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Time to exercise those imagination muscles of yours.

>Open your mediaplayer of choice
>Add all your music
>Randomize playlist a couple of times
>Make a setting with the songs mentioned below

1st song - Hero's theme
3rd song - Sidekick's theme
5th song - Lover's theme
7tg song - BBEGs theme
9th song - Final battle theme
11th song - Homecoming theme

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>Hero's theme - Van Canto feat. Cris Boltendahl - Rebellion
Our Hero is a clan warlord leading a joined clan force

>Sidekick's theme - Westwood Red Alert 2 OST- Grinder
Sidekick is a steampunkish inventor/scientist out for revenge after having been forced to make a doomsday device for the BBEG

>Lover's theme - Nox Arcana - Among the Ruins
The Lover is a witch and seer that appears in the most strange places to give advice and ominous tidings to the hero

>BBEGs theme - Nightwish - Devil and the Deep Dark Ocean
BBEG is a Devil in mortal disguise, intent on destroying the mortal realm so that the armies of the underworld can pour through and devour the world.

>Final battle theme - john Williams - Battle of the Heroes
How fitting...
Final showdown is a epic battle between the BBEG and the Hero on a thin bridge crossing a moat of lava as the sidekick and lover tries desperately to defuse the doomsday device as the countdown tick on, nearing zero.

>Homecoming theme - Shadows Fall - Ghosts of Past Failures
The hero comes home a changes man. all the destruction and death has broken something inside him. Even as the town celebrates his victory he can't stop seeing the faces of the men and women he failed to save from the BBEGs army.

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>Bolt Thrower - Valour
Our hero is a promising young warrior of honour and pride.

>Alestorm - To The End Of Our Days
His sidekick is an ex-pirate who travels with the hero, he's the sole survivor of a shipwreck.

>Obituary - Burned In
The lover is a fire mage

>Flogging Molly - The Kilburn High Road
BBEG is a gang leader of a large group of traveling immigrants who've taken an area of land as their own from the honest folk.

>Chthonic - The Island
The final battle takes place on the headquarter isle of the gang leader, just a one on one fight while the rest watches.

>Fear Factory - Archetype
Y'know what, my playlist sucks for stuff like this.

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Hero's theme: ASP - Nevermore
The hero is a necromancer and so gothic, he shits bats. He also has a sort of unhealthy relationship with the lover character.

Sidekick's theme: Five Finger Death Punch - Menace
The sidekick is a frothing, selfish berserker, accompanying the hero for his own reasons.

Lover's theme: Yuki kajiura - gradus prohibitus
An ambitious sorceress, dabbling in forbidden lore.

BBEG's theme: Nachtmahr - Katharsis (basically the monologue from American Psycho)
A wealthy and powerful man with nihilistic, self-destructive tendencies, overstepping any border he can find to come to a catharsis.

Final battle theme: Hajime Mizoguchi - Latest Flame
The damage is already done, everything important destroyed, the battle is barely a battle.

Homecoming theme: Octopimp - Eridan is too sexy
The hero comes home as a sexier man.

Basically melodrama: the gothening with sexy ending.

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>Hero's theme - AC/DC - Highway to Hell
Some sort of necromancer/warlock. Wants to visit hell.
>Sidekick's theme - JC - I feel fantastic
Bard that takes drugs and is constantly happy and jumpy. No goal in life.
>Lover's theme - Marty Robbins - Big Iron
Female version of Clint Eastwood. Hunts bandits and uses a 6-shooter.
>BBEG's theme - Prodigy - Invaders Must Die
Alien hivemind.
>Final battle theme - Survivor - Eye of The Tiger
Hivemind materialized in the form of an unbeatable warrior from the species. Fights 1 on 1 vs MC.
>Homecoming theme - System of a Down - Soldier Side
Only the MC survived, everyone else is dead so his homecoming is sad as he remembers his warrior friends.

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>Hero's theme - Murder Train a Comin' - Dethklok
Our hero is Buck Ironfists. He rides the rails, killing every corrupt authority figure he can get his bloody hands on.

>Sidekick's theme - Angel of Death - Slayer
Joining our railroaded campaign is preacher Gannon Hardchance, who absolves our villains of their earthly crimes before their grizzly deaths.

>Lover's theme - A Study in Emerald - Niel Gaiman Audiobook

Emma Raldion is Buck's main squeeze. Little does he know she is a being not of this plane.

>BBEG's theme - So Many Nights - The Cat Empire
All Johnathan Caderough Esq. wanted were loyal friends. But his childhood was nothing but constant embarrassment over his wretched poverty. Now he works as a lawyer who seeks to put Buck behind bars. And yet he is so desperately lonely...

>Final Battle theme - Awaken - Dethklok
Things look grim for Our Heroes, but during the final moments Emma reveals her true form, a monstrosity beyond imagining who forces Mr. Caderough into a pitiful retreat.

>Homecoming theme - Friends on the Other Side - Princess and the Frog Soundtrack

Things were looking up for our little trio. Caderough was nowhere to be seen and marriage vows recently exchanged. But it seems like Emma's awakening has attracted unwanted attention from the demon realm, and Marzipan Flashly arrives in town to give the locals exactly what they were wishing for....

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>Hero's theme: AC/DC - Back in Black
Our hero is a seasoned adventurer coming out of retirement; he has one last job to do before he can truly settle down.
>Sidekick's theme: Gorillaz - Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach
A young go-getter, he is a bit of a wise ass, but the hero knows that with time, he will be the new hero. If only he stopped experimenting with new magic...
>Lover's theme: Micky Avalon - Jane Fonda
Fuck yeah, our girl knows how to do the Jane Fonda.
>BBEG's theme: Geto Boyz - It Feels Good to be a Gangsta
The main villain is the antithesis of our hero, beleiving himself to be the next big power in the world; the hero needs to show him the strength of the old ways.
>Final battle: Led Zepplin - Kashmir
A trippy Final Destination-esque battle, the hero and the villain are even, they realize the world has room for both of them; with a new understanding, they part ways.
>Homecoming: Queen - I Want to Ride My Bicycle
We ride home how we want, to live how we want.

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Hero - Lady Gaga, Papparazzi
Sidekick - Kings of Leon, Notion
Lover - Queen, Crazy Little Thing Called Love
BBEG - Donkey Kong Country 2, Stickerbrush Symphony
Final Battle - Devotchka, Clockwise Witness
Homecoming - Crystal Castles, Courtship Dating

We are playing Exalted it seems

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>Heroe's Theme: Libera Me From Hell - TTGL
Well this is a good start. Hot blooded protag? Check.
>Sidekick's Theme: She Drives Like Crazy - Weird Al
A female sidekick that, despite being the hero's wheels, is a godaweful driver.
>Lover's Theme: Requiem of the Gods - Apocalyptica
The object of the hero's affection is very devout, most likely the center of some divine prophecy. Her level-headedness and faith in the divine is an interesting foil to the hero's brashness and refusal to follow anyone, even a deity.
>BBEG's Theme: The Will of One - The Protomen
A well-intentioned extremist, who believes that man has lost its way and has become spineless. He'll save them, though, regardless of whether they want his help or not. His crusade is fueled by the rage he feels at the death of his brother, who failed to end an evil king's tyranny.
>Final Battle Theme: Phantom Ensemble - UI 70 (a Touhou remix)
The climactic encounter takes place on the streets of the burning city. The architecture is spanish renaissance in style, and the battle moves through the city as opposed to simple taking place in a single location, say the city square.
>Homecoming Theme: Devil Created - Code Geass
The evil King isn't dead, despite falling to the BBEG before the climactic fight. Whatever's letting him still move around isn't natural. The fight isn't over.

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For the BBEG's theme I got Ice Man's stage music from Mega Man 1.

I don't think anything else can compare.

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>Hero's theme - Amarillo - Gorillaz
A wanderer with anterograde amnesia
>Sidekick's theme - Prize Fight Lover - Meat Loaf
The plucky side kick who's out to kick ass
>Lover's theme - Dusty Cartridges & Long Boxes - Kirby Krackle
nerdy chick who is more interested in playing games than being the hero's lover
>BBEGs theme - Battery - Metallica
Violent berserker
>Final battle theme - Ex-lover's Lover - VOLTAIRE
I have no clue
>Homecoming theme - Mask - Bauhaus
the heroes journey has changed him and he no longer fits in with society, and he returns to wandering.

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>Hero - Step Into My Office Baby - Belle and Sebastian
Catch Fellows is just a hard working young salary-man. Typically unlucky in areas of both love and his career.

>Sidekick - Death Rides a Horse - Ennio Morricone
His brother Nathan Fellows is a different man entirely. Driven strongly by revenge he seeks to destroy those who have wronged him, often getting his brother pulled along into some misadventure.

>Lover - In My Time of Need - Opeth
Willow Evermore is your regular aimless twenty something. But she has long dark hair and pale skin, making Catch instantly fall for her looks. Will he be able to handle her crippling emotional problems?

>BBEG - Libera Me - Giuseppe Verdi
Nothing sucks like an overly religious ex messing with your life. Compounding Catch's love problems is Willow's ex boyfriend, who's return spells trouble for the Fellows Brothers.

>Final battle - The Earth's Last Day - Go!Go!7188
How the fuck did those two start the Apocalypse? It's up to the Fellows and Willow to stop her crazy ex from killing us all.

>Homecoming - Henrietta - The Fratellis
Despite his flaws and poor sense of style, Catch has won Willow over. Saving the world turns out to be a pretty good first date. But Nathan's probably gotten himself into another mess, so it's up to Catch and Willow to set things right before a gang war destroys the city.

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fuck yes kirby krackle up in here

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for godmode use vip.swf @ http://vip.aersia.net/vip.swf

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>Kickstart My Heart - Motley Crue
This is fitting as fuck, badass motorcyclist/extreme sports enthusiast/drug addict.
>Old Time Rock and Roll - Bob Seger
Sidekick is a nostalgic bard/bob seger as himself.
>Can't find my way home - Blind Faith
Princess exiled/fleeing from her homeland.
>Flirting With Disaster - Molly Hatchet
Obviously a high speed car chase, possibly with 18 wheelers.
>Hello! (Good to be back) - Scooter
Shit, this one just...I don't need to say nothing.

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1st song - Hero's theme
> Rosé - The Feeling
Our hero is a youth with a strong romantic streak, a fair amount of fear and a taste for cheap wine.

3rd song - Sidekick's theme
> Crystamanthequins - Homestuck Vol. 5
Our sidekick is low class, sombre and vengeful. He has a sort of hatred for the rich.

5th song - Lover's theme
>Make It Up To You
The lover is an oft neglectful but entirely sincere type. He/she has a healthy friendship with the hero, as well as a romantic interest.

7tg song - BBEGs theme
> The Future Soon - Jonathan Coulton.
A bitter, jaded, evil genius with robot army. Really just wants to get to know the lover better, but has serious issues with expressing himself and so just comes off as a huge dick.

9th song - Final battle theme
> Worlds Apart - Journey.
Very climactic and dangerous. Might involve a separation of the Hero and the Lover?

11th song - Homecoming theme
>Old College Try - the Mountain Goats.
Upon returning home, the Lover realises that they were just forced together by their adventure. The Hero says that he wants commit anyway, but the Lover realises the folly in that and they have a messy split, despite conquering all of the challenges of their trials.

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>Goodbye Stranger - Supertramp
Hero's a wandering ladiesman, possibly bard.

>Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
Sidekick's just a poor boy, who needs no sympathy. On the run from the law.

>What you gonna do - Plan B
Lover's a discarded lover of the hero who's not set on being discarded.

>Traded in my cigarettes - Plan B
No hero, you are the villains, and then the BBEG was either tragic or paranoid probably schizophrenic.

>Where did my baby go - John Legend
Uuuuuh... What? Guess it'll have to be some low key surreal stuff or extremely realistic and brutal with extreme soundtrack dissonance. Possibly both.

>Untill the end of time - Justin Timberlake
Well this shit is pretty fitting, hero and lover just up and leaves this shit behind.

Guess this is what happens when you share Itune with your mom.

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>1st song - Hero's theme
Gotta Get Away - The Offspring (this i can dig)

I am a Ex Scout-turned-rouge in His Majesty's Army. Driven to an almost perpetual state of paranoia due to the many mistakes and enemies I had made during my many adventures.

>3rd song - Sidekick's theme
Plush - Stone Temple Pilots

Ah, my best friend, my shield brother, the left hand that is always ready to help me out of whatever mess i gotten myself (or us) into. Guy's got his own dark and broody past, we never talk of it. I always assumed he keeps helping me to make up for whatever it was he did (or didnt do)

>5th song - Lover's theme
Battery (S&M Edition) - Metallica

Goddamn this elven wizard. Always sunny (dispite the daddy issues she had), always looking to get into something interesting. A disposition as Fiery as the hair on her head. Sometimes i think if the trouble me and her get into don't get me killed, she may wind up doing it herself.

>7tg song - BBEGs theme
Tier - Rammstein (wat, incest song, wat)

May not have been the best of choices, dumping her. Definitely didn't help that i had slept with her mother too. Probably should have left her father out of that whole ordeal as well.

>9th song - Final battle theme
What Is Love - Haddaway

Ah, Love, Sex, and the murder of your own true love as she flings fireball after fireball at your scrotum.

>11th song - Homecoming theme
No Excuses - Alice in Chains

Damn it im sticking to ale, or mead, or beer. Alcohol is so much safer than a woman.
huh, for shitty writer that didn't turn out half bad.

Pic very much related. Its the alcoholic rouge thats not too bad at his job, or making ends meet day to day. But utterly fails at anything that would healthily improve upon his life.

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> Hero's theme > Fate/Stay Night - Unlimited Blade Works

A powerful and forgotten hero who has fallen from grace, but is no less mighty than when he was at his peak. He has one goal, and he has the trump card needed to execute that goal.

> Sidekick's theme > Lunar: Eternal Blue - Ghaleon's theme

A long-thought-dead tyrant who has risen again, this time he has chosen the side of Good, and wishes to do everything in his power to stop what is to be unleashed upon the world. Whenever he is seeking redemption or simply wishes not to see everything destroyed remains to be seen.

> 5th song - Lover's theme > Nox Arcana - Lullaby
A surreal and creepy woman who despite seeming ditzy and innocent, is capable of contracting eldritch horrors that no man wants to know about. Whacked in the head from a crippling fever in her infancy, but this has rendered her impervious to the insanity of such horrors.

> 7th song - BBEGs theme > Rhapsody of Fire - Triumph for my Magic Steel

A righteous warrior who wishes to release the greatest warrior of Good from his eternal sleep to assist in the dark times of demons and vampires. A Paladin of the highest order and power who can fight against the Lords of Hell alone, and so holy a mere glance would send a vampire into oblivion. Not the BBEG, but the Good Guy who does not know what he is about to unleash.

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>>17648329 cont.

> 9th song - Final battle theme > Wherewolf-Therewolf - Lunar Eclipse

A battle in a flying castle crafted from crystal, covered in magic circles and twinkling stars. The greatest good has been unleashed, but its hatred of evil is so extreme that anyone with the slightest unresolved sin or wrongdoing only has one fate: Death. A being so powerful, it was locked away to protect it from disrupting the balance of good and evil, and from destroying the world.

> 11th song - Homecoming theme > Saya no Uta - Scare Shadow

Home? Everything is lost. The extreme power of the unleashed prior to the final battle completely crushed and annihilated almost all life, the greatly wronged rising up as rage-fueled undead taking their anger out on the living. Ironically, what was supposed to purge evil has created an apocalypse, and now that the party has destroyed the ultimate good, all hope is lost.

Or is it?

Feel free to steal, this has much more potential than I can hope to use. According to Inglip, Rytosy called.

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>Hero's Theme - Metallica - Disposable Heroes
The hero is apart of a ragtag group of mercenaries, usually hired to act as meat shields in a battle.

>Sidekick's Theme - Queen - Stone Cold Crazy
The sidekick is an escaped madman that the hero meets, and takes him in due to his amazing combat skills.

>Lover's Theme - Nirvana - Where Did You Sleep Last Night
The Lover is a young woman on the run from the local authorities, and takes refuge in the hero's party.

>BBEG's Theme - Metallica - Am I Evil?
The BBEG is a Paladin who refuses to believe what he is doing is evil.

>Final Battle Theme - Blind Guardian - Goodbye My Friend
The final battle is fought between the Hero and Sidekick against the BBEG. The BBEG is vanquished but the Sidekick is stabbed and dies from blood loss.

