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whats your favorite space marine chapter?

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Blood Ravens due to their advanced armament of stolen Primarch weapons and collection of holy relics.

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I wish they had their own Codex, based on /tg/ fluff.

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Iron Hands.

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If they are taken out of law... Couldn't they start meddling with relics? I mean, creating superweapons powered by holiness of primarch's gear?

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Blood Ravens because of their awesome and lovable characters.

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They don't need their own Codex. You just Magpie someone elses and paint all the armour on the pages red. Cross out the chapter name every time it comes up and write Blood Raven over it.

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Dark Angels, they are the first legion for a reason.
Plus all biker army- wait the vanilla marines do it better.
Well, all terminato- wait the grey knights do that better.

...well shit.

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Yeah, but what about that Eldar Gravtank that I bought? And Bjorn the Fellhanded?

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Paint red.
Add blood raven's emblems.
And when you will buy the Emperor... Yeah, you know what to do.

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But I want to have Bjorn as HQ.

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>but what about that Eldar Gravtank that I bought?
You fill the engine intakes with sticks and make it a wrecked/crater terrain piece.
>And Bjorn the Fellhanded?
Thule was dreadnoughted right? Boom, counts as.

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He was gifted. Right now he serves as HQ

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the cloaks look nice, thats something

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I've got news for you...

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Space Smurfs.

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I think you reverse-understood my post.

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Pretty much anyone from the Badab War books.

Astral Claws for having a cool army list
Novamarines and Marines Errant for... reasons I can't put my finger on.
Mantis Warriors for being fucking awesome
Raptors for being canon reasonable marines
Fire Angels for being the anti-Flame Hawks
Flame Hawks for being complete and utter cunts
Marauders for being COMPLETELY batshit germanic barbarians
Lamenters for being the underdogs in everything
Minotaurs for being a secret High Lord run anti-space marine plot
Space Phantoms for DAT CHAPTER SYMBOL
Salamanders for politely telling the inquisition where it can put it's withdrawal orders
and Characharadons because I'M A SHARK! SUCK MY DICK! I'M A SHAAAARK!

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World Eaters

Pre-heresy, mind you. Oh, who am I kidding, I LOVE THE CURRENT ONES TOO

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Didn't they only get the name of World Eaters after they were joined with Angorn? I can remember them having another name before then.

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Mother. Fucking. Red Scorpions.

-No pre-indoctrination memories to corrupt them.
-No crushing pride to stop them from using stealthy or tricky tactics.
-Paint scheme is subtle, yet distinct.
-Look at this picture on the left. One of the few terminator pictures I've seen where they don't look completely stupid.

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Lex says that they were the "War Hounds" first.

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Iron Hands, hands down

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Lex Luthor says lots of crazy things.

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This marine looks sexy

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Grey Knights for sure...they're fuckin' broken good. Even in their codex it says they are to Space Marines what Space Marines are to men. Fury and zeal they have in unlimited amounts. The only chapter where none have fallen to heresy. They are the "white knights" of 40k: the Emperor's finest.

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A dead one.

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Lurkers of the void.
-Chapter founded by loyalist Emperor's children.
-Only chapter with "bards".
-Only chapter what recruits from a Paradise world.

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Black Templars, because I can't say no to the Teutonic Order in space.

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Bad Moonz.

Oh wait, Spess Mahreens?
Take your Imperium of Man and your God Emperor. Shove them up your ass.


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>Not accepting the fact that he's always right and the real super man of DC
Don't you have a cat to save out of a tree, alien?

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But in all seriousness, Space Marines are pretty cool. I'm not hardcore into the lore, and the modeling aspect is my favorite part of the hobby. That being said, I like the color/models of the Chaos Space Marines best but if I had to decide (purely from the model's perspective and NO flilff)

...whats wrong with Ultramarine Blue?

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either of these really.

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Black Templar.

>> No.17736320

he looks completely stupid.

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Im getting bored to bump my own thread, so i just dump the links here, maybe someone appreciates it.

