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Do you think that a Tyranid hive fleet could make it past the defenses guarding Holy Terra?

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One couldn't make it past Macragge. It's unlikely.

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Isn't it all but canon that the main body of the Tyranids are going to curb stomp everything in their way, and that the Tyranids are drawn to the Astronomicon? If so, then yes.

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>>Do you think that a Tyranid hive fleet could make it past the defenses guarding Holy Terra?
No because that would imply an advancement in the plot which is unfathomable!

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Nothing could make its way past that much plot.

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(Except for Horus, of course. But he had so many advantages it's silly)

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No not really that canon that they can... they're having such trouble with the Orks that they have to call in the swarmlord... and somehow i don't think the orks have whole moons transformed into gigantic canons of anti-spaceship blasters.

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>and somehow i don't think the orks have whole moons transformed into gigantic canons of anti-spaceship blasters.

What makes you think that?

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The Imperial Navy and IG would abbandon literally everything else to go help Terra. Chaos would wet the bed as they could advance soon enough and it would shrink the Imperium considerably. But Terra would not fall.

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Theoretically. A small Hive Fleet like Naga wouldn't have a hope in hell. But if the entirety of Hive Fleet Leviathan was brought to bear against Terra alone, then yes, it almost certainly would be able to make planetfall and invade the surface. But because Hive Fleets don't come in a neat standard size, you're not going to get a clearer answer than "maybe, depending on...".

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But it eventually would, as vast regions would get conquered by the Imperium's enemies without such protection and their resources would be unavailable for use, this in turn leading to loss in the war of attrition that would creep towards Terra.

That's why 13th Black Crusade will never conclude, Tau will never get into a fourth phase expansion and there are no more Hive Fleets incoming - ever - after Leviathan.

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Don't they have moon-sized Orkz? Imagine the dakka they use!

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You really think they'll never introduce another fuck-off huge hive fleet? I mean, this might sound crazy, but that sounds like TOO LITTLE plot progression for even GW to get away with.

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Because stompin buggies with a big dakka cannon with only 1 boom isn't a 'ood fight!

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>moon sized orks

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Eliphas the Inheritor would canonically have torn Ultramar Segmentum if it'd won.

So the Imperium is one major loss away from losing some of its most important territories.

Which, of course, means that every vital battle will be an Imperial epic last stand victory by Spess Mahreens.

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I really don't know that they would as >>17622270 said they entirely of the imperium of mankind would fallback to protect holy terra... i don't even think leviathan could withstand that.

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They can't do that because that would mean adding Hive Fleets coming in post 999.M41.

There could be a hive fleet that arrives before Leviathan introduced, but it won't be the "latest" in-universe, nor will it get as far as Leviathan which is the latest biggets thing.

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>Eliphas the Inheritor would canonically have torn Ultramar Segmentum if it'd won.
Not only that, he would have brought about "the Imperium's darkest day". No doubt with his amazing unbeatable tactical genius.

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Too bad the Bloody Magpies victory was the canonical event.

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Warp Travel is unreliable at the best of times. Trying to transit to an area that's suffocating under the Shadow in the Warp will be even more problematic. Every available battlefleet is going to scramble and make haste to Terra, but they're not all going to arrive at once in some massive wave of ships - they're going to trickle in, in dribs and drabs, and thus are very vulnerable to being torn apart as they arrive a bit at a time. You'll also note that the OP didn't say anything about whether this theoretical Hive Fleet could actually destroy Terra - just whether it could overcome the defenses guarding it. It's quite possible that a Hive Fleet might overcome the orbital guns, Luna, and the defense fleet stationed there, land on the surface, then be repulsed.

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somewhat related

I wonder what the point is of putting your biggest canon on an object that can at most cover half your planet

I mean to evade all the Luna defenses all someone needs to do is approach from the other side

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Well if they didn't make it canon enough then Ward might turn it into a giant peace monument, and then where would the defense of Holy Terra be, hmm?

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And to add insult to injury, they stole all his shit and took it back to their Librarium. To "destroy" it.

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No. Because as soon as the Hive Fleet enters the Solar System all the Grey Knights on Titan will take a short trip to a nearby Sororitas Temple and slaughter all the women until each Grey Knight is covered in hats.

Then the Grey Knights will kill all of the 'nids.

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Obviously they wouldn't need protection because the brocrons would arrive at the 11th hour and destroy the nids

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The whole system and it's surrounding area has so much anti space weaponry it's ridiculous. It could well be the first time the 'nids found themselves out numbered, too.

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When in doubt throw more men at it?

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Including a copy of the book of Lorgar. Rather embarrassing.

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