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Are these really the most Lovecraftian entities in W40k?

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There's the Hrud.

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there's the Umbra

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They make a portal out of your face.

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That's not an Enslaver

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The new fluff lowers the enslaver threat level. The C'tan and the Necrons have full credit for the demise of the Old Ones.

The Enslavers didn't force the Necrons to slumber this time. It was the enraged Eldar who drove the necrons into their tombs.

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It was actually all of the above.
The necrons couldn't fend off the Eldar, stymie the burgeoning Enslavers and maintain their kingdom after the Silent King fled.

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Deceiver is not a good example as he is the most,"human", for lack of a better word, of the C'tan. Of the two that have appeared so far the Nightbringer would be a better choice to showcase how mind shatteringly scary the C'tan are supposed to be.

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He looks ''Human'' too, boss.

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Yeah but he mindbreaks you if you see him.

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The deceiver is a lot like the king in yellow.

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He looks humanoid you mean, he acts nothing like one. And he only appears humanoid because the people that designed his necrodermis are humanoid, that's not his real form.

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Wait I thought C'tan could change their living metal forms at will. I always kind of pictured them as the T-1000 from terminator 2.

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Yep he choice to look like that though it is also stated that all C'tans they took the form of the Necrontyr gods.

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think it was in one of those snippets of fluff in the rulebook, but there's an invasion force from another dimension that ignores all physical laws and just makes everyone go crazy

conventional weapons and tactics don't work, and eventually the mechanicus unleashes some DAoT cannon to warp them back.

can't remember the name of them for the life of me, though.

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They can change their forms.

The deceiver took the form of a planetary governor to lure a Callidus Assassin.

What happened next was RAEP.

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he also runs away from a mechanicus dude with a primed plasma-bomb

lovecraftian, indeed.

Oh, and then there's the time big bad mr. nightbringer was cowed by an ultramarine shaking a melta-bomb in the air threateningly. Such terrifying monstrosities, these C'tan.

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According to the new fluff, these things were just C'tan shards and not the full beings.

And the fluff says that the C'tan shards are kinda retarded. So it does make sense for an Ultramarine or Tech Priest to out smart them.

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Is there like a command shard somewhere with all the smarts or does each shard have a piece of the brain puzzle?

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maybe, but people were claiming that the C'tan were lovecraftian, unstoppable horrors back when those representations were of the FULL c'tan

which is just silly

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There no mention of an independent shard or anything of that sort. All shards are slaves of the necrons.

Each shard has little memory of its old complete self. So yeah, I think you need to collect all the Shards and piece them together to restore a C'tan.

I blame the writers,

Anyways they fixed it and made the C'tan into nigh-destructible beings capable of throwing blackholes, causing super novas, vomiting anti-matter, and molding time and space like they were clay.

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>I blame the writers,
spread the blame around, man. The fans are just as much to blame for spiraling it waaay out of proportion (as with other things "commonly accepted" in 40k)

>Anyways they fixed it and made the C'tan into nigh-destructible beings capable of throwing blackholes, causing super novas, vomiting anti-matter, and molding time and space like they were clay.
one of the better changes in the new book, too. Hopefully the trend continues with other races getting a more fleshed out backstory again

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“It was as silent as the void, and to look upon it was to know terror. It drifted above us with slow, liquid grace, and its gaze caused madness and despair wherever it fell. Those it came near took their own lives rather than endure its hellish presence.”

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That was just their love of melodrama tripping them up.

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It was pure Elfdar. The enslavers had already been fucking with the Old Ones and the Silent King sent everyone else to bed before leaving.

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>Yet even with the defeat of the Old Ones and the C’tan alike, the Silent King saw that the time of the Necrons was over – for the moment, at least. The mantle of galactic dominion would soon pass to the Eldar, a race who had fought alongside the Old Ones throughout the War in Heaven and had thus come to hate the Necrons and all their works. The Eldar had survived where the Old Ones had not and the Necrons, weakened during the overthrow of the C’tan, could not stand against them. Yet the Silent King knew that the time of the Eldar would pass, as did the time of all flesh.
Apparently the Krork weren't enough of a threat to get a mention.

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Talk about deceiving that girls got a metal wiener!

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Actually new fluff doesn't even mention the enslavers save for a sentence saying that the old ones were killed between the necrons flooding the webway and the "Horrors their warp magics spawned".

Between the civil war between the dynasties, the war in heaven against the old ones and a majority of their creations, then the final conflict with the C'tan; The necrons were spent and the Eldar had created a civilization so massive that the silent king said it was time to go to bed.
The silent king left after the necrons to go into stasis, it wasn't that with out him they fell apart.

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Reduced threat or no, Enslavers are still the most lovecraftian.

And they can dominate your space gods just like anything else.

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Immortality and ultimate power will be granted to you. but there is a catch.

You gotta suck it dry and you must shallow? We got a deal, mortal?