>Homecoming Theme - Meatpuppets - Lake of Fire
The Hero returns home with most of his men dead, and is executed for killing a Paladin of the Church.

>> No.17648387

>Hero's theme: Zero Sum - Nine Inch Nails
Our hero is regretful of his past, and realizes that time is running short for him.
>Sidekick's theme: Prayer of the Refugee - Rise Against - Sidekick has been through economic and social hardship, has tempered them into better person and more reliable friend to Hero
>Lover's theme: Human After All by Daft Punk - Lover is manic pixie dream girl to Hero's brooding grimdarkiness
>BBEG's theme: Vault by Pendulum - BBEG is cyberpunk augment junkie whose implants have fucked with his head in a bad way.
>Final Battle Theme: Head Like A Hole - Nine Inch Nails - Battle occurs in BBEG's workshop/operating room
>Homecoming Theme: Ninety-Nine and a Half - Creedence Clearwater Revival - Heroes destroy BBEG, are sitting outside smoking workshop smoking, waiting for pickup. Hero puts arm around lover.
Getting a Dystopian Cyberpunk vibe from this one.

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>Salty Dog - Flogging Molly
Hard drinkin, Hard fightin, unkillable sailor.
>Battle Cry of Freedom
Sidekick is obviously an ex union soldier
>Legs - ZZ top
"She's got legs. Knows how to use them..."
>We're gonna have to slap the dirty little jap - Carson Robinson
A dirty little jap. Yeaaaaah...
>If you're gonna play in texas (You gotta have a fiddle in the band)
Obviously the battle takes the form of a...fiddle-off?
>Here I go Again - Whitesnake
Tho' he keep searching for an answer
he never seems to find what he's looking for.
Oh Lord, he prays you give him strength to carry on
'Cause he know what it means to walk along the lonely street of dreams.

there he goes again on his own
Goin' down the only road he's ever known.
Like a drifter he was born to walk alone.
An' he's made up my mind, he ain't wasting no more time.

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Funnel - Switchblade Symphony - Hero's theme

So I guess the main character is an old lady who takes a lot of antipsychotics and never leaves her house.

Train Leaves Here This Morning - Gene Clark - Sidekick's theme

Well, apparently the sidekick just got divorced from his wife. Maybe he's old too?

Pretty Vacant - Sex Pistols - Lover's theme

A spaced out druggie who's more than a bit apathetic?

A Place In My Heart - Social Distortion - BBEGs theme

Obviously someone who has a longstanding strong emotional connection to her and vice versa.

Hometown Hero - The Dear and the Departed - Final battle theme

...this sounds way more like an argument and emotional confrontation than a firefight.
Backlash - Homecoming theme

I guess everybody's mad.

I'm a little confused about all this but it sounds more like an art film than it does like an RPG campaign. Sounds cool though.

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>1st song - Hero's theme
Greg Laswell - Comes and Goes
"This one's for the Faithless..."

Hero is a man who's seen far too much evil in the world, but continues to fight on no matter what. In the end, he believes everyone can be redeemed.

>3rd song - Sidekick's theme
Tracy Byrd - Don't take her she's all I've got
"Please don't take her love away from me..."

Side-kick is a heart-broken man on the search for his love who was kidnapped by a roving band of raiders. He knows it's nigh impossible for her to still be alive, but his love prevents him from giving up.

>5th song - Lover's theme
Chet Baker - Let's Get Lost

This is fucking PERFECT. I can't even add anything more to this

>7tg song - BBEGs theme
Citizen Cope ft. Carlos Santana - Sideways
"These feelings won't go away...."

BBEG is a man who lost's too much and is unwilling to leave the world until they've felt the pain he has

>9th song - Final battle theme
John Michael Montgomery -Letter From Home
"Cause there ain't nothin' funny when a soldier cries..."

Hero and the sidekick led an army of heroes against the BBEG and his army of minions. Despite the belief in their cause, the army still takes losses and is bloodied.

>11th song - Homecoming theme
Chaos; Head OST - Flow ~Solo Piano version~

The BBEG is dead, the army, though smaller, marches home, spirits are high, comrades are made, the sun is setting but for the men it's only the start of a whole new era of peace.

>> No.17648412

Hero's theme: Some weird depressing song "Going Under (Evil Love and Insanity Dub remixed by Kruder & Dorfmeister)"
>no idea why I even have that. Hero's probably some depressed angsty loser, I don't like where this is going.

Sidekick: Fat Freddy's Drop "Roady"
>Optimistic, relaxed friend that is a complete contrast to the hero

Lover: Dark Star Orchestra - Weather Report Suite
>The song is actually horrible and I never heard it before, something about seasons and flying
>Lover is a tribal native of the setting, probably saves the hero at some point early in the story

BBEG: Stanley Clarke - 'Bout the Bass
>The BBEG means business. He's a gangster you have a couple of run-ins early. He only becomes the BBEG later as the story progresses out of pure chance of having followed the hero around for a while and beating him to whatever device/item of power he was after.

Final battle theme: Radiohead - Sit down. Stand up.
>Fit's the hero's theme quite well actually. No explaination needed.

Homecoming theme: Skapulario - Fiesta Ska
>Stereotypical celebration in Lover's home village.

>> No.17648452

>Hero's Theme - Holier Than Thou - Metallica
Man, in early twenty's, who must fight to stop an oppressive government in which may or may not be a giant religious cult

>Sidekick's Theme - Strangers In The Night - Frank Sinatra
Very mysterious figure who shares a lot of morals/values/etc with le protagonist

>Lover's Theme - Yesterday - The Beetles
Long lost love who is found after hell and back and returning from long journey

> BBEG's Theme - Comin' Under Fire - Def Leppard
Stereotypical power hungry fool, who wants to wage war against others, and is willing to do anything to get there

>Final Battle Theme - Voyager - Daft Punk
The BBEG is confronted in his stronghold and inside the Hero and BBEG will fight in a giant hall as it is under siege

>Homecoming Theme - School's Out - Alice Cooper
As the Heroes return home, there is a giant celebration, during the summer (What a crap song to end on)

>> No.17648466

1st song - Hero's theme
>I'mToo Sexy
Hero's too sexy for his/her shirt.

3rd song - Sidekick's theme
>Kung Fu Fighting
Sidekick wants to trabble.

5th song - Lover's theme
>Tror du det for sjov jeg drikker
God damn... Lover's an alcoholic who drinks on a bench because his/her life has been shit from day one.

7tg song - BBEGs theme
>Hun har en pik
Well the BBEG is a chick with a dick.

9th song - Final battle theme
Building steam with a grain of salt

11th song - Homecoming theme
Har jeg bildæk
They go out to town only to find out that one of them is fat. God damn this story is fucking weird.

>> No.17648494

1st song - Texas Faggot, back to mad
Our hero is a en ex drug addict merc, his bodies basically fucked already from his previous lifestyle, and he's forced to go back into it

3rd song - Katamari theme
Our sidekick is a younger man who's on the same combat coctail the hero used to be on, the hero wants to help him to kick the habit, but the bad situations they keep getting him into makes him keep needing to use it.

5th song - Flare, homestuck vol. 8
a tragic heroine, she was the one who inspired the hero to kick his habit, but is killed in the start of the story when his old life comes back to get him with a vengence

7tg song - Gotta get mine - MC Breed
hero's old dealer, finally come to track him down as the hero humiliated him in front of his cronies back in the day before he quit

9th song - Can't get no satisfaction - Rolling stones
The two oldboys get locked in a gun battle through a crowded kitchen. their bodies are betraying them, old age and drug abuse making their muscles twitch and react slowly so they keep missing as they dodge through cover. They finally run out of ammo and at the crescendo of the song end up straight out brawling, with the hero choking the life slowly from his boss

11th song - Passion pit - sleepyhead
The hero can't take it anymore. His sidekick died, his lover was murdered, and his body's in constant pain from his ordeal. He picks up the combat drug he's denied himself the entire film, sticks himself with it...and he mentally blanks, not caring about anything anymore.

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This is gonna be a lot of lists with no interaction. Oh well at least the people doing it are having fun for the time.

>> No.17648565


Hey, I interacted.

>> No.17648573

>Hero's theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JyNkNu8bCE
The hero is an energetic, excitable young man, ready to face whatever the world throws at him with gusto.
>Sidekick's theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y11aknzG6UU
The sidekick is that smarmy rivalry kind of sidekick who is occasionally at odds with the hero and all the fans like him better.
>Lover's Theme: (I'm sorry /tg/): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gRgE3zabIY
The girlfriend is a centaur with that character's personality and a heavy Swiss accent.
>BBEG's Theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEHzL2AE4Po
The villain is a robot who wants to turn the entire world into robots, with the power of FUNK.
>Final Battle theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzYBrUl926c
The villain has actually already been compromised by the time the hero gets to him, and its just a matter of beating him up some.
>Homecoming: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sC-d-AM0gCM
After they kill the villain, they go on vacation.

Well, that was weird.

>> No.17648582

>Red Warszawa
Fuck yir

>> No.17648603

Just saying this would be more fun if somehow /tg/ combined it's efforts to get shit done. Right now it's mostly just one fa/tg/uy thinking of a stereotype that fits the song but if you'd let others pool ideas there'd be potential for awesome worldbuilding.

>> No.17648620

Hero's theme: Pearl Jam - Better Man
Who's my setting's hero /tg/?

>> No.17648627

>VAST-I'm Dying(Remix)
Our hero is a rebellious scion of a god who's caught in a perpetual cycle of rebirth and reincarnation against his will.

>Edge of Dawn-Pray for Love
A dark and brooding romantic, the sidekick is a cyberpunk version of Lord Byron.

>Alice in Chains-I Can't Have Your Blues
A warrior with a pragmatic streak, our hero's lover is devoted to him but she is being dragged into despair over his personal demons.

>Chris Connelly-Soul Boys/Hard Legends
The BBEG is a smooth talker and arguably the most rational of the lot-after all, he rules of the emotionally dead but peaceful and technologically advanced society the world has advanced to. He sees the threat the hero's rebellion and sidekick's Byonesque antics pose to the status quo and acts accordingly.

>Gary Numan-Airlanes
The final battle takes in the high altitude and speed lanes of the hovercars. With the sidekick hacking into a comptroller center and playing havoc with signals and traffic, the BBEG, hero, and lover exchange quips and blows as they play a dangerous game jumping from hovercar to hovercar.

>VAST-Winter in My Heart
The BBEG has been vanquished and his soulless technohell lies in ruins, but at great cost. The lover has paid the ultimate sacrifice, the sidekick is horrified at the destruction he has helped cause, and the hero remains locked in his reincarnation cycle for the god who allowed all this to happen. With heavy hearts, the two surviving comrades begin to rebuild a better civilization.

>> No.17648635

>Hero's theme
Kicked in the Teeth - AC/DC
>Sidekick's theme
Dissident Aggressor - Slayer covering Judas Priest
>Lover's theme
I want to Break Free - Queen
>BBEGs theme
Festum Asinorum/Chapter 2 - Belphegor
>Final battle theme
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Elton John
>Homecoming theme
Sheena is a Punk Rocker - The Ramones

Seems like 2 angry heroes fall in love and battle not only a great demon, but their feelings for each other. And pick up a rogue named Sheena along the way

>> No.17648659

Hmmm, how about one guy posts a song, next one writes something for it and posts another? Though that might get confusing.

>> No.17648670

lets try; Look but you can't touch by Poison

>> No.17648710
File: 26 KB, 300x235, Basara01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>1st song - Hero's theme
The Troubadour - Streetlight Manifesto

The hero is a philandering bard.

>>3rd song - Sidekick's theme
The Egg and I - Cowboy Beebop OST

His sidekick is a bumbling fat kid.

>>5th song - Lover's theme
American Pie - Don McLean

The love interest is female singer who has died.

>>7tg song - BBEGs theme
Hack 1, Charlie X - Information Society

A powerful mind hacker wants to destroy all the people in the world.

>>9th song - Final battle theme
Metal Shop - Da Vinci's Notebook

The final battle happens inside the head of our bard in the form of Capella Battle.

>>11th song - Homecoming theme
Punk Rock Girl - Streetlight Manifesto

By turning Charlie X's power back in on itself the Bard restores his True Love to life. They then have a child and travel around the world.

Awesome Bards saving the world, sounds like a great game to me.

>> No.17648731

looks like we got ourselves a Heroine. she's kind of a badass who won't take shit from anyone.
Let's find a main theme for the setting before we go on, 3rd song on my list:
...I have way too much old stuff on my computer.

>> No.17648741

> Hero's theme : Rammstein - Los
The hero live in a small city, in a desert. He want to make a name for himself.
> Sidekick's theme : Caesars - Jerk it Out
He is the childhood friend of the hero and principal comical relief. He follow him because he is bored in his hometown.
> Lover's theme : Gorillaz - Hong Kong
The Hero travelled to Hong Kong during his trip and met a girl from there. He leave the city for some reason and promise to her to came back.
> BBEG's theme : Gorillaz - O Green World
He's some kind of crazy ecologist. More funny than evil, he get in the way of the hero every time and each time provide a retarded reason why he do so.
> Final Battle Theme : Electric Six : Love Song for Myself
The final battle is a race duel between the Hero and the BBEG. The first one to get a kiss from the Hero's lover win. Obviously the Hero win since the girl was in love with him from the start.
> Homecoming theme : Deltron 3030 - Positive Contact
The Hero, his sidekick and the Hero's lover go back to the hero's hometown. The villain join them and became friend with the party. They ultimately live a peaceful life.
The generic goes on with everyone they met during their travel and how much good actions they did to them.

I guess it would be a really light campaign with everyone being not really mean to anyone.

>> No.17648756

Well intentioned, jovial lecher who never has any luck, and would be extremely surprised, possibly even in denial if anything went his way.

Uhm. Sorry. Combichrist: This Shit Will Fuck You Up

>> No.17648760

>Hero's Theme - Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal
The hero has a lucky star that gives him shapechanging powers.

>Sidekick's Theme - Vangelis 11 - Blade Runner End Titles
The sidekick is an AI that helps the hero out by finding information and hacking his enemies.

>Lover's Theme - Yoko Kanno - Tank!
The lover is, if anything, even more stylish than the hero. Her preferred weapon is anything that goes boom.

>BBEG's Theme - Bon Jovi - It's My Life
I have no idea how to make a villain out of this.

>Final Battle Theme - Nicol Armafi - Concord
A sudden shift in the tone of the series sees the final battle involve restrained, gentlemanly conduct.

>Homecoming Theme - MC Chris - Fett's Vette
But after that it goes back to being loud and explody.

>> No.17648785

>1st Song: Coone - Words From the Gang
Our hero is a disenfranchised DJ, often ranting about how the new kids on the block only get into music for the gain and not for the love of the medium.

>5th Song: Meroid Prime OST - Ice Chapel
His sidekick is a melancholic, frozen ghost, given corporeal flesh vicariously through the ice surrounding his form. He was convinced to leave his death place by the Hero, who despised seeing anyone giving up - alive or dead.

>5th Song: DJ Pavo: Tekno Music
The woman the hero loves is quite strange. He met her at a club, and she was one of the strangest women he had met. However, the relationship was not meant to be, as she willingly walked into the After Hours Club - a place where none dare stay and no sane men leave.

>7th Song: Brennan Heart - Running Late
The BBEG is little more than an old man fearing his time is always running out, and more often than not has burst into wherever he was apologizing profusely while being ahead of schedule. However, there is nothing that can stand in his way - he is the incarnation of Earth, and all fear his passing: few homes are left unscathed in his wake.

>9th Song: TRON Legacy OST: Arrival
The final battle takes place on a helipad,beginning with a staredown. The tone is sombre, simply two men going at each other for no reason other than they are there. There is no malice held towards them, no hatred - only the retort of guns and the meaty sounds of fists on flesh.

>11th Song: VNV Nation - Legion (anachron)
The return never happens. The story of the DJ ended as it began - pure circumstance, picked up because no one else was around. He dies, reflecting on his life - his mistakes, his loves, things both said and unsaid. What will happen? Will he dream? He doesn't know, and his last moments are of being too scared to close his eyes and take the final plunge.

>> No.17648796
File: 87 KB, 385x320, thegameisafoot.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Hero's theme: "Telephony" - Have A Nice Life - 'Deathconsciousness'
Our hero is a fucked-up paranoid schizophrenic with rejection and trust issues. Some, or maybe most, of the adventure is implied to take place in his imagination, and several events are questionably real at best.

