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Bring me Demons, /tg/. Bring me images of the most majestic and terrible denizens of the pit. Bring them to me, serene and primal, vast and alien, that I might writefag some fluff about them.

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You want demons, do you? You'll have to offer up something in return. How about your soul? It's not like you have any real use for that useless little thing.

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Soul is too old fashioned and boring

Offering your future that's where it is

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Naming and titling the Demons will be lengthy affair, they tend to pick up a lot of epithets as they rise in rank.

Too late, already traded it to a Faerie. Can't possibly go wrong.

Baron Civaret, Seething Demon of Wrath, Lord of the Killing Fields, Burning Wyrm, The Red Rot of Lordship.

Civaret is a Demon of Seething, one of the few nobles of his Circle capable of planning further ahead than their next beating. Like a cancer he tunnels under the scorched and cracked plains of the Killing Field, dwelling on imagined slights and real offences with equal fury. Eventually he will choose a target, the fiery explosion of his eruption from the earth preceded by earthquakes. His primary from is that of a vast serpent, but he also takes the shape of a humanoid in regal, but blood-stained and rusted armour, and the Killing Field itself is part of his being.
His favoured purview is the slaughter of innocents by unjust authority. The nobleman whose power is abused for bloodsport and violence, the warmonger and mass-murderer.

His rare appearances in the world of men are heralded by the sky turning black with clouds, for he and the sun quarreled in antiquity and now it will not look upon him. His presence in a room causes the walls to drip with blood, and the stench of burnt flesh fills the air.

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Rotlings, The Children of Shurdal, Rabble of the Circle of Lust

The Rotling is a simple Demon, little brighter than a dog. They trail behind the every-moving Circle of Lust, shedding parasites and clouds of pestilent vapour as they go. Rotlings are disdained by most of their Circle, moreso than others of comparative rank, being offensive to the sensibilities of most other Demons of Lust.
They are obsessive in their desire to find company, blind to one another's presence and always searching for some kind of affection - spreading their blights as a result.

Rarely present on the mortal plane, save by accident or deliberate efforts at destruction, as their myriad plagues are more effective against the simple bodies of humans.

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What about locations, OP?

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Duchess Shurdal, Lady of the Barren Womb, Thief of Flesh, Stalking Demon of Lust, Meatpuppet Matron

Among the ruling elite of the Circle of Lust, Shurdal is and is mistress over the Barren Womb, the dessicated chambers of the lower Circle of Lust, divorced from the reproductive organs of Circle and unable to bear life of its own.
The Lady is consumed with the desire to procreate, yet she cannot do so herself, being likewise fixated on self-satisfaction. She takes lovers, but only to steal parts of their bodies, keeping them in her bloated, black womb where they fester and rot.
Eventually, they spill forth as Rotlings, and in disgust she hurls their initially inert bodies from the Circle. The cycle repeats.

It is said this is a curse handed down to her by the Prince of the Circle, for daring to take the right of self-perpetuation from those Demons who first claimed it, in its myriad incarnations, from Verech the Seething Host to Dread Swimmer Dulgas.

More likely she was always this way, but refuses to admit it.

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Also good. Demons are as much geographical features of their Circle as they are humanoid or monstrous individuals. I'll get back to this one shortly.


Flayer-Lord Scerzha, Baron of the Raking Claws, The Rasping Tongue, Bleeding Smile, Hall of Blades, Devouring Demon of Lust

Scerzha is a Devourer, an indulgent noble. Pain is his meat, his pleasure. He holds dominion of the right claw of the Circle of Lust, the Flaying Talon, the implement of Torture. He is more flayed than flayer, in truth - his joy is to play the victim, masking his pleasure of the pain to evoke sick guilt and satisfaction in a tormentor. As such, while his primary form is a vaguely humanoid one with the skin torn and stretched on filthy hooks and harnesses, his others are young, nubile humanoids - one male and female. Something in their pristine flesh years to be lacerated, something in their eyes begs abuse.

Knives blunt themselves around him, spurning his love. Claws, fingernails, teeth - their organic passion betrays them, and still they cut, though he enjoys it. If one could persuade blades to cut him, they might serve in his banishment from the mortal realm.

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Duke Grael, Hoarding Demon of Greed, Master of the Burning Man, Reaper of Men, The Smoking Pyre, The Loathesome Cell

Grael hoards. Specifically, he hoards flesh, Living, breathing, thinking flesh. Demon or mortal, he cares not, simply cramming them into a sweaty, bleeding heap within his favoured creation, the Burning Man. A war engine of the Circle of Greed, he wants it to run, always. The constricted hordes within writhe and weep and burn in the infernal engine deep within, others choking miserably on the smoke, death denied to them until they become fuel for the fire.
Grael hates even for their ashes to escape him, and keeps them in a smoking pyre within a glass dome.
Some say it might be possible to slay him with the stolen ashes of his prey.

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Sorry, when I look at this all I see is an especially ostentatious fire mage.

There are two rules about Citizen Garrul's Hall of Combat - #1 Don't talk about the Hall of Combat, and #2, don't talk about the Hall of Combat.