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>Hey, they have tentacles
>therefore, they're the most lovecraftian

shut that, will you? Even tyranids are ten times more lovecraftian, they have the shadow in the warp and psychic powers based on eldritch unspeakability.

The C'tans, thanks to Mat Ward, are now decently lovecraftian. They are actually more mysterious than before, they're dead gods waiting for something/someone to release them, their powers sound a lot more like 30s pulp sci-fi, and their very names are inspired by lovecraftian gods.

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Suck what?

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The Enslavers are aliens who dominate people, transform psychic humans into gates of flesh, and whose thought processes are completely incomprehensible to humanity.

The tyranids are hive minded lizardbugs who eat things, and occasionally have tentacles.

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Nah, their names are more Smithian than Lovecraftian. It was Smith who went overboard on the crazy names. Tsathoggua, Avoosl Wuthoqquan, and of course Hziulquoigmnzhah.

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They are THE DOOM FROM SPACE. They have no motivation outside of eating stuff, and every psyker that witnessed their influence describes it as a lot more frightening than simply the fear of death.

They may not look like squids, but they do things a lot more horrendous than possessing and mutating people. They even have cults dedicated to them, and by 40k's standards, lizardbugs only concerned with eating are very alien.

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well, let's detail this:

Tsara'Noga: Tsatogghua (Smith

Aza'Gorod: Azathoth (HPL)

Llandu'Gor: lloigor (Smith)

Og'driada: Ogdru hem (Mignola)

all in all, it's pretty obvious that the guy who came up with these names was more thinking: "imma make a tribute to lovecraftian stuff in general" than about Klarkash-Ton.

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>lovecraftian, indeed.
Yeah. If he was a real lovecraftian creation, he'd just need to be hit by a ship, instead of requiering a whole explosion.

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Genestealers I'll grant you are lovecraftian (specifically deep one-esque), but the Tyranids as a whole aren't. They're horrible certainly, but the fear is a rational one.

Of course, let's face it, most of lovecraft's stuff wasn't "lovecraftian", and really, what's more important is what 40k creature is most Longian.
The answer is Astral Hounds.

>> No.17697472

Now we also have Khorne's hounds

>> No.17697478


What kind of asspulled distinctions are these?

>> No.17697493

writer distinctions. More than one person wrote Mythos stuff, with different resulting "atmospheres" and moods.

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Hey, if Lovecraftian is an adjective, the stuff from other authors deserves their own adjectives.
Want elemental theories? It's Derlethian.
Want good vs evil? Blochian.
Vaguely themed sexuality? Campbellian.
Unpronouncable names and humourous fantasy? Smithian.

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Are there Necrons still serving the C'tan or were they purged from the fluff utterly?

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This is probably the most Lovecraftian thing I've come across.

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And the Warp Beasts/Kymera.

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Imagine, if you will, that people insisted on calling everything from Mitchell and Abnett books to Goto and Ward tripe by the same name.
Mythos fans feel the same way about people lumping everything with a tentacle face or a fifteen syllable name into "Lovecraftian", to a certain extent.

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derlethian is not "elemental theories", it's "christian myths and generic villains with names ripped off paganism or lovecraft's stories tacked on them"

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I guess.

>> No.17697622

Well, it's both, I forgot about that. But don't forget that Derleth specifically added Ithaqua and Cthugha to "balance out" the Earth and Water elementals of Nyarlathotep and Cthulhu.


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One would think it would still be possible, particularly with shards of the Deceiver, but the fact that it isn't mentioned anywhere seems rather suspicious.

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So very gay.

But I'm thankful to him for making Lovecraft's works known to the public.

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So, shitty daemon knock-offs?

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Oh yeah, completely.

Oh god. I just realised the most lovecraftian entity, the Azathoth of 40k.

A being of immense power, around whom the universe turns, trapped forever in eternal slumber-of-not-death, his servents going about their duties unseen and unwanted, his desires being twisted completely, and all fearing what should happen if he should wake.

The blind idiot god, the daemon sultan. The Emperor of Mankind.

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Suspicious of what?

The graviton weapons haven't been mentioned for at least two editions, but are now playable again.

Seeing how GW always says that the canon is a big soup of fluff containing everything they ever published for us to pick up, I reckon that thinking that they retconned anything about the necrons is illegitimate.

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Ah, but one large Shard of the Deceiver escaped.

It needed minions, strong, fast, clever minions. Minions resistant to the vagaries of the warp, minions that could infiltrate its foes.

It needed the Slaught.

>> No.17697733

Probably something like Great Old Ones or Outer Gods that predate Chaos itself. Remember, Chaos didn't exist before the War in Heaven, which was about 65 million years ago, so there was a good 14 billion years of existence beforehand. That's a huge span of time for Cosmic Horrors outside of space-time and the warp to come to existence.

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Does this mean that Nyarlythotep is the Warp? Just waiting for the order to destroy all?

>> No.17697735

>Azathoth of 40k

you mean Aza'Gorod? The Noctifer, the devourer of stars, the ominous moon-god that stalks the night skies? the boundless, ink-black void of space that swallows worlds and suns alike, only concerned with the consumption of all matter and the spreading of terror? With a shiny six-pack?