>Sidekick's theme: "Rosenrot" - Rammstein - 'Rosenrot'
An extremely devoted sister to the protagonist; she, however, is begrudging about it at best. Village tradition suggests that the older sibling has to take care of the younger sibling, and she feels it is expected of her despite not wanting to do it.

>Lover's theme: "My Name is Jonas" - Weezer - 'Weezer'
Turns out the lover and the sidekick are the same person; the protagonist's older sister, who does, essentially, everything he wants. Ends up becoming his lover for one reason or another; however, at this point in the story, the line between hallucination and reality is blurred, so it may be a fragment of his paranoia.

[[continued due to 4chan 'field too long' bullshit]]

>> No.17648797

rolled 31 = 31

How about adding rolls?

>> No.17648805
File: 136 KB, 423x378, shitjustgotreal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>BBEG's theme: "Down Poison" - 3 Doors Down - 'The Better Life'
The BBEG is a person with similar issues to the protagonist, and even looks similar; is suggested to be a creation of the protagonist's mind to help him cope with some tragedy. The tragedy in question is never directly spoken of, but is assumed to be the death of either the protagonist's parents or lover.

>Final battle theme: "Paranoid Android" - Radiohead - 'Paranoid Android'
Jesus fuck, why are all of these fitting so well? The final battle takes place after the BBEG kills the protagonist's lover/sister and the protagonist swears revenge. The final battle is mostly verbal, with very phew physical actions. The end of the battle is strange and ambiguous, but it is heavily implied the protagonist 'makes peace' with the BBEG and they become one being again.

>Homecoming theme: "Safe Home" - Anthrax - 'We've Come For You All'
The protagonist wakes up after the battle in his own house. The fantastical, mythical machinations that existed previously are now all but gone; we are treated to a normal looking scene. The protagonist fixes himself some tea, and sits down, and we observe him drinking tea and reflecting on how his world is so much more clear now, and how he plans to start his life once more.




>> No.17648813

>Smooth Criminal
>Alien Ant Farm
>Not Michael Jackson
All of my hate.

>> No.17648819

I was just listening to that exact HANL song after getting into them thanks to KS generals.

>> No.17648820

rolled 90 = 90

Good idea. Highest roll on 1d100 is chosen. I'm >>17648756 btw, here we go, rolling power for embarrassing, smutty industrial song!

>> No.17648840

rolled 82 = 82

Good idea. Highest roll on 1d100 is chosen. I'm >>17648756 btw, here we go, rolling power for embarrassing, smutty industrial song!

>> No.17648849

Blergh, didn't see my own post appear.

>> No.17648867

U MAD? Also, forgot to mention that the one line review of my series will clearly be "Tries too hard to be TTGL, except for one pointless twist near the end."

>> No.17648878

1st song - Hero's theme
Swingtown - Steve Miller Band
>The Hero is a your average working man who loves to swing
3rd song - Sidekick's theme
The Poet and the Pendulum - Nightwish
>Sidekick is a masochist poet who kills himself at some point in the story
5th song - Lover's theme
Richard Manuel is Dead - Counting Crows
>The lover rejects the Hero, who is trying to show her his affection
7tg song - BBEGs theme
Explosivo - Tenacious D
>BBEG is actually a pair of metalhead devils, who love explosions
9th song - Final battle theme
Float On - Modest Mouse
>In the final battle, the hero and BBEGs actually make up and start jamming.
11th song - Homecoming theme
I Think I Smell a Rat - White Stripes
>Who would have thought, though, that in fact the Sidekick...was the BBEG all along!

>> No.17648883


Not the poster, but I personally liked the AAF version of Smooth Criminal more; but it's likely because I'm more of a rock-oriented person.

>> No.17648893

>Hero's Theme: Quick and the Blue (Acoustic), The Megas
The Hero is a man running out of time. He knows he's fated to die to his enemy. He knows everything he's standing for will fail, but stands regardless

>Sidekick's Theme: Castlevania (Live), Video Games Live
The Sidekick is the latest in a long line of guardians, sworn to defend the world with a legendary weapon.

>Lover's Theme: Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin', Journey
The Lover is a woman who's been around the block a time or two, but has always kept hope alive for the Hero in spite of his fatalism.

>BBEG's theme: Life's a Happy Song, The Muppets
The BBEG is too damn happy, working side by side with his brother. The BBEG is determined to make the world lean for his brother instead of the other way around... and force everyone to smile while he does it.

>Final Battle Theme: Final Assault, Mass Effect
The brother died in pursuit of a dream that could never be. The BBEG's mind is broken, but he has only grown more dangerous. And the Hero knows it must end.

>Homecoming Theme: Legend of Hyrule, Zelda Reorchestrated
The BBEG has finally been defeated, but the Hero paid too high a price; his fatalism has proven all too right. As he is laid to rest, the Lover cannot help but imagine what could have been if only she could have been stronger....

New Game Plus?

>> No.17648905

alright you won the roll then (twice)

Hero's theme: Look but you can't touch by Poison
>Well intentioned, jovial lecher who never has any luck, and would be extremely surprised, possibly even in denial if anything went his way.

>Sidekick Theme: Combichrist: This Shit Will Fuck You Up

Next guy adds a description for sidekick with a d100 roll and 5th randon song on your playlist.

>> No.17648916
File: 56 KB, 761x264, retard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>1st song: I'm Blue - Eifel 65
uhh.. lonely technology-based dude who likes the color blue

>3rd song: Only This Moment - Röyksopp
foppish effeminate bard dude who drips with homolust for the main character

>5th song: Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
on-the-lam murderer who's addicted to a medley of drugs

>7th song: Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden
ooh, all powerful magic user who's depressed and disillusioned with reality. wishes to make his own. pretty cool dude.

>9th song: Freelove - Depeche Mode
aww shit. the only thing I can think of is some sultry orgy between all the characters. dammit.

>11th song: I'll Make a Man Out of You - Mulan
what the actual fuck

>> No.17648942 [DELETED] 

Full Moon- Sonata Arctica
As if the world wasn't ending- Sonata Arctica
Somebody to love- Queen (With George Micheal)
Fucking Die (Cooper's Remix) - Skrillex
8th Commandment- Sonata Arctica
All along the Watchtower- Jimi Hendrix

All the Sonata Arctica is because the entire discography was the first thing I put on this new computer.

>> No.17648981

Are you sure your Lover is female? Cause the rest of that looks like a whole lot of gay (but not in a bad way).

>> No.17649006

didn't list the gender for that one for a reason

wonder what my music tastes say about me?

>> No.17649028

>Hero's Theme: Hell Patrol, Judas Priest
Badass modern-day paladin, fighting a never-ending war against the forces of hell to keep the world safe. Rides a motorcycle.
>Sidekick's Theme: Now I'm Here, Queen
The Hero was beaten, down and out, ready to give up with his job and his life, until he met his sidekick/lover, who gave him something to live for. (yes I'm combining the two. Hush.)
>Lover's Theme: Being 1, Volbeat
Shows how much the Hero and Sidekick/Lover mean to each other.
>BBEG's Theme: Right on Time, Red Hot Chili Peppers
The BBEG is a pop musician, who is actually a demon. He uses his powers, channeled through music, to steal souls and corrupt the world
>Final Battle Theme: Spanish Castle Magic, Jimi Hendrix
The hero and sidekick storm the demon's penthouse after the demon has dropped acid. The entire house is transformed into a drug-induced pocket dimension via the demon's powers, and the hero and sidekick have to fight their way through to kill the demon.
>Homecoming Theme: Long As I Can See The Light, CCR
For all that the threat is vanquished, and the Hero and Lover settle down, he must continue his fight against evil - only now he has a home to return to.

That worked out better than I expected.

>> No.17649034

rolled 77 = 77

Going for the easy mode.

Young woman, professional sub. Lauded for her talent. Has an unfortunate track record of making her clients develop an obsession with/stalker crush on her. Tags along because she finds the hero's fuckups hilarious.

Lover's theme: Rammstein-Haifisch

>> No.17649042

>Hero's Theme: Shredder's Suite from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle's soundtrack
...So we seem to be going with the villainous beginning point.
>Sidekick's Theme: Where in the World Carmen Sandiego
...Sidekick is world-famous thief, stealing artifacts and oddities from around the world.
>Lover's Theme: Lullaby of Deserted Hell by ZUN, Subterranean Animism GST
Lover is either dead or a memory at this point. Possibly what drove the Hero to his villainous beginnings.
>BBEG's Theme: What Once Was Lost, Halo OST
Old friend, perhaps rival for the affections of the Lover. Any relationships he had with the Hero have been severed, save for that of hate or revenge for acquiring the affections of the Lover. May have been behind the Lover's death/disappearance.

And apparently I'm feeling wordy tonight, the field was too long for one post. Continued shortly.

>> No.17649063

>Final Battle Theme: EMETH TO METH, SRW @3 OST
The battle between the Hero and BBEG rocks the last fortress of darkness. It is here the Hero discovers his lady Love, frozen in time by dark magitech created by the BBEG. If he couldn't have her, no one could. Gaining entry to the Fortress with the aid of his Sidekick, the Hero proceeds to engage in a knock-down, drag-out bout of fisticuffs with the BBEG, settling once and for all their dispute. The battle ends with the BBEG being punched through a wall and into the magitech generator, overloading it and collapsing the stasis field around the Lover, as well as the rest of the Fortress.
>Homecoming Theme: Fly Love, Rio OST.
Return to hometown, reformed after his adventure. Became a Hero in his own right, and his Sidekick has vanished to continue his career in grand theft, though he has had a change of heart and instead of for simple greed, he steals to fund orphanages across the country. He becomes something of a legend amongst the children, and has taken one or two of the most promising as apprentices. The Hero and the Lover return their home, and retire from the adventuring scene, raising a small family of themselves and three children. The eldest, a boy, takes after his father, while the younger two follow their mother more in personality.

>> No.17649097

Hero's theme - mogwai fear satan - mogwai

The hero is a pious man in his twilight years, a jaded former assassin frequently used by a holy order to backsmite demons and all kinds of evil shit. He gets called one last time to whack the demonic big bad.

>>Sidekick's theme - around the fur - deftones

His sidekick is an ex-main bro who got royally fucked by a diabolist mage they faced and became the demons. In a flash of clarity, he requested that he be locked away forever so he can't harm anyone anymore. Hero obliges, sticks his ass in a pocket plane contained in a keepsake friendship ring item (or something like that), goes BSOD for a couple of months. Hears former bro's voice in his head for the rest of his life

>>Lover's theme - our lies - rasputina

The love interest is the tiefling mage daughter of a succubus and a human male. She's a compulsive liar, but pretty much one of the good guys. Has been messing around with some pretty eldritch-y shit so she can talk with mommy.

>>BBEGs theme - blur - aphex twin

The BBEG is a shadow hivemind who wants to open a massive portal to the shadow plane in the middle of the sky and royally fuck everyone's shit up.

(part 1/2)

>> No.17649107

>Hero's theme
>The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Ennio Morricone


>Sidekick's theme
>Menu Theme - Barkley Shut Up and JAM Gaiden


>Lover's theme
>Insects - Oingo Boingo


>BBEGs theme
>The Kinslayer - Nightwish


>Final battle theme
>The Moon remix - Ducktales


>Homecoming theme
>Holy Diver - Ronnie James Dio


10/10 OP would play again

>> No.17649122

(part 2/2)

>>Final battle theme - heart of sunrise - yes

Shit goes down in a fairly epic manner, as the big bag opens said portal to the above mentioned plane. All seems lost until the hero has the dumbass idea to fight the villain in his hometurf. It's a suicide mission until the tiefling love interest (who got significantly more powerful through copious amounts of magic bullshitting) makes a deal with an eeeeeeeevil higher-up demon type who had a beef against the BBEG and trades her life for a helping hand. As she waves any chance of meeting mom goodbye for the purpose of saving the world (and hero), she dies.

Hero gets the bajeezus kicked out of him back in shadow realm until he becomes the demons too, thanks to tiefling girl and shady demon person. He godstabs the big bad to shit. The portal closes and much rejoicing was done back home.

>>Homecoming theme - the vulture - pendulum

Shit gets all kinds of messed up when he realizes he can't actually return home, not with the demonic power-up he was given. Stuck in the BBEG's shadowy demesne, he breaks bro out of pocket plane and spends eternity smacking shadow stuff back to its place along with former bro.

>> No.17649137

rolled 90 = 90


>Hero's theme: Look but you can't touch by Poison
Well intentioned, jovial lecher who never has any luck, and would be extremely surprised, possibly even in denial if anything went his way.

>Sidekick Theme: Combichrist: This Shit Will Fuck You Up
Young woman, professional sub. Lauded for her talent. Has an unfortunate track record of making her clients develop an obsession with/stalker crush on her. Tags along because she finds the hero's fuckups hilarious.

>Lover's theme: Rammstein-Haifisch
Somewhat homely girl the hero has known for ages but always disregarded. Holds a grudge against the sidekick. It's a pretty onesided love and she's probably the only person that truely cares for the hero. Always there for him when he's been rejected by women far out of his league again.

>> No.17649139
File: 35 KB, 448x323, herr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not entirely a setting but I get carried away

>Allein zu dir,Herr Jesu Christ - J.S. Bach
Herr Christ it is then.

>Prologue (Apprehension) - APOCALYPTICA
a thief running, sound of the watch in the distance
"quick quick hide, dam it, blast"
as he fly's round a corner *thump*
"aww give me a beak will you"
>Sidekick acquired
"but your, like not really him... right?"

>Concerto No. 4 in F Minor, RV 297 'Winter' - II: Largo - Itzhak Perlman
On a distant shore far away the lover waits, for the return of spring.
she misses her love yet she knows he'll return

>Mines.mp3 - Arcanum soundtrack
ore goloms and traps everywhere, A Dwarf has gone Mad, Dorff fortress style.

>Space Shanty - Leftfield
the centre of the mountain is naturally a launch pad, Herr Christ and the Mad Dorff battle aboard a dilapidated space station.

>Bí Thusa Mo Shúile (Be Thou My Vision) - Maire Brennan
BBG defeated yet, the ill conceived space station is falling from orbit, in an act truly befitting his character herr Christ crashes it into the ocean saving millions.
The lover looks up and see's the flaming comet and knows... she is heart broken.

>Track 17 - Gaudete (Remix) - Musica Vagantium

3 day's later herr Christ crawls from the ocean , there is much dancing

And that children is the Story of Oktoberfest.

>> No.17649148

>Hero's theme: Nightwish - I Want My Tears Back
The hero is an ex-adventurer. Remembering his youth fondly, he journeys away from home on one final quest before Death can claim him.

>Sidekick's theme: Kamelot - Lunar Sanctum
The sidekick is a merchant traveling the world, searching for somewhere he can feel safe. The hero convinces him that he must create that world himself, and they join forces against the darkness.

>Lover's theme: Avantasia - The Tower
A wizard who hasn't seen the world due to her being imprisoned by her evil uncle. The hero and the sidekick free her and bring her along. She and the hero quickly fall in love.

>BBEG's theme: Kamelot - 111 Ways to Epica
Oh shit.
The BBEG is the Devil.
He kills the lover and tries to make the hero lose hope in a better world.
The hero sees through the Devil's plans and journeys to the depths of Hell to defeat him and recover his lost love.

>Final battle theme: After Forever - Cry With a Smile
The hero cannot defeat the Devil, but bargains his own soul for that of the lover.

>Homecoming theme: Kamelot - Poetry for the Poisoned Pt. 2 "So Long"
The hero gets to spend one night every seven years among the living, which he spends together with the lover.

>> No.17649157

forgot the song,
BBEGs theme: Lux Aeterna By Clint Mansell. Of all the songs I hit the most overused piece ever.

>> No.17649165


>Hero's Theme: Wishing Upon the Chaos Emeralds, Sonic 2006
The Hero is returned to the world in its darkest hour. The Hero struggles to come to terms with his newfound second life, but accepts the burden.

>Sidekick's Theme: Tom Nook's Store (Animal Crossing: Wild World), SSBB
A shopkeeper whose father sold the Hero his first weapon and wanted to folllow in the Hero's example. Special attacks involve breaking kneecaps.

>Lover's Theme: Rainbow Connection, Muppet Movie
The Lover never stopped dreaming of her Hero, even after he died. It is a melancholy reunion.