WH40K Comics (20):

WH40 Books (123):

Have fun.

Thought for the day: COVER IS FOR THE WEAK!

Pic related. :D

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pic related.

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Ultramarines. I've liked and played as them since before some dickhead gave Ward a pen, and I'll like and play them after the God-Emperor and Guilliman get off their respective thrones and stomp Ward's head into a fine paste

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Look at that helmet, that's what I like about Ultramarines, the greco-roman feel, not the generic template marines.

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Carcharodons Astra! Motherfuckin' Space Sharks!

>> No.17737439

Just gonna post a couple Space Sharks.

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The Night Lords would be so much cooler without the fuck awful batwings

>> No.17737563

I like the idea of bat wings on the helmet but God Dammit, not the way the sculpted them!

I don't know, maybe extended backwards to make it look aerodynamic, or maybe sideways, on top of the helmet, like a crest/knightly emblem, or maybe extended upwards and narrower, like the teutonian knights' fancy winged helmets.

But not half-folded, dumbly sticking out on the sides like this!

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Blood Eagles...

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Space Sharks fawk yarr!

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It's pretty much been confirmed in two of the Horus Heresy books that the Blood Ravens were founded by a loyalist group of Thousand Sons who were still traversing the Warp when Leman Russ buttfucked Prospero.

In "A Thousand Sons" there are tons of references to Ravens with drops of blood on them as Magnus and Ahriman see glimpses of the future.

And in the short story in "Age of Darkness" a group of loyalist Thousand Sons land on Prospero to see wtf happened, only to be ambushed by That Swell Guy and his fellow World Eaters. Basically the entire landing party dies save for one Sergeant who's company heraldry is a Raven and appears to turn "blood red" as he walks into the shadows and swears to undo the wrongs done by his primarch and the other traitors, clearing the Thousand Son's name for the Emperor.

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Nope, doesn't quite fit.

I say Black Legion based on the most recent fluff. (Read: not Goto or some third party hack they brought in.)

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>most recent fluff

which is? Because we have two books that are more recent than the CSM dex proving you wrong.

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May the enemies of mankind's flames be burned in the fiery fires of Vulkan's forge, and through the fires of battle the fires of our soul will be tempered like fiery steel in the fires of mount deathfire.

They're just about as ridiculous as the space wolves, but with the gay wolf motif replaced by dragons and fire. Oh, and they're also black. Not like, african american black. Like, jet black skin. And red eyes.

Because they're the fucking Salamanders, that's why.

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Night Lords, you say?

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The sergeant also says "Knowledge is power" at the end of the book. "Knowledge is power, guard it well" is the Blood Magpies mantra. Also both Sons and Ravens are heavily pysker populated, have freakin librarians for chapter masters, both have gold and red and Ravens for chapter symbols. Ahriman's company, the corvadiae used a raven for their company symbol.

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The novels are about as applicable to Blood Ravens canon as Rogue Trader is to the Ultramarines canon. Tarkus evidently was a zombie through Chaos Rising, the toxin wasn't administered on Typhon, and other hilarity.

Also, are we really letting C.S. "Multilaser" Goto dictate the fluff? Chaos Rising and Retribution, the most recent Blood Magpie fluff, have the Black Legion and Abaddon connected to the Chapter, and not just because Kyras was a dirty hairetic.

Besides, doesn't the Chapter's arrogance and tendency to fall because of blind obedience and their belief they're strong enough to use Chaos fit the Lunar Wolves?

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Grey Knights are my bros.

>> No.17737696


They are Black Legion. how else would you explain Abaddon's interest in them?

>> No.17737700

old Grey Knights

>> No.17737704


Oh lawdy, lez cook up sum fried chickenz foo deh Emprah, babeh.

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Black Templars

>> No.17737711

None of these Chapters can hold a candle to the Glorious Partridges.

>> No.17737720

by the fact that he has an occasion to corrupt them and make them his agents within the Imperium?

