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What's that? Lil' E thread because I'm bored?
Well if you insist...

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I've changed my mind.

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It's too late for that now...

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Little E was before my time. Can you tell us more?

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see >>17730948
We thought it was cute, and pictures started getting drawn. Long story short, he's the reincarnation of the Emperor, and he's allowing himself to have a childhood this time.

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I prefer the Femperor.

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Eh, I have a few of them too. Not a whole lot though.

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Not a whole heck of a lot in this collection I'm afraid.

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Damn son, that's a scary monter.

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Who knows what new forms the Tyranids will come up with next?

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I can think of a few.

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Dammit, even the Emperor himself is not safe from the Adepta Sororitas' insatiable pedophilia.

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Now that's just weird.

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It's a new form of Lictor.

The Breastleaper.


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Now, unfortunately, that's all I have. Don't think there's any more, or at least none I know about.

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SO uh... anything you guys might want to see? I'll check the back room, see if I have it.

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I'am amused and disturbed at the same time by this thread.

The Gue'las Emperor as a child? Heh...What will they think of next, I wonder.

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Got any doomrider?

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A few here and there, but not anything really special.

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Do you perhaps have a separate collection of Greenmarine's stuff considering how much he makes?

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I have nearly 400 Green Marine pictures in my GM folder.
Those are only the ones I've saved that didn't belong to another folder.

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Oh yeah, best thread of the day now.

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You DO know I can only post MAYBE a quarter of them, right?

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But the best ones are worksafe.

(Who am I kidding, you have to totally upload them to something.)

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But yeah, GreenMarine is fun.

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>he only does cocaine

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Oh hey... i guess this MAYBE qualifies as Lil' E?

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I don't think you realize just how much cocaine we're talking about here...

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Making a mediafire. I'm not going to fish out too many of the ones not in this folder, because with Mediafire going the way of Megaupload soon it just doesn't seem to be worth it.

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We are talking about mountains of cocaine. Like Olympus Mons, at about a rate of two a day. This is why he is able to do what he does in game.

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Oh hello there! This guy hasn't seen the light of day in a while...

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Quick detour into HERE'S YOUR GREENMARINEville...

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And back to this thing!

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i fucking love super genki warhammer 40k

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Sweet mother of pearl.

You've collected my heart.

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Wait until you actually look at them. I know I've missed hundreds, and it wouldn't surprise me if you had most of these ones.
Wallhammer, thank you.

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That... wasn't meant to be as snooty as it came off.

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This pic makes me wonder whatever happened to that 40k Dating Sim that was being. Did anything ever come of it?

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Nothing that I've heard about.

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My biggest thing is that all of the art that I have of his is distributed across a few dozen categories and it would take forever to actually dig through all of them to actually create a separate GM folder.

So, thanks.

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Huh... My roommate just took a fuckbreak with his girlfriend from Skyward Sword. He only paused it, he KNEW he was going back.
I... don't know what too feel about that, other then some kind of strange, bizarre respect.

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Ah, well you're welcome then.

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you mean show up late and leave early? Or his relatively mediocre stats, wargear and abilities?

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Hmmm... not sure how THAT got in there...

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Holy shit, I remember making these years ago

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Well what are you sitting around for? make some more!

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An example of /tg/ not getting shit done? What is this heresy!?

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Hey man, it took /a/ 5 years, don;t expect anything any time soon.
And by then you'll have forgotten all about it and so it'll be ok that it never happened.

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And that, as they say, is that.

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Well there's your answer, I drew that too.

God and Heaven, what is wrong with Faulty's arm?

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No no no... I mean more.
You know, if you want to.

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You know... I'd LIKE to post all of this one, but it's about half NSFW...

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I should but I got a me a fuck long list of shit I need to be working on.

Topping it is coming up with a marine chapter for 'A tale of Four Gamers' and lip syncing Misha from KS to Mark Hamill's laugh.

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Hmmm... I want that second one.

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>This GM folder

Well there goes the rest of my year.

See you guys next January.

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Well here's something someone else drew for me to pass you over.

Whatever happened to the Gaunt anyway?

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Yay, Collector is back.

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Back? I never leave. I spend more time here then I do at work.
I follow this dude on DA, like his stuff!

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Wait... when did I drop the trip?

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It gets about DOUBLY HERETICAL after this, so I need to skip ahead a bit.