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It's just that the codex includes details on such a variety (at least when compared to the previous book) of Necron factions - mindless automatons controlled entirely by their tomb world's master program, pirates, Necrons who value honour, and so on. You'd think they'd have thrown in a small nod to the previous fluff and say some Necrons are still bound to the star-gods, broken though they may be. Obviously the absence of an 'official' statement on the matter doesn't mean it's not possible, but I just felt it was odd.

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a lot of things feel odd about it, reading about their technology makes them seem barely on cyberpunk level at times, or far beyond the eldars, at other times.
For example.

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They do just fine against Elfdar when you take other examples of fluff into account. BFG shows them what for.

>> No.17697927

They want to distance them from 3ecrons.

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Apparently the Necrons no longer have their own FTL though.

>As a race bereft of psykers, the Necrons are incapable of Warp travel, and without access to the webway, they would be forced to rely once more on slow-voyaging stasis-ships, dooming them to isolation.

>> No.17697967

Doesn't mean they can't have FTL, just means that it's not much faster than light.

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Warp travel is not the only way to go faster than light... Distances in 40k are extreme, no other way to get around it with over a "million worlds" of Emperorland alone.

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they have inertialess warp drive which is capable of limitless speed. they can disappear in an instant and leave all pursuers in the space dust.

>> No.17698045

It says that they'd be "doomed to isolation" without the webway, as their own ships are too slow. That implies to me that the inertialess drive is gone.

>> No.17698079

>That implies to me that the inertialess drive is gone
nothing is implied in 40k, it either is or isn't until it says that they DO NOT HAVE inertialess warp drive they have FTL speed. deal with it warp traveling faggot.

>> No.17698091

>they have FTL speed

Just not very fast FTL.

>> No.17698103

>nothing is implied in 40k
Tell that to the people claiming the Tau are mind controlling the Vespid.

>> No.17698107

just how limited is limitless speed

>> No.17698126

Pretty limited if they are doomed to isolation without the Dolmen Gates.

>> No.17698143

How the fuck is FTL limitless? It's faster than light, but that doesn't mean there's outright no upper bound to it.

Also, necrons have FTL drives because Battlefleet Gothic still says they do.

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I bet Ward just included them because he wanted to see how many tomb-y words he could fit into the codex.

>> No.17698149

And not a single person mentions the bikini.

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I think it's because the Necron win scenario is all the dynasties coming together, if they could just zip around then it would be too easy.

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I think at some point we need to address what the "unstoppable horrors" of lovecraft are unstoppable by. They can't be taken down by middle age professor types. Lovecraft's friend Robert E Howard totally had them show up and get their butts kicked in his stories. I think a space marine would do fine.

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They can defeat any pre-boat civilization.

>> No.17698510

Do spaceships have the awesome ramming power as boats?

>> No.17698650

I don't know, but what if we had spaceboats instead?

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Do go on. . .

>> No.17698697


The fucking Harrowing.

The Harrowing was more dangerous to the Imperium than the Horus Heresy, the Age of Apostacy or the Tyranid invasions.

Think about that for a moment. Let it sink in.

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Maybe like Imperial ships, but not upside down.

Hardly, the Heresy threatened to destroy the Imperium, for the Harrowing the AdMech just brought out some shit from their basement.

>> No.17698798

Yet nothing is a greater threat to the realm of Man than Eliphas the Inheritor, master demagogue and supreme strategist.

>The War for Kronus was but the dawn of the Imperium's darkest day.


>> No.17698811

Eliphas lost at Kronus though.

>> No.17698837





>> No.17698855

You're fucking retarded.


Not even the Horus Heresy was that bad.

If the Imperium hadn't done that, there wouldn't even be Orks left.

>> No.17698858

Why'd you have to go and lose your sexy voice and helmet?

>> No.17698873

Abaddon happened.

>> No.17698886


I can make shit up too, nothing is said about daemons or AI. Daemons and AI and Dark Age shit was thrown around during the Heresy however.

>> No.17698916

Imperials love to overexaggerate, don't they?

>> No.17698919

He's voiced by Cyrus now.

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So much hairesy

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There's also the Pale Wasting in the Novamarines (? might be Marines Errant, same colors...) fluff in IA9. Something killed off several Space Marine chapters in one battle after wiping out a large tract of space. The only record is one artifact in the Novamarines reliquary.

>> No.17701539

I kind of wish Chaos as a whole was more "Lovecraftian".

It'd be nice if Space Marines were rarer, being a sign of what happens when even a Space Marine's mind snaps and they become servants of unspeakable, shapeless gods from far-flung stars.

I always figured that any given world swallowed by the realms of Chaos (and Tzeentch's influence in particular) would resemble Carcosa.

>> No.17701563

Nonsense, Chaos is plenty threatening as it is.

>> No.17701630

Tzeentch's realm is pretty much the most alien thing in warhammer

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