Or simply to easily rally them to his cause? A full chapter with tons of psykers is always interesting.

Perhaps he just found out that they stole his arms.
You are talking nonsense.

>> No.17737743

Except that after the jig is up and the Chapter is all but destroyed and practically targeted for Inquisition cleansing, he still wants them, "body and soul".

Assuming he's not just an idiot, the only reason that makes sense is if they ARE Black Legion in a very real sense. Another Chaos Warmaster wouldn't be a threat to him, a Chaos Warmaster with some of the Black legion at his beck and call? That would be a challenge to his role as Warmaster of the Black legion.

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anyone else like doom eagles?

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>They are Black Legion.

Cool opinion bro.

>how else would you explain Abaddon's interest in them?

Blood Ravens lash out at the Black Legion at every opportunity, ( Perhaps in revenge for Horus tricking Russ into annihilating the Thousand Sons)

Also if Abaddon knows they are 1ksons, he's said before all Traitor marines belong to him. He wants what he is owed.

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Because there is no evidence connecting the Luna Wolves and Blood Ravens in the Heresy.

The Black Legion is only featured in the most recent Dawn of Wars because they are the most sellable Chaos Chapter and Failabaddon is Chaos's poster boy. The Black Legion has "the best of everything" so they are the easiest chapter to make a variety of units for in a game.

Also, Abbadon is obsessed with corrupting ANY AND ALL SPHESS MAREHENZ, not just the Blood Magpies in particular. Furthermore, the Luna Wolves were never notable psykers. 90% of the sorcerers in the BL are former Thousand Sons.

>> No.17737764

the only way the whole fluff (as opposed to a restrictive interpretation of a tiny bit of fluff) makes sense is if they are thousand sons and he just wants a few new guys.

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Edgy as fuck broham. Edgy as fuck.

>> No.17737770

Hit Hard, Withdraw, Hit Hard Again

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Nice! Thanks anon!

>> No.17737806


they're all fucking retarded.

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My favorite chapter is the Imperial Fists. Why may you ask? Well because...

-During the Horus heresy it was primarily their defense that saved Holy Terra.
-Their Chapter recruits from Terra itself, they are literally earth's space marines
-Rogal Dorn is kick ass
-Their chapter is based of the very first game with space marines (Space Hulk; We are the mailed fist of the emperor battle cry.)
-they look like golden warriors if the proper yellow is painted

I also think they are better in fighting spirit and skill then the smurfs (again because of the Horus heresy as they were outnumbered and outgunned).

>> No.17737823

Black Templars are one of the few chapters that can fit perfectly in a chaotic universe as that of warhammer 40k.
Eternal war and genocide is what it takes to live up in this universe and they do it succesfully being the biggest and the most effective chapter out there. Of all the Imperial forces, they are the ones trully at home in this world of constant warfare.

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The real problem is that Thousand Sons were defective retards. Making Blood Ravens have Thousand Sons lineage makes them all defective retards as well.

And it doesn't fit in-universe, of course. You might as well say they're Blood Angel descendents because they have lots of ornate equipment and red and gold armour.

>> No.17737841

>Iconic Blood Drop
>Red armor
>Ceremonial exchange of arms between both chapters
>powerful librarians
>A good percentage of the Blood Ravens have fabulous hair and good looks

And yet nobody pointed out that the Blood Ravens could be a successor chapter of the Blood Angels!

>> No.17737855

On the other hand
a)their current fluff has them as codex-humping suicidal idiots
b)they die horribly every time they're on screen
c)Goddamn hideous stupid codex company colours.

Pre-heresy Fists are best Fists. (Unless you think light pink shoulderpads and eagles are the height of elegance)

>> No.17737856

Including even the chaos chapters?
Emperor's Children (Runners up: Iron Warriors and Death Guard)

Black Templar (Runners up: Space Wolves and Ultramarines (Only because of the Roman aesthetic. Their fluff can suck infinite dicks))

>> No.17737862


>implying Blood Ravens aren't kleptomaniac retards

>> No.17737864


Well, I'll guess you'll just have to deal with the fact that they're Thousand Sons based on the anything but confirmation of the heresy books.

