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Dear Sirs,
I have a question. What is the exact use of the Blather skill in DH? The stated way to use it, namely to distract someone for a round, but only outside of combat, seems rather… special and useless to me. Is there a further use for it in social combat, to persuade people or something else? Most fast-talking tasks, which would be the most obvious for me, are covered by Deceive, if I understand the rules correctly.

Pic somehow related, the parrot seems like a typical Blatherer. Some other files also gave me duplicate file entry.

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Blather is the ability to distract and hold attention while saying nothing substantial.

It's not about convincing people of something, or making them buy a lie, it's just about holding their attention.

Consider an example of like, someone trying to access an air vent or something like that. One character can blather to catch and hold the attention of everyone in the vicinity, and once their partner is through, they just kind of wander off and stop blathering.

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So I haven't missed anything in the rules. It's just "distract people for a bit". I thank you.
This still kinda bugs me as a really kinda useless skill (and not even a fluffy one, like the Trades - which can be very useful sometimes). I mean, one can always distract people with something else, like (dumbmode) just running around and screaming.

But at least, it's kinda fluffy for preachers and crazies.

And well, have a random 40k pic.

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Used Car Salesman - The Skill

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Just running around isn't as effective though, whereas blather fully captivates.

I love having it in warhammer-based games, because it can really support stealth characters and/or allow for some massive heists.

I think the big thing about blather is that it is a useless solo skill (whereas deceit and charm and shit are useful for a single player). You need to have someone or something around to work while you blather.

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As far as I understand it, it exactly isn't that, since car salesmen are supposed to, like, SELL stuff, this includes convincing (even if only for 5 mins). And Blather doesn't convince anyone of anything, it just distracts them, and only for a duration of a round.

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THIS is a reasonable argument. I still contemplate if it couldn't be covered by a Deceive roll…

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So let's say your group of acolytes is interrogating a witness who just happens to be an economic force of nature in his stateroom, where you know there is evidence of his many heresies. As the character with the Blather skill sits and chats idly with the suspect, keeping his attention, the other acolytes are free to move about the room and take it in. Hell, if they have Sleight of Hand, they might even be able to pick up some evidence right then and there without the suspect ever being the wiser. A day later you return with a precinct's worth of arbites and raze the place to the ground, all whilst the pompous little fucker is staring dumbfounded out the window, wondering how his clever ass got pinched.

And that's what Blather in Dark Heresy is for.

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No, that's Blather all the way. Deceive is to get someone to believe you, Blather's just to listen.

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Ah. Ok, fine then, thank you a lot, kind sirs!
(I was also confused by the rulebook >implying that Blather needs an incoherent stream of conciousness speech. I guess I got that wrong)

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And well, I could dump some other Warhammer pics. And officially declare this thread for DH GENERAL.

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It can be incoherent speech, but in my group we also rule that it can basically be pointless but still coherent ramblings on something.

Pretending to be a homeless schizophrenic rambling to his voices to captivate is Blather. Preaching on a soapbox to distract is also blather. In a way, it's your ability to keep attention and keep going.

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>onlygov the
Yes, captcha. There is only one government in 40k.

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It's a supporting skill. Use it while gambling, for example, to distract them from the fact that you're cheating. Or taking their thrones right off the table.

Basically, it keeps their attention on you, when something else is happening they might otherwise notice. I generally don't use it on it's own, though it can be used for that, but rather "Walk up to the guard and blather and he doesn't see friend and friend silent moves easier and stabs da fetcher in da back."

Also, while on the subject of not knowing how to do something in DH, I'm a psyker for the first time. I've got Lucky, Unnatural aim, and Sense Presence(spent 100 xp for one). How badly did I fail/break the game with the lucky/unnatural aim combo?

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... Why is that techpriest enormous?

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Well, since all my questions are cleared, nobody seems to be willing to immediately ask other questions and I just thankfully dump, is there anything you kind sirs would like to see? My collection isn't big nor is it well-sorted, but I can try to do what I can.

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Well see the blather skill is about making a very long winded and elaborate series of discussions that may or not be related to traditional gaming much like how anime keeps people distracted through large amounts of filler in order to appease their label or slow down the production so the source material can catch up because for some odd reason it takes longer for one man to draw 30 pages of stills than for a group of people to animate a full 20 minutes of an episode including animation checks voice acting special effects by the way my friend just stole your car but it's all about keeping people busy to buy enough time to keep everyone who can ruin your career happy and as such it is a form of blather much like how many games with thinly-disguised loading screens make them artificially long instead of optimizing the amount of time it takes for example it takes 8 seconds on a rough eyeballing in Vandal Hearts for an entire physical attack plus its retaliation to resolve because of animation length and a fairly long delay between the two actions even though the engine is capable of being much faster than this in all aspects.

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The will of the Omnissiah.

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Failure with no degrees.

Good example though.

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IIRC Lucky is only outside combat. And if you get +30, a +10 doesn't matter that much, does it?

Because he can. Also he may as well have taken that upgrade (I forgot the name) that makes them fukhuge, disallows them to swim, gives them the machine trait etc.

