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Do you play Fantasy Flight Games' games?
What do you think about those?

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I recently bought Blood Bowl: Team Manager and Space Hulk: Death Angel. Thought they were pretty nice games.

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Oops forgot pic.

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Everyone loves Rogue Trader and Dark Hershey.

Their community leaves something to be desired.

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I especially love how handy and portable Death Angel is in the box.

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I bought Death Angel and loved it.

I also have Battlestar Galactiga and I think Cosmic Encounters was made by them too. Both are amazing.

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Its a love hate thing for me. I bought Death angel a while ago and enjoyed that. Bought Blood Bowl yesterday but havent played yet.
As a Whole i love them. The coop LoTR was one of the first non family kind of board games i played and part of what got me in to playing all these different games.
I hate how awful a lot of the rule books are.

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Fun, but horrifically unbalanced.

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I've never once been dissapointed with any purchase from FFG.

Dat Chaos in the Old World.

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But some people don't like Deathwatch

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Yeah wording in rule books seems to be their weak point.

Lately I've been trying to play some of their games online on Vassal and OCTGN. Appears to work out fine if you find someone to play with. Of course also works for LotR where you don't even need anyone to play with.

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That's because this is your average game of Deathwatch.


It's been fixed a bit, but it still gets that bad.

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They need to work on their book bindings.

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Did FF do WHFRP 2e?

If so, they need to do an anniversary edition.

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that pic... what?

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I love their 40k RPGs.

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They have the Warhammer Fantasy license, but technically Black Industries did WFRPv2. FFG is pretty much dedicated to their own version of WFRP (v3) now.

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You forgot the part where if you don't piss off at least one inquisitor you're doing it wrong.

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Arkham Horror - Amazing, gets better with expansion. Solo game is fantastic.
Android - Fantastic, but group has to commit to playing
Elder Sign - Arkham light, good solo also.
CoC and AGOT cards - Best card games around
Lotr and 40l card games - Meh
Ad Astra - Catan in space, meh
Citadels - HELL YES
Battlestar Galactica - Incredibly Good.
Fury of Dracula - Worth having, some cool mechanics
Isla Dorada - Feels like a Kids Game

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Anyone's opinion on Dust: Tactics?

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Sucks and badly overpriced. Squared move and shoot, game is like 10 min long. Figs are poorly made.

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PROMISE ME you will try Mansions of Madness. It's like Arkham Horror but in smaller scale. All of its characters are from AH actually.
I haven't ever tried any product of theirs that I wouldn't like. Battlestar Galactica with both of the expansions, Arkham Horror with Innsmouth and Black Goat Of The Woods expansions.
Always wanted to try this but I haven't bought it because it's a card game. Could you tell me something awesome and/or bad about it?

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Bitches don't know about boardgamegeek.com

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Are CoC and aGoT just better than LotR and 40k because they are not cooperative?

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I tried it, it's like Betrayal at House on the Hill with the board building mechanic and I just despise that mechanic. That and those plastic investigator and monster figures are ridiculously priced.

I'm actually partial to King In Yellow expansion and Black Goat.

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It's a cooperative card game but it feels like a board game. Positioning can be a bitch and the dice can screw you, but the game is intense and difficult to win. It has bonus points of you can play it by yourself in case of Forever Alone. In the rules, some terms aren't clearly defined and the order of certain events is a bit murkey.

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Also, Shoggoth is weirdly frog-like! Well, the board building isn't actually a mechanic in my opinion, but it's just good that you have tried it. Also, combat is fucking weird. I just kept hitting cultists in the wrists with my axe. Who does that! And they just keep pushing me to the ground, argh.

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Oh, coop. Anyway, sounds cool, I might check it out later. Thanks for the info!

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CoC's battle phase is fun, but to be honest I still haven't really figured out how to make the decks flow in that game. aGoT I like the fact that it's multiplayer and has a ridiculous amount of options that you need to consider on a turn. aGoT is the better of the two.

LotR not a bad game. I've never liked the books, movies, etc. The 40K was just clunky.

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Don't forget that because the game box is so handy you can take it with you EVERYYWHEREEEE!
Also the game does have some tactics and planning stuff in it as you can't choose the action that the space marine team played last round again until the round after that.

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Oh, like in Dungeon lords! Awesome!

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Anyone know if there's gonna be an expension for BB Team Manager? Or how long it usually takes until they announce their expansions for their games?
How could they not put undead into that game.

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On the subject of Arkham Horror, I never understood how combat works. Everything else makes sense but i could never understand the combat

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Would anyone want to try to play the LotR card game over internet?

