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>no draw your party thread

Starting with some original content, then posting old news.

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required content for any party thread upcoming... 1/3.

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What font is that?

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Wow, I actually forgot to save any of the others.

Oh well, have a template.

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It's called Gungsuh. I don't really know why I used it.

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Why the fuck hasn't this guy just started a Pathfinder webcomic yet?

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Here's the traditional (read: shit) template.

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I'd read that.

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This makes me wish my DM had the potential to split up the party and wish my players had the ability to stay in character when interacting with the other PCs.

It happened once, when we played online. but now I know those days are long gone.

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Seriously, looks at this shit. I bet Paizo would be all over using a webcomic like this to promote the fucking game. I'd read it in a heartbeat.

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Holy shit these are awesome.

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My Wizard.

Doesn't have a backstory.

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Everythreads the same. Someone posts deerbutt or pally v necro and then the thread dies. Also, witch

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thats some awesome hair bro

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He/we could always email them about it, seeing as they are getting made regardless.

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When did the Oracle become a lizardman and why? I must've missed that.

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I'd post, but fuck competing with that, OP, my shitscribbles are bad enough as it is.

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I only made the first one.

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Anyone have a template that hasn't been compressed to hell?

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You know what? Fuck it. I'm gonna post one of my parties, and maybe encourage people to do the same. No one can be worse than me.

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Some sort of resurrection shenanigans. Can't remember exactly what happened.

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that's pretty fucking cool

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Sort of updated. Should be starting soon.

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My two group shots would turn out way shittier without the template. Also I'm planning on making another one tomorrow or the next day about my pathfinder group once I get their looks down better.

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Second verse slightly better than the first?

Shall I declare yes?


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Good question. I'd support it.

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There. Now no one can bitch about being bad at art anymore. My Werewolf: The Forsaken group.

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Bro, I don't want to be a dick but that text is a pain in the ass to read.

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WIP black crusade warband

not pictured:
Bubbles the She Bitch (psyker)
Prince Putrid: Son of Stinkfist (heretek)
The Story
The Word of Truths other 4 minions (hand, fist, old man and charles)

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From an online Warcraft game run with Pathfinder, set after the fall of the last Alliance city within Lordaeron to the Scourge.

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I love these threads. I remember when there was one up all the time on /tg/

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>That rogue
I see what you did there, and I approve.

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But then I realized it was supposed to be warcraft so, good on ya.

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Does anyone have the very first entry? I've seen it before but don't have it saved. :|

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The fuck kind of game is this.

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brb updating this after a crazy session last night.

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>pump action double barreled shotgun

What the fuck.

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You all sound thoroughly fucked up.

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From left to right, because I'm an art thief.

1) That one elf. We don't know his name yet, but we do know that he is incredibly loud, dickish and obnoxious.

2) That lizard thing. Snarky cleric of Obad-Hai. Can talk to trees and bears and shit. Apparently loves to fish.

3) Centaur. Just a derpy centaur with a +4 composite bow. Fucking scary when she gets angry though. We've established that she'll be taking levels in barbarian.

4) Chris Tucker clone. 4'9" black sorcerer with dreams of going to magic school. Has an owl named Mr. Owl. The party's comic relief.

5) Bashy cleric. We don't know his name yet either, but he absolutely loves Bull Strength and high initiative.

6) Vedalken samurai. Holy jesus is this guy scary. You don't even know.

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By order of Appearance:

Flint the Goblin: (Insane Gun Happy Maniac)
Sold his soul to a Devil to become the fastest hand in the world, ended up blowing his brains out when hope had failed him.

Muertte the Half-Orc: (Anti-That Guy)
Somehow able to be charismatic, strong, reliable, with points in Heal, Craft(Painting) and Perception. So outrageously lucky and skilled at combat, he became a Prophet of Gruumsh. Could out perform all the party combined, but never stole anybodies thunder and always a bro. Gave his life to buy the party time to escape a demon.

The Mighty Zax: (Freudian Wizard)
He almost never used magic in combat, preferring to reserve it for showy effects and impressing people. Mostly a utility caster at that. Had this habbit of demoralizing opponents by insinuating they had odd relationships with their parents. One too many encounters with Outsiders got him infected by a symbiot that slowly started taking over his mind. Is now in an Insane Asylum.

Cotillion Blackleaf: (Party Leader/Bard)
A human who got cursed by a devil because he thought it'd be funny, he now resembles the creatures he fights. A spoony bard at heart, he's learned the value of misdirection and PR. He disguises himself as an old an powerful wizard most of the time.
Has only ever killed two people. One was a friend for whom it was a mercy, the other an act of panic. He desperately wants to do the right thing, despite all the evil assailing him for it.

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Martin (Meat Shield/Healer)

A mercenary and generally amoral soldier, he ventured with the party because it is his duty.
One too many experiences with death have forced him to reconsider his life, and has decided to devote himself to the God of death completely. Now offers advice and tries to soothe grief as a newly joined Cleric of Kelemvor.