>> No.17737867

So... it turns out that our Immortal God Emperor of Mankind was just some paranoid old shazbot with a penchant for creating dangerous synthetic organisms that end up rebelling against us.

Can we stay with your Emperor for a while?

>> No.17737869

Wait a second!

If the Blood Ravens are Magnus's boys then they should suffer from the flesh change.

The Blood Ravens gene-seed is remarkable pure with just a minor defect. No signs of mutation or anything.

>> No.17737870

>Implying that arrogant kleptomaniac retards aren't better

Also, Black Templars are just bad. They get points for chucking out the codex, but...just wow.

>> No.17737876

Death guard

>> No.17737887


>>No fangs.
>>No thirst for blood or flesh.
>>Do not show symptoms relating to the Black Rage or Red Thirst.
>>All of these traits are apparent in on form or another in all Blood Angel descendant chapters.

>> No.17737888

>taking a few hints by John Q Chucklefuck in a short story in the limited edition "Age of Morons" storybook collection as absolute gospel
>ignoring the actual fluff of the Blood Ravens own story

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So I was thinking about a tactical retreat to form a defensive line around the objective, then suddenly I NO PITY! NO REMORSE! NO FEAR!

>> No.17737936

Dorn, Primarch and Progenitor.

>> No.17737937

>Ignoring the BL interviews where they blatantly stated that they felt they hinted too strongly with the HH novels and gave it away

If someone else remembers the youtube link, please post it.

>> No.17737950


Ahriman found a cure for the flesh change in his rubric. The flesh curse was originally just a part of Tzeentch's dickery when he made a deal with Magnus and further pushed him to side with chaos. Blood Magpies still seem to be very susceptible to Chaos taint, especially if they are librarians or have a strong connection to the warp.

Also, the story that is forming this connection in the heresy books is only just starting. More than likely there will be some shit about the emperor or the most powerful remaining 1kson loyalist "curing" any flesh curse still in them.

>> No.17737958


Jesus man... why are you so upset?

They BL writers pretty much confirmed it in interviews.

>> No.17737977


The Blood Ravens own story? The fuck you talking about? NOTHING in the DoW games hinted at them being Black Legion. Why Abaddon hates them so much we don't rightly know, but saying that it's because they're Black Legion is straight retarded. It'd be more retarded than saying they're Blood Angels.

>> No.17737979

That was fixed by Magnus when the legion was being formed, though he only managed to save 1000 of his legion (hence the name, 'Thousand Sons'). Or if you're referring to the mutations caused by Chaos, that could be explained by the Thousand Sons being on a ship far away from Prospero when it was attacked by the Space Wolves. Thus, they were never teleported to Planet of the Sorcerers in the Eye of Terror with the rest of their legion.

>> No.17737994


inb4 hurr-lol-i-troll-u-intentional-logic-fallicies

>> No.17737996


By "fluff" you mean that garbage spewed out by C.S. Multilaser? Guess that means from now on Khornate sorcerers are canon.

>> No.17738013

And besides that, we all knew it. There was all kinds of speculation in the early days, but as soon as the first DOW2 came out? Yeah, that pretty much ended it, and we all agreed that BRavs are Thousand Sons.

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>> No.17738040


Furthermore, if you actually want to go by the fluff that He Who Shall Not Be Named, writes, read the first DoW book. There's a who 1/3rd of it dedicated to Ahriman basically having a make-out session with one of the Blood Magpie librarians. The guy even has amnesia and thinks the Ahriman and his Prodigal Sons are his real brothers.

>> No.17738044

Waaaay ahead of you.

>> No.17738066

This! They will always be the 3rd Edition Grey Knights for me.

>> No.17738106

Iron Snakes

>> No.17738110

Oh you glorious fucking bastard.

>> No.17738120


>> No.17738165


>> No.17738171

And that librarian had to be put down by a Harlequin, because he was already on his way to turn to Chaos.

