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Make me laugh, /tg/. I needs it.

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why do you need it

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Roughest of rough days. You guys always come through though!

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i dont even

if its his day off why is he in costume.. how can a person become a wall... i... aw fuck it.

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You and me both, Anon. Glad you made this thread, I wouldn't have had the energy.

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Please tell me I'm not the only one who attempts to pronounce gibberish like this.

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I just saved the image as 'insanity.jpg'. It seemed the only appropriate reaction.

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It's not /tg/ though.

>FUGUE, dyingun
Holy shit, CAPTCHA

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well alright then

>If its his day off why is he in costume..
It's SPIDER MAN's day off, not PETER PARKER's day off

>how can a person become a wall... i...
you don't know what joshua was stashing in that cement, it could be anything. Look at him run in that last panel, he set The Wall up

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Chess is a /tg/.

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-4 Str with +4 Dex.

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A classic.

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I can post some /tg/ stuff for you anon

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Commencing funny screencap dump, sir!

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mon estomac...

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This is quite possibly my favorite.

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Love that one.

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Keep em coming you awesome gentlemen!

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Someone link him to STORYTIEMS stuff.

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Whenever I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. You should too!

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All the cannons don't make me laugh nearly as much as the purity seals on the front.

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OP, if you want some good laughs, pick up the Dungeons and Dragons comic that IDW is putting out.

It's fantastic.

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Not that funny, but god damn epic.

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repost of a repost repost, but it made me laugh the first time i saw it.

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My favorites and most laugh-worthy so far.

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Honestly. It took me a moment to understand what was wrong here.

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I still don't know what's wrong with it.

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Thanks for making the day better for me /tg/. This is OP, logging off.

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As the second bad-day anon to announce himself, I agree with OP.

Not to steal his thunder, I just felt bad -not- apologizing

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Chuds, the lot of them.

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Oh fuck yes, Nextwave.

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Here's quite a recent one, anon.,

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I don't remember if this was from a /tg/ thread or not, but it still makes me laugh.

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if i may indulge in some horn tooting

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was just thinking about this thread today thanks for posting that cap

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and again

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You DO do a lot of horn tooting, Someone. You're only forgiven because of Emprasque. Anything less and I would be ripping at you right now.

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I don't think i toot TOO often

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Battletch fans are great.

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Before my time. Still funny.

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>already had this picture
>No recollection of it
Seriously, what?

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In your computer before you owned it.
Waiting, waiting for you to find their remains.

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"To the wall's lads! The corse norsemen wish to take away our precious lolcats!"

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Could I request the crusade theme to the tune of sponge bob.

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Gotta keep this thread rollin'.

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