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Help me expand my Chaos folder, /tg/

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Just Chaos bitches, or Chaos in general?

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why is she crying thats so sad

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Sinuses overflowing. Mucus coming out from eyes.

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i believe that's a face scar

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One of Nurgle's domains is Despair.

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Best Chaos image ever created.

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"can heresy bloom?"

"even on the battlefield?

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Looks like that heresy's more likely to bloom in the confession booth.

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what? no hereteks?

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>Not posting delicious Chaos men

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I like this one.
Especially because Nurgle.

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I do cocaine.

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fuck the metal dildos

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i think that is all of my chaos related pictures.

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my body is ready

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She's probably just seepin'

This is my favorite chaos girl. Was it ever finished?

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sir, half of your face is a crab
I'd get that checked out.

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I left this thread thinking it was going to die. Lo and behold, the fucking lot of you posted a whole lotta shit lmfao. Thanks.

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>wicked Slaaneshi picture
>gored Sister of Battle
My crossed alliances are finding this picture...confusing. Not sure if want.

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You know what I find irritating about Chaos art? People who think they know what the gods look like. Like pic related.

That's not Tzeentch. Tzeentch is a ball of rainbow gas. The sometimes he's also a giant whose skin is comprised of many different faces. But it never stays the same way for long. It always changes. He's not a bird though.

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It's by an artist that goes by the name Torture Device on deviantart. The artist is rather fucked up in so many ways, but the art is good and sufficiently Chaos-y.

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You know you want it, embrace Slaanesh! Let the pleasure flow into you, deeply.

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But I love Slaanesh already!

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Well then whats the problem?!

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On one hand, my penis is all like "oh man that's a pretty fine lady".

But on the other, my head is going "oh look there is a head on a pole there, that's bad news bro".

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I love the Sisters too.

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Good fucking god.

Those tiny fucking heads.
Those enormous fucking pauldrons.
That ridiculous as fuck sword.
Those goddamned horns. Those fucking horns holy cocksucking shit those horns.

That image is 40k.

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>tiny heads
You know, a Marines body does not fill out the entire suit. They are proportional heads inside a suit of power armor which is mostly robotic. If you were to cut off the hand of a Space Marine's suit, you would not actually sever the human's hand.

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that guy's helmet makes him look really surprised.

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Yes you would.

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no you would not. No human is shaped that way. Unless you are saying they are skin-grafted to the suit, their skin pulled apart and stretched out like a Big Daddy. In which case their head is STILL proportional to what they once looked like as a regular human.

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That aside, tiny heads are awesome.

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I'm sorry that you find it hard to believe most 40K artists don't understand basic anatomy. It's sad but true. It still doesn't give you the right to make up bullshit.

The closet thing you have to a marine inside the sort of suit you are describing is Terminator Armor and even then it's not just a slightly tall person inside that suit. Nowhere in any piece of fluff is it implied that a marine, for the most part, does not fill out every part of the power armor. Granted, there is a debate on just how thick the power armor is, but to say that the glove in the armor does not actually contain a hand is just plain silly.

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>No human is shaped that way.

Because the proportions in that picture, as with all of the tiny-head-marine pictures, are completely shot to hell. Now, the process of becoming a Space Marine does result in a rather distorted body shape - the chest swells to accommodate all of the extra organs, thickened bone, and the black carapace. But not to the degree those pictures suggest.

This picture is far more accurate as to how a Space Marine is built and proportioned. His armour is thick and contains a fair amount of robotics - around the shoulder pads especially, which are pretty much all ceramite and servos - but not to the degree that you're suggesting.

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>No human is shaped that way.

But...that's the point.

They are genetically engineered monsters. They are not human.

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He also has giant fucking legs.

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Guardman apply directly to the ... pauldron?

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anyone happen to have each one individually?
would be greatly appreciated

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I've got this and the Nurgle one.

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I like this picture, almost entirely because it has something most pictures of Chaos Marines, or Chaotic events generally lack: someone reacting to what is happening. That Guardsman's face speaks of an entire spectrum of pain happening, and disbelief that he is still alive to experience it.

Just... felt like it needed to be pointed out.

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Oh, and I suppose I should contribute some as well.

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you are a lifesaver, the tzeentch one was proving a pain to find

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Glad I could help.

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I know I have the Nurgle one as well, but in my jumble of pictures I might as well not, since I can't find it.

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Ah well, a Nurgle champion by any other name would smell just as rotten.

Then either the smell or the source would kill you.

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from the most recent game

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Mandatory heresy claim

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Got any more daemonettes?

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>mfw this thread

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Looks like that's the image limit, guys. Enjoy!

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Anyone of you fine gentlemen happen to have that one image with the abridged history of the Lamenters?

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Wow, there's actually a lot of art in here that I haven't seen before, and I've been browsing /tg/ 40k threads for four years!

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