>> No.17738189

I don't like the Space Marines.

I am however, a fan of the new and improved Space Marines.

The Adeptus Partridgicus.

>> No.17738200

Your point?

That was what Ahriman wanted. He wasn't trying to make him MORE of a loyalist.

>> No.17738214

My point was that I was reinforcing what you were saying.

>> No.17738216

Not to hijack the thread, but does anyone have the "Five the emperor" comic?

Also, Dark Angels, I like my men in dresses.

>> No.17738235

Love the Fists and the Templars so I made a successor chapter to them.. All about stompin dat heresy

>> No.17738247


My apologies then.

>> No.17738262


>> No.17738312

Iron Hands were here. All of you are fags. Weak fags.

Salamanders were here. All of you are great. High five!

>> No.17738317

thank you kind sir

>> No.17738333

Are there pics, or any more info at all?

>> No.17738337

Wow, that comic is an accurate portrayal of every spess mehreen fan I've ever met.

>> No.17738349


As a spess mehreen fan . . . I never want to meet those that you have.

>> No.17738384

Yeah, you wouldn't want to. Between bashing non-marine armies, brow-beating newbs into playing mehreens, and overall being dicks to anyone who likes anything other than what they like... yeah. Seatlle region blows ass for 40k.

>> No.17738392

I love both of these chapters.
The Salamanders are my favorite, though, because not only are they bros, they're also more calm and collected than the other bro-tier chapter (Spess Yiffs).

>> No.17738409

Silver Skulls all the way

>> No.17738412

Bitches don't know about the Partridge's Glory Reclaimation Crusades that took place after they were purged from all records.

The High Lords thought they could silence us.

They thought wrong

partridges 4 lyfe

>> No.17738422


Well damn. Considering I kind of want to move there at some point.

Honestly, as a Spess Mehreen fan, the only armies I've ever bashed were Marine armies. Yes, every army has the same levels of available creativity, but the worst ones always seem to be Marine ones.

The two armies I bashed, by the way, were Centaur Marines, played from the fandex My Little Ponymarines, and a Missing Legion army that had both men and women marines doing things that would make Slaanesh blush.

>> No.17738463


>> No.17738490

Evening, brothers.......... Partridge....

>> No.17738522

>glory reclamation crusades
>glory reclamation


>> No.17738558

Crimson Fists

>> No.17738714

Aren't there loyalist chapters descended from each traitor legion. Like an Emperor's Children one, World Eaters, Garro etc.

>> No.17738774


Not officially, no. There are Chapters with unknown geneseed that exhibit certain similarities, but there are no official loyalist chapters from traitor legions.

>> No.17738789

Dark Angels, fallen, damn the fools who have been lead astray by corrupt primarchs

>> No.17738835

Storm Wardens---World Eaters
Blood Ravens---Thousand Sons.
I know, I know, it's not official, but still, heavily implied.

>> No.17738850

Yeah. There are a couple of beat-you-over-the-head levels of subtle ones, like the Grey Knights being from loyal members of traitor legions (such as Garro) and stuff like the Blood Ravens being of Thousand Sons stock, but nothing official.

Just like how the Dark Angels are still currently "loyal" since all their secrets are not "confirmed" (just y'know, mentioned all over their fluff hint hint hint nudge wink)

>> No.17738868

Fallen here. No heretic, you are the true corrupted brethren. We still follow the Emperor, so why are you REALLY persecuting us?

>> No.17738930

Garro and others certainly continued to aid the Imperium, and founded parts of the Inquisition, definitely.

But Grey Knights? No. They might have trained the first ones, but that's about it closest link you'll get.

But yeah, Blood Ravens to Thousand Sons is the closest thing we have ever had to official. But keep in mind that Blood Ravens are Relic's, to do as Relic pleases so long as GW allows it. Since they are the ONLY ones to do it, and since Relic was only allowed the one new Chapter, it's highly unlikely we'll ever get anyone else like that again, outside of DIY Chapters.