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You got me for approx 1 round, afterwards I recovered.

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Sorry, .ore of a /b/tard than a fa/tg/uy, iirc?

And a +10 what? Lucky let's you reroll any one dice until the end of your next turn.

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IIRC is more of general Internet abbreviation, isn't it?
And I got Lucky mixed up with Knack or whatever it's called.

And all you get with these powers is one almost automatic hit at the cost of risking some Perils in two consequent rounds.

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Oh, now I am totally sorry, I misunderstood you. IIRC=If I Remember Correctly.

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More huge people

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In my RT game the Trader used blather to keep an ork who was ambushing them from attacking for several rounds by talking about how awesome puppies are.
This gave everyone on the ship time to get to their stations, and gave the boarding party time to get to the teleporter.

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I haven't been a psyker yet, and the only one we ever had always pushed his powers. Too dumb to be scared of that.

and how would I cause perils next round? I thought you only got phenomena/perils if you rolled a 9 trying to use it.

And if the abbreviation pertains to irc chats, I don't use those, which would explain why it confused me.

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Well, why not. Puppies are awesome, even if Orks would probably not appreciate.

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Now makes more sense.

It can be spammed, has threshold of 6, and lets me reroll any one dice until the end of my next turn. I'm basically going to use it, and if I succeed, I have a mulligan at some point.

Captcha: Letstau 7580

Yay for feral tau.

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DH doesn't allow pushing in RAW (rules written), I would also allow that only as early as Psy Rating 3.
And I meant that you would jsut risk them twice only for something as simple as hitting the enemy (who may still dodge), and probably not doing much damage with your laspistol.

FOr the rest see >>17671960

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>wouldn't push anyways

I saw too many perils to push. Not enough to be afraid of the perils themselves though...

And I don't have many other options. I plan on going divination. I even have a tarot deck and we did the divinations for our characters based on that. It's mostly just because it's interesting, but I like concept characters that can have specific things tied to them.

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Well, it is certainly a viable tactic, but I don't consider it game-breaking, it gets balanced out by the risk of Phenomena. You may want to discuss with your GM beforehand if he would allow you to use the Lucky on the Phenomena roll triggered by itself.

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Even if he would, I wouldn't. That's more ridiculous than that picture of digglet on a chair.

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There is a great half-raw Imperial Tarot deck somewhere on deviantArt. I just don't have a link now.

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It is actually a ratehr interesting rules-lawyering topic. Basically it comes down to the question if the power triggers in the same moment as the phenomenon or a little before.

Have a psyker

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don't have a printer anyways :/ Besides, my deck is a for dummies deck, so everyone can see that I'm not totally making it up, even if I'm using the symbology on the cards rather than the printed past/present/future at the top.

When I think of all the worthless things I can do, giving someone a tarot reading hits the top of the list, every time.

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Psykers are great

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Yep, tarot is great. I really hate the true belief in it (maybe because my mother is somewhat into all that divination and day-to-day 'spirituality' crap, maybe just the overall scientific education), but shit is really awesome and I enjoy the symbology and the process of using the rules and divining something. You just have to understand that it's not for real.

Hand readings are also great.

Also have a pic of a character done by a drawfag here.

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These rule 63 threads a while ago were great.

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Napoleon Bonaparte, circa 40,207-40,265, renowned psyker and perceptor-savant, led a force of repeat failures to more victories than all of their previous combined despite their millenia long history. Defeated at Orbital station waterloo by planetary governors wellington and gebhard von blucher.

It was his hat that made that happen.

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Oh shi-
Cannot unsee/mfw. And I even don't know if it was intended.

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I keep seeing people who these aren't in these pictures. Somebody help me.

And I can Trade: Soothsayer irl. I'm even right sometimes.

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Humans also have their weirdboys.

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But you also really have an eye for this. It's impressive.

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Well, I once used it to effectively bullshit some Imperial higher-ups when posed a theological question (my character was pretending to be a theological expert who specialised in relics, long story ...). It wasn't actually a lie, so it wouldn't have been a Deceive roll (if we're going to rules lawyer here), I was just making shit up. That's how my group skins Blather, anyway.

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This reminds me of a bad movie. I can't even remember what it was called, it was so bad. But aliens invaded earth for the umteenth time and it was the end of the world and the guy becomes an alien and saves his girl because the power of love can overcome all obstacles.

Fuck. It doesn't even look anything like the things, except texture.

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>implying that isn't how theology actually works

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This faithful also has an eye.

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Fly, you fools!

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This reminds me of a picture of an old english captain. Like 1700s or 1800s. A specific picture where he has the exact same pose and hair, but no hood or aquila(obviously).

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Also this is the original art for that one upgrade mentioned earlier in the thread.

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Well, in the spirit of dumping, cultist chan

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some old jewels

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looking for the best

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Here's where you'll find it:

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Even if I have no real idea about M:tG, this seems rather accurate, doesn't it?
Except maybe for the 2/2 part. She's not really capable in any way.

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From the thumbnail this seems relevant

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I used to play and it is, basically. Even the human cultist part.

Also, moar generators.


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