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Had to cut my last image dump short because of a chimney fire in the house right next to my house.

But... I'll dump at least one thread worth of pictures now. 40k theme. Request if you want, but I can't promise anything.

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Wotz dat? Soft'n'pink oomies? Where's da green, boss?

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I posted this on /d/ but if you are having an image dump it seems like a good place to leave this.

I just got done sorting most of my slaanesh stuff, decent amount of stuff in it though.


enjoy cultists!

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If an ork slugga faced a Space Marine with no plot armour in 1v1 combat, who would emerge victorious?

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I don't play 40k table top, but in Dark Heresy/Deathwatch... the ork will get his ass handed to him.

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Nobody, if we feed you, mister troll.

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space marine still gets bog standard armor and weaponry though right?

if so space marine, if not, ork.
if vs a nob I would give it 50/50

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We need some of Russ' boys!

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Umm... Deathwatch is basically just glorified spess mehreen wank. Fucking carnfiexes and Greater Daemons get their asses handed to them in Deathwatch.

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Got any nurgle-themed pics?

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boy, that sure is some bad breath

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I'll finish up the orks before taking a new request.

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Wait...dat OP-pic seems awfully familiar...wait what DA FUCK?

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Awesome thread, OP.

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This is my new favorite ork picture, edging out the ork with dakkafists.

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Ok, out of ork pictures. I'll start dumping the first request (if I have it... if not I'll dump the second request)

But, I'll be gone for 4-5min, going to make a cup of hot chocolate.

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I'll repeat my earlier request: nurgle stuff.

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Only had that nurgle-ish picture. Sorry to disappoint.

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it's okay. Was kinda hoping for some different pics of nurglite Daemons, but I'll have to look around someplace else I guess.

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Slaaneshi but kind of Nurgle I guess.

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have a guardsman with a shotgun

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Got any exodites?

Always wondered what they look like.

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Sorry, I just have normal eldars.

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Sorry about the delay, my internet decided to fuck itself up a little bit...

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Anyone here? Or am I just dumping pictures for myself?

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I'll take that as a hint to continue.

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Did Starkiller become so overpowered that he got Warped into the 40kverse?

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by John Blanche, who does the best artwork. Loved his portrayal of Eldar in 2nd ed... much better than the crap we have now.

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oh god-emperor save us!

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