>BBEG's Theme: Man or Muppter, The Muppets
Another pair of brothers, but no more of this making the world lean shit. They know who they are, and will break the world to end their family's cycle of blood feuds.

>Final Battle Theme: Shto Li (A Cappella), Alone in the Dark
Everything's gone to shit. The world is in ruins, floating in the void. The Hero, finally rejecting his fatalistic ways, is the only light in the darkness. But has his embracing of free will come too late?

>Homecoming Theme: Gold Saucer, Final Fantasy 7
After so much conflict, so much pain... so many Muppet songs.... the Hero can finally live in peace with the lover. The Sidekick can stop kneecapping bitches.

>> No.17649168

1: Rock You Like A Hurricane-Scorpions
>Hero is a hard-rockin and rolling guitarist who loves the life on stage and wouldn't have anything else.

2: Crazy Train-Ozzy
>Sidekick is an almost-metal Rhythm guitarist who puts up an illusion of being Keith Moon-style crazy for the sake of the band's attention.

3: Don't Stop Believin'-Journey
>Lover is a girl raised on god who has lost everything except her faith, the Hero, and her music; plays Bass.

4: Born To Be Wild-Steppenwolf
>BBEG is head of a rival band, hard rock incarnate, only the BBEG because he's the best in the Battle Of The Bands that is central to the story.

5: Bat Out Of Hell-Meat Loaf
>Final Battle is a head-to head musical competition with everyone looking on, from the lowly execs to the music executives to god himself. The band nearly loses, until The Lover pulls out a Bass Solo worthy of Geddy Lee and turns it all around.

6: Moondance-Van Morisson
>The night they come back victorious, the Lover and the Hero final reconcile all that UST with this song.


>> No.17649177

Alestorm - You Are A Pirate
>He's a pirate.

Pflanzer - Pflanzer
>He's a gardener and a nazi.

Nokturnal Mortum - Tears of Paganism
>She's a Banshee or something

Biermösl Blosn - Circassian Circle
>He's a harmless idiot with a flute who dances around all the time, not doing anything threatening.

Die Kassierer - Mit meinem Motor
>You don't even want to know what that song is about.

Devil Driver - Teach me to whisper
>I give up, I'm really drunk right now anyway.

>> No.17649186

Impressive draw.

>> No.17649201

>Hero's theme: Drake - Successful
The hero is a young gladiator who busted into the "big leagues". He's determined to be crowned champion, and claim all the wealth, power, and influence that comes with the title.

>Sidekick's theme: Coldplay - Violet Hill
An old bishop in the faraway papal state, he survived a violent coup headed by a usurper-pope and ran as his brutal regime seized the country.

>Lover's theme: Shad - Compromise
A young politician come to the city, she sees the gladiator rings as a barbaric aberration, and wants to see it disbanded. She falls in love with the Hero, but refuses to budge from her hard line against the Arena.

>BBEG's theme: Jet - Rollover DJ
The current champion of the arena, has charmed the Lover despite her misgivings. He sees her as just another liberal who cannot face the bloody sands, and is toying with her to bolster his sense of superiority.

>Final battle theme: Marvin Gaye vs. Gorillaz: Feel Good Through the Grapevine
The Hero's team versus the BBEG's team. An acrobatic and skilled fight in a complex arena, I guess.

>Homecoming theme: Parov Stelar - Catgroove
The Hero kills the BBEG and is crowned the new Gladiator Champion. He collects his fame and fortune and the Lover, disgusted at him selling out to the game she hates, leaves him. He gets over it, and the Lover occasionally sparks an affair between them.

>> No.17649289

>1st song - Hero's theme
Good Ol' Boys from the Dukes of Hazard: Our Heroes are former criminals that have turned over a new leaf, even if local law doesn't believe so.
>3rd song - Sidekick's theme
Miniboss Great Toad by Kijo kondo from LoZ Twilight Princess: why the fuck a a talking toad following me?
>5th song - Lover's theme
Bring to the Boil by Beltaine from the Witcher Soundtrack: She's fast paced, fun loving and adores nature.
>7th song - BBEGs theme
Awaken by Disturbed: "allow me to play with your Evil..." He lost it all, his life his hope even his sanity.
>9th song - Final battle theme
The New Dawn by Ensiferum: We fought long and hard to see the dawn of a new day...
>11th song - Homecoming theme
TRON Legacy by Daft Punk from the TRON Legacy soundtrack: A lot may have changed, we made new friends ad lost some along the journey. but our Legacy of Freedom will live on.

>> No.17649293

>1st song - Hero's theme
55 escape - Angels and Demons

>3rd song - Sidekick's theme
Yume Miru Kusuri Soundtrack - 17 - Taking Hand in Hand

>5th song - Lover's theme
The Birthday Massacre - Promise Me

>7tg song - BBEGs theme
The World Is Saved: Gamer Music Video

>9th song - Final battle theme
Within Temptation - Sinéad

>11th song - Homecoming theme
Rise Against - Drones

okay, soooo....
The "Hero" is a demon who will embark on a journey to kill the "BBEG" who is basically saving his world (by killing demons among other things.)
The sidekick is a minor imp (a nerdy female imp) who is secretly loves the hero (the hero doesn't notice this) and helps him in every way she can.
The lover is a succubus, and you never know if she actually loves the hero or just playing with him. You know the type.
Now the BBEG as mentioned is actually a lonely wanderer (pretty much a nice guy, really) who through much hardship tries to save his world by destroying the demon world, only our "hero" is in his way know.
In the final battle the imp sidekick sacrifices herself so our hero will survive and the BBEG will be destroyed, the hero finally realize the imps feelings.
The Hero is broken after this he is mad at everything and at himself, he feels that the imps sacrifice was a too high price, the inhabitants of his realm are just idiot they doesn't deserved anything he or the imp did for them. Finally he wanders away to live his life as a nameless hermit

>> No.17649328

rolled 12 = 12

>Hero's theme: Look but you can't touch by Poison
>Well intentioned, jovial lecher who never has any luck, and would be extremely surprised, possibly even in denial if anything went his way.

>Sidekick Theme: Combichrist: This Shit Will Fuck You Up
Young woman, professional sub. Lauded for her talent. Has an unfortunate track record of making her clients develop an obsession with/stalker crush on her. Tags along because she finds the hero's fuckups hilarious.

>Lover's theme: Rammstein-Haifisch
Somewhat homely girl the hero has known for ages but always disregarded. Holds a grudge against the sidekick. It's a pretty onesided love and she's probably the only person that truely cares for the hero. Always there for him when he's been rejected by women far out of his league again.

BBEGs theme: Lux Aeterna By Clint Mansell.
Handsome, rich but melancholic gentleman who believes the hero to be scum for his actions. Lost his wife in the war, turned to religion, his sole goal to meet her in the afterlife.

Man, that song is hard to use without worldburning and such.

Final Battle: Eurythmics-Here Comes The Rain Again

I'm not making this easy for the next guy, am I now?

>> No.17649338
File: 271 KB, 1600x877, TheReaperKingApproacheth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hero's theme - "Zoo York" by Paul Oakenfold
Sidekick's theme - "Stars" by Andy Hunter
Lover's theme - "Darkness Dawning (text music)" by Elsa Perrson, Larsec
BBEGs theme - "Ghosts of Mars (e2m4)" by Mythril Nazgul
Final battle theme - "Fifteen Fifty" by Ronald Jenkees
Homecoming theme - "Street Spirit (Fade Out)" by Radiohead

>Our story follows Jacob Raren, a young man at a crossroads in life; follow the mundane path set before him, working the fields of his father's fathers and marrying the girl of roughly his age the village seems to believe was 'made' for him or does he decide to wander too far into the misty forest? Tales sing of a strange world beyond the forest but no one is sure of their truth as no one has come back from the only road that passes through it.

>He discovers a goblin seeking fame and fortune in the talents of sorcery along his bumbling path through the forest. His heart is stolen by a ghost who longs for the comfort of someone who loves her and must confront his own fears of leading a boring life in the haunted moon of the misty forest. As he comes to peace with his life he redeems the girl's spirit, allowing her a second chance at life. He safely escorts the goblin through the forest before taking his bride home to the farm.

>> No.17649353

Hero's theme: J. A. Seazer and Banyuu Inryoku - Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku
>the hero is a crossdressing teenage girl who wants to be a prince on a white horse.
Sidekick's theme: Devin Townsend - The Fluke
>the sidekick is an aging adventurer who has settled down with a family but really misses the thrill of his old life; he feels overshadowed and ashamed by the hero's youthful idealism and fearlessness
Lover's theme: Burzum - Han Som Reiste
>an iconoclastic wanderer who walks alone in the forests of the north
BBEG's theme: Ascend - Divine
>a dreamer and prophet. eagles and crows are his spies, servants, and guardians. he kills king and commoner alike and would set himself up as a deity
Final battle theme: Drowning the Light - Silver So Cold On My Eyelids
>the prophet has sequestered himself in the land of the dead. the three must travel there to fight him, but the only way to go is to die, pay the ferryman, and travel across the river. Once there, though, they must battle the prophet search through the treasury of the underworld for the coins which were placed upon their eyes, the only way they can pay their way back across the river. instead, the hero decides to use her coins as a weapon to defeat the prophet, condemning her to forever remain in the underworld as its ruler
Homecoming theme: Converge - Phoenix in Flight
>the lover builds a pyre for the hero and then, lighting it, burns together with her. the sidekick, broken by the experience, abandons his wife and children to wander the world alone once more.

>> No.17649435

>Heros Theme: A Man In A Suitcase - Roy Grainer

Hero is a Tarantino-esque modern hero, gritty and badass who always wears a suit with no tie and half the shirt buttons open, and carries a suitcase full of various implements of death and maiming.

>Sidekicks Theme: Kabuto - Kamen Rider Kabuto OST

Sidekick is an insufferable dick who constantly skirts the line between memetic badassery and i-just-want-to-punch-him-ness, but always shows up exactly when needed, with the know-how to deal with the situation. Some might consider him the main hero, but he has no character development, more a deus ex machina for the hero to exploit.

>Lovers Theme: Tokyo-3 - Evangelion OST

The Hero does not let women tie him down: His true love is The City. He wakes up every morning at sunrise to watch the sun climb over the skyline, and promises himself he won't let this beautiful place be corrupted.

>BBEGs Theme: Your Star - Evanescence

The BBEG has been abandoned by his own lover, and with her has gone his hope for the world and especially The City. He just wants to tear it all down, without rhyme or reason.

>Final Battle Theme: Shangri-La - Fafner in the Azure OST

The Hero and BBEG face off on an isolated island in the bay. Its just the two of them, no allies, no mooks, no weapons. One will find peace....The other will get off the island.

>Homecoming Theme: Atwa - System of a Down

The Hero returns to find his worst nightmare come to pass: People have lost faith in The City, and society has become jaded and uncaring, blind to the beauty all around them. Sighing, he picks up his suitcase and heads back out to educate some motherfuckers.

Roll credits.

>> No.17649492

(No bullshit I swear I can't make this up)

Hero's Theme - Do This Anymore - Nickleback
Late 20's, Early 30's. Lost in life. He leaves everything behind to find a better tomorrow.

Sidekick's Theme - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheep - ACDC
Early in his travels, the hero meets up with a suave con artist, and an Oceans 11 level adventure begins.

Lover's Theme - The Jack - ACDC
One of the sidekicks crew is a fiery woman. She is wild and unpredictable. Our hero is thrown so far from his old life, he can't help but fall for her.

BBEG's Theme - Come on Over - Institute
The real villain is the Hero's wife. Married late teens, early 20's. She was the love of our hero's life... until years go by, and she becomes so controlling and suffocating our hero had to escape.

Final Battle Theme - Riding High - Ace Combat 5 OST
As the caper is in full swing, our hero's wife happens to be at the same casino at the time of the heist. It is not pure coincidence, as she has been searching for her failure husband the whole time. She ID's him and breaks his cover. The Scene is a Guy Richie esq chase through the casino, while the caper continues.

Homecoming Theme - Thrown Away - Vast
At the end of the chase our hero is forced to jump into a large body of water (river, lake, Ocean, whatever). He never resurfaces, and we get a glimpse of his Wife standing near by in the crowd. She cries for him throughout the credits as even though HIS perception of her was vindictive, evil, un-supportive, and controlling, she did still love him.

Lesson learned, sometimes it's our own perceptions and thoughts that are our true enemy.

>> No.17649499

>Hero: Pink Floyd, On The Run
Enhanced Corporate Asset, devoid of memories, fleeing the megacorporation who made him.

>Sidekick: Bob Dylan, Knockin' on Heaven's Door
Ex-cop, fed up with corruption and injustice.

>Lover: CCR, Susie Q
Shady girl on the wrong side of town with the assets to get everything she wants.

>BBEG: Life in a Tenement Square
Former IRA soldier employed by the megacorp as a bloodthirsty killer.

>Final Battle: Dark Side of the Night, Foxboro Hot Tubs
Late night downtown shootout between the two with pistols, shells clanking on the empty streets.

>Homecoming: Can't you See, Marshall Tucker Band
After losing everything, his girl, his sidekick, and everything he had built in his short time in the conflict, the hero sets off alone.

>> No.17649513

>Neil Young - "There is a world"
>Stanley Carke - "Me and the boys"
>Desmond Dekker - "Rude Boy Train"
>Special Guests - "Forget it"
>Santana - "Black Magic Woman"
>Some french (?) Ska title I can't even identify

Modern setting. Rather innocent boy gets into trouble when he gets convinced by his mischievous best friend to borrow him money for a deal with someone he met recently. However they get scammed horribly and lose all their belongings and spend the rest of the story trying to track down the "BBEG". It gets more bizzare by the minute and eventually ends up with a standdown in a voodoo/gypsy-den. All the money is lost since the BBEG has long since spend it all. Ends with a "The Journey is the Goal" undertone as they've both learned so much about live, found a girl etc etc.

>> No.17649523

>1st song - Hero's theme -- Kow Otani - The End of the Battle
Irom Khorvodahm, a retired White Paladin from the Realm of Mund' Amaroth, that go back to the adventure because the angel's voices are calling him.

>3rd song - Sidekick's theme -- Rob Zombie - Burn
Ur'am'Orot, a goblin from The Impossible Rainforest that hears voices inside his head and have pirokinetic powers. Looks for someone that help him with those voices. Follows Irom because he thinks that he hear the angels' voices he can be healed.

>5th song - Lover's theme -- The dancing did - Badger Boys
Mori & Atos - A pair of brutal rogue-tribal brothers. Painted as forest creatures, always assaulting anyone that get in their forest. They found Irom, who defeated them. The strange view of that white-armored warrior changed them and fell en love with him. Now they fight between them for gain his love, even when Irom don't like men.

to be continued

>> No.17649533

continued from >>17649523

7tg song - BBEGs theme -- Android Lust - Intimate Stranger
Mundariel, Thomuel and Gorianel (The three angels) - This angels were condemned because they told celestial information to the earthlings. The gods buried them and closed them in a slate pyramid, in the center of The Impossible Rainforest. The goblin
Ur'am'Orot found the way to get in to that pyramid, and the angels gave them pyrokinetic powers and those strange voices that he could not understand. The angels used the little goblin to call for Irom, because they want to go back to heaven, but they need a trully pure soul, because their souls are corrupted.

9th song - Final battle theme -- Andy Timmons - This time for sure
The angels are not but a ragdoll for the paladin. Irom always fighted for the good, but never were able to gain any god's favor. When he got into the center of the pyramid the three angels jumped over him, but he made them fly using his abilities. In that moment, the god of the light and awesomeness gave him his favor, he became so cool that smashed the 3 angels with his bare hands.

11th song - Homecoming theme -- Rammstein - Du Riechst so gut
Irom's mind changed because the favor of the god and started to prey every woman he wanted. He became a monster, but a cool sexual monster.

>> No.17649538
File: 178 KB, 500x409, 1321858024878.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Hero's Theme - String Quartet No. 13 in B-flat major, Op. 130 V. Cavatina (Adagio molto espressivo) - Ludwig van Beethoven
The universe is vibrations, and the vibrations are the universe. You drift across space, formless, a fragment of an adagio. As you ponder the vast darkness before you for countless eons you only find a sense of peace.