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I'm going to redo it in a style similar to
later... it won't be as good as that of course but it will be easier to read.

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I revive this thread.

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rolled 3 = 3

I cast bleed on it.

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I don't believe that you understand what Sage does.

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>9000 hours in MSPaint.

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>Hester S.
>Uses a rifle
>Questionable morality

Give that player a high-five from me, would you?

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Should I high-five myself? Because I kind of suggested the name for exactly that reason. We'd decided on Shepard for the potential lulz with Wrex, but there were no first name ideas and I was like "Be Hester Hester is a cool name."

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Yes, and have a brofist from me.

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Here's a rapidshare with all the pictures of >>17783722 party.

From start to finish, and you know what, he wasn't that good in the beginning to be honest.

Any of you here could probably do the same.

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Thanks bro

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ARISE dead thread. And despair at my inadequacy

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Awful lot of pathfinder parties.

But seriously, these are all very nice and if I wasn't a terrible artist and a Forever DM I'd draw mine too...

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The party from the Pathfinder game I am DMing.
Also featuring a plant they fought during the last session.

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Terrible Thri-Kreen
fitting, though, seeing as he's retarded.

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>Orc named Dakha

Wow, ya don't see that every god damn thread. Kudos on the Audrey thing.

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>is alcoholic

shit man, you can get drunk off of him? he should sell his urine or something.

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Well, he does drink a lot, so I guess that his piss could pass for beer in some parts of the world.

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My party from a 2e Mutants and Masterminds game that died off a while ago.

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This is part of our F-Zero rpg party. Top row from left: Iggy Whight, ladies' man and Boris's foil. Lisandra Brave, gun-toting loli that uses a train engine as her machine. Ernst Kapplan, family man and StarCola corporate shill.

Bottom row: Boris Makarov, angry methed-out Russian. Dick Buahzakar, walking dick joke, and Sir Hootings, Esquire. He's an Owlian.

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Posted in other thread.
Fuck yeah.

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My whole gaming group.

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Deadlands group. Just started.

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I was asking because I liked it, don't worry.

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My Adeptus Evangelion group. From left to right;

>Motoko: Prodigy. Regular teenage Japanese schoolgirl. At first she was rather bewildered by the whole thing, but acclimated rather well. Energetic.
>Cassie: Neo-Spartan. Raised in a facility for training Evangelion pilots. Extreme doormat, very serious. The more sociable pilots are trying to get her out of her shell, usually by rather questionable means.
>Jackie: Impact Survivor. Loves knives, creeps out on people.
Loki: Prodigy. Heir to Weyland Industries, a manufacturing company contracted by NERV. Friendly, but likes to fuck with people. My character.
>Lou: Manufactured. Raised in a different facility for training Evangelion pilots. This one's on the moon. Thinks he's in a simulation, somewhat shy. Also being forced, kicking and screaming, out of his shell. Motoko got him in a dress once.
>Osip: Impact Survivor. Oldest one in the party at the age of 20. In the Russian military, pilots the T-RIDEN-T. Has PTSD.

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By the way, this sketch was drawn by someone not in our group. Highly enjoys our adventures, though. (When the game isn't on hold, that is.)

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Just made this today, /tg/. Please rate?

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>implying he saged
You really should work on reading things before making worthless posts.

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It's threads like this that make me want to buy a tablet.

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2/10 would not fuck
tiny knees
no visible arms
looks like a stick figure

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>not having an stick figure fetish

Also bump for thread revival. I'm about to start working on another one of these things.

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>in 2012

At least UPDATE your idiotic meme! Honestly.

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That hurts, sire.

>> No.17803126

....you really like to announce I AM A GOD DAMNED MORON to the world, don't you.

>> No.17803152

Wow. Haven't seen that 'cap in awhile.
Little known fact: that's actually an obscure reference the tripfag foolishly tried to make. He wasn't quiet that stupid. He was a dedicated tripfag, though, and refused to change his name or go anon, and eventually the 'cap and macros of it led to his leaving 4ch for good. He was an asshole, though, so it was all good.
>Know your roots!

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I think you accidentally some punctuation in thar.

>> No.17803173

>Updating memes

>> No.17803197

>obscure reference
Go on.

>> No.17803258

>The adventures of Straight Man, Wise Guy, and the Frost Wraith
I want that to be a cartoon so much.

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Hell, I don't remember. It was obscure because it wasn't very good.

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lazy picture incoming

>> No.17803779


>I cannot into cheesy joke

Anyway, here's my old Mutants and Masterminds group that lasted for only a few sessions. The main reason I have so many groups is because we tended to change RPGs every two weeks last semester so I've got a back log of pictures to make.

Although now that we settled on Pathfinder I might just do updates to the group once and a while.

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