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Let's try something unsophisticated for once /tg/.

Think of something tabletop game related, and post a picture that you think best represents it.

I'll start.

>Rogue Trader

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>exotic animal companions

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>exotic animal companions

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Warhammer 40 000

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>character creation

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Ocean = Co-op board game
Barracuda = GM

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dat pic man, dat pic

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>bard as well

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>4th Edition

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>Boat trips in any RPG ever

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>Call of Cthulhu

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Animal Companion

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>Chaotic Neutrals

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Vampire: The Masquerade

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>5th edition D&D prediction/wishing/asspain thread.

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>Bard roleplayers

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Monk. No exceptions.

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>Chaoitc Evil

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summoners and/or old school mono-green MTG decks

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Also I have nothing to add, so polite sage.

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>flurry of blows

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God, thank you.

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cultist chan/that necron tau abomination/monster girl threads.

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>Pathfinder Alchemist

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that's obviously greater cleave

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>The loot my GM gives out

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>player characters

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>Simple side-quest

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>Mixed alignment parties

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Also why I GM

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>mutual initiative

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>vows in D&D 3.x

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chaotic neutral aligned parties

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toku is not /tg/

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>PCs in charge of their own transportation

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>chaotic good parties

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>stupid discussions on D&D-realted problems that are problems only because the community is shitty.

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> That Guy

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>Alignment shift

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I lol'd hard

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>Natural 20 handle animal check

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I know this is offtopic, but that looks one hell of a lot better than TV-Nihon's translations of the "grandma said" bits.

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Generational campaigns

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fukken lol'd

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> Spell-Jammer

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This looks more like Don't Rest Your Head done the fuck right.

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> Dark Heresy

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playing greenskins in fantasy

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>SAN check

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>PC Rogues

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>enemy mutual initiative

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>Roleplayer trying to come up with an unique character

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>Chaos Spawn

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>When you decide to great creative with your high STR character

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>Fine, I'll GM. I'm picking the game though.

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>Steve is GMing again

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Rolling three Righteous Furies in a row.

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failing spot checks

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>PC kill

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>Enemy critical failing after talking up his attack

I also talk up my attacks and cannot roll for shit, my normal response is "HA HA! Just as planned!"

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>Call of Cthulhu

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>High level PCs attitude toward town NPCs

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Fucking Metallican Gunslingers.
All the fucking time.

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>Druid Investigation Squad

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>Delta Green

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>grapple checks

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Oh sexy, sexy Nyarlthotep...

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Nearly all Rogue Trader campaigns.

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>Impromptu Sneak Attack

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>Average Female Blackguard PC

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>druids in modern settings

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>The DM

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>homebrew races

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>Big eyes, small mouth

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>Neutral Evil

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Rules Lawyer

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>when the DM doesn't have the right minis

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Perform: Heartstrings

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>That one time my group tried a homebrew Digital Devil Saga campaign

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>how a player usually comes up with ideas.

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the comic is "Bearmageddon"
it's good

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That is brilliant

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>/tg/ playing AdEva

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>When your PCs could show mercy

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>Relentless Rat deck

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>WH40K players.

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>Playing Mutants & Masterminds

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WTF is going on here?

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>The one best skill in DH.

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>The Computer Science major at the table convinces you he'll GM

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It's Angel Beats. It's like that.

Rather good show, in my opinion.

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>Successful disguise checks

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>Critical failures

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Angel Beats...don't ask

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>Star Wars RPGs

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>a typical PC enjoying lunch at a crowded restaurant

(this one is based on a true story)

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>A PC's approach to diplomacy

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>level 5 encounter in 2E.

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>Religion in D&D

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This thread is now archived.

And many lulz shall be had, through the generations.

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>That reveal when the Blackguard is actually a PC we thought was killed off

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WoD in Darkplace would be amazing and needs to be done

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>Lawful Good and Chaotic Evil

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>every fucking character a particular friend of mine plays

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>Lvl 1 quest

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>typical pathfinder character

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>When the party's psyker reveals he's a heretic

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>Slaaneshi cultists

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>All 5's and 6's on res protocols (and most other rolls for that matter)

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pallas cats always related, maybe something about animal training, I dunno

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>>oh god i so want to play this game now

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>a good CoC game

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>NPC rewarding the party after their hard quest well done.

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You will never be as dull and unenjoyable to play against, as ghey knights... Win or Loose.

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>the feeling you get when a DM never kills a character.

>> No.17763664

>that feel when a trusted NPC betrays you.

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>Typical Flames of War game

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>"Wait a second. What chapter did you say you were playing as again?"

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Now, on topic:

>PC bards

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>When the GM gets lazy with the rules

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>Playing a powerless character with minions

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Sorry to be that guy, but, sauce?

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>Enchant limbs: +1 fire

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Googles Reverse Image Search says "shiinake no hitobito".

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Thank ye kindly.

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>Trying to schedule an internet game

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>"Okay guys, we're playing a WW2 game, you're all Russian conscripts starting at Stalingrad and we'll play til-Wait a second, let me see your character sheets... Fuck you guys, seriously, lay off the anime already."

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Diplomancing druids.

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I don't get it.

>> No.17763920

>the typical players concept of "role playing".

>> No.17763958

>what follows in the PC's wake

>> No.17763962

>GM has run out of ideas for his horror campaign

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It's fine. I was interested in finding out myself.

>> No.17763981


I'd watch it.

>> No.17763982

>The new edition

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I raffed. Superior thread.
Pic relates to every female character I try to roleplay.

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Rogue Trader

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>Epic level diplomacy

>> No.17764025

>DM forgetting to read up on the god's lore

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That's for you

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There is nothing wrong with playing Rebecca Chambers. All day every day.

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I know, that's what I tell myself!
Offsets that bitchy sorceress in the group who always lets us know how her father will hear about X, Y, and Z that inconvenienced her today.

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Medaka Box

>> No.17764212

good thread

150 image limit

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