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Squad morale restored?

Squad morale restored.

Female character art thread

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OP - like, in all seriousness, how do you justify whore art? Do you think that this is appropriate material for a roleplaying game that ostensibly appeals to a gender-neutral audience?

Why would you think that was a good picture to open a female character art thread with?

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faggot detected

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We get it; we're lonely neckbeards who fap to drawn images.
But when you start a thread with a nsfw female, declaring a character art thread for females only, it's a very thinly veiled attempt at a fap thread... But with 'custom' drawn nudes, no worse than a fucking fursona.

Would you kindly fuck off?

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And his name was OP.

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Oh look, it's a bleeding vagina.

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How does this restore morale?

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OP could have just started with your picture and there wouldn't even be a fucking issue.

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ITT autism general

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I think that depends entirely on one's definition of 'whore art'. Personally I find that picture tastefully done as there's no genitalia nor nipples shown, yes she's in a state of undress but to me, it's no worse than chainmail bikini wearing warrior women.

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Goddamn, people. Eat a bowl of cereal and calm the fuck down.

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What issue? One moron is sad that we're posting sfw porn on /tg/? Nobody cares, and it's not going to stop me from posting anything.

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Whatever is wrong with you is no small thing.

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Unlike the two guys that are bumping this thread, I am calm. I have nothing to add to the argument at hand beyond "I disagree with your taste in female character art." As well, I disagree with you attacking people who are criticizing your taste in female character art. Perhaps, instead of calling them faggots, you should enter into a dialogue with them where you explain your position on the art and how you don't view it as mere fap fodder but instead as a legitimate source of character inspiration.

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>baaaaw stop posting nude wyman it's offending my sensibilities
Were the fuck are we? tumblr? Reddit? Get out.

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I see she's both a sharpshooter and a marksman

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Woo, misogyny thread!


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RPGs are made by men for men, and we want our cheesecake.

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>explain your position on the art
We're not in fucking /ic/ No one has to explain shit.

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>RPGs are made by men for men
Ha ha! You're a terrible person!

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Okay, I agreed with your original post, but now even I want to pu-

...Oh. Nicely done. 8/10.

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He really isn't the original poster. Get over it.

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>slut: the thread

How boring.

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no unreasonable at all, just wrong place for this sort of sentiment.

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>Female character art thread!
>Just scantily clad whores and sluts

Look I'am not complaining. I just find it funny.

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I do have some non-cheesecake images to post, but I'm going to dump all my slutty images just to piss off >>17696147

I hope he's happy.

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Don't know about him but I am.

>> No.17696316

I agree with this decision.

More than a little because I need slutty art for a campaign I'm runnin.

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Sometimes, being "scantily clad" just makes the work easier.

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>implying you can't roleplay a slut

Hell, I'd argue that the vast majority of female characters played by men are sluts, therefore, this thread is much more useful to the resisdents of /tg/ then any "tasteful" (lol) character art thread.

CQC motherfuckers.

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I support this.

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Shit captcha at my pic

>> No.17696336

Remember the days when female characters would look natural with practical clothing and no oversized boobs hanging out all over the place?


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No. I don't.

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In practice, I approve of that sort of thing. In fanwank? Oversized boobs all day erry day.

>> No.17696362

You mean NEVER?

Someone post some AD&D or conan old-school cheesecake art, I don't have it on this computer

Also, here's the same armor on two different people

>> No.17696367

I supply pics for great truth.

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>implying anime face looks anything remotely natural

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RPG books should definitely try to depict more gender equality.

>> No.17696375

Got a source on that image, OP?

>> No.17696377

Clearly the guy is wearing the pussified version of the armor.

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I'm gonna assume that was mislinked.

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>implying Xenomorphs aren't female

>> No.17696394

Nope, I was responding to your:
>In practice, I approve of that sort of thing. In fanwank? Oversized boobs all day erry day.

>> No.17696395

>The Dude
>Classy and badass

>The Dudette

See! It's so funny.

That's exactly what I'm talking about.

>> No.17696398

Commissioned it. Same guy who drew this picture.

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Not if they want to sell well.
Sorry, but that's the nature of humanity. Make a good product? It might sell well, it might not.
Add boobs to the cover?
Suddenly, profit!

