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The BBEG of your last game is replaced by pic related.

How do your adventurers fare?

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Very poorly.

But consider this: My group have been outsmarted by a Gelatinous Cube.


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They probably feel sorry for Spine Injury Woman.

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Well, seeing as that appears to be a regular humanoid with no powers, as opposed to a horrific goddess of death, and the players are a group of professional murder hobos, a regular humanoid will take all of five seconds to steam roll through.

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the body proportions and it unnatural bent are a dead guveaway of this being an eldritch abomination and in no waywould they fall for it

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...Ok, when and how?

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Are you implying that you can't stand like that?

You need to do some flexibility training.

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What? What is this abomination? Kill it!

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there's something very unnerving about that...

the same thing that is all too apparent in Jungi Ito's stuff...

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Holy Shit.
I never laughed so much at a gif

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This I have got to hear.
Story time please, kind sir.

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Spaghetti...spaghetti everywhere...

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We'd probably just look at each other uncomfortably, go fuck this shit, and go home.

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This reminds me of this:

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Why.. Why would you fuck it?

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why wouldn't you?

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Killing would have happened a bit faster actually. My character had a ring that zapped the living fuck out of abberations/abominations (intelligent item). Extra 6d6 damage per round would have helped nicely

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First incident: Running a PathFinder remake of the 3rd Edition starting adventure (in some Dorf Keep or some stuff like that) Gelatinous Cube sensing food-stuffs begins moving down a corridor. Party sees it, despite knowing 3-4 different routes that go around / flank the Cube - including a corridor they just walked down, they stand in fear of the cube (who doesn't give a shit about them anyway) incase it has some kind of trick up it's sleeve, they spend a good hour and a half debating how to defeat the thing and discussed contigency's from "Incase it can fly" to "Summoning a badger may be a good distraction", in the end they barricaded the corridor it was coming down with a wall of Iron. Upon which the cube changed direction and walked down the other pathway into the characters - had they just moved aside it would have just ignored them and moved towards the foodstuffs. The words "Tactical Genius" were actually used here, I honestly died inside.

The second time, a cube was sat on a ledge above a large switch, having become trapped when it had caused the wooden bridge behind it to collapse. Despite the switch being obviously shootable (it literally had a large target on it), the party couldn't figure out how to deal with the cube and activate the switch. Instead they stared it down for three hours, before deciding to fire at the wall behind the cube (wtf?) to "Distract it" as they tried to make across the remnants of the bridge. The cube eventually clocked on that if it positioned itself in front of the switch it would be fed arrows and bolts shot in the wall behind it. For the following hours that followed, the party fired nearly all its ammunition at the wall behind the cube to "distract" it as a WONDERBARD tried to do an otherwise mundane task in an overly fancy and retarded way. The cube outsmarted the party by making them feed it around 2600gp worth of mundane and magical ammo.

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Your party enters the land of THIS:


How do they fare?

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I'm pretty /d/ but that's just... Wrong.

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>My face if I'd been the GM for that game.

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Player Characters, we don't believe in the easy way!

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>My face if I'd been the GM for that game.

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This is the greatest.

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Jesus fuck, that is horrifying.

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That is less the cube outsmarting them, and more the players out-dumbing the cube.

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My group would kick her ass anyway, especially the one who loves hack-and-slash.

My friend R: "I kill her; she's dead."

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Land in which everyone is constantly having an epileptic seizure?


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I fail to see the difference.


Aaaand, capped. That was a good one.

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Creepy akarin fuckdamn.

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What the fuck is this. I seriously don't even.

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I've had a similar experience with my group in CoC.
They had prior experience with a Dimensional Shambler, they fucking KNEW what it could and they had seen it happen when one of the museum staff was pulled into the Maximum Nope Dimension so that a cultist agent could get in and steal some shit.

Naturally they felt the need to attempt to kill the damn thing despite there being no reason to stick around. I was expecting them to attempt to chase the cultist rather than stay and try to solve a problem that may not even come back. So for about 20 minutes they discussed their plans to deal with the Shambler based on their assumption that it was some kind of Ghoul with portals and I felt it necessary to humour them because at times they had come up with some pretty good plans.

They fucking built a barricade in one of the 4th floor offices.

With their backs to a wall.

What ever the fuck their plan was it did not work.

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my soul feels violated by the Chorus of the Damned

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>our party's first Gelatinous Cube encounter of the game

DM- The tunnel is quite dark. You see what looks like a shimmering wall just around the corner

player1- I reach out my had and inspect the shimmering wall!

Player1 instantly sucked in, and paralyzed.

Player2 hastily tosses a grappling hook at player1 inside the cube to pull him out. Rope dissolves far too quickly.

Player3 decides his fort save is good enough, and DIVES INTO THE CUBE TO RESCUE PLAYER1.

Player3 is now paralyzed

Player4 Thinks this plan had merit. DIVES IN TO SAVE PLAYER1 AND PLAYER3.

I toss a scorching ray at it (and mentally begin preparing the requiems my bard will soon be singing)

Player4 actually managed to not get paralyzed and convinced the DM to let us get away with using a swim check inside the cube to move. He starts pushing Player1 out of the cube.
Pushes Player1 successfully out of the cube!

Cube's turn. Shuffles forward 5 feet, sucks Player1 back in.

That was a really messy, silly fight. We survived, and probably shouldn't have.

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Ah, man. If only it was the same Cube both times....

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My group:
>We have to move out of a country that prepares for war with its neighbour.
>Near the border, soldiers express-build a fort
>Hey, who are you!?
>It's still peace, we look like simple travellers and have nothing incriminating on use
>Rogue goes "Errr… Errrrrrm… AH! We're an inspection from the general to look at hygiene conditions here, to check your kitchen and lavatories!"
>Soldiers go wtf, we get invited and asked to talk to the commander in 15 mins and to show some official papers, we're not even looking military in any way
>Rogue express-forges something officially-looking
>Not really good at forging
>rolls a 3 or something
>get imprisoned
>flee anyway, thanks to Warp Wood
>get TPK'd by a vampire with too much wizard levels, who hunts us since we fucked up a little before
>Not the best of our adventures, I guess

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fast forward to the 37 minute mark


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What the dick is that

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The eys and mouth makes it look like Julianna Wetmore. My current player is an Imperial Priest through way of Redeptionist Crusaders. In effect. KILL IT WITH THE MOTHER FUCKING FIRE!

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