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new character art thread, link to last one

Anyone have any armored women (less traditional/none full-plate preferable)?

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The previous thread provided me with art that I've been wanting for a while, hope that this one doesn't die.

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I wish there was more quality Half-orc or Orc art, especially of rangers and rogues. Anyone have any? This is the only remotely close thing I have and I think it's more of a fighter or bard anyway if I remember right.

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How about this?

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This is an edit I did a good while back based off a picture that was in the last thread.

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looking for anything undead/zombie in nature

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like this, op?

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Speaking of women, a while ago someone had posted up a picture of an older woman, I think she was blond, one side of her face was scarred. Does anyone happen to have that pic or any other ones of older woman characters? I'm thinking of playing an older character. Not necessarily a little old lady though that might be fun too.

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I'm in the same boat looking for half-orc pictures. Especially females. I'll dump what I've gotten so far.

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Suppose I can add something I had drawn for me, if anyone needs it.

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And I'm spent

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Bikini armor is acceptable when you're probably a fucking dragon rider.

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Can I please get some gypsy pictures, preferably male? I'd GREATLY appreciate it.

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Can;t really help you there boyo. But I have a few minutes and a couple Gypsy Women.

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I actually just went on a miniature hunt trying to find a relevant child picture for a character of mine. May as well ask here since I put up a couple.

Anyone know of a decent picture of a male elf child? Not a lot of those going around. I checked a couple boorus, no luck.

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Most of my pictures are fantasy type and I need something for the Shadowrun game my group is starting. Does anyone have a, for lack of a better term, sci-fi business man?

random pic so I'm still contributing.

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Nice! Was that a Deviantart find or what have you? That was about the only place left I could think to start looking.

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More female casters, especially of the nefarious sort.

I'll contribute once I sort all my shit out. Got everything lumped in with everything else. I hate HD crashes.

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Jesus shitting balls, what is up with her hand?

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It was a while ago, but I think so. One of those rare diamonds in the rough you occasionally find on deviantart, haha. Glad you like it! I wouldn't mess with that little bad ass!

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Wouldn't happen to be this would it?

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You gots it son

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More bards playing their instruments?

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For a moment I thought that was Rucks.

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Sci-Fi businessman you say!

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Gypsy Bard?

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Businessman's Daughter!

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Love these threads. Contributing what I've got.

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A lot of stuff I have is reposted lots, but oh well.

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These two I like, thank you kind poster.

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Nafarious Ladywizards!

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As I keep posting, I'd like to humbly request more characters drinking, or drinking/fighting. I'm playing a Cleric of Cayden Cailean, and need more inspiration.

Pic related.

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Man, that must be a pain in the ass to wear. Why is it always spikes with the evil people? Surely being evil doesn't mean you can't be comfortable?

Nefarious Ladywizard!

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>>first game of DnD, seven or so years ago
>>Play a Bard
>>group is new and nobody knows each other particulary well so we call each other after our role in the party
>>never play a bard since then
>>still gets called bard by every fa/tg/eek in Karlstad wheter they know my old group or not

On related topics; Here's a witch

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That's no pirate, just a pool shark in disguise.

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I just realized I have no drunk or even not serious warriors. That must be rectified.

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Maybe he wanted more pirates so he could eat them?

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He goes through so much candy...

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Here's the only other I have.

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Wasn't there some kind of 'booru for character art at one point?

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Yes. The /tg/ booru. The thing isn't just for character art though.


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You want orcs? I got orcs.

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Ah, thank you.

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And some succubus posing as orc... Either doing a piss-poor job, or aimed at humans, not other orcs.

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suddenly troll!

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aww yeah

Is this too racy? will delete if so, don't want any trabble. But there's so little orc girl art.

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Say what you will about WoW, but the franchise and its associated licensed stuff churns out a ton of cool fantasy art

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Aye. That's why I still, to this day, visit mmo-champion, despite having quit wow quite a while ago.


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Thiset thed dif is godd ththtanks for thethhe tart guysz, it makeeeeeees me eth fele good to set see see aret.

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Hi! I would love to have a human female witch with the clothing as the pathfinder witch (see pic) but with blonde hair and a longsword, oh and a rat as familiar.

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shit, sorrry, coming around now, didn't meant to do that. Didn't expecte to get grabbed by a 70 proof, didn't mean to post something that dumb.

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Anyone got the Spellslinger art from Ultimate Magic?
Would be very appreciated.

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Does anyone have any good -male- Half-orc pics?

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Posting on /tg/ drunk. Brilliant.

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Only thing I am curious about, is how I managed to get lucky and get through captcha earlier. Have a couple pieces of art as an apology for my dumb ass. Guess I'll post the original, then the edit.

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Looks a little funky, just couldn't quite get the facial perspective right.

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And one more, this one is a magic card if I remember right. Just wanted to get right of the whips because otherwise I really really like it. I should mention that I got these from the booru posted earlier in this thread.

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This one was pretty easy, didn't take too long.

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Fucking delivered, oh and the rat is in her left hand, the stock image you provided was to small for the rat to look very good.

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Try again?

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Fucking Delivered again, you're welcome anon

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came home looked again realized I forgot to finish erasing fox


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Goddamn that is a cute mouse!

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Sorry for the late response. Nice pic but it's not the one I was looking for unfortunately. It was a portrait. Thank you though.

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Does anyone have some necromancer art?

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Somebody give this man his goddamned lawn gnomes before he decides to kill us all. We have very little time, /tg/.

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Dude, what the hell are you tal-

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You probably have no idea how many lives you just saved. Also, that is most likely the only kind gnome Henderson would own.

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But where are his Heelys?

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Goddammit, we're still in danger. Get it together anon.

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Even if the lore that justifies their presence in the game makes even less sense than the Pandas, one can never have too much Female Draenei. Night Elves are just a given though.

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