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They make great games, but then seem to go to every length imaginable to make the rules for said games completely unintelligible. Whether it's rampant typos, poor organization or straight up LYING about where a certain ruling is to be found, there's always something (and usually more than one thing) wrong with the rulebook of that FFG game you just bought. This coming from someone who plays them CONSTANTLY.

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>Mansions of Madness

By far my favorite FFG game, and maybe the best game of its type (co-op dungeon exploran') around. I love the puzzles, I love the combat, I love how it rewards player cooperation, I love the individual campaign stories, I love how it's balanced so the players and the DM have about a 50/50 shot at winning.

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Well that sure looks interesting.

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How the fuck do you play that game???
Bought it at a convention, tried it 3 times, got wiped horribly before leaving the first location, every time.

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Fantasy Flight makes a lot of really good games, especially their board games, but fuck do they hate you if you don't make a 6 figure salary.

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Good production quality with more focus on art work than materials (mostly paper, some of which may not hold up in the long run as a result -thankfully cards can be put in sleeves but the chits are another story) with a wide range of fun factor.

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Maybe you read one of the rules wrong?
Do some more planning before deciding your actions and try to get the 'nids always in front of marines who have support tokens on them.

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>No mention of Kingsburg

This was the first FFG game I played and I loved it to death. The expansion is just as amazing.

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Arkham whatever and mansion of madness are pretty fun.

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I love a lot of FFG's stuff, but honestly, more than the occasional bad rulebook I find their apparent rampant fetish for cards in EVERYTHING to be the most annoying.

That said, I love Cosmic Encounter, even though everyone else I play with has more mixed opinions, as well as the CoC card game. Heck, event the WHFB cardgame is occasionally pretty fun.

Plus, everyone loves Battlestar Galactica.

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so, masions of madness or arkham horror, (just the base games) which is better (fiance is letting me pick one game from FFG as a gift)

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Cosmic Encounter is the shit.


You just need to be very careful. If you are playing with all 6 squads then make sure to focus fire down the big blocks of Genestealers so they don't completely roll you. The card that lets Lorenzo parry is off the wall bonkers, especially when you have support counters on him. Also, make sure that the Red Shirts die first (redshirts being the Marines who have no card that gives them a special ability)

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I like MoM more, but it depends on what you wanna play. AH is an entirely co-op affair, while MoM requires that one person play a GM-like role (although they're directly competing with the player).

FFG released a video demonstration, take a look:


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Android: an ok game, but instead of investigating who did it, it feels more like you're trying to frame someone, not that this is really a problem ;)

Civilization: Decent enough game, but fairly average compared to others of the same type.

Rune Bound: Nice game, lots of expansion keeps it interesting.

Rune Wars: Good alternative to Twilight Imperium, limited to only 4 players though.

Dungeon Quest: Hilarious if you can make it out of the dungeon with even some Rope loot to show for your troubles. Only problem is that it doesn't feel like you're playing 'together'. More like trying to stay alive and watch others die for the Lols.

Descent: Love it or hate it game, can be great fun, though pain to set up, need to see how 2nd edition rules changes it though.

Tannhauser: 1st edition rules was kinda Meh, have to get around to reading the 2nd edition rule book one of these days orz

Elder Sign: Good fun, cut down version of Arkham Horror, faster to play, less characters running around, a little too luck dependent for my liking though, as bad luck can mean almost impossible to win though, or bad luck on what should be an easy roll can mean epic fail that screws you over for the rest of the game.

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Aside from their 40k rpgs of which I have every single book, I find their board games to be hit or miss, but usually more hit than miss.
Arkham Horror - awesome, 'nuff said.
Game of Thrones board game - very very good, especially 2nd edition.
Death Angel: very fun
Cadwallon City of Thieves: not so fun, our group played it 3 times and I don't think we will again.
Citadels: fun
Condottiere: very fun, and simple.
Game of Thrones LCG: fun, but needs 4 players to work properly.

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Has anyone played the Horus Heresy board game?

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Played Twilight Imperium for the first time this Saturday after getting it for Christmas.

Holy fucking shit. It's awesome. The rules are pretty hard to get your head around at first (our first turn took well over an hour) but once it got going it was really smooth.

Can't wait to play it again.

Regularly play Battlestar Gallactica and I can't recommend it enough, especially with the expansions. Death Angel seems pretty good but I've only played it solo so far.

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Cosmic Encounter is the best thing since sliced bread. Yesterday I managed to unlock a truly unique board game achievement while playing it, "lose at a game while EVERYBODY ELSE wins". I say it without a trace of sarcasm that it was one of the most fun games I ever played.

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