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A'right. It just seemed to make a lot more sense responding to the next post, with the incredible disparity in gendered armor.

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The character art for my character is essentially -someone- in Samurai armor, but considering it's O-Yoroi, you don't see any flesh at all aside from her mouth and eyes since her face is covered by scary mask.

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There's zero fucking way this is true in the modern day, and it makes you a terrible person if it's true for you.

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If it makes you feel better, I prefer the books to also have half naked men to balance it out.

>> No.17696432


Mah nigga.

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>There's zero fucking way this is true in the modern day

How naive of you. You ARE aware that the GOLDEN MINE demographic is 13-25 years old males right?
Oh well, ignorance is bliss I guess.

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>true in the modern day
For RPG books, anyway.

Seriously, it's a niche enough hobby as it is. It can do without all the casual sexism shite. The whole 'fully armored dude, skimpy bikini chick' is the fucking worst.

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I, and the majority of male nerds between 13-25 disagree. You can try to be PC all you want, but money talks.

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Ever went in some magazine shop?
They follow a simple formula :
Something + boobs = something better

I have a small shop (basically cigs, magazines and newspapers) near my basement and it has like 60% of the shelves occupied with porn mags. When I asked him why, he just answered "They sell".

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I'am a male between the age of 13-25 and I find bikini armor to be insulting and immersion breaking annoyance.

Seriously, not all men are lust driven morons (Just most of them, Sadly).

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Quite frankly then you should go find something that caters to you. I'm sure you like things other people hate. People are different, get over it.

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>> No.17696509

>(Just most of them, Sadly).


Guess what? If you want to make money, you sell to the majority, not the minority. And SPECIALLY not the minority of the minority.

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They both look repulsive.

>> No.17696530

I'm almost tempted to say that seems about like Tsunade from Naruto.

Oh well, contributing.

>> No.17696534

Its not like non stupid female art in RPG books would stop people buying them. Anybody who would is a dumbass who clearly only bought the book to see tits when they could get porn for free.

>> No.17696536

Small request for our almighty image dumpers; Anything with these traits in a character, in order of must-have:
1. Tanned Skin
2. Red/Blonde short Hair
3. Androgynous

Many thanks in advance, pic somewhat thread related?

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Thats pretty badass.

>> No.17696561


I dunno, she doesn't seem to mind.

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Nah, people are all the same. It feels good that I have risen above them and became different in a good way.

...That's unfortunate, but I could see a growing change in attitudes lately. Slowly but surely people are seeing this nonsense for what it is.


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Do video games count?

>heavy armor

>> No.17696597

Basically the only pic I have that would almost fit.

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>> No.17696603

Here's some proper heavy armor

>> No.17696605

-4 strength means it IS heavy for her! laughingsnorks.jpg

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>> No.17696644

I think this is the only pic from my fictitious armor folder that does not give me a boner. Saving yours.

Oh yeah, saved.

>> No.17696653


But does it offer protection from cold? Because she seems like it.

>> No.17696659

because I like leggy merfork.


>> No.17696662

Sounds like you need some updates. I'll continue in a little while.

>> No.17696677

Is it more efficient than BLAM?

>> No.17696683

ITT: A random guy needs to confirm his excellence over other people and whines.

Here, some cheesecake so you can feel superior.

>> No.17696685


depends if the blam is from a bolt pistol or a las pistol.

I mean, you can only las someone in the head so many times before nobody cares anymore.

>> No.17696700


Thanks. These boots consume my sanity though.

Also, more heavy armor in vidya.

>> No.17696704

This, pretty much.

>> No.17696719

Meh. Less complaining, more attractive women in various amounts of clothing and armor.

>> No.17696729

And another.

>> No.17696740

I'm just about out of generic females. ...I could start posting fanart of existing characters, though, lots of that...

>> No.17696749

Doesn't seem that tiefling-ish to me...

>> No.17696751

You know, I wonder if there is a way to balance out lack of armor by having a larger shield.

>> No.17696752


By all means, continue.

>> No.17696757

Actually those are fairly realistic, if they were jointed along the top. Europe. What can you do?

>> No.17696765


It's an old-school Tiefling, subtler than the new 4th ed version with the red skin and horns etc. Not that I don't like some of the new designs...