>> No.17738932


The words of the emperor are to be followed above all else. Those bred from the new gene seed of the lion unwittingly find your roots in chaos, it is you who are the heretic.

A true dark angel fights for mankind to the death, the lion would sacrifice all humanity for his legion and steer our purpose from the one defined by the emperor.

>> No.17738956

Grey knights and the death gaurd have the same chapter color, unadorned ceramite and the deathgaurd loyalist had to have went somewhere.

>> No.17738994

And it is implied that they went to found the Inquisition. But these same Marines also went unadorned to avoid any further connection to their former Legion. The Death Guard DID have colors and coats of arms, not just uncolored ceramite. The Grey Knights aren't just that either, not at all. They are exceptionally ornate.

Just because they are Marines and the Grey Knight are Marines, and both are associated with the Inquisition, doesn't mean that they became the Grey Knights. For one thing, they have nothing at all in common, and the Grey Knights are described as being unchanged since their founding.

>> No.17739010


>> No.17739045

I think Space marine is a pretty cool guy. Eh kills xenos and doesn't afraid of anything

>> No.17739053

The lion was the real one who fell to chaos. Keep following your delusions, and listening to the Inner Circle as they continue feed you lies.

>> No.17739135


My point exactly.

The marines you call fallen are better than the chapter sof dark angels that exists now.
Astelan was right and lead his fallen down the true path of honor and righteousness, even though it meant having to fight those he once called allies.
Even Luther who did have to deal in chaos did so only to keep his oath knight, spare Caliban from exterminatus and kill the daemon residing within.

The lion was raised with chaos around him and learned to never trust his brothers, he is no true primarch.

>> No.17739159

These guys.
Because they jump onto a battlefield, having a very good chance of going into full-on bloodrage mode, and charge the motherfuckers they're fighting.
I'm sorry Ultramarines, I can't hear you over how awesome I am.

>> No.17739190

>I can't hear you over how dev-wank I am.

I'm not a fan of Ultramehreens... but your twilight-angels aren't much better. Definitely less enjoyable to play against.

>> No.17739203


Actually, Ultramarines just can't hear you over the sound of their own blandness.

>> No.17739211

>whats your favorite space marine chapter?
The ones that don't exist anymore.

>> No.17739217

Get out of the closet already. It doesn't even matter if you're out with worshipping Khorne or your sexual preferences, one's enough for now.

>> No.17739231

Salamanders; In between purging everything with fire and being a chapter that actually cares for humanity, I like to imagine them as Black Americans, since pretty much most other chapters are represented by white boys.

Also, with their blacksmith background trickin' out their vehicles will just make sense to them.

>> No.17739246

This begs the question: If you had to pick your poison between the five chapters that has their own codex, what would you go with? Or are you a hipster faggot that reject them all because hurrrr popular.

>> No.17739249


We heard you like armored personnel and armored personnel carriers, so we put an armored personnel carrier in your armored personnel carrier so you can carry armored personnel while you carry armored personnel while you carry armored personnel.

In b4
>Xzibit meme

>> No.17739258


Grey Knights. Because I can make what I've always wanted to make, a list made up mostly of Guard with a few Space Marine squads in support.

>> No.17739274

I've always been a fan of the Ultramarines.

even more so now because of all the hate.

>> No.17739295

Speaking of which...
... and speaking of which.

>> No.17739299

Use the damn Tyrant of Badab list then. The GK codex is terrible for that.

>> No.17739306

Space Wolves and Salamanders are really great (and I even play Space Wolves), but the Imperial Fists and their successors are pretty much the best:

-Imperial Fists: Terra's Astartes, fly around in giant space fortress, etc.
-Black Templars: 'nuff said
-Executioners: Lawful Badasses of the Badab War

And others. I wish Dorn was my dad. ;-;

>> No.17739313

DA or BT

>> No.17739363

Howling Griffons

>> No.17739588

These guys.

>> No.17739643

Hell yes.

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