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If a Lictor, Eldar Ranger, Kommando, and Space Marine Scout were after each other in a forest who would come out on top?

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Depends on who's writing the book.

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No one.

All they find is some badly shot camcorder footage about sticks, and a shitty sequel.

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The Deathmark.

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Lictor. Tossup between the Scout and Ranger afterwards. Kommando dies hard.

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rules wise the lictor wins here
-2 wounds st6 assault 2 gun best in close combat,
>other infiltrators are you even trying?

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>Kommando dies hard

You're joking right?

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what's the pt cost for a lictor?

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The scout would be the POV for the story, the Ranger would be his adversary playing a game of cat and mouse. The Kommando the comedic relief, concocting ambushes that always seem to backfire. The Lictor would reveal itself after offing the Ranger in a dramatic way. The Scout would then find the Kommando again, and forge a temporary alliance as they do battle with the Lictor, in a glorious scene of battle, the Kommando and Scout would set one final trap, and with the Scouts dilligence, the trap would be sprung on the invisble Lictor, only to have it survive and the scout would be impaled and thrown to the side, to have the Kommando and Lictor duel it out. The Kommando eventually loses, if only to bring about a pyhrric victory, and destroy himself and the Lictor in one final, devastating explosion. The scout would be found half-dead weeks later, and the tale ends with him in a healing tank, his wounds being replaced by machinery as the Tech-Priests tend to him.

The second story involves a DOOM scenario, with the nameless scout being DOOM guy, as he awakens to a ship besieged, and finds a way out of the Warp.

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Not at all. Kommandos might be stealthy by Ork standards, but I don't see them as being as skilled as the other three.


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...the space marine allies with the ork and not with the eldar?

why do you hate the space elves so...

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guys so damn stealthy you didn't even know he was there and you thought of the damn situation!

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The Eldar made for a more dramatic enemy. Orks aren't known to play cat-and-mouse with their enemies, and Lictors are BBEG bait. The generic Scout seemed a little outclassed, so I made him POV.

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Then he chucks his own demo charge a half foot behind him and explodes. Just like what really happens.

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>but I don't see them

You're right. You don't see them. Because orks never use camouflage--the Xeno are just too thick for any strategy more complex than shouting and dying horrible under disciplined fire. In fact, I am quite confident saying there are no orks anywhere in this forest!

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This on the Kommado. I love the bastards but they ain't got shit on the other guys. They just have the element of surprise in that the enemy doesn't expect a stealthy ork.

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The forest.

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Meanwhile the Lictor is shot to death trying to untie vines from around its ankle after it leapt from concealment because it can't melee after appearing.

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Heh, but no in all seriousness, if the other guys go their shit together the Kommado is dead.

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I would say either Lictor or Eldar. Lictor is a raping unit, and the Ranger is a unit whose lore says it is a unrivaled stalker and sniper.
The marine scout is just cannonfodder, and the Kommando is some weird wildcard.

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>who would come out on top?
since I'm going to assume this is a literal question, the Lictor has it in the bag. Not only is he significantly taller, but he's got the benefit of grappling hooks (flesh hooks) and four climbing arms

not to mention these hooves are made for jumpin'

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>using shotgun


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lets rank them up a bit more to match the stat-difference from the lictor

pathfinder, scout sergeant and kommando nob

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Everyone saying Orks can't be stealthy I take it have never heard of this guy.

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scout sergeants is a class that includes a named character (forgot who he was, think ultramarines) who is as badass as a fucking vindicare (by the way, no vindicare?, shameful display /tg/), so let's also mention a "no special characters allowed" rule

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Still the Lictor.

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Exactly what does the Lictor have that enables it to survive the Eldars sniping and carefully planned traps?

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I play orks. I looooooove orks. However, in terms of stealth they don't really have the fluff backing that all the others do.


Hm, I can see a Nob with his shit together and some missions under his belt as having a pretty good chance. Especially with a powerclaw. Now I want to see this movie/read this story.

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The Predator wins.

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Arnold as the nob, Predator as the lictor, it has been done

>> No.17712074

raw toughness and agility

not to mention extremely good senses

Of the second group of four, it's a tossup between the Nob and the Lictor (though the 'nid still has the advantage). One-on-one, the only way a pathfinder or scout sergeant have a chance is through protagonist power

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Stalked it for days?! Instead of just killing it?!!!
Such wastage of the god emperors time is Heresy!!!

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Special Character addition:
>Karandas (sneakiest Eldar I could think of)
>Torias Telion (or maybe Shrike?)

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>not to mention extremely good senses

Not to mention the fact it's fucking invisible.

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Blood Raven scouts like to wait.

>> No.17712142

well, that too

>> No.17712164

you stick a fucking PHOENIX LORD in there???

oh god, i know who i'm picking

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The forest is Alpharius.

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Better question.

Straight race.

>Baron Sathonyx

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Lictor. Invisible, it's a fucking four meter tall combat monster, Unnatural Senses (x9001), can hibernate, extremly patient hunter.

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>in a contest of stealth

Phoenix Lord, for sure. Deathleaper might be a bit of a challenge, but you don't fuck with Karandas

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When Sathonyx and Doomrider can blow up a Titan, they can get on Wazdakka's level.

>> No.17712235

Wazdakka. Doomrider randomly pops out of existence and hoverboards are for queers

>> No.17712250


He never blown up a titan. He broke into the titan and killed the crew. Which I'm fairly sure both of the others could do.

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Close enough.

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Still drove up on it though.

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