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How would a Pokemon RPG work? Would you walk around getting gym badges? I can't see how it would be fun.

Anyone got any ideas.

I've seen some Pokemon D20s games people have made but they look crap. What system do you think would be best?

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You probably start out trying to BE THE VERY BEST, LIKE NO ONE EVER WAS

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but then get side tracked fighting the evil organization of the day and get involved in some political bullshit dealing with the champions and gym leaders.

Read Pokemon Special.

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It would be boring if there are a group of pokemon trainers going around fighting the same gym leaders. That shit would get so repetitive.

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>walk around getting gym badges
You know that's not ALL people do in Pokemon Island, right?
Believe it or not individuals have their own backgrounds and aspirations.
You could also be a part of Team Rocket...

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>walking in grass
>wild weedle appears
>"Go, pikachu"
>weedle uses poison sting
>I take 10 damage and am now - wait, what?
>win battle
>only poke-antidotes
>try to get medical help
>only pokecenters
>die of poison
>weedle wins

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I understand there would just be trainers wanting to be pokemon masters, but what else is there. All I can think of is: bug trainer, team rocket, gym leader.

But how can you make a story line for them characters? I need examples.

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I've talked about this with friends before. I would have it take place in that desert-type region of the Gamecube games (been a long time since I played any of the video games, can't remember the names), so that there would barely be any wild pokemon. Each party member only gets a handful of pokemon throughout the game, and would have to work together to form an ideal party. No gyms, just have an adventure exploring around and fighting whoever, trying to better the region, etc.

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I like it. It would be stupid to be able to catch them as easy as it is in the games.

Would fighting only be pokemon on pokemon or would it be pokemon on human?

I guess it's going to be something like "I will only let you pass into my secret hideout if you can defeat all of my pokemon!"

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You know the things real life people want to do with their lives?
Here's some specific stuff though (including yours):
Bug Trainer, Team Rocket, Gym Leader, Poke-Professor, Legendary Chaser, Unown Researcher, Contest Performer, Poke-Athlete, I can think of more given the time.

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>What system do you think would be best?
>I've seen some Pokemon D20s games people have made but they look crap.

Hey OP, you might be new here, but when /tg/ finds something they want to play and there aren't any systems to facilitate it, we make our own system.


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I guess it would be hard to make a story line to fit a group of characters on a journey together.

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I would make it only pokemon-on-pokemon, just to keep the spirit of the franchise.

Make wild pokemon kind of a rarity, sort of as a reward or something. In deciding what wild pokemon to actually use, sort of make it so that each player has kind of a specialty that requires them to work together so that when Team Badguys' leader shows up, the players together form a complete party that can counter anything.

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Just don't do your traditional game storyline as your tabletop storyline. No gyms, no badges to collect, just a group of kids trying to save their town, or something along those lines. Give them a reason to live and have adventures in the Pokemon universe beyond "being the best trainer."

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like H.P Lovecraft? A game exists called Pokethulhu played it it's fun. easy system, free download. combines pokemon and the mythos really well. in the pokethulu universe instead of getting along with everybody the powerful monsters ended the world.
Now, the mere sight of monsters can drive older people insane ( except for cultists like High Preist Oak who worship them.) younger kids can stand to be around them because their minds are not accustomed to the world yet. Using their shining dodecehedrons to capture the monsters, children venture off into the post apoc wilderness to adventure and fight pokethulu!
The system is limited, but it does do somethings well. Firstly, pokethulhu can and do kill humans. I always thought it was bullshit that pokemon never did that in the show.
Secondly, the books just fun to read. It acts like Pokethulhu is a huge media franchise constantly mentioning characters, movies and episodes of the non-existent franchise.
Thirdly, although it lacks some crunch, the Human character creation does present some interesting choices, Age is very important. The older you are the higher your stats and skills can be, but the older you are the more vulnerable you are to going insane from the pokethulhu.
Rambling now, just go download it.

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"Pokethulhu can only say their names, or part of their names. Their alien language is subtle and tonal. Or maybe they're just stupid."

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Electric mouse... not electric cat

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