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Hey fa/tg/uys.

I want to get into the Warhammer 40k novels, but don't know where to start. I hear good things about the Cain novels, and Gaunt's Ghosts.

Any suggestions?

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bumping with angry marines.

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Ive read helsreach and i thoroughly enjoyed it

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are angry marines protected IP or may i convert my guys into angry marines?

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Thats that one about, like, the space marines, and they like, fight for the Emperor, right?

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You know, does anyone have any art of Litany of Litany's Litany, or maximum fuck?

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Would you recommend the read?

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Those two are probably the easiest to get into for those that aren't too familiar with 40K. They're also some of the better books anyways, so check them out. Horus Heresy is also one of the better ones.
If you want a space detective series, Eisenhorn and then Ravenor are good ones to pick up, too.
You mean this one?

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No, I mean any actual art. Don't remember ever seeing any outside that comic.

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Wat. Of course you're free to convert your minis to Angry Marines.

Ah, well they are just battle barges, so if you can get some pictures of space marine battle barges, you can just sort of use your imagination from there.

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No, they fight five the Emperor. Because five is greater than four.

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It seems to me that a story centering around like, normal dudes like the Imperial Guard would be easier to follow. Is that the case with the books?

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Thus far it is, but it's not so much that the setting is easier, but that a couple of the better authors(Dan Abnett and Sandy Mitchell) have been writing them. The books about the SMs range from top-notch to utter shit completely depending on who the author is.
Someone else can answer which SM books are the good and bad, I've only read Horus Heresy so far, but there are plenty on /tg/ who have read all; the good, the bad and the ugly.

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It is since Imperial Guard are just normal men and women, it's easier to write about them than it is for Space Marines.

Get Imperial Guard Omnibus Vol:1 for your Guard fix.

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I enjoyed the Last Chancers series, it centers around IG, then later in the series, the inquisition and acolytes. I don't hear it talked about much on /tg/ though.

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Any others that would be a good read?

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that's because that series includes Kill Team, which paints a negative light on the Tau

and heaven forbid anything detract from their perfect image

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I quite liked the Dark Heresy novels - Scourge the Heretic and Innocence Proves Nothing.

Sandy Mitchell has a talent for writing GRIMDARK subject matter without making it feel forced or stupid.

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In my opinion, you can't go wrong generally with anything by Dan Abnett, Sandy Mitchell, Graham McNiell, or especially ADB.

For Guard, Gaunt's Ghosts would be recommended reading I'd say. For Space Marines, Helsreach or the Horus Heresy novel line. For Chaos Marines also, ADB's Night Lord's series is great.

Eisenhorn is a fun read too.

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Here's a real quick and dirty list I've just whipped up.

What does /tg/ think and what should be in it?

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Helsreach and the Night Lords series.

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Anything by Abnett is generally pleasing, especially his Gaunt's Ghosts series. Well, the first three books are fantastic, and the third should have been the end. How I view them is action movies in novel form, though, and then I am entertained.

Eisenhorn and Ravenor are actually rather decent, as well. A few of Graham McNeil's books aren't bad, either, though I'd only read them if you have a real hard on for Space Marines.

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What else?

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the Damnos novel was pretty good. gives you a taste of the new necrons and lets you see Ultras not being tools.
im currently enjoying the Gildar rift. only halfway through though.

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For the 'crons Fall of Damnos and the second SoB novel are supposed to be great showings of Newcrons. I like James Swallow a lot though, so I look forward to reading his SoB books.

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Red and Black was the second SoB book right?

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The Ultramarines books are great.

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That's the audio novel that takes place between the two novels.

The one with 'crons is Hammer and Anvil I believe.

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48 Hours is probably worth reading if you can get it although it's not as good as those.

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Storm of Iron is one of McNiell's better books, and what I would call one of the must reads as far as Chaos Marines go.

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There we are.

For some reason I can't find a single picture of 15 Hours cover.

Also, as you can see, I'm all out of room so if someone else wants to take over, then by all means do so.

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>I quite liked the Dark Heresy novels - Scourge the Heretic and Innocence Proves Nothing.

Seconding these

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Battle of the Fang was good, if you're a Space Wolves or Thousand Sons fan. And if you want to see a Daemon Primarch in action.

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>no Enforcer Omnibus

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Sweet Emperor this is hard work.

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I think 15 hours is part of an omnibus now. Something about guardsmen.

Speaking of guardsmen, in general I recommend novels about guardsmen over novels about space marines. I've read too many space marine books where the entire depth of the character is "this is brother captain lieutenant sergeant Angelous. He has a power claw. The defining aspect about his personality is his power claw. One time, on Daemonous, while fighting the demonically chaotic daemons of chaos, he punched a thing with his power claw and the day was saved."

Actual books I liked that I don't see on your list yet. (in no particular order) Faith and Fire, Gunheads, Double Eagle.

Things to avoid. Anything C.S. Goto. We're not making this shit up, he's bad. I remember one eldar book where the main character basically confronted the BBEG, could have beaten the crap out of the BBEG, then turned around and went home. Craftworld flew into the eye of terror and everyone was raped by slaanesh. Then end (this is grim dark rite guiz?).

Don't believe me? Find a short story by Goto and glimpse the tip of the iceburg of bad.

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I've heard about Goto and believe what /tg/ says about him. It seems to be the one thing that everyone can agree on, that he sucks.

And you're right, 15 Hours is part of an omnibus now, which I probably should have just listed in the first place.

I'll get right up on what you've listed to round out this list.
Hopefully It'll be of some use to someone.

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I think a better way to do this listing would be to list the best books by what factions it focuses on, and cross posting novels for books that show two or more factions especially well.

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Concerning the Horus Heresy novels the top tier one stand ones are:
-The Outcast Dead.
-A thousand sons.
-Prospero Burns.
-Tales of Heresy (Only for The Last Church).

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There we are gentlemen.

It's 5 minutes to 2:00 and I've go to get some sleep so I'm gonna leave this here and call it a day.

If anyone want's to change anything then by all means go nuts.

Goodnight /tg/.

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I'd say First Heretic is up there too.

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I didn't read First Heretic yet.
Care to do a review of the novel?

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It has a wealth of great information on the Word Bearers(who are one of my favorite Chaos Legions), and details in length how they fall to Chaos. It has a great showing of Istvaan's events, as well as the origins of Cadia.

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