>Sidekick's Theme - Osspion is Tempted - The Secret Agent - Phillip Glass
Flitting about space, you find yourself as a newborn vibration. Purposeless but filled with energy you seek out others who will answer your questions. Most are old and slow movements, listless and melancholy. Stumbling across the content adagio causes you to pause your questing. You follow him, trying to understand his sense of peace against your growing frustation at the abstractions of this universe.

>Lover's theme - Ludi Musici XXII. Intrada - Samuel Scheidt
As they journey, the adagio and sidekick become entrapped in a procession of vibrations, buffeted by them as countless numbers pour over the travelers, threatening to destroy them in the discord. Yet through the fray, a stately piece calms the horde and releases them. Caught up in the pomp and circumstance associated with such forms, stately piece is moved by the adagio's unyielding sense of calm. Together they intertwine, a solemn and thoughtful vibration forming between them.

>BBEGs Theme - Diving Station - Geodaddi - Boards of Canada
The universe notices. Mysteriously sucked into an interdimensional parlor room, the sidekick and adagio find themselves locked in with an amoeba dressed as a butler that has a penchant for piano playing.

>> No.17649586
File: 1.60 MB, 350x197, 1325550677319.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Final Battle Theme - Studio Suicide, 1980 - Ravedeath, 1972 - Tim Hecker
The amoeba, orchestrator of the universe, stops playing. It is who gave form and substance to the vibrations, he who weaves the ethereal fabric of everything around them. But it has grown old and tired. It's membrane is worn, it's purpose failing as his music becomes staid and stagnant.

>Homecoming Theme - White Horse Come Soon - I Am The God Of Hellfire - Bong Ra
The sidekick has found his purpose. He is one of the few new born, and this concrete room has inspired him. Slowly, it begins to see beyond mere vibrations of strings, that music can be anything, and made of everything. A lampshade here, a loose wire there. At first it's nothing but haphazard noise without order, but soon it is molded into shape. Staccato beats, hissing wires, a flurry of rhythm and noise that both reflects the arbitrary nature of the universe, and still continues to live.

The amoeba is pleased.

I have no idea under what tentacle infested rug this shat itself out from, but where the fuck did this come from.

>> No.17649673

rolled 53 = 53

>Hero's theme: Look but you can't touch by Poison
Well intentioned, jovial lecher who never has any luck, and would be extremely surprised, possibly even in denial if anything went his way.

>Sidekick Theme: Combichrist: This Shit Will Fuck You Up
Young woman, professional sub. Lauded for her talent. Has an unfortunate track record of making her clients develop an obsession with/stalker crush on her. Tags along because she finds the hero's fuckups hilarious.

>Lover's theme: Rammstein-Haifisch
Somewhat homely girl the hero has known for ages but always disregarded. Holds a grudge against the sidekick. It's a pretty onesided love and she's probably the only person that truely cares for the hero. Always there for him when he's been rejected by women far out of his league again.

>BBEGs theme: Lux Aeterna By Clint Mansell.
Handsome, rich but melancholic gentleman who believes the hero to be scum for his actions. Lost his wife in the war, turned to religion, his sole goal to meet her in the afterlife.

>Final Battle: Eurythmics - Here Comes The Rain Again
BBEG tracks the hero down and watches him in a situation with his daughter he misunderstands entirely as she definitely did turn him down. He makes his decision to end the hero's life right there so he cannot corrupt his child, the only thing he has left of his wife. Dramatic showdown with a gun pointed at the hero ends with him shot on the floor and the homely girl confessing her love.

Homecoming theme: Bongo Tango - Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

>> No.17649686

>1st song - Hero's theme - Lit - My Own Worst Enemy
The hero is a has-been. A former hero who has be come a constant screw-up. His hard-partying lifestyle keeps causing him more and more problems, alienating him from his love interest.

>3rd song - Sidekick's theme - Nickleback - Rock Star
The sidekick is a man on a mission, to become famous or die trying. He's into the same lifestyle as the hero, but while the hero keeps failing, the sidekick keeps having things go his way. Perhaps he's the real hero of the story.

>5th song - Lover's theme - ELO - Don't Bring Me Down
The hero's lover is sick and tired of his hard-partying and constant screw ups. She doesn't want to get tangled up in his latest adventure, and misses the man the used to be when he was still worthy of being called a "hero".

>7tg song - BBEGs theme - Papa Roach - Getting Away With Murder
The BBEG is the "hidden in the shadows" type who has been behind several major events in the history of the campaign but has always been careful to never leave behind any incriminating evidence. Until now.

>9th song - Final battle theme - Queen - Another One Bites The Dust
The sidekick and the hero's lover manage to pull the hero's shit together long enough to take on several waves of enemy mooks before finally toppling the big bad.

11th song - Homecoming theme - Billy Joel - The Longest Time
The hero and his lover realize that they've always been meant for each other in spite of the problems that they've had over the years.

>> No.17649697

>Hero's Theme: No More Kings - Sweep the Leg
The hero is an expert, though unethical, martial artist, recently defeated in the final round of a grand tournament by a rival who was pure of heart.

>Sidekick's Theme: Julia Roberts - Break Down Here
A gunslinger running from her past, having been betrayed by one she thought she could trust. She puts on a stoic front to hide her emotions, and follows the hero because his circuitous journey across the world keeps her bohemian.

>Lover's Theme: Coldplay - Viva la Vida
A deposed royal who let the power she inherited get to her head. A master tactician and warrior, she overreached in her efforts and left her kingdom open to rebellion from a people she may have beaten, but never truly subjugated.

>BBEG's Theme: Lisa Miskovsky - Still Alive
A priest who survived a near death experience, though his beloved was not nearly so lucky. He was changed by his experience and is now most concerned with bringing back his love, though he doesn't appear entirely malicious about how he goes about it. Is he really such a villain?

>Final Battle Theme: Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
Man, I don't fucking know. MAGITECH AERIAL FORTRESS or something.

>Homecoming Song: The Lovin' Spoonful - Do You Believe in Magic
I think my campaign may have been derailed, what is this faggotry?

God damn it, my story is an evil campaign with a wacky ending.

>> No.17649715

I cant decide wether this doesnt work at all with the music you listen to or really really fantasticly.

>> No.17649741

heros theme:they cant take that away from me, Billie Holiday
Sidekicks theme:Time to know~be waltz, the seatbelts
lovers theme:Too good, too bad, the seatbelts
BBEGs theme:Un poquito de tu amor, charlie parker
Final battle theme: vagrancy, force of nature
homecoming theme:the voyage, sleepwalkers

>> No.17649806
File: 9 KB, 288x232, blax2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Hero's theme - Dynamite, Jamiroquai
>Sidekick's theme - Courier, Joel McNeely (Last of the Mohicans soundtrack)
>Lover's theme - Paranoid Android, Radiohead
>BBEGs theme - The Pass, Rush (Man, look at the lyrics for that one, it's amazingly appropriate)
>Final battle theme - Bugg Lite, Melle Mel & Zillatron (Oh hell yeah)
>Homecoming theme - Sunday (The Day Before My Birthday), Moby

Okay, so our protagonist is a sassy black female cop in a hybrid blaxploitation/cyberpunk universe that I am calling 'Cyberfunk'. Her partner is a crazy native American police-employed hacker who believes he's interacting with his spirit guides via the internet.

The antagonist is a bitter former special forces cyborg supersolider out to do to everyone else what the government did to him and rule the world with a (literal) iron fist. The love interest is one of his early experiments in consciousness transference from a living human into a combat android body. The SHOCKING TWEEST shall be that the human template for the android was our heroines former beloved cop husband thought killed in the line of duty! CAN SHE TEACH HIM TO LOVE AGAIN DESPITE HIS COLD, METAL HEART?

BUT THEY WILL NEVER GET THAT CHANCE, for during the final battle in the funk/electronic club front for the BBEGs cyborg factory, the love interest regains his humanity just in time to sacrifice himself to destroy the building and the BBEG.

Our heroine and the sidekick go home. She is sad, but she has finally accepted the death that she refused to deal with so long ago and found a degree of peace she never thought she would experience again.

>> No.17649848

>1st song, hero's theme: Ain't No Rest For The Wicked - Cage the Elephant
Someone who has an a true understanding of the world, with a very slight cowboy theme
>3rd song, sidekicks theme: Hold Your Colour - Pendulum
Trusty loyal sidekick
>5th song, lover's theme: P.E.T.R.O.L - Orbital
A little bit crazy, but the sort of person that does epic stuff from time to time.
>7th song, BBEG's theme: Burning Man - Kyle Gabler (WoG)
Generic BBEG (Ok, that was easy...)
>9th song, Final Battle theme: Playing With Danger - Valve (TF2)
An infiltration mission leading up to assassination that doesn't go 100% as planned?
>11th song, Homecoming Theme: You Can't Touch This - MC Hammer

>> No.17649884


...Although I did cheat a bit by skipping my original 'love interest' track.

It was 'Song for Lonely Giants' by the Mountain Goats, and would have made the love interest a depressed songwriter who lives in a tree. I couldn't work out how to make it fit the blaxploitation thing I had going with the hero(ine).

>> No.17649892

BBEG probably won that final battle.

>> No.17649895

oh wow, that was fun... i might actually make this into a setting
>Hero's theme -Tomas Dvorak- Clockwise Opera
A mysterious harmoniophone in search of his creator
>Sidekick's theme- The Drones- Oh My
A washed up Battleship Mechanic in the thralls of alcoholism and existential crisis running guns in the 5th ward
>Lover's theme- Flying Lotus- Cartoons 36
A propaganda DJ Moonlighting as a Spy for the resistance... "killed" by BBEG in third act
>BBEGs theme- Nosaj Thing- IOIO
An Industrial Construct containing the memories of the hero's creator and a replica of his soul
>Final battle theme - The Dodos- God?
In the remains of the creator's factory, the construct achieves godhead. The hero and his companions fight against it to no avail
>Homecoming theme- Mono/Poly- Needs Deodorant
In the last moments of the desperate struggle between our hero and the new god, the hero's material form is destroyed but his consciousness manages to leap forth and embed itself within the consciousness of the quasi-material god construct. the battle becomes one of opposing wills as both struggle to overtake each other and gain supremacy within the being. The Hero learns that he is in fact the embodiment of his creator's soul and overwhelms the god mind. As the conflict ends, the hero finds himself faced with the choice of restoring the world or living on with his lover in memory (dat moral choice moment)

The Setting is a Post Industrial on a Ravaged Oceanic Continent in the midst of an escalating cold war between the region's three prominent powers (Think mega- Australia in a Post Cyberpunk Romanesque- type period)

>> No.17649952
File: 731 KB, 640x360, 1326343183788.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Thomas Dvorak
Tell me you've listened to Floex, for all that is holy and in good taste.
Still trying to figure that out myself. Of that music I've only ever listened to the BoC song. You try making a setting out of classical and modern classical, ambient and then a D&B song :P

>> No.17649970

>Hero's theme - Metal Ripper (Instrumental) - Sabaton
Our anti-hero is a compulsive serial killer, prowling the streets of London, his crimes meant to evoke various heavy metal songs.

>Sidekick's theme - Firing the Guns - Iron Savior
Sidekick is a former fighter pilot, brash and hot-headed, eager to get back into the cockpit, almost as bloodthirsty as "our hero" is.

>Lover's theme - The Ripper - Judas Priest
The protagonist's partner-in-crime, who shares his homicidal tendencies.

>BBEGs theme - Theatre of Pain - Blind Guardian
An anti-villain, a member of a sea-dwelling race who causes immense death and suffering to humanity because they're sickened at the way the humans have slowly destroyed the oceans to sate their own decadent, murderous society.

>Final battle theme - Coat of Arms - Sabaton
The sea-dwellers strike back against the humans to defend their homes, while the protagonist and his motley band of killers decide to try their hand at murdering a different species for a change.

>Homecoming theme - Song of the Volga Boatmen - Red Army Choir
The sea-dwellers are driven back, but London is laid waste to, leaving it in ruins and the "heroes" all dead. Meanwhile, the sea-dwellers make their plans to invade another human settlement, this time in Russia...

>> No.17649974

1st song, Heros Theme, Goodbye Cruel World-Pink Floyd
Suicidal hero who has a bout of depression and is a blood knight but emo as fuck.

3rd song, sidekicks theme, Come Together-The Beatles
The only thing keeping the hero together, a drug addicted bard with ungroomed everything who stinks of weed 24/7. But a great guy all around.

5th song, lover's theme, Bible Black-Heaven and Hell (RIP Dio)
A religous zealot of a woman and a paladin who loved the Hero before he went all broody and suicidal, wants to save him but doing so will lead to her fall.

7th song, BBEG's theme, Another Brick in the Wall (Part1)-Pink Floyd
That evil guy that has done this before, but has a tragic history of losing a father to a war but instead of feeling sadness he feels as though he was cheated out of a normal life.

9th song, Final Battle Theme, Runaway-Kanye West
The final battle happens and the BBEG Kills the hero, and he pitys the lover telling her to run away from this accursed situations, because he cheated her out of love like the war did to the BBEG's father. But she instead decides not to run away and kill him.

11th song, Homecoming theme, Welcome to the Machine-Pink Floyd
At the end of the day she does not fall, the stoner goes back to being a stoner and she goes back to her normal days as a paladin, empty except for the dreams she always had which now feel fake, and a life hollow without her lover, whome she buried in the church yard. She falls soon after for unknown reason.
Sounds awesome actually

>> No.17650000

rolled 17 = 17

Field too long, only posting this. Also, I should watch less shitty anime romcoms.

>Homecoming theme: Bongo Tango - Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWijsLBE2QI
The Hero admits to similar feelings, causing the BBEG to realize his mistake. The Hero recovers from the wound, and tells the police it was an accident where both sides were at fault. He gets together with the Lover, and they eventually start living together.
Unfortunately, he's too used to his ways, and hits on the pretty girl next door in front of the Lover, causing her to chase him down the street with a blunt object, . He stops fleeing from time to time to hit on more women, and to drag all the other important characters into the chase.

>> No.17650002

Zorya was my AOTY

>> No.17650016

Well, let's go for a second run.
>Hero's Theme: Legend of Zelda (NES) Dungeon theme
Traditional Hero, spelunks dungeons and doesn't afraid of anything.
>Sidekick's theme: Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke by ZUN, Imperishable Night GST.
Partner for this game is a Ninja. Possibly a rabbit-person.
>Lover's Theme: A Big Hunk o' Love by Elvis
...She's very open with her affections. Firmly in the Hero's corner, will support him with everything.
>BBEG's Theme: One Winged Angel
Science experiment with delusions of grandeur and plans for world devastation. Classic stuff. May or may not have a mechanical wing/jetpack.
>Final Battle Theme: Dragonball Z Kai Ginyu Force Rules.
...I don't even. It's going to be a ridiculous five on one, though.
>Homecoming Theme: Crash Auto, Scramble Wars OST
Well, at least the ending makes sense. We go home, laden with loot and relaxing.

>> No.17650053 [DELETED] 

It seems I may have picked a bad time to revive this thread. /tg/ seems pretty busy with other shit, so I guess I'll have to keep trying and keep posting ideas and expanding upon existing ones.

Speaking of which, I forgot to mention that the in-game reason that the Runner Permits exist is that the Kingdom is understaffed and needs people like PCs to take care of the more hazardous jobs that they might don't have the personnel available to deal with, or provide services to the citizens that are deemed too unimportant to spare personnel for. It also behooves the authorities to keep people with PC-level abilities on a leash. It also behooves them to HAVE foreign PCs working for them and no one else.

>> No.17650064
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AOTY, all years. Especially Musetta's stuff, her own albums are pretty good too.
dem quads

>> No.17650069 [DELETED] 

oops, wrong thread.deleting post in a sec

>> No.17650090

OK, this time with media player instead of alphabetical order itunes.
HEROES THEME:Call me call me- Seatbelts||
Sidekicks theme:st louis blues- Billie Holiday||
Lovers theme:Breezin'-Tsutchie||
BBEGs theme:Wind-Sleep walker||
Final battle theme:Gotta knock a little harder- Seatbelts(Oh FUCK THIS COULD BE DONE REALLY GOOD OR REALLY BAD)||
Homecoming theme:Hi izuru style- force of nature||

>> No.17650115

second run
1st Song, Hero's Theme, Edge of Glory-Lady Gaga
Transvestite streetwhore who has a cocaine addiction but got pulled into a contest to win a fuckton of money

3rd song, sidekicks theme, Ignition Remix-R Kelly
The transvestite's black as hell pimp who likes to poop on things (Thank you dave chappel) but now has to remix his life for this crazy contest

5th song, Lover's Theme, Sun King-The beatles
Crazy spanish guy who worships a sun-cult falls in love with the Tranny during the contest but can't figure out she is a he

7th song, BBEG's theme, Rhinestone Eyes-Gorillaz
The master of the game who is actually a golem made of plastic who uses this contest to make more golems like him, as he prepares the machine doing so from far, far away.

