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If the warp reflects emotions why isn't there a Chaos god of love?

I mean as grimderp as the galaxy is surely parents still love their children and people still fall in love with each other.

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Nurgle and Slaanesh.

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Nothing says love like a rotten tentacle slithering into your orifices.

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there are good chaos gods. However, they apparently have no interest in the real world and do not make their presence known/ felt.

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I think that might be because love doesn't actually exist.

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Love is nothing more than glorified lust. Slaneesh is love in it's purest, most animalistic form.

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What if love isn't an emotion?

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Also called lust.

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For a chaos god, it's the simple, deadly serious truth.


The earliest editions of WFB and WFRPG mentioned gods of Good, but that was before the Warp was really conceptualized by the writers. That's all.

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nurgle is the god of love and slaanesh is the god of fun and enjoying things
you really don't need to look far too find these answers

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No there isn't.

The only good chaos god would be the Emperor.

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Someone has to have been keeping all those unaffiliated beefcake chaos character alive.

I'm not saying the chaos god of love is a homosexual.

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Oh look, lonelyfags.

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>spike nipples
I'm not even going to dignify this with a real answer

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actually, they've mostly been devoured by the greater psychic entities in the warp

not to say genuinely benevolent warp powers don't exist, it's just that they're actively hunted by the greater, malevolent ones

technically all of the powers have parts of them that represent "love", but the one that best encompasses the emotion would be Slaanesh

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>your mother doesn't love you
>she lusts for your dick
>your friends don't love you
>they lust for your dick
Did you get dropped on the head as a child?

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Those have a very practicable combat application.

Namely distraction and secondary emergency battle hug weapons.

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The major chaos gods are pools of sevral diffrent but similar emotions. So love will be in there somewhere. Then there is something about the more negative emotions rising to the top. I forget quiet how the idea went.

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I read an interesting piece of writefaggotry that theorised that the Emperor embodied those ideals, which is why his blessings can take physical form, a la Saints.

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papa nurgle loves all.
slaan makes love to all

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>young girls don't love their brothers
>enter average Japanese family relations here.

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Somehow I find the concept that my friends love me quite bizarre. Not sure why.

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Slaanesh is not just sexual lust, that's just what a lot of the fans deal with. Slaanesh is obsession, with a particular predilection for pleasure. Slaanesh offers you what you want, but, when you have it, you realize there's more. When you get that, you realize there's MORE! When you get that, well...

This makes most conventional love (romantic love) is covered, therefore, by Slaanesh.

Nurgle, meanwhile, represents decay and mankind's reaction to it. This is a part of why he's so jovial and "altruistic"; because a lot of humans respond to the sight of suffering and their own suffering by trying to alleviate it in others. Nurgle is, therefore, the god of altruism.

So, yeah; Nurgle and Slaanesh.

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There are warp deities that correspond to basically every human emotion. However, because the universe is so utterly ALL GRIMDARK ALL THE TIME, the positive ones are swallowed up or dominated over by the Chaos gods that we're more familiar with, because they have a much larger presence within the Warp.

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Isn't Nrgles Wife one of those benevolent warp entities?

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Is this in the Liber? I want to look it up.

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She's the Eldar goddess of fertility

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Because love isn't grimdark you fool

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Actually, all the chaos gods have good embodiments too. Tzeentch is intelligence, knorne bravery and honour. Nurgle is love. Why? Because true love is constant and unchanging, or stagnant if you prefer.

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Taking care of a child isn't love. It's a natural instinct ingrained in our culture because we feel that we have to spawn children so we can keep the family blood-line going.
Friends have agendas of their own, in the end we're all going to die alone.
Not saying you shouldn't be kind, I'm just saying that people that love unconditionally will get taken advantage of.
Love is a lie promoted for the sake of kapitalism and procreation.

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the link between nurgle and love is actually more complex:

Nurgle is the god of renouncement in the face of adversity; what motivates most of his cultist is the need to find something that cares for their pathetic little lives in a cruel, heartless world, and in the end, they reckon that pointless affliction itself is a form of disinterested attention and genuine concern.

