the Dark Gods. Almost every time you come across a Chaos warband, they're led by a detachment of Chaos Marines (whether Sorcerers, Aspiring Champions or simple boltgun-wielding nutcases) in leadership positions.

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I like to imagine the Alpha Legion being so well organized and decentralized that they simply aren't organized anymore.

Like one big chaotic bureaucracy.

>Hey Lineaus, you need to sign this secrecy document.
>No can do, Perer. I have twelve secret ranks, and one of them means that I don't sign documents.
>Well, then who has to sign my papers?
>It's secret. You need a lvl 2 clearance to learn that.
>But I'm requesting a lvl 2 clearance!

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I'm not saying "STOP LIKING CHAOS MARINES GUYS". I'm just saying that I feel that the rest of the Chaos forces are a little too downplayed, and it would be interesting to see more of the average scum and villany that falls to Chaos.

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Fa/tg/uy you're responding to here.

Absolutely, I agree. One thing I've noticed in the fluff for Imperial organizations is that the Adeptus Mechanicus and their private armies are getting a lot more attention, because there's been more mention of Skitarii in FFG books for the 40k RPGs, and in the Space Marine game, lately. GW themselves haven't been doing a whole lot on that front, but it'd be cool to see them pick up on it.

And if they did it for the Mechanicus, why not the Dark Mechanicus? Corrupt Skitarii would be bitchin', and being an IG treadhead at heart, I loves me some Traitor Guard whenever Chaos comes up.

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>Imperial Armour: Mechanicus vs. Dark Mechanicus
Please, Forge World

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Chaos-tainted hellguns wielded by rogue Skitarii Praetorians, heretekal tanks piloted by daemonic forces in support of renegade Skitarii infantry, advancing under fire from heavy weapon teams wielding boltguns spewing Warp-infused shells, while loyal Skitarii fight on in the name of the Machine God with holy plasma cannons blasting away at the oncoming corrupt tanks and Skitarii fight alongside Mechanicus Secutors and blessed Murder and Gun Servitors.

There's enough material that you could feasibly use it all to make an entire separate codex just for the Adeptus Mechanicus.

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not OP, but a question for those that know.

Are the Thousand Sons a united bunch of bro's? i mean they all follow the Sorcerers of Tzeentch and Magnus and Ahriman... so... yeah? how sorted are they, cause iv just started playing them, and would love to know more.

Pic related, its me.

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its important to point out also that the alpha legion's homeworld is unknown

so alpharius and omegon (because i highly doubt guiliman killed anything more than a marine) are chilling on some planet laughing their asses of and trolling the imperium all day ere day

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>Thousand Sons

Maybe, maybe not, considering every non-Sorcerer member is now an empty shell of power armor accompanying the brains of his particular outfit. Not sure just how unified the Thousand Sons SORCERERS are, but being Sorcerers and Tzeentchian to boot, I suspect they're not that unified in any circumstance, unlike Berserkers who are perfectly willing to get together and wreck shit (however temporarily).

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The regular Thousand Sons are automatons now, commanded by the few Thousand Sons who survived the spell. It depends on what the Sorcerors do, really.

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The Thousand Sons legion fell apart after Ahriman was exiled and the battle of the Fang, when a lot of ranking officers were killed.

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>Black Legion
as far as I understand they're essentially a very large warband composed of just about anyone who wants to tag along and loosely channeled in the general direction of Abaddon's targets.
Not really organized or united.

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That's usually how it goes for most Legions, actually. The Chaos Marines as a whole have taken to offing each-other to seize each-other's geneseed and gear (and for lulz), and have used that stuff to make new Chaos Marines, regardless of what Legion the Chaos Marines they're killing are actually from. They're basically going 'eh, fuck it, he's a Chaos Marine, he'll do.' Between this, active recruitment among individual warbands, and the Black Legion apparently doing enough of both to get a lot of the other warbands and Legions under their banner (for a while, at least), all of the support Abaddon's been getting actually has an excuse.

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So ya don't think that the 1ksons Sorcerers sit around a purple flamed camp fire and drink a nice dark coffee on thursdays? what i was thinking was that the sorcerers themselves might be, from what i've read they acted together in the siege of Tera with Magnus... But what about after the Rubic? what they up to now?

captcha: Imofel Alexander,

kewl, my middle name.

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Ahriman's the only one you really hear about. He did manage to troll the Grey Knights in their own codex, and is supposedly about to do something big.

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Fucking Ahriman. God-tier troll, except when he fails at stuff.

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Yeah, but the other Legions are united in concept and general outlook at least, and usually strategy/tactics as well. The Black Legion is really just a giant melting pot, it's meant to be the generic anything-goes Legion. You know what to expect when you take on Iron Warriors or World Eaters, while against the Black Legion you can end up facing anything in any combination.

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The old codex did have a bit on general Black Legion tactics.

>Tactically, the Black Legion varies from company to company but all are guided by the implacable will of Abaddon the Despoiler so follow the same general approach. The Legion favours close action over ranged combat and will normally seek to apply constant pressure on the enemy. This is achieved by means of sharp but limited assaults to disrupt the enemy and capture positions which can be used for fire support. This in turn keeps the pressure on while a new series of assaults are prepared. The time-lag between attacks gradually declines giving the enemy less time to respond. The Black Legion Commander will wait at the head of his Chosen for the pressure to tell before launching a final, devastating assault in which teleporting Terminators often feature. Hordes of Daemons are frequently used for frontal attacks to pin the enemy and the Legion is adept at ensuring that the right specialists are used for each mission.

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So, they get everything...and they get the BEST of everything.

Shit, guys, even if Failbaddon's not great as a Black Crusade warmaster, you gotta give him props for keeping the insurmountably-volatile clusterfuck that is the Black Legion together.

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... so, with the exception of the bit about daemons, they basically use the same tactics as loyalists, playing to their strengths.

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Gonna dust off my old CSM later this year and paint them Emperors Children. I wonder if there is any good succubus looking model that would make a good Daemon Prince?

>> No.17788560

How's this?

>> No.17788581

Oh, that is fucking great! A little bit big and pricy maybe, though.

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How about using an Inquisitor miniature, possibly with some wings stuck on.
http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat490043a&prodId=prod1110235 For instance.

>> No.17788643

Oh yeah, that could work pretty well. Loving the corset and the delicate looking weapons.

Wonder what wings would look good on them?

>> No.17788710

I'd say Pegasus wings, but GW does have a large range for you to choose from, before even checking out other places: http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/armySubUnitCats.jsp?catId=cat1510529

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Yeah, those looks nice an elegant enough to fit with the Slaanesh theme.

Thanks a lot Anon, you have been most helpful. You are a scholar and a gentleman!

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No problem, I like helping people.

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After the Rubric Magnus was a little upset and threw Ahriman and his coven off the planet of Sorcerers. Can't remember if it was during or after the Heresy.

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The rubric happened after the Horus Heresy. Think Thousand Sons was getting royally fucked over by the Imperium when the Emperor sent the Space Wolves at them.

After they somehow managed to get away safely in to the Eye of Terror the legion was mutating at a dangerous rate. Magnus wanted it fixed and Ahriman made spaghetti of the whole situation. Magnus did not kill Ahriman at the spot because Tzeentch had plans for him. So instead he is exiled from the home of the Thousand Sons.

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