9th Song, Final Battle theme, New Genius- Gorrilaz
Ends in a massive train-chase scene through a subway station where they "destroy" the BBEG when they remind him of what he used to be before he turned into a golem, a sad little man who drowned in a river he though was shallow

11th song, homecoming theme, You Never Give me your money-The Beatles
At the end they don't get the money (the Tranny secretly does) but hides it fromt he pimp long enough to move on in life to the constant calls of the pimp trying to get his "bitches" money she "stole" from him. Spanish guy finds out "she" is a "he", hilarity insues...

Oh my

>> No.17650240

OK, heros theme.
>Call me call me:Looking for someone, possibly
sidekick theme:
>St. Louis blues: Lets...lets say shes a singer, and this is what shes singing when shes introduced. Anyway, likely lost a lover or something along those lines, may or may not be looking for them but they are affected by it
Lovers theme
>Breezin:calm and cool, doesnt lose their shit often/esially
BBEGs theme
>Wind:I...I...FUCK. I got no clue.
Final battle theme:
>Gotta knock a little harder: requires a certan level and type of character development of some of the characters. For exact details, well, listen to the song, it should be fairly clear
Homecoming theme:

>> No.17650367

>Hero's theme: Spiritual Ghost: Forest of no Return, Record of Lodoss War OST
The Hero is a man left for dead, betrayed and wounded deep within the Forests of Darkwood. Your spite was the only thing keeping you alive, along with the aid of...
>Sidekick theme: No Children, John Darnielle (/co/ soundtrack vol. 16)
A disillusioned man who had suffered a similar fate to the Hero. His belief in friendship and sobriety are long dead, and he helps you out of some forgotten glimmer of humanity. After you are well, he promptly ejects you from his home, without your money. You wander from the forest until you meet...
>Lover's Theme: Cheek to Cheek, Frank Sinatra
A local dancing girl. She finds you starved half to death outside the town walls.Dragging you in, she brings you back up to speed, helps you find a job, and even shares her home with you. Over the months, you get closer to her, and for a brief moment, believe you can be happy. But then...
>BBEG Theme: Godzilla Destroy All Monsters, Fire Dragon Pursuit
A monstrous dragon assaults your town. Conscripted into the defense, you fight with all your heart to defend your new home. However, it and most of the town is leveled, while the dragon makes off with the town's beautiful women and a sizable portion of the town's wealth. Swearing vengeance, you stalk the dragon until...

>> No.17650379

>Final Battle Theme: Last Agni Kai, Avatar the Last Airbender OST
You have found the dragon's lair, and within, the dragon himself. You have girded yourself with the best equipment you can find, and somehow convinced the Forest Hermit to aid you. The battle is long, fierce, and bloody. But, you prevail, rescuing your Lover and giving your Hermit friend enough monetary wealth to effectively breathe alcohol for the rest of his natural life.
>Homecoming Theme: The Bard's Goodbye, by Todd Butler
The story ends as the Bard claps his hands, startling you from the reverie. It seems his gift with words and verse had so absorbed you that you almost felt as if you were the hero yourself. He thanks you, and those around you for lending your ears, and prays you are as generous with your coin. You give him a few silver, and wish him well. He, in return, wishes you good fortune and, after gathering his things, makes his way out of the inn. The life of a bard is a thing mercurial, and to stay in any one place too long is an oddity.

>> No.17650732
File: 44 KB, 311x334, nuoh my god.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Hero's theme: D.N.I. - Man or Astro-man?
Our hero is a secret agent who drives fast cars, has cool spy gadgetry, and shmoozes the glamorous chick spies.
>Sidekick's theme: Enigmatic Soul - Two Steps From Hell
Uh... Uh... Oh! A Catholic monk who tags along with our superspy hero. He also knows kung fu because lolmonks. Together they get into crazy buddy-cop style shenanigans as:

"Tha name'sh Huntah. Moy job deshcripshon ash well."

"May God have mercy on yo poor ass, for I shall show you none fool!"
>Lover's theme: Science and Magic - Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
Jenna Rubai, an enigmatic woman from the Middle East who wields otherworldly powers... and beauty.
>BBEG's theme: The Death of Vladimir - Battlefield 3
A massive, sinister supercomputer that has gained sentience and threatens to plunge the world into a nuclear winter!
>Final Battle theme: Diem ex Dei - Globus
Brotha Wilkes summons the powah of God using the Artifact of Golgotha just in time! The Angels of Light wage war with the dark and whirring servants of the Machine-God in a golden cloud-filled sky! Hunter and Jenna rush to stop nuclear missiles from launching; will their efforts be enough to stop the destruction of reality as we know it?!
>Homecoming theme: [Actually it was Pursuit - Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, but I've already got an U3 song, and the following one was] Captain America - Captain America
Our heroes return to cheering crowds! They stopped the nuclear/spiritual holocaust and are awarded medals, etc etc. Ah, they may have stopped this threat, but more adventures wait around the corner for our terrifying trio! We last see them speeding off into the sunset in a bright yellow Shelby Cobra in hot pursuit of a new mission and excitement!


>> No.17650848
File: 6 KB, 233x233, 1326927377514.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


oh my god

>> No.17650992

>#1- Don't forget
Probably someone with PTSD
>#2- Edelwiess
Probably a more gentlemanly person
>#3- Percy's Escape
Probably the most exiting of the three
>#4- Ecstasy of Gold
Mysterious, hardly seen
>#5- Music to Watch the Girls go by
Defiantly an odd fight
>#6- Propane nightmares
New villain appears, and the heroes attack. Cut to black.

>> No.17651622
File: 339 KB, 850x1205, 1316666781475.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Higher Love by Steve Winwood
Enlightened to Extinction by Kingdom of Sorrow
Lady Luck Revisited - MGS2 OST
I Won't Have to Cross Jordan Alone - Johnny Cash
Land Ho! - The Doors
Life's Been Good To Me So Far - John Walsh

Shit writes itself.

Hot-headed idealist teams up with an nigh-sociopathic female warrior to go find the hero's love interest who's gotten herself in some shit from gambling problems. Twist: Sidekick ends up falling in love with the hero.

BBEG is a cultist of some sort, consorting with the god of undeath. He ends up buying [love interest] as a slave and, if she gets to her destination across the sea, she's gonna end up as undead. Queue frantic sea-battle with pirates and privateers.

Group eventually figures out they need to stop the undead army on Spiderskull Island and do so. Hero gets dominated and ends up turning the love triangle into a love line in a rather bloody fashion. Hero gets revenge, destroys the ebil dudes.

Hero and remaining LI end up splitting after the whole ordeal. Hero is regarded as a hero, but finds life pretty unfulfilling. Do things get better?


>> No.17651837

>Hero's Theme: The Mountain Goats - Blues in Dallas
Our hero is the spirit of a dead man who has been waiting for his love in the afterlife for centuries. He has a very somber and sober attitude.

>Sidekick's Theme: Antonio Vivaldi - Violin Concerto in E, Op. 3/12, RV 265, "L'Estro Armonico #12," 3. Allegro
Sidekick is an eccentric and often ecstatic wizard who has resurrected our hero, probably accidentally.

>Lover's Theme: Rush - The Fountain of Lamneth
After discovering his former lover has long passed, our hero is lost in despair and confusion, until he finds another whom he wishes to spend eternity with. This time, he swears, the two won't be separated.

>BBEG's Theme: Slum Village - Get Dis Money
The lover turns out to have a secret nightlife, that of a prostitute. Her pimp is a most vile sort, and he often takes more than his fair share from her, in more ways than one, which leaves her destitute and broken-spirited.

>Final Battle Theme: Led Zeppelin - D'Yer Maker
Our hero has a strange understanding of irony, and decides to get back at the villain... by raping him.

>Homecoming Theme: Rush - Driven
After humiliating the villain, our hero has a resurgence of spirit. He understands that just as his lover was enslaved, so too was he by simply waiting for something good to happen. He vows no more and casts off his heavenly ties. The wizard summons a mighty flying beast to their aid and our heroes ride off to right all wrongs of this world.

Damn, this is some good stuff, if I do say so myself.

>> No.17651960

Heroes Theme - Queen-Somebody to love
Our hero's a romantic, seeking glory, riches and romance

Sidekick's theme - Iron Maiden-Wrathchild
Sidekick is the bastard child of a nobleman, searching for his father to seek revenge

Lover's theme - Queen-Play the Game
A romantic who falls for the hero, match made in heaven

BBEGs theme - Bon Jovi-Social Disease
BBEG is a succubus/incubus, trying to take over and devour the souls of the entire world

Final battle theme - Iron Maiden-Rainbows Gold
Lover is captured by the BBEG, and tries to escape as the hero arrives, only to be killed by the BBEG

Homecoming theme - Iron Maiden-No prayer for the dying
Hero defeats the BBEG, but is mortally wounded in the process and dies with his beloved in the BBEG's citadel

Well that kinda sucked.

>> No.17652109

>Hero's theme: Tom Waits - Los Angeles Mood
Grizzled private detective not afraid to turn a blind eye to the law in order to get shit done.

>Sidekick's theme: Harry Gregson-Williams - Sorrow
Dammit, this would have been better off as a later choice. Alright, sidekick is a down on his luck vietnam vet, addicted to heroin and booze.

>Lover's theme: Aubrey Hodges - Sierra Fanfare
What the fuck. What the shit can I get out of this?! It's a 15 second track made to go before the title credits of a game! No, you know what, fuck that, I'll redo this one after the rest.

>Lover's theme REDUX: 05-questionoffaith
Lover is a pious Christian, torn between her love for the detective, and her hatred of the sins he commits in the name of "justice".

>BBEG's theme: DW_Fire_in_the_sky
Better. BBEG is the sidekick's former commanding officer. The events of vietnam fucked him up severely. But instead of turning to something healthy, like drugs and alcohol, he's become a psycotic serial killer. Signature weapon would be napalm.

>Final battle theme: Tim Larkin - Beginnings - Atrus
After an international chase to bring this fucker down, the detective accompanies the soldier to face his CO back where it all began - 'Nam. The detective must now use all of his cunning and wits to defeat an enemy emulating the tactics used by the viet cong.

>Homecoming theme: Ilan Eshkeri - Lamia's Doll
The BBEG has been defeated, but at great cost - the sidekick sacrificed himself to ensure the defeat of his CO. The trip back home allows our hero to rest. But the actions and tactics the BBEG displayed haunt his dreams. Maybe even for the rest of his life.

>> No.17652203
File: 80 KB, 500x667, Frollo1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hero's Theme: You Lookin' at Me Lookin' at You - Ozzy
>Main hero is head over heels for a girl and wants to prove it, but before he could his girl was kidnapped so he goes to save her

Sidekick's Theme: We Don't Have To Look Back Now - Puddle of Mudd
>Sidekick had love issues but stays with the hero to help him win the heart of his love using his experience

Lover's Theme: Precious Jerusalem - Blind Guardian
>The lover desperately misses her home and reminisces of the times she had with the protagonist, even-though she was the daughter of the village chief

BBEGs Theme: Bled for Days - Static-X
>The BBEG is a former friend of the Protagonist and he kidnaps the Lover for his own bidding, as he also has feelings for her. He feels the Protag was going to betray him at some point so he went to extremes to get revenge (he's paranoid)

Final Battle Theme: Don't Stop Me Now - Queen (When I saw this I jumped with joy)
>The two former friends fight for the Lover, both determined to win her love, as nether of them will back down from defeat.

Homecoming Theme: Violence - Dope
>Turns out the BBEG and Lover were in on it and that they used kidnapping as a ruse to extort money from the town so they could run off, especially since the Lover was the daughter of the village chief. The Lover thought of the Protag as a friend but never a lover,; thus the Protag leaves in anger and is changed forever. Bad End

Not the best but I did what I could do

>> No.17652204

> I Don't Wanna Fight- Tom Petty
The hero is a lover not a fighter. He's pretty much a normal guy, but is pressed into action by his lover.

> Be Good to Yourself- Journey
The sidekick is mostly concerned with his own well being. He helps out though because it's interesting and he has something to gain.

>Black Sheep- Metric
The love interest is an enterprising, and powerful bitch.

>Venice Queen- Red Hot Chili Peppers
The BBEG lost someone very important to him. Without her he's a bit lost in life. He's just trying to set things right in the world but in a way that's questionable and interferes with the love interests plans.

>Witch Doctor- Ray Stevens
Everyone pops acid and shit gets really weird. There might be some voodoo involved, or maybe just more acid.

>No More Heroes- The Stranglers
There is no homecoming.

>> No.17652458

>Song 1: Believe yourself/Kamen Rider Agito's theme

Our hero is a fighter given a power he doesn't want to save his own world as well as a world he can't identify himself with

>Song 3: Take it a try/Kamen Rider Blade's theme

Our sidekick is a bumbling oaf of a jokester who has self confidence issues, is weak, sickly desperate for attention yet he builds up the courage to learn what it really means to be a hero.

>Song 5: Rebellion/Blazblue

Our Heroine is chained by fate to be a virgin blood and soul sacrifice to stop a bloodfeud that has went on for centuries... After seeing the hero and Sidekick fighting off waves of enemies, golems, demons and celestial stirs her soul into unleashing hell on earth, inciting rebellion

>Song 7 BBEG's theme Anubis Battle from ZOE2

A male prostitute who rises up to become something akin to a great general if not savior amongst the downtrodden people who seeks to merge everything into one singular point so that the gates of nothingness can open to wipe the two words clean.

>Song 9: Final Battle: Desperate Struggle FFXIII

The final battle rages within the hero's soul as he and the BBEG Clash in the spiritual realm within the Hero also relives his journey to see if his travels truly had any purpose, to see if he was even worthy of being a hero much less being alive.

>Song 11: Homecoming Itsumo Anata ga

The battle is won, but the road to victory is paved with the sacrifices of hero's villains, innocent and guilty. The hero, Love interest, Sidekick and his own love interest walk through the recovering and healing world seeing the phantasm's of their allies and enemy's one last time reflecting and making a vow to live long enough to pass the baton to the next generation.

>> No.17652541

Hero's Theme - Death Before The Mast - Alestorm
> The Hero was captured by Pirates and is about to be executed before their ship's mast when all of a sudden...
Sidekick's Theme - Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve
> The Sidekick, the Captain's First Mate feels sympathy for the hero, and challenges the Captain to a duel.
Lover's Theme - Roulette Roulette
> The Lover of the Captain strikes a fancy for the hero and proposes a game of chance: A Roulette.
BBEG's Theme - Under Heaven Destruction - BlazBlue OST
> The Captain of the ship has rigged the Roulette nicknamed the "Wheel of Fate" and spins it violently.
Final Battle Theme - Sewer Surfin' - Battletoads
> The Sidekick and the Hero can only hope to defy the odds as they stare at the Roulette.
Homecoming - Time's Up - xKore
> The Roulette comes to a pause, the Hero shoves the Sidekick off the side of the ship as soon the Hero is killed.

>> No.17652604

>Hero's theme
Noctis Era by Rotting Christ. Hero is a warrior for the armies of hell.

>Sidekick's theme
Bottom by Tool. He doesn't get along with the hero very well.

>Lover's theme
The Blackest Incarnation by The Black Dahlia Murder. Hero's waifu is a werewolf.

>BBEGs theme
Last Living Souls by Gorillaz. Guy's a paladin out to cleanse the world of darkness. So, the hero is really the true villain here.

>Final battle theme
Wrath of the Norsemen by Amon Amarth. A bloody battle on snow and ice.

>Homecoming theme
Katuman Kaiku by Turisas. A soft campfire song.