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Love is chemicals. And it's nice.
That doesn't make it not real.

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might have been in one of them

might also have been in older fluff (LotD/StD)

his "positive" aspect is that of LIFE (or was it contentment?). Tzeentch is of hope, Khorne of Honour, Slaanesh of Love

That's just layman's terms though. All of them can technically put "love" into their resumes

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So adoptive parents are deceptive scum who only want kids so they can keep up with their neighbors?

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Talked once with the dude who wrote Liber Chaotica. Slaanesh gets power from anything from innocent little crush to sucking a donkey's dick.

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That counts right? I mean all she does is sit in a cage, cry, sing and cure diseases when nurgles not looking.

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Nurgle embodies disease and what disease is more infectious than affection and love? When one gets sick, we want to help and that disease feeds our desire to feel sympathy. That sympathy is a form of affection for another human being.

Nurgle is love.

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Yeah it was in a Liber I got it from. Forget which though I'm afraid. Wouldn't surprise me if it was reguritated from on of the old Realms book too.

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This thread is leaving me. . .love sick.

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Pretty much. Look at places like China where poverty reigns. Would you be able to kill your baby for your own survival if you truly loved them? Are the chinese therefore less human than the rest of us? No. Love is a chemical reaction in our brain, true, much like the endorphine rush one gets after an orgasm, a convenient way to further our species, giving us a highly addictive substance release while at the same time procreating.

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According to Liber Chaotica Nurgle represents despair, he simply uses disease as his main aesthetic. It's the same thing as saying Slaanesh is the chaos god of breasts.

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that...that doesn't have anything to do with adoption

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Humans are designed really terrible in that aspect though as we take more arousal to get going than any other species except for panda's maybe.

We also lack dickbones.

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You almost had me for a second

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Most likely because we've been indoctrinated for the last 2000 years to see lust as a sin

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>largest penis in proportion to every other primate
>doesn't even need a bone to support it

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Humanity-Fuck yeah thread?

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There was an ancient piece of fluff, that "positive" gods were so throughly fucked during the birth of Slaanesh and the War in Heaven, the remaining ones are so fucking dense they either hide away or "I won't interfere with mortal businesses".

40k is that grimdark.

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Don't humans have a larger penis than every other mammal except walruses?

I could have sworn I heard that somewhere.

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What I mean to do is to point out that humans only love because it is expected of them to love. People adopt either because of infertility or stature. Or just because they've fallen out of love(gotten used to the chemical reaction they get from their partner) that they want something that binds them together while at the same time make them seem succsessful in the eyes of their peers.

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Proportionally? I'm not sure
I know bush crickets have the largest testicle/body mass ratio though

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Nurgle is despair, but he is also one of the gods that really care for his subjects, which is why he's Papa Nurgle. So in a way Nurgle is like parental love and caring, as well as dependency. Nurgle is the god of "He hits (or in this case "infects") me because he loves me."

All Chaos gods sort of overlap. While insane murdering is Khorne, taken to the extreme, to the point where you do it just for the sake of doing it, the excess of it can also empower Slaanesh.

Slaanesh is more about doing what you like, be it cutting yourself or smoking weed all day 'erry day, as long as you get off on it, Slaanesh is pleased. It just happens that most people like sex, so it's not Slaanesh's fault (s)he is what (s)he is.

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According to the codex it's actually the opposite. Nurgle is jovial and paternal towards all of his creations. He feels a deep love and adoration for all of his sons and daughters.

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Wales are mammals. As are horses.

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I think OP put the term "god" of our real world, into the wh40k galaxy without considering.

There are no gods. Only Mighty entities of the warp, which our infant mind only grasps with the heretical term.

The Emperor is no God, he is more than a Man, as much more than a man to an Astartes than an Astartes is more than a man to a simple rank an file soldier.

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yes, we do, I just wish I'd get taken advantage of more often; people and their fucking sympathetic morality and ethicality is depriving me of honest-to-goodness proper human interaction via exploitation

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I think that is kind of the opposite of true considering that both Whales and Horses are mammals.