>> No.17696767

And my last.


>> No.17696795

My superiority is already confirmed and apparent to all.

Thank you very much.

I did not ''whine'' I simply stated my opinion and gave you my 2 cents about the issue.

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>> No.17696798

>Gentledragon "tailing" the knight
I'm surprisingly okay with it.

>> No.17696803

So what is the point of this type of art, titillation or are we supposed to believe these could be legit characters? If its titillation there are more numerous, and appropriate places to find similar art than fantasy art. If the latter it fails to convey that these are anything more than a pair of tits, ass and a stupid "sensual smirk" not real characters. Also funny and sad female character art = fap fuel.

>> No.17696808


Is she aware of the dragon's tail?

>> No.17696819

You don't play in a setting where Young Elves get one free point in "charisma" when leveling up.

>> No.17696820


Aww yeah.

>> No.17696849

>> No.17696859

Some people simply like to draw it. How retarded are you not to understand this?

>> No.17696867

>> No.17696895

>countless beam spikes
There are 36 beam spikes, also how does one make a beam spike?

>> No.17696907

>> No.17696915


Anyone else notice the glasses?
Or the pipe?

>> No.17696918

>> No.17696925

Why do you think she's smiling and falling out of her chair?

>> No.17696927

You're a funny guy, I like you. You put some work into your trolling but you should throw some relevant pictures while you're at it. It's rude to boggle a thread with irrelevant things if you aren't going to contribute to the topic at hand.

>> No.17696928


Classy dragon is classy.

>> No.17696929


>> No.17696930

>> No.17696931

I looked at it wrong, 52

>> No.17696939

>> No.17696948

Why are you asking questions?

>> No.17696951

>> No.17696953


I have no idea man. Never played that game.

>> No.17696959

>implying females need to be scantily clad to restore squad morale

>> No.17696970

>> No.17696971

bitches don't know about my

restored squad morale

>> No.17696976

>> No.17696982

>> No.17696983

>you will never have a samus gently hugging a space marine and whispering into his ear that his morale has been restored

>> No.17696984

True, and it might just help them survive if hit.

>> No.17696994

>> No.17696996

>> No.17696999

...Wouldn't that rather cause the SM to mindbreak?
A Primarch... Who's Xenos. He won't know if he needs to kill or listen to her.

>> No.17697005

I'll be executed for heresy but squad morale has been restored.

>> No.17697010

>ITT: White Knights who can't enjoy nudity because they have Freudian chivalry issues

>> No.17697016

His mind may be broken but his squad morale is restored.

>> No.17697038

>> No.17697052

So how is this supposed to restore morale? Seeing a semi-nude, or nude woman makes you fight harder somehow? Even though you would have no chance to get with her and likely end up dying a 40 year old Imperial Guardsmen virgin?

>> No.17697069

>> No.17697070


I have no problem with nudity, there's plenty of reasons for someone to be nude in a piece of art, there's far fewer reasons for someone to be dressed in porn-armour.

>> No.17697080

because the other head is doing the thinking and all those pretty reasons of yours stop being relevant.

>> No.17697087

cheesecake thread?
Cheesecake thread.

>> No.17697109


I'd say it's already been a pretty successful cheesecake thread. We might need another.

>> No.17697130

Duh? Why is the knife bloodied when the guy obviously died from skin-exposure-induced explosive nosebleed?

>> No.17697136

I'm glad you liked my post but >>17696803 and
>>17696795 are not the same guy, and I do mean what I said. I'am superior in everyway.

Pervery Wankers such as yourself are the reason we can't have nice things!

Very well.

>> No.17697140


I think no

>> No.17697155

>> No.17697159

she was shielding herself with it

>> No.17697163



>> No.17697198

Fuck yeah Keith Thompson

>> No.17697215


I'd say that's pretty obvious boner, actually.

>> No.17697218


Why no more cheesecake?

>> No.17697225

Continuing this level of aesthetics.

>> No.17697237

Because cheesecake is shit.

>> No.17697248


>> No.17697259 [DELETED] 


Seriously man, it's getting old. We all know you've been samefagging this thread up.

>> No.17697263

Stop liking what I don't like general.

>> No.17697266


This. Pic.