>> No.17652627

>Hero's Theme: A Tout le Monde (Unplugged) - Megadeth
The hero is on his deathbed, reminiscing his past life...
>Sidekick's Theme: Through Window's Clear - Anarchy Club
The hero remembers his sidekick for his dedication to his girlfriend.
>Lover's Theme: She Builds Quick Machines - Velvet Revolver
She was a crazy woman, that girl. Beat several thugs down armed with only a guitar. It was a wonder how this girl named Beth, now known as Tex, fell in love with a frail man as the hero.
>BBEG's theme: Yoshi's Island, Soviet Anthem Mix
An American Communist society leader, he lives as a hermit in his own fantasy land, lied to by his advisers, and ultimately unknowing of all the turmoil he is causing.
>Final Battle theme: The Fragrance of Dark Coffee
After BBEG said he thought that things were completely different than they actually were, and coming to the conclusion that his advisers had lied to him about how they were doing in the "promote communism, don't kill for it" tactic he had planned, him and the hero talk out their problems over the fragrance of dark coffee, and settle their differences, and become great friends.
>Homecoming Theme: im self employed - Aphex Twin
With all well, and no forceful communist uprising, the heroes return to their daily lives, and advances through their times on this earth, up until the moment where the hero is laying in his bed, dying.

Holy shit. BRB Writing a book.

>> No.17652851

Dude, that's actually a pretty awesome BIG BAD EVIL GUY. Maybe he should wear several blankets around him as his DICTATOR OF COMMUNIST AMERICA getup. For extra dramatic effect, you should make his EVIL LAIR OF DOOM a blue house in Smalltown, NY with a picket fence and a sprinkler and two kids playing in the front and a woman knitting on the porch.

>> No.17652892

Damn field limits.
>Hero's Theme - Two out of Three Ain't Bad - Meatloaf
Our hero is brave and courageous, there are few things he won't do in the name of "Justice"! However, he's not that strong.. Well, two of three heroic traits ain't bad.

But can pure guts and tenacity best military might and intelligence? Who knows, but its probably a good thing he's got friends.

>Sidekick's Theme - Who Wants To Live Forever - Queen
You know what sucks about being immortal? You never friggin' die. EVER. Such is the fate of our hero's right hand man.

At one point in his infinite life, he was a grand warrior whose battlefield prowess was unrivaled; however an eternity of watching his loved one's die and seeing the world "how it really is" has beaten the once noble fighter into a tired man. After meeting our hero, and being infected by his boundless enthusiasm. He draws his sword and prepares for one more run into the breach of war. Perhaps it'll turn out differently this time?

>Lover's Theme - Fire Your Guns - AC/DC
At one point, the only thing she loved was the recoil of one of her large caliber weapons... The battlefield was her stage, and gunfire, quickly followed by a sympathy of death screams were he song. Until she met our hero.

After watching the inspiring (and often idiotic) bravery of our hero, and his unwavering ideals about "JUSTICE!", she found herself falling in love with him. She now joins him on his epic quest to change the world...

>> No.17652936

>BBEG's Theme - Warpigs - Black Sabboth
"Peace" and "Justice" are not ideals, just buzz words to get the populace ready for war, and the war he's planning will bring the world to order; even if he's got to choke the shit out of it first. But the matter of this "rebellion" is causing his grand war machine problems, but he'll grind these pathetic rebels underneath his boot soon enough.

> The Final Battle - Headlong - Queen
Our hero has raised an army, following his indomitable spirit and courage. They gather under his banner, the BBEG gathering what's left of his army as they plan to settle this on the field of battle.

"Charge HEADLONG!" The hero screams with a confident shout as he runs to meet the enemy head on.

>Homecoming Theme-I would do Anything for Love - Meatloaf
The BBEG is defeated, his army broken as his plans for the war to end all wars foiled.

Our hero leads his army home to rebuild, his lover by his side and his immortal friend filled with hope for the first time in one hundred years. He'd do anything for his love justice, except give up.

>> No.17653131

>Hero's Theme: Pain of Salvation - Chain Sling
Our Hero is a bitter romantic with bad luck at keeping stable relationships.


>Sidekick's Theme: Strapping Young Lad - Relentless
The Sidekick is Barbarian that feels most at home when driving his ax into the skull of an enemy. And tries his best to create enemies for that fact.


>Lover's Theme: Three - The End is Begun
An avatar of the apocalypse. Will try her damnedest to end the world when it is supposed to end and not a moment before. Opposes BBEG for that fact.


>BBEGs Theme: Darkspace - 3.12
BBEG is Lovecraftian madness personified. Wants to end the world before the things he sees do.


>Final battle theme: Thy Catafalque - Neath Waters (Minden vízbe mártott test)
The fight with the alleged BBEG is short, as his body is used as a host for the nightmarish beings he was paranoid of. The fight with the creature is maddeningly difficult and taxes the mind as much the body.


>Homecoming Theme: Primordial - As Rome Burns
Emerging victorious against the creature. The heroes return to an unwelcoming and divided home. Their once beloved nation has been divided by a violent civil war.


Damn. Sucks to be them.

>> No.17653147

>Hero's Theme:
Guilty (Come Drink With Me) - Anarchy Club

A female assassin, who has a job as a lawyer. Has killed a target, and then managed to pin the blame on his best friend. Shows little remorse for those that wrong her or her allies, and lacks the ability to ever truly hold respect for them.

>Sidekick's theme
Vengeance - The Protomen

He's a very vengeful young man, barely older than 19, and his voice can get shrill as fuck when he's mad. His father told him that the BBEG killed his brother, so he seeks divine vengeance, and was ABOUT to pull a gun on them while the BBEG had several snipers protecting him, when the hero came in and pulled him away.

>Lover's theme
ZERO - Ace Combat Zero soundtrack

An American secret agent, master of CQC, and can use any god damn weapon he pleases. Essentially Big Boss.
>BBEG's theme
Hell's Bells - ACDC

A rich Templar who forgot the Holy Wars ended a thousand years ago, and hates America. Plotting to end the Muslim religion, he hired hundreds of mercenaries to dress up as American Soldiers and "accidentally" friendly fire the Muslim religion into oblivion.
>Final Battle Theme
Blood Upon the Risers (What a Hell of a Way to Die)

The Sidekick and the BBEG fall out of a plane, wrestling over a parachute. Cue skydiving matrix dodging and the following boxing match.
>Homecoming Theme:
Mt. Saint Michel and Saint Michael's Mount - Aphex Twin

The trio ride out on a motorcycle, with the Hero driving, the Lover holding onto her, and the sidekick shooting at hordes of cars filled with mercenaries angry that they won't get their pay.

Assassin's Creed 3?

>> No.17653228
File: 141 KB, 700x1000, no sense.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This never makes sense to me.

>> No.17653339

>Hero's Song: Gotta Catch 'Em All (Feat. Tony Kakko) - Powerglove
Our hero is Ashwood Redd, driven by the power of rock to fulfill his dreams of one day becoming the motherfucking POKEMON MASTER.

>Sidekick's Song: You Are Not Alone - Michael Jackson
Not so much a sidekick as Ash's inspiration, the memory of his mother pushes him onward to be the best. On her deathbed, he swore to her he'd be the very best- like NO MOTHERFUCKER EVER WAS. Sometimes he can still hear her encouraging words in the midst of battle, pushing him to fight.

>Lover's Theme: Hell - Streetlight Manifesto
A firey-spirited young woman, obsessed with Ghost and Fire-type Pokemon, she adorns herself with very vibrant, yet macabre decorations, remniscient of the Day of the Dead holiday in Mexico. Claims to be a seer of ghosts, and is quite obsessed with what happens to Pokemon when they finally pass on.

>> No.17653348

>BBEG's Theme: DJ HERO - Street Sweeper Social Club – Fight! Smash! Win! vs. Beastie Boys – Intergalactic
A street-savvy underground DJ theming himself around the cosmos and the universe, Gary "GalacticSweepah" Bleu is discovered by the hero running an illegal Pokemon fighting ring, in which the poor creatures are pitted in battles to the death, instead of a points system. He seeks to make sure our Ashwood never exposes his terrible business- by any means necessary.

>Final Battle Theme: Man In The Mirror - Michael Jackson
After a long and arduous battle between Ashwood and Gary, Ashwood manages to corner Gary, and the plot twist is revealed. Gary is Ashwood's father. After a heartfelt scene in which Ashwood tearfully beckons for his father to change his ways for the memory of his dead mother, Gary resigns and disbands the underworld Poke-fighting ring. He gives all of his proceeds to his son Ashwood, and sends him continuing on his journey to become the MOTHAFUCKIN' POKEMASTER.

>Homecoming Theme: Richman - 3OH!3
After a time, Ashwood attains his goal of being the world-reknowned Pokemon Master, gaining fame, fortune- and all the status his mother would have wanted for him. Oh- and his sidekick is totally on his dick the whole time.

>> No.17653410

Back to the primitive – Soulfly
The hero fights against an oppressive gov’t bureaucracy more corrupt and slow then intentionally evil. His wife was killed by rapist and the system let him go. Therefore, he seeks revenge by bringing down the whole system.

Decision on the Dock – FFX ost
His sidekick is always saving him from tight situations because the hero is very impulsive

Siegfried act one – Der rings des Nibelungen
When the love interest and the hero first meet, they start (verbally) fighting and it takes a long time before she accepts him. Once she does she becomes inseparable.

Kokain – Rammstein
The BBEG is the leader of the city. His is also more corrupt then actively evil. But he enjoys his position, blackmailing women into sleeping with him, taking kickbacks, doing drugs etc.

Rondo in D Major – Mozart
The hero and his party start a revolution and they win almost without a fight as the leader surrenders at once to save himself. The revolutionaries reward themselves by helping themselves to his wind cellar.

Under Siege (ft. Regum Iraw) – Sepultura
With the gov’t decapitated and without any capable or willing leaders among the revolutionaries, chaos breaks out. The militia commander and the revolutionary council begin to fight in the streets and massive looting starts as society collapses. The hero and friends feel it’s best to let the problem by itself and leave the town forever looking for a new town to settle down in.

>> No.17653472

>Hero's theme - Knights of Cydonia; Muse

A knight upset with the indifference of the divine, the hero sets out to set things to what he thinks is right. He's got practically nothing to lose and the only thing that's going to stop him is death itself.

>Sidekick's theme - Give It All; Rise Against

The sidekick is even more reckless, barely resting to reach his goal. Even the hero sees that if he doesn't take a breather every now and then, he's going to burn himself out.

>Lover's theme - O Death; Ralph Stanley

All that the Hero as loved is gone or dead. The only thing that will give him rest is the cold embrace of the afterlife. Although he still seeks to live and make the world a better place, he sometimes looks upon the notion of dying as something to look forward to. Perhaps the goddess of death with great him with open arms after finally sending the BBEG into her realm.

>BBEGs theme - A Plague on You; Ray Koefoed

Gripped by greed beyond measure, the BBEG wages a war against anything that has what he wants. He leads the corrupt, the gluttonous, the misery, the mislead, and the perverse. Like a swarm of locust, they flood upon whatever land that crosses their path, leaving a wasteland beyond picked clean of anything of value.

>Final battle theme - Go Into the Water; Dethklok

The Hero must help defend the new life his people have found beneath the waves of the oceans. The BBEG is leading his forces out of the destroyed lands he's left behind and only the hero and his forces can turn him back. On the beaches they must hold them back or else there new way of life will be doomed.

>Homecoming theme - Symptom of the Universe; Black Sabbath

In the end the Hero gives his life for his people. But before he passes on he tries to impart the wisdom of love and peace that he learned from a life of hatred and war.

>> No.17653783

>Heroes Theme- The Curse by Distrubed
Our heroes a cursed soul forever damned to be one with darkness
>Sidekick's Theme-Somewhere I belong by Linkin Park
our sidekicks try to find his way in this world taggin along to help his friend as well
>Lover's Theme- Blow Me Away by Breaking Benjamin
Our love interests one tough cooking bit of a tomboy always looking for a fight
>BBEG's Theme- Freebird by lynard skynard
Our BBEGs a free spirit and is try to let even one be free spirits by trying to destory anything that might not let a man be free
>Final Battle Theme- One More Chance by Saliva
when our hero and BBEG meet in the field of battle our hero sees this as his final chance to stop this mad man from destory everything but to also prove hes greater then darkness inside of himself
Homecoming Theme-Torn by Disturbed
Allow he has defeated the BBEG, he sees that he can never be truly redeemed but and must try and accept what he is

>> No.17653940

>Hero's Theme - Talk - Coldplay
Our hero is a wandering about the land, looking for his brother, who left him home alone after their parents died to search for some MacGuffin

>Sidekick's Theme - The Man Who Laughs - Rob Zombie
An old drunk from the village, a former warrior of great repute, who is indebted to the Hero's parent's for saving his life. Decides to give up drink to help the hero on his quest.

May also be slightly insane, and bursts into fits of laughter while fighting.

>Lover's Theme - Requiem in Mass in D Minor, K 626 v. Lacrimosa

The pretty young girl was the only thing keeping our hero bound to the village. After her tragic, early death from illness, he decides to leave.

>BBEG's Theme - Ain't No Rest For the Wicked - Caged The Elephant

A powerful man who sees only evil and wickedness in the world. He raises a great army behind him to help cleanse the world of it's evil, and begin life pure, and new.

>Final Battle Theme - Through The Fire and the Flames - Dragonforce (Howfitting)

The sidekick sacrifices himself to save our hero, revealing that he is infact the Hero's father, having sired him with his mother in an adulterous relationship with his best friend's wife. Shame kept him from ever speaking of it.

Seeing the good in our hero, and his mistake, he allows himself to be put to the sword, only if the boy promises to spread his goodness to the wicked people.

His brother had been a casualty of the battles between the BBEG and the armies of the kingdom.

>Homecoming Theme - When You Go - Jonathan Coulton

>> No.17653976
File: 9 KB, 730x413, 1325826115728.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

okay so apparently...

>R.E.M. - "it's the end of the world as we know it"
so the hero is some energetic and optimistic traveler of a post-apocalyptic world and he's fine with this
>Weezer - "pork and beans"
sidekick is a nerd and really doesn't want to be anything else. does what he likes and couldn't care less if it's unpopular.
>Green Day - "welcome to paradise"
lover is a runaway... a disenfranchised runaway.
>Trapt - "Headstrong"
villain/BBEG is an anarchist a very short tempered and standoffish anarchist who thinks the government/ruling power is the villain/BBEG
>Social Distortion - "reach for the sky"
final battle is a running gunfight and car chase that puts everyone involved a inch from death, villain has moment of clarity before defeat/death.
>Angels and Airwaves - "the adventure"
so apparently stopping the villain notonly got you a hero's welcome but brought about a golden age of peace and enlightenment to the land as the heroes, with love interest in tow travel onwards to new adventures.

not too bad, that was kinda fun, what you guys think?

>> No.17653989

Killing in the name - Rage against the machine
Obviously a paladin

Are you ready? - Creed
Another stand up fellow of the faith

> lovers theme
Dance me to the end of love - Don't know
He sees a singer in a bar, motherfucker gon' fall hard

Family Affair - Mary J Bilge
Caught messing around by his wife, loses powers

Inside the pirate ship - Zelda Reorchastrated
...No idea, maybe a drunken scoobie doo style chase through a bar?

Alls well (oblivion soundtrack) -Jeremy Soule
Well, everything is taken care of. Wife pretends it never happened, paladin loses powers but keeps wife.

>> No.17654013

Not that bad, if I do say so myself.

1st song - Hero's theme:
Scarlet Weather Rhapsody - Beautiful Nature Sight

3rd song - Sidekick's theme
Cafe de Touhou - 暖色系アリス

5th song - Lover's theme
Anime Song Orchestra II Disk 1 - secret base ~君がくれたもの~(「あの日見た花の名前を僕達はまだ

7tg song - BBEGs theme
東方鋼鉄歌 参 - ラストリモート

9th song - Final battle theme
Iron Attack - Poltergeist

11th song - Homecoming theme
Desktop Museum - キラリ星

>> No.17654027

>1st song - Hero's theme Livin' In Sin - Godsmack IV

Paladin turned Blackguard suddenly wants to be redeemed again

>3rd song - Sidekick's theme - Closer (Further Away) Nine Inch Nails

Mute LE Death Knight Companion who longs to be able to use his fiddly bits decides to go along for the ride, to truly test him

>5th song - Lover's theme - Trickshot - Ceasefire; Crystal Method

Drug queen overlord decides that this isn't going well, and tries to addict him hopelessly to Pure Agony

7tg song - BBEGs theme - Lunch Box, Marylin Manson, Last Tour on Earth

Anarchist CE Psycho Apeman is on the lose, by taking him out the paladin might -MIGHT- take his first step to goody goody land

9th song - Final battle theme; Keine Lust, Rammstien


11th song - Homecoming theme, Ghetto Fabulous/Elite Force Crystal Method

And there was rejoicing as he took out the evil CE apeman, but was hopelessly addicted to Pure Agony and his life spiraled more and more out of control

>> No.17654043

>Hero's Theme: Glitter Freeze- Gorillaz
Our hero is an explorer, set out on his journey of self discovery to the shining white wastes of the north. An odd duck and a man of little words he sets out with a smile on his lips and a sword on his back, eager to start a new life abroad.