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But the "God" is used same way we do in fluff. Hell, in fluff some times they call lesser deamons Gods.

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Ducks have the highest penis/body mass ratio of all vertebrates
Whales have the largest total penis size

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An Entity so powerful our infant mammal brain can't comprehend it and need to put it into a certain category, thus calling it god.

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The only true God is Thor. Who banished the mighty frost giants with his hammer Mjonir. Midgard can rest at ease, hearing the sound of thunder, knowing that Thor is protecting us from giants, trolls and dark elves who seek to prey on us.

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Get laid nerd.

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Any lovegods in Warhams would overlap with Slaanesh who is involved in that and many other wonderful things. But worry not, thanks to Warp working in mysterious ways, a god of love and consensual sex would not be necessarily subordinate to Slaanesh any more than Ulric is subordinate to Khorne.

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This, the Chaos "gods" are basically just exceedingly potent concentrations of particular Chaos energies, given sentience. They are the Warp's equivalent of a black hole.

A real god, like Hastur, would slap their shit with ease.

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And what does happen to Odin if Thor is the only real God?

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You do realize that in the Cthulhu Mythos, all of the Gods are intended to simply be powerful Aliens that hold so much power that men can only accurately describe them as Gods.

They were never intended to be actual "god" gods. They are just supremely powerful beings that take advantages of our stupidity.

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Maybe because we fuck all the time. If we had mating seasons, and you only got to tap it like once a year, and didn't have to worry about sour looks from your partner afterwards, you'd probably get hard and cum pretty fast.

It has?

Book of Proverbs, King Solomon: "Six things the Lord hateth, and the seventh His soul detesteth."

-A proud look.
-A lying tongue.
-Hands that shed innocent blood.
-A heart that devises wicked plots.
-Feet that are swift to run into mischief.
-A deceitful witness that uttereth lies.
-Him that soweth discord among brethren.

The modern seven sins as we know it, date to 4th century AD and later.

Also, an interesting point, sloth in its original context didn't mean lazyness, but despair or lack of faith. It other words, losing one's fate in God.

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Read the last story of the Randolph Carter cycle, plus The Whisperer in the Darkness, and reconsider.

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But which God?

Which God must I believe in to not feel despair and pain at the sight of a passing mother and child? Which God to I pray to to fill my cold heart with warmth? Who to I sacrifice my freedom to so that they may shackle me to their loving bosom that I may never starve for the affection of another?

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Overinterpretation. That way Derleth lies.

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Odin still is the one that will raise the Einherjar during the days of Ragnarok that has been welcomed by the sound of the Ghjallerhorn

I just forgot if he is fighting Loki who wants to free parts of Nibelheim (or how to write it) or what, just can remember Loki having something to do with it

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"A deity is a recognized preternatural (that which appears outside or beyond the natural) or supernatural immortal being, who may be thought of as holy, divine, or sacred, held in high regard, and respected by believers."

Look at Greek gods, the Olympians. They're the descendants of the Titans, who in turn are the descendants of even more powerful beings, and all they really were, were supernatural beings with great power that had a control of various things, and people worshiped them as gods. Take away the worship and they were just assholes with great powers.

Also: god = deity, God = Christian god.

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You're a fucking idiot. Love exists. Why would something that's supposed to further our species make us do such stupid, stupid things, biologically speaking? I don't actually have any desire for any woman other than my girlfriend, which is stupid because I should be spreading my seed or whatever.
People have given up their lives willingly for their loved ones, hundreds of thousands of times.

My mother loves me, and actually cares for me despite me being an adult and acting like an idiot a lot of the time.

Stop trying to sound cool and edgy, love exists and it's far more than a chemical reaction.

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Not when Yog-Sothoth and Azathoth are described as cosmic, physical phenomena; In that last story about Randolph Carter that HPL wrote with an other dude, Yog-Sothoth was clearly a panentheistic divinity.

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I was trying to direct at this guy, sorry.