Located somewhere within the Demon City, the Hall is more of an open arena of basalt, with veins of throbbing magma - the blood of Garrul, at once arena and lord. His humanoid avatar tends to desk, unremarkable save for his white-hot iron mask.
Many creatures in Pandemonium find themselves here, fighting, betting on fights, beating one another into battered pulps but beyond death unless it was the term of a bet.

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I see your future and raise you a firstborn son.

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Bit old school and more dealing with the plague but maybe it applies.

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oh oh oh, I have one, but is only a sketch, I have a long way to finish the damn thing, can I post it?

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anyone got any pics of a more...humanoid, skeletal demon? bonus points if he's wearing victoriana/30's style clothes

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That one's actually very cool.

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Duke Tyros, Ascendant Demon of Pride, The Ivory Dome, the Watchful Eye, the Falling Spear.

Tyros is almost the ultimate tyrant, were that position not filled by the Prince of his Circle. And how that maddens him.
Tyros appears mainly as a gigantic, kingly figure. His ambition knows no bounds, his capacity for betrayal is without limit. He considers himself to be a general without peer and ruler without equal. His purview is that senseless war of injured pride that leaves levies and knights in five-deep piles of corpses. The failures of his offensives serve only to infuriate him, and he always blames the loss on luck or some similar factor. His armies are vast, but his own hubris causes their fall - it is only through the losses inflicted on both sides that he has not yet been deposed in retaliation. Still, it is only a matter of time.

Among his forms is a beautiful ivory and gold dome in the Circle of Pride, within which is a golden statue to himself. He is sometimes called to the mortal realm to offer his strength in times of war, but either blinds the leader who would have use of his powers - albeit this is not a literal blinding, but a blinkering, a blindness to the pitfalls of their own arrogance - or provides a host of his golden warriors. Said warriors tend to blind mortal soldiers with reflect sunlight, causing charges to go awry at the worst possible times.

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Closest thing I got.

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Demons you say?

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If you want more Beksinski I have more. Varies on demonlike though.

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Earl Syrtax, Lord of the Menagerie, Doubting Demon of Sloth.

Syrtax is a Demon of Doubt, those agents of Sloth who delight in causing second-guesses, in the sapping of will. His domain is the dread, and lazy, Menagerie of Sloth. Within his dark ground are cages and tanks containing.... nothing. Until one looks, and sees twisted mockeries of natural animals drawn directly from the onlookers misconceptions, fears, and ignorance.

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Some come in sets.

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I am very fond of Beksinski, as it happens, and his art has inspired more than a small chunk of Hell. You're welcome to post more and I'll see what strikes me.

The Principle of Destruction, That Which Is The Words: Vengeance is Justice, there is no mercy.

Chained somewhere deep within the Palace Infernal is the Principle of Destruction, the Primordial Origin of Wrath. It only knows rage and destruction. To approach it is to be incinerated in the heat of its fury. To hear its roar is to know; human anger is but a reflection of this infinite and absolute wrath. An immense beast of red-hot stone, cracking and shifting, of blazing flame and molten metal blood, with a heart like the heart of the sun, like a nuclear blast forever at the moment of detonation.
To this titantic entity, all Demons of Wrath show respect. It is sacred to them, their ultimate progenitor, and they are but fragments of its anger given form.

If one were to free this Principle, its rage would consume the universe in scourging fire, until only the Palace Infernal remained.

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not as dramatic as the other pics, but I still like it.

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Sorry for being a bit slow and terse, I'm still in the throes of post-con burnout and not every picture speaks to me.

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Except that's supposed to be Satan.

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>Sorry, when I look at this all I see is an especially ostentatious fire mage.

Yeah, mine was a more comic-booky demon. You care if anyone else writefags in this?

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I don't see him chewing on the Three betrayers though.

Keep up the descriptions OP.

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And that's the end of all I have to post. I'm kind of surprised that between this and the fey thread I've somehow completely avoided flood warnings.

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Last one from me.

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I'm currently uploading gods demon by Wayne Barlowe and a folder of demons/gods to mediafire. Be patient.

Here is the copy of the notes from a tread back in November regarding my current campaign while you wait.

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That's it for me.

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Why hello there, Izanami. Come back for round two?

Also, this thread has some awesome stuff in it and you all are awesome for posting it.

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You don't need to writefag about these, I'm just posting them because I think they're awesome.

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last one.

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Where the heck did these come from? They look like a cross between SMT and Touhou and I find myself intrigued.

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That looks a lot like a pokemon roster. I wonder if there is a PnP game in the vein of the Mon genre with demons and a more serious storyline, kinda like Persona.

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The artist is mazeran, and yes, that's the intent.

Have some Great Heroines.

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And since I have it, some Great Fathers as well.


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This thread is so awesome, what are these descriptions from?

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I find the model of Azmodan from Diablo 3 to be pretty amazing. He looks great in the black soulstone cinematic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlhWqmVeDno

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I know I'm late to the party, but I'll still dump some demon pics.

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That's all, folks. Check up the changeling thread for some more similar pics.

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Changeling thread being >>17740505

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bullshit, that's bael.

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do you have information of each of those? or where i could it

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