>Sidekick's theme:So ha- Splashdown
His long time companion is even stranger than he, a loud friendly mage who's prone to bouts of moodiness and seems constantly troubled, she's nevertheless always there to help our hero with an incantation or simple advice, When she's not threatening him with violence, of course.

>lover's Theme:Sleep Away- Bob acri
The refined daughter of a nobleman met early in the journey our hero finds himself drawn to the shy figure he first sees in the gardens stareing wistfully at the moon. The hero writes to her often about his journey.

>BBEG's Theme:Over the wall- splashdown
Tragedy strikes as the already unhinged companion grows jealous of the hero and his lover, giving in to the powers of a strange idol created by a long dead god, she puts her plan into motion. Only she realizes the idol has no power at all, everything's in her head.

>Final Battle theme: Dislocated Day- porcupine tree
The hero and the mage square off at the sight of a rift in time, the clash steel and spell as loud as the shouts of accusation from the companion, that it's all our hero's fault that history has to be unmade in this way. As the hero's sword pierces the mage's heart her eyes soften, the curse of her own mind finally washed away by the cold rain that falls around them.

>Homecoming theme:Square one- Coldplay
The hero returns home, alone, dejected, to the port town he had set out from. As he steps off the boat, he sees her, the noble's daughter, waiting for him, and he allows himself a bitter smile knowing that this town is where they'll spend the rest of their lives.

>> No.17654054

>Hero theme
Otep, My confession
Our hero is a schizophrenic young woman who is fighting what she believes to demons.

I am the one, Dragon Age soundtrack
Suddenly, one of her personalities takes on a more angelic appearance, offering her help through the dark and troubled times.

>Lover's theme
Clubbed to Death - Matrix Soundtrack
There is someone who she has liked for a long time, however he rejected her. She lost her mind and begin to attack him, only waking up several days later in a mental ward for self inflicted injuries

A wonderful guy- Tex Bernake
They don't really help, they only make it worse.

>Final Battle
Book of days - Enya
She suddenly realizes what has been going on the entire time by reading some books or some shit. Yay, happy ending.

Mr. Rodger's - KoRn
Well Cocks. That didn't work out as planned. Turns out there really were demons.

>> No.17654062
File: 199 KB, 491x298, 2562135345.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not that bad, if I do say so myself.

... Indeed.

>> No.17654080

1st: Stratovarius - Full Moon
3rd: Rhapsody - Dwarves Village
5th: Stratovarius - Forever Free
7th: Stratovarius - Falling into fantasy
9th: Yann Tiersen - La valse d´Amelie
11th: Rhapsody - Triumph for my magic steel

seriously - i don´t know what to do with this

>> No.17654093

Hero's Theme
>X - System of a Down
A cynical, misanthropic martyr out to save the world. There's been worse heroes I suppose...

Sidekick's Theme
>Blind - Korn
Someone even more hateful than the protagonist. That's surprising. Most of the sidekick's hate is directed at him/herself however, however with that hate s/he understands his/her flawed viewpoint, and lack of understanding with the world. Afraid that one day will snap.

Lover's Theme
>P.L.U.C.K. - System of a Down
Well, seems the lover is the most hateful out of the protagonists. While the other two may be hateful, they don't tend to act upon it. The lover however turns that hate into violence, for what he or she believes is a good cause.

>> No.17654102

BBEG's Theme
>Prision Song - System of a Down... Again.
Well then... Guess a drug dealer who has gone global, rising against the governments and inspiring those to follow him against the world order. Has connections with popular media in the setting as well. A anarchistic, charismatic druggy it seems, after the usual world domination scheme yet this time with many, many drugs.

Final Battle Theme
>I Don't Care - Apocalyptica
Strangely somber song for a battle. Many people are lost, with the lover confronting the main protagonist. Protagonist moving more and more towards going evil, distraught with the losses although tries to forget and pretends to be apathetic about it. Fails. Lover and Hero have a falling out, although the evil is dealt with damage was done.

Homecoming Theme
>.... House of 1000 Corpses - Rob Zombie
Well then... Huh. BAD END ACHIEVED! The world the heroes come back to is not their world. They have changed too greatly during their fight with the BBEG, and cannot fit in normal society anymore. This final blow causes them to snap, insanity growing and becoming the new BBEGs with a love for the hedonistic. Horrific killings...

Well... This is fucking depressing. I need to get happier music. No way I can even fathom how to turn the homecoming song good.

>> No.17654110

You need to be 18+ to browse this website

>> No.17654123


U so funneh.

>> No.17654130


We've got a hipster here people.
Music isn't 'deep' enough.
Bands too mainstream.

>> No.17654141
File: 60 KB, 180x180, 1325639394168.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17654146

Hero's theme: I only have eyes for you

Sidekick's theme: Court of the Crimson King

>Lover's theme: an instrumental Texhnolyze upbeat, techno but jazzy sound

>BBEG's theme: Skandal

>Final Battle: Give us the Rope by the Protomen

>Homecoming theme: I can go the distance (Hercules/Disney)

At first I imagined some sort of 40's suit wearing man slapping villains and shit around searching for his woman but the the list ended up kind of very very jumbled so I almost envision the plot of FFT and it kind of fits in some sort of overly positive happy happy way. Delita has a kingly theme, Vormav's song is about being scandalous and the final battle music is all sad and slow.

>> No.17654150

1. War? - System of a Down
2. Exogenesis Symphony Pt. 1 - Muse
3. Zwitter - Rammstein (Oh god what)
4. Good King Wenceslas - Relient K
5. Lights Out - Mindless Self Indulgence
6. Birthday Dethday - Dethklok

Practically writes itself.

>> No.17654153
File: 9 KB, 420x420, 1315598638310.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


GTFO Mayhem

>> No.17654170

The fuck are you even talking about? Are you autistic?

>> No.17654181
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>> No.17654220

splitting this into multiple parts, too long to fit in one post.

Hero's Theme: POTUS - Sharpen Up Those Fangs
Our hero is an optimistic thief who intends to win the heart of his love by stealing priceless treasures and artifacts for her, and although his recent vampirism has caused him trouble, he looks on the brighter side and seeks to turn a curse into a gift.

>Sidekick's Theme: Rush - Here Again
The Hero's Sidekick is an old bard going through a crisis of sorts, having won a degree of renown but losing interest in his chosen path. during a sabbatical, he comes across our Hero and learns of his quest. He agrees to aid the young man, not knowing - or caring - if it's to discover his lost muse or merely to distract himself from his troubles. All he knows for sure is, the boy reminds him of himself, so many years ago.

>Lover's Theme: convoyunltd - Supernova Pilot
Our Hero's lover is torn between her love for the Hero and her duty as the sorceror responsible for her tribe's extraplanar journeys - to her race long ago torn from their home beyond the confines of the mortal world and their eternal trip homeward, being the only one who can harness her people's latent psychic energy into the magical force needed to shift worlds, or to her first true love on a plane that, for once, isn't empty or trying to kill them.

>> No.17654224

Nothing really worth sharing from mine, except the finial battle music

>Queen: Don't Stop Me Now

I don't just defeat the the BBEG, I make a super sonic man outa him.

>> No.17654227

>BBEG'S Theme: Blind Guardian: All the King's Horses
The BBEG, knight of an ancient kingdom that was long ago destroyed by an angry god, was hot on the trail of the only artifact capable of preventing the kingdom's destruction. Having pledged to continue his search even past his life, he slowly turned into a decayed husk, wandering the land and slaughtering all who hindered him. When he was minutes from retrieving the artifact he'd spent the last thousand years searching for, he is enraged to witness a young thief make off with it. Now seeking to bring the fury of a thousand years down upon this thief, he no longer knows if he searches to redeem his long-dead kingdom or if he just wants to pass on to the afterlife.

>> No.17654231

>Final Battle Theme: Rush - Armor and Sword
Our Hero and his Sidekick end up in the ruins of the BBEG's dead kingdom, after pawning off the BBEG's relic for a handful of gold coins somewhere along the way. Intending to hide in the ruins and buy some time to plan for the confrontation they know is coming, they do not realize they've led their foe home. After fighting throughout the ruins, The three combatants end up in the temple where the BBEG's relic was supposed to have been returned to. The Sidekick makes a daring move to distract the BBEG, but ends up paying the price for it in blood. As the BBEG moves to finish him off, the Hero runs the villain through on his sword, both of them standing on the altar where the BBEG began his quest. The ancient god, having faded and grown dormant but not having disappeared, uses what little power it has to banish its now corrupted minion to an eternal abyss, but not before the BBEG gets on retaliatory strike on our Hero. The hero lies bleeding to death from his mortal wound, giving his last words to his friend and Sidekick, who limps for home.

>Homecoming Theme: Oingo Boingo - Spider
The Sidekick goes to the Hero's Lover, and delivers the Hero's final words of love to her. She feels horrible at this news, because she intended to tell the Hero of her decision to stay with him. She goes with her tribe on its journey, leaving behind a world with nothing in it for her. the Sidekick writes an epic regarding the Hero's journey and many consider him to have found his muse again, but he never writes or performs again, never truly recovering from the loss of the young man who had become, in equal parts, friend, brother, and son.

fucking hell, I don't know why it keeps fucking up on me.

>> No.17654234

Hero's theme: O'Death - Alamar
>A man from a small farming village that lost his first love to plague and famine and no longer finds the farming life to his tastes, striking out for adventure in an attempt to forget.

Sidekick's theme: Phoenix - Summer Days
>A youthful, irresponsible layabout that escapes the dreary confines of the city in search of excitement.

Lover's theme: The Decemberists - The Queen's Approach
>The Queen takes interest in the tales of a stalwart adventurer slaying monsters in her lands, perhaps?

BBEGs theme: Iron & Wine - the Trapeze Swinger
>A man who wished to ascend to godhood for the sake of raising havoc in the memory of his late wife, who was rebellious and passionate. With her passing he has lost all interest in the mortal realm, and wishes to fulfil the dreams of hers that he never paid enough attention to in life.

Final battle theme: Boards of Canada - Triangles & Rhombuses
>The adventurer and his sidekick pursue the BBEG to the space between divine realms and manage to force his powered-up form to dissipate, the gathered divine power scattering over the realms. The sidekick remains in the divine realms, or perhaps takes the power into himself and sets off to explore Creation.

Homecoming theme: Washed Out - Far Away
>The hero descends back to his kingdom as a powerful legend, loved by his people and given power to do anything he wishes. However, he finds himself unable to return the affections of his lover the Queen, as despite his great journey he still clings to the memory of his love. The adventure ends with the Hero sailing away to foreign lands, still in search of something to ease his mind.

>> No.17654298

1st song - Hero's theme – In The Beginning, part 1 (Babylon 5) – Our hero was present at some of the most defining moments in human history, and will be at the centre again
3rd song - Sidekick's theme – Season 3 End Titles (Babylon 5) – Sidekick is dark, moody, haunted by his failures, but determined to turn things around. Perhaps he joined up with the hero for vengeance.
5th song - Lover's theme – Midnight Show by The Killers – Love doesn’t always turn out as one would hope. Doomed from the start.
7th song - BBEGs theme – All Balls Out by X-Ray Dog – The BBEG never does anything by halves. It’s the entire world, not just a continent. And he isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty.
9th song - Final battle theme – Good Bye My Love by Tyler Bates – The Hero faces down the BBEG, who turns out to be his estranged lover. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. And now he must put her down for the good of us all. Can he?
11th song - Homecoming theme – Burzum by Burzum – The hero and his band returns. But they have changed. They came back wrong.

>> No.17654517

>Hero: Ungrateful Little Father - Broken Social Scene
A father who is ungrateful of his renowned adventurer son, he set out to prove he can do it better at his old age.
>Sidekick: Las Vegas - Top Gear (video game)
A high-roller friend of the father. He loves to gamble and has joined him for the hell of it, adventuring is better than their retirement home.
>Lover: Subotnick - Caribou
The newest girl in the retirment home, used to be a beautiful dancer. Like the sidekick, she's in it for shits and giggles. She is a very classy, exotic and erotic woman.
>BBEG: Meet Me in the Basement - Broken Social Scene
A sick man who kidnaps groups of people at once and keeps them in his basement.
>Final Battle: Closing Theme - Half Life (video game)
The BBEG equips his nuclear-powered mech and fights the hero.
>Retirment Home-coming: City of the Fallen - Söldner-X 2 (video game)
The nuclear mech blew everything to shreds. They have no home.

>> No.17655712

(Diablo 2 - Monastary)
Our hero is a fairly crusty, radical Inquisitor, steeped in forbidden lore and mystery, starting to drown in the corruption he has spent several lifetimes purging.

(Jonathan Coulton - I feel Fantastic)
...who is accompanied by an aging arco-flaggellant who spends the majority of it's time in a state of bliss.

(Streets of Rage 2 - Go Strait)
In his latest investigations, our protag is entangled with a hive ganger whose simple, strait forward faith in the god emperor puts his slowly dying soul to shame and gives him the strength to persecute perhaps his last quarry.

(300 - Returns a King)
...the cult of chaos that he has pursued for over a decade makes it's move...and is headed by a captain of the Emperor's Children, carving out his own empire in the materium.

(Motorhead - Serial Killer)
The battle tears appart a streak of worlds as monsters from the warp consume them in absolute horror. Millions are sacrificed to the prince of chaos.

(iLiKETRAiNS - Twenty Five Sins)
Younger, blindly zealous witch-hunters from across the subsector swarm in and their wrath rivals the bloodshed caused by the chaos cult and whole worlds are put to the flame. Our hero and his associates spend their twilight hours awaiting execution, even after victory.

DH seemed appropriate...lets hope it doesn't colour my GMing later...

>> No.17655947

>Hero's Theme: Kyuss - Allen's Wrench
The hero is a nude man with amnesia, the only thing he has is a single Allen Wrench

>Sidekick's Theme: Acid King - Teen Dusthead
This dude isn't worth very much, he's high on COCAINE most of the time

>Lover's Theme: Ahab - Of the Monstrous Pictures of Whales
I sure hope that blowhole is tight enough

>BBEG's Theme: Rory Gallagher - Going to my Hometown
The bad guy is just a regular guy who got a job at the factory, and now he's decided to go back home. Sadly, the 'hero' is in his way.

>Final Battle Theme: Bob Marley - Stop That Train
The BBEG is on his way back home, but the deviously cunning Hero uses his Wrench to sabotage the train!

>Homecoming Theme: Colour Haze - Remains
Everyone dies

Well that sucked

>> No.17656065

1st song - Hero's theme - Jack Wall: Reflections

Our hero, Mr. Jack Wall is a solemn, introverted, completely boring and generally unnoteworthy office slave.

3rd song - Sidekick's theme - Andromeda: Extension Of The Wish

He however wishes to be a great hero, and his fairy coworker Andromeda arranges for him to be promoted.

5th song - Lover's theme - Sabaton: Thundergods

In his newfound position of power, he accidentally awakens the ancient gods, which reward him with woman called Sabata.

7tg song - BBEGs theme - Holy Dragons: Íîâîãîäíèé Ðåããåé

However, he also awakend some ancient Holy Dragon, who speaks to the world in some incomprehensible tongues.

9th song - Final battle theme - Desaster: Satan's Soldiers Syndicate
Satanic Cultist have infiltrated the armed Forces and seek to acquire the power of the holy dragon to bring forth hell on earth.

11th song - Homecoming theme - Manowar: Animals
Unsurprisingly, they succed and the race of man is reduced to brutes, hardly more sophisticated than Animals, locked in eternal naval battle on the lava seas.

>> No.17656742

Hero's theme - Meet Again (Guilty Gear XX Soundtrack)

Sidekick's theme - My Village is Number One! (Xenogears Orchestrated Soundtrack)

Lover's theme - New Mexican Thunderbird (Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Soundtrack)

BBEG's theme - The Salvation (Dynasty Warriors 7 Soundtrack)

Final battle theme - Paradise (Iron Savior)

Homecoming theme - Final Attack (Gundam Wing Soundtrack)


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