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Eldar were here.

Fuck your shit.

The stars themselves once lived and died at our command.

Who are you to such as we?

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Keyword here. Now your just a bunch of has-beens that can't work with others.

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they did so once, and now no more.

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Oh elfdars think they matter, at all. Hows that new codex looking?

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meanwhile adsbruberael vect is falling out of his chair laughing at his backwards ass cousins

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Nice Scrap Launchers you have there.

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rolled 17 = 17

Didn't the stars live and die by the Old Ones and Necrons command? And last I heard, you aren't Old Ones or Necrons.

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Someone most likely made an attempt on his life that moment, But little do they know he's laughing at them too.

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They make extensive use of the Webway, so they like to THINK that they're as badass as the Old Ones. But really they're just hanging on to a technology they don't really understand for as long as they can. It must make them really mad that the Emperor made more progress in creating a brand-new webway than they've had in millennia of trying to repair theirs.

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Eldar did that sort of thing too. It's a surprisingly common sort of thing in 40k.

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Foolish Craftworlder. You believe yourselves to be the inheritors of the glorious and ancient Eldar culture? I spit on such a notion. Only we of Commorragh truly grasp the excess and egotism that our ancestors tasted. You restrict, we exceed.

You can never understand....

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rolled 97 = 97

I haven't heard of a star being destroyed or created in 40k by anything besides the Necrons or Old Ones. And the Necrons don't bother with that crap now.

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All must serve the Greater Good. Join us, and learn what true peace is, or die by our hands.

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Alluded to on page 3 of the Eldar codex.

"These are the Eldar, a race that is all but extinct, the last remnants of a people whose mere dreams once overturned worlds and quenched suns."

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I dunno, the Exodite do pretty well, and they don't have Paths OR hilariously depraved murder-debauchery and soul-munching.
They do, however, eat a LOT of dinosaur burgers.

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Da zog?
Da most useless race genera'? Da most useless race genera.

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That's because at the time of M40, the Eldar can't do that anymore. Thus the importance of "once".
>Only we of Commorragh truly grasp the excess and egotism that our ancestors tasted. You restrict, we exceed.
It's funny because every Dark Eldar is a slave in denial!

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I doubt they could "quench" a campfire.

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On the side of Order, such as it is in 40k, they're probably the most important race.

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As of 2011, no longer imperial jobbers.

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You's talkin' squiggy lies.
Every'ne knows da orks are da best!

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Look at the size of their guns! We can not win!

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Tau would disagree.

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Imperium still trumps in that regard.

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Well. Orks are very green.

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>Who are you to such as we?

Our numbers increase, and yours only dwindle. That's good enough for me. We will bury you.

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Nice wings you got there...

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"The stars themselves once lived and died at our command. "

Celestial Orrery.

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You'll never not be the game's primary jobbers.
Even grey knights got out of it, but not you. Because it's all you're good for.

Have fun counting the avatars.

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It is because they have to hunt those dinosaurs with spears. They don't need the paths because daily life requires a ton of focus and discipline already.
Pity that they die off more often then both DE and CE.

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>>mfw dat dino-fed country elf ass

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>>dat ass in question, ty /s/.

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I will admit to that, but something about that post really just came out weird.

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I dunno about that, the craftworlders do die a lot.

But yeah, at least the Exodites have a higher population, due to actually being more likely to get down with their grove thang.

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When avatars get really old, do they retire, or will the little avatars start performing saves for the old avatars, paint their faces for them, and push them around in wheelchairs?

What if the avatar is so old, he doesn't even have knees anymore? Is there a special craftworld fund for healthcare benefits to maintain the avatar?

Do eldar have avatar burgers, or avatar pasta?

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... Avatars are metal statues. They don't get old.

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The might of even the humble Machine Spirit of the Chimera stands above the most advanced of xenotechnology. None can stand before the might of the Omnissiah's glorious machines.

Plus your titan wears high heels, because it's a bitch.

Problem, space elf?

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It is just whenever they show up, they seem to lose. Planetstrike or Planetary Empire literally had them "win", but nope, some haemonculi successfully wanked off on the world spirit, so they all lied down and died. Like, fuck, man.
Nah, dude, exodite chics would be fit as hell. That whole society would make Teddy Roosevelt proud.

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At this point in time, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan are both more machine and metal than man.

It's a normal side-effect of aging. What this tells me is, all avatrs must be at least twice as old as Hulk Hogan. This means they're about as old as the universe itself.

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Yeah, but pretty much all of the titans look fucking retarded, even more so than standard 40k stuff.

. . . Except for the Stompa, because orks.

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Ittttttsss Exodite time!

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Warlords a fucking badass, and actually look like reasonably made warmachines

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The scouting Warhounds in the back scream of CREEEED.

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Our Titans have high heels because they can Flamenco, you gear-grunting mechano-turd, >>17650574 is actually a Phaeton!
Yours have difficulty even standing, what use is a gigantic war machine that can't dance?

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You can try dance around our bullets Xenos scum

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Did they give Grey Knights a Titan yet?

Because as colossally stupid as that idea is, it seems like something Games Workshop would do.

We already got that Dreadknight thing or whatever the fuck it was.

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Fear not brothers, the Ultramarines are here!

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It will totally be a dreadknight in it's own mecha-suit

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Harlequins kind of do.

That being said, no, that is not a reasonably made warmachine. I mean . . . it would sink into the ground. Or trip over something. Or get shot in its exposed wiring/joints. I can suspend disbelief for most of 40k, but when it comes to Titans, I just facepalm. Again, except for Orks, because Orks entertain me with their stupidity.