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No, I am going by H.P. Lovecraft himself. Other writers added divinity to the mythos he created but he himself never intended any of the "Gods" to be actual Gods. It was something he specifically stated.

Besides, I prefer the idea that humanity is such a microscopic being that even those we perceive as "Gods" are just things we cannot comprehend.

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The Greek Gods were aliens.

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I am so proud of you, son.

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Do you really think your mother doesn't love you for anything more than to make sure she has someone to keep her alive when her health fails? She probably had you because her mother wanted grandchildren, much like she will, if she hasn't already, try to push you to get offspring.
How long have you and your fictional girlfriend been together?

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If you go by Marvel, all Gods are Aliens.

>> No.17611003


On the contrary, Whisperer in the Darkness suggests Azathoth is a personification of a natural phenomenon. No more "divine" than an alien like Cthulhu.

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Send one of us back in time with matches, tasters, and guns. Or just even blades thin like razorblades. Far enough back in time even the biggest retard will be seen as god because he can make fire with a single flick of his hand, or wound someone with a tiny silver leaf.

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Get laid nerd.

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My mom had me because woman can't hold her Long Island Iced Teas.

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>Do you really think your mother doesn't love you for anything more than to make sure she has someone to keep her alive when her health fails?

If this was true, every mother would consume their children for vital nutrients after obtaining health insurance

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Jesus H. Christ did the concept of love and affection personally murder your family? Love is not any less true than any other human emotion.

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That's why the Good Book comes with instructions:
"I am the LORD thy God."
-Exodus 20:2 & Deuteronomy 5:6

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They don't?

I think I've been molested then.

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nurgle is the Chaos god of love do your research /THREAD!!!!

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Just because he loves his subjects does not make him the automatic god of love. As I said, Slaanesh is, according to Liber Chaotica's author, the one that gets off from love.

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No, because in most societies, cannibalism is frowned upon

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Warp deities for good emotions exist, but were eaten by the Chaos Gods and their associated emotions co-opted. For example:

Love - Nurgle. Grandpappy really does love all his Grandbabbies. But the way in which he shows it appears horrifying and disgusting to non-Nurglites. Actually, a lot of what drives people to Nurgle worship is Stockholm Syndrome (they were dying of illness already).

Hope - Tzeentch. He'll give you just enough hope to hang yourself, because without hope there can be no ambition, scheming, and so forth.

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and what are emotions other than chemical reactions in the brain?

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*jumps on bandwagon*
while "love" exists, neither any religion nor any scientist will be able to explain to you how it works.

Do wild female lions love their cubs? They protect them with their life, but is it love?
Elephants grieve for dead family members, but is it love?
Shimpansees mums, will carry their stillbirth around for a while, not accepting the death of their child (at least for a while).
Certain animals live monogamic, some even stay monogamic when their partner dies. Is it love?

We know humans do similar things. Some Scientists say, love is to complicated, only humans can feel it. But in the most basic things we are like animals, why do we call the same shit love and for animals its just "lesser instinct"

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Quints for scientific materialism!

>> No.17611141


Which Good book? I have read Frankenstein. I think that is a good book but I wouldn't consider Dr. Frankenstein to be a God.

He is a man whom gain a power he is ultimately not meant to have but uses it anyway simply for the sake of ego and knowledge. Once he uses this power though, he eludes his responsibility of such power. He runs in fear at what he does not and adamantly refuses to understand or attempt to understand. He shirks his responsibility for his power at the cost of his loved ones and still only thinks of himself.

Dr. Frankenstein is an asshole.

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That doesn't make love any less real though.
People love each other because they're fiercely held sway by chemicals, that doesn't make their love any less real or meaningful.

>> No.17611197

True, but people still see imotions as something otherworldly, and the thought of a "true love" is still what people yearn for, even though one could be conditioned to love a lamppost

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All emotions are based on chemical and mechanical reactions, just like absolutely everything else.
As for the love = lust "argument", there is scientific evidence that these feelings are caused by separate hormones. Oxytocin is a trust/love hormone, androgens and estrogens have a greater presence in lust.