>Don't hit on me silly orcs :3

>> No.17697271

Love this thread

>> No.17697273


Just stop posting guy. It's getting old, we all know you're samefagging the thread up. Let people enjoy what they want, complaining is going to do nothing but make me want everyone else to post more

>> No.17697277

What you like is shit, sorry, but someone has to inform you, you ignorant buffoon!

>> No.17697285

Posting half-naked girls on /tg/ to shit up the board.
Calls other people retarded.
Whoa, boy!

>> No.17697286


>> No.17697289

More vidya, if no one minds.

>> No.17697290

>scantily clad women

Well, at least you're not trying to hide in the closet.

>> No.17697292


>> No.17697301

Don't you have some Starboy threads to sage?

>> No.17697328


Implying it's not a lesbian.

>> No.17697331

Yeah cause awful art is totally about traditional games, right?

>> No.17697343

Sure is buttmad neckbeards in here.

>> No.17697345

>> No.17697346

So tell me, what is it like being gay?

>> No.17697356


>> No.17697358


traditional games have always had awful art so in that respect it is tradition.

Seriously dude I can understand getting tired of cheesecake but shit hide the thread or something

>> No.17697365

Awesome, Lilith. The only Borderlands character I haven't played as.

>> No.17697370

Well, now you shown your true face.
Peopel who appreciate such threads sure are quality posters.
Im out of here.

>> No.17697374

>> No.17697378

I was about to point out that there were 40k videogames, but then I realized that the entire flowchart was a satire.

>> No.17697379

Gentlemen, please!

Contribute while you picker around. It's only polite and superior to be excellent towards the wider community while gutting the ass of someone you hate.

Come and join me up here in the excellence mountain so we can fight, properly! Otherwise I'm going to ignore you lowly shits.

>> No.17697392

And absoutely nothing of value was lost. By the way, you still have 15 pages of other threads to enjoy, I strongly suggest finding out if there isn't one to your liking there! I mean, it can't be that you purposefully entered the only thread you don't like to whine about it, yes?

>> No.17697394

I'am mad as hell and I'am not gonna take it anymore!

Call it butthurt, angry, raging, or whatever. I will speak my mind and i will call out this BULLSHIT!

>> No.17697401

>> No.17697409

>implying you aren't just here shit posting.
Fuck off faggot. If you have a problem with a threads contents leave it.

>> No.17697419

I'd wager to say she's the most powerful. A bonus to elemental and crit damage and the ability to relocate and heal at the same time makes short work of any of the bosses.

Plus the fact that she's a crazy bitch is also entertaining

>> No.17697441

What-the-fuck-ever. Titty time.

>> No.17697476

Calm the shit down, assbutt

Relevant: This chick is badass. This style of Shadar-kai art from DnD is really good.

>> No.17697491

>> No.17697509

Sauce on that image?

I'm inclined to completely agree on how awesome it is

>> No.17697660

I several racist Jewish stereotypes.

>> No.17697686

>> No.17697705

And so is beefcake.

But guess what? Many straight guys like Cheesecake, as shit as it may be. And many straight girls like Beefcake.

>> No.17697751

>> No.17697800

>> No.17697818

ITT: /cgl/

>> No.17697867

Fuck you. If I want to complain, then I will do so regardless of whether I should or not.

>> No.17697878


pssst. Weren't you leaving?

>> No.17697896

This thread isn't NEARLY catty enough to be /cgl/.

>> No.17697897 [DELETED] 

Because hes EXTREMELY analpained.

>> No.17697916

Actually I wasn't even the guy he was directing that comment to. I just didn't like that comment and felt the need to complain.

>> No.17697936


>> No.17697943



>> No.17698002

This is all the woman I need.

Kindly contain your jelly.

>> No.17698052

That's not even NSFW you fucking retard.

>> No.17698172

The pictures of scantily clad ladies in this thread made me very happy. Thank you, gentlemen.

>> No.17698380


>roleplaying game
>appeals to a gender-neutral audience?
Are we talking about the same 40K, here?

D&D, maybe. Magic, Yes. V:tM, Most definitely.

40K, clearly you've never gone to a Games Workshop.

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>> No.17699305

>> No.17699411


>> No.17699518


...I approve of this thread.

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