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Haven't heard anything official, but there's nothing to stop them; one of Mar's moons was moved to Titan (because if there is one thing the outer planets have a shortage of, it is moons), which has virtually no AdMech oversight and craps out whatever they want it to.

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Exodites you say?

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Really? That's just silly. Both of Mars's moons are incredibly pathetic oddballs that don't even have enough mass to be spherical. I mean, seriously. They're mediocre even by asteroid standards.

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That... isn't so bad all things considered.

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Dear Swooping Hawk: If you're so awesome, how come nobody ever takes a squad of you?

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>mfw Elfdars' greatest hope for victory involves all of them dying.

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That's an Autarch with wings.

4e codex sure helps units be bad though.

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One thing I wondered about that. Does that mean all Craftworld Eldar, or the whole eldar species?

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All of them.

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Step 1: Whole race dies out
Step 2: Souls amalgamate into god of death.
Step 3: God of Death beats Slaaneesh
Step 4: ???
Step 5: Eldar are the victors!

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So they would have to either kill off or rope in the Dark and Exoditse, damn talk about long odds.

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Step 1: All Eldar Die
Step 2: Slaanesh eats all Eldar Souls
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Everybody celabrates the death of the Eldar.


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The problem is that they have to survive long enough, and breed enough, that there's enough dead Eldar to contribute. If they were to die too soon, Slaanesh would kick Mr. Death God's ass the same way he kicked the asses of all the other deities.

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It's unclear.
It may involve the infinity circuits of the many Craftworlds hitting a level of critical mass. Which and/or how many and when are all things unanswered. It's also a singular prophecy not everyone subscribes too, so it might not even mean anything.
And even should it be true, it's kinda vague what Ynnead will accomplish. Supposedly at the least it'll splatter Slaanesh and thus un-fuck part of the Eldar spiritual cycle, but beyond that who knows.

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I think the idea is all Eldar spirit stones being used. It's uncertain however if Ynnead will be able to kill Slaanesh. In one fic I read Ynnead awakens, but because Biel-Tann viewed the others as cowards and refused to ritually kill themselves (long story), Ynnead was trapped in the Webway.

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All eldar myths read like wrestling angles.

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The Eldar seem to think they'll be reborn, personaly I think if they ever do make a new god, it will be the god of egotisom

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Yunno. This would actually be pretty amusing as far as plot goes. Of course the Eldar would not be completely extinct with maybe one or two craftworlds and countless Exodite worlds.

But if they all performed ritualistic suicide and simultaneously destroyed all the spirit stones and actually accomplished this I think it would be pretty awesome.

And after the Eldar Death God kills Slannesh somewhere in the Eye of Terror some Chaos Space Marines sit up and realize something is completely missing.

I would love to see the sort of impact the power void left by a dead Slaanesh would have on the 40K world. Daemonettes would be like, "I don't feel very sexy right now."

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Minus the resolution, clarity and with twice as much torso oiling.

Hard to dispute.
Yeah, there's something, IIRC, about being "reborn into a new form better suited to the age" so...maybe it's like "bang, Eldar are now all crystalline space urchins, LCB THAT FANBOYS!" or something similar.

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The Daemonettes would probably be devoured in an instant by the other three Gods' daemons, assuming they didn't just go poof when Slaanesh dies.

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Would the star of chaos then be six pointed?

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Space elves. Oh boy, I'm scared as fuck.

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the more likely senario I see is the death god being enough to put Slaanesh in it's place, but the god of exess has just becom to powerful to die from anything the current eldar could hope to create, not to mention the rarely mentioned Cron World Eldar that live forever as the ones who created Slaanesh

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Wow man, I've heard the term Crone World, but I've never heard of that. Are they being tortured? Because I can kinda see them being ascended to daemons with the whole 'kinky enough to birth Slaanesh' thing.

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The only eldar left alive on the Crone worlds are either Chaos Champions of Slaanesh, or transient Rangers in search of materials to build soulstones.

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They to my knowledge have transended the boundry of pleasure and torment, they live locked in time, any Eldar who try to make contact never returne, weather they are captured or lose themselves to they're acnient breatheren's lifestyl is unknown, any word on Eldar daemon princes is even less reliable.

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Kids those days...

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Okay, idea for an Exodite force, using the Corsair army rules.

1 Void Dreamer with Witchblade, Gyrinx, and Spirit Stones. (110)

10 Pathfinders (240)

5 Shining Spears (As Dragon Riders) with Exarch with Star Lance, Withdraw, and Skilled Rider (237)

2 Squads 10 Corsairs, with Shuriken Catapults, each with a Felarch with a power weapon. (110 Each)

807 points so far, probably good to expand with some vehicles.

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Sup Eldar? Still hoping for a new codex? Welcome aboard.

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The pre-fall Eldar did indeed have the power to controll stars. Their Webway cities (ie. where the Dark Eldar now live) are powered by captured stars, and the Dark Eldar still posess a few pieces of archeotech that can make stars go supernova.

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>>Step 6: New Eldar God is crumped good by Gork and/or Mork

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The fuck is going on in this thread, HERETICS?!?

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Well we're not faggy rainbow space elfs, that's for sure

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>Worse psykers
>Worse warriors
>Almost extinct
>Pathetic gods

Elfdar should just kill themselves.

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Waaait. . does that mean that Eldar girls put their soulstones THERE to . . .unwind a bit?

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