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And there you go. It's only 1Am and there's plenty of room in this thread.

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aww reminds me of my first time

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You bled like a stuck pig?

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..well, can we get a .rar link then?

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yea, she kind fell off bent my dick at such an extreme angle thati the blood vessels kind of ripped...last thing i remember was squirting blood down there.

then i woke up in the hospital with what seemed to be an inch think of gauze down there and a doctor talking about how lucky i was that my GF had 911 on quick dial

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aaaaaaahgod! shuuuut up!

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Well that's... unfortunate.

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Why must I have finished my homework so late? TheCollector always puts me in a drawfaggy mood but I must bed.

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Or you could... do a quick sketch anyway!

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Holy crap Collector you got a link for all of this?

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Well I posted All of Lil' E, and Wallhammer. and >>17731740 >>17732713 Are GreenMarine and Ronery Wytch.

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Welp I'm blind as a bat

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Kitty approves this thread

>> No.17732849

Any requests?

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Is the drawfag who did the Lil E stuff still around?

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Anything for one of my collections would be awesome.
I was lamenting earlier about not having any new Lil' E in forever.

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OOH OOH! Draw HIM! Draw Collectorbro!

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Drawfaggit. I haven't seen him in... damn, years?

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IIRC, rumor has it that he got drafted. Could be confusing him for another drawfriend, though.

Simple enough, I think I can do that tonight. Any particular scene?

Already did.

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Draw megaman standing over a defeated Woody the sheriff, a look of horror on his face because his hands are now dildos from absorbing/copying Woody's power.

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Hmmm... Having fun, as a kid should. Maybe sitting around a table eating chips and arguing about a videogame.
But really, anything you can do in the time you have is fine by me.
I also have both of those you posted. The polished and the unpolished.
I'm flattered.

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Man, remember when /tg/ was crazy for Shadowsun?

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oh thats not the best part!

when we got home that night, i take my painkillers but forgot to take the blood thinner before i went to bed. as im laying in bed next to my GF reading my book, all of a sudden i feel a boner coming on, and then i realize...i didnt take my blood thinner, just as i thought that, blood erupts from my dick like a volcano, my GF is freaking out, I run to the bathroom with all this blood gushing out of my dick, take one of the blood thinners they give me, and remembering the nurses teaching my GF on how to kill boners i ran back into the bedroom and after explaining that she needs to get rid of the boner, and after a quick two minute sob/gag session she finally does it.

sadly to say though, those sheets were ruined

I don't remember much besides that =/

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I do... I do.

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You poor man... Could you guys even have sex after that?

>enicri COCKLOFT.
Captcha is a cruel bastard sometimes.

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Oh man, thats nasty

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luckily yes it took several more visits to the OR but it went back to working order, but for like 9 months i could fap or have sexy times. worst 9 months of my life, doing nothing but clam diving and thats it

>> No.17733065

I am so sorry to hear that
But that also sound funny as shit

>> No.17733071

My sympathies.
Are you still with that woman?

>> No.17733116

AHA! That's why!

>> No.17733119


yes we still are been going study for bout 5 years met during freshmen year of college, now we are working on our doctorates (me astronomy/physics and her Thermodynamics with a major in engineering)

ive also posted several other stories that involved us, not as bloody, but mainly about HvZ stuff

>> No.17733145

Well good on you for staying with her. It's rare to hear about couples lasting that long, even without major trauma.

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Hey Collector! Do you have Primarchs daughters gallery?

>> No.17733234

You know... I was thinking about it and thinking about it... but they never interested me more then just saving a few here and there.
I mean, I've read almost all the stories, I don't DISLIKE them... I really should get more...

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>> No.17733286

Heheheh... I remember this...

>> No.17733301

Did they just build a chain-dildo?

>> No.17733325

That's what the filename says.
And the edited/exploitable version.

>> No.17733392

You said cereal, it kinda just had to happen.

>> No.17733399

Ok folks, I'm headed to bed.
... I'll take it.
And I also see what you just did there.

>> No.17733414

I probably missed you by an inch, but I bid you farewell, Collector.

>> No.17733435

Timing! Sleep well, I know I will.

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I didn't know this meme and came out disappointed. Not one image in twenty actually made use of the fact that it's supposed to be the emperor's reincarnation. Instead all I got was the juvenile antics of a generic white 40k kid.

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