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No, Dr. Frankenstein is not God, though if worshiped as a deity, he might be a god.

God with a capital 'G' is reserved only to the "one true God", the one of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, while god with a lower case 'g' is for any deity.

On that note, a "good book" is a subjective thing, while the "Good Book" with capital 'G' and 'B' is a reference to the Bible.

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What is anything but chemical reactions of the brain? This is the entity of human existence. We are nothing but chemical and electrical responses to outside stimuli.

Love is a word we have crafted to describe just one of a vast, vast expanse of what we have learned to call emotions which are ultimately a product of out brains reaction to that outside stimuli.

This is the beauty of life, that we understand this and can continue to fully experience our existence with all of it's pain, anger and passions.

Get laid nerd.

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>...why isn't there a Chaos god of love?
Isn't LOVE just the absence of HATE... just as darkness is the absence of light, and cold is just the absence of heat?

>> No.17611253

Ein Sof

>> No.17611260

>Isn't LOVE just the absence of HATE.

No, you're stupid. Hatred and love are both caused by the presence of particular chemicals in the body. Feelings are not elementary particles.

>> No.17611326


Meh, the Book of Mormon is better than the Bible.

In addition, remember: "As man now is, God once was; as God is now man may be".

>> No.17611328


Honestly, I have always felt that Love and Hate are not mutually exclusive.

Love and Hate are completely separate entities as far as the realm of emotions go. It is possibly to both love and hate a person because love is more a type of trust, admiration and understanding where as hatred is not necessarily the opposite of these things.

It is possible to love a person and hate that person.

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I disagree.
Love is a byproduct of lust, becausepromisquity is frowned upon in todays culture. One has to choose a person to be exclusive with, lest they be labeled a slut, or in the masculine form, a player. We need love because we are afraid to just fuck everything and worship the true god, the god of pleasure.

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What is a brain, if not a collection of atoms bound together through electromagnetic force? What are atoms, other than sub-atomic particles orbiting a core of other sub-atomic particles? What are sub-atomic particles other than elementary particles and composite particles?

>> No.17611353


Mormons are people who loved the Bible so much they decided to write fan-fiction about it.

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>> No.17611373


BS. It was largely plagarized, manages to be EVEN MORE boring and glacially-paced than the Bible, and Smith uses "And so it came to pass" the way other people use capital letters.

>> No.17611376

Look at the sources before someone get son my case for trusting wikipedia. Educate yourself, heretic.

>> No.17611379


So its a fanfiction of a fanfiction of fanfiction?

>> No.17611399

*gets on my case
it's fanfiction of a fanfiction of a fanfiction of a wackjob's philosophical manifesto

>> No.17611407


Its quality surpassess Bible once you read all those in Paul Eiding's voice.

>> No.17611469

That's easy, lets just eat from the tree of life:
"And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever:"
-Genesis 3:22

The fucker doesn't want competition.

>> No.17611506

>We are nothing but chemical and electrical responses to outside stimuli.
I'd disagree with this. The wonderful part of the human brain, the part that sets it entirely apart from a computer, is the fact that it has the capacity to respond to internal stimuli

>> No.17611517


>cannot eat from one tree lest he become mortal
>cannot eat from the other three lest he become immortal

Ancient Biblical editors and translators, did you even try?

>> No.17611562


I think we all understand who is to blame.

>> No.17611569

They tried. The issue was they were trying to convert an oral tradition into texts. Like imagine if you had to work out the one definitive coherent narrative of greek mythology. Without cutting anything out, and using all the sources.

>> No.17611575


>> No.17611592

So we should power the meat god, from the meat dimension.

>> No.17611700

You lost me.

Why not? Khorne still has pretty impressibe number of warmachines to his name. Blood Reaper, Brass Scorpion, Cauldron of Blood, Death Dealer, Doom Blaster of Khorne, Lord of Battles and Tower of Skulls.

>> No.17611744

They're made out of meat!

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