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Hey /tg/
I'm wanting to get into Warhammer 40,000

I have seen a lot of sweet looking armies people have made, but I cant decide on either Imperial Guard or CHAOS
which would you suggest for a beginner?

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Traitor Guard.

Best of both worlds.

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Imperial Guard are expensive and you need lots. I'd go with Chaos. Power armoured dudes, you don't need as much, and you still have a lot of good conversion opportunities.

Rumour has it there are two Chaos dex's to hit the next edition too. Legionnaires and Chaos Renegades.

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As much as I love Imperial Guard, they are an army that requires a lot of time and a lot of money to get off the ground.

Chaos is a bit more straight forward, has a lot of options as well and is relatively cheap by comparison. Also, Chaos is plain awesome and gives you a ton of room for converting Daemony stuff.

Also, like the man said, Chaos is rumored to get a new codex probably next year some time. Which is soon by 40k release standards.

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so chaos seems to be the way to go so far,
whats this about traitor guard though?

also self bump

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Traitor guard= imperial guard, painted up to look chaos affiliated i believe. I don't think there's an actual traitor guard army list

Anyway, the OP pic shows the coolest IG army by far, but that's even more expensive than regular IG. Just have that in mind.

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You can do a fairly small IG army if you do Veterans instead of Infantry Platoons.

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Traitor Guard are simply Imperial Guard who fell to Chaos and/or went renegade in some fashion.

Basically you just convert normal guard to look Chaosy.

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If chaos, wait until next edition. They're due for a major update.

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Forge World has a traitor guard codex but it's horrible.
Imperial Guard with a Chaos theme would be awesome, but starting a Chaos Space Marine army is easier (both in gameplay and on the wallet).
If you get really into it, you'll have left over CSM pieces that you could add to guard to make them look like traitor guard.

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Can somebody tell me aboutgood and bad of Tyranids and Space Wolfs armies?

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Those heavy bolts are nowhere large enough. They're supposed to be fist sized

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holly shit that looks awesome

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+Look Awesome
+Monstrous Creatures are really cool ways to deal with tanks
+Best Apocalypse unit
-Carnifex was nerfed (although 6th ed rumour that allow it to ram like a tank make it amazing)
-A lot of their models aren't out yet (2 years late)
-Not imperial and thus not the best on table top

Space Wolves
+Vikings in space!
+Cheap tactics! (Jaws of the World Wolf and those heavy weapon guys)
+Loganwing! (Think an army of exclusively of Viking Terminators)
+Arguably More powerful than regular space marines!
-Cheap tactics may make people hate you
-Wolf is the only noun they know

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Seriously OP, just go for anything you think looks good. Its just toys. IG and Chaos are both cool

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Go with Chaos Imperial Guard.

Its best option - amazing modelling opportunities, versatile guard codex.

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Dreads are awesome. There's just no way around it.

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Wait if chaos is so cheap wouldn't the majority of players be fielding an Chaos army then.

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Preference really.

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Because Spehss Mehreens are cheap too and more up to date.
And most people play what they like the look of.

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When he says cheap he means in the grander scale of things, as marines are elite infantry, more expensive points wise.

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Because Chaos is not very good in comparison to other spess mehreens that are comparable cost-wise

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From a competative standpoint, Chaos is kinda dead in the water. They have a similar playstyle to Grey Knights and Space Wolves, but both of those codecii completely outclass CSM. With GK, you can't afford to try to outshoot them, but you'll die if you even look at them in CC. Space Wolves are less egregious, but they're still nearly identical to your army with some added special rules and cheaper units. Chaos can still hold its own against the other codecii (IG and DE are rough, but all the older codecii have troubles with them).

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Its a wonder Deathwing/Wolf Guard/GKT lists aren't everywhere then. I think I have $165 in infantry in my 2500 point list.

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Chaos is cheap in terms of real money paid vs. points of men.
$30 of CSM is about 120-150 points.
Imperial guard is horrendously expensive. $30 is only about 60 points of guardsmen (40 points if conscripts).

In relation to other armies $30 of infantry (the basic pack) is:
150 points of Necron Warriors + 50 points Scarabs
120 points of Tau Fire Warriors + a few points of gun drones
60-100 points of Ork Boys
40-80 points of Hormagaunts/Termagaunts (I'm not sure exactly)

When most battles are at 1500 points, you could see where the problem lies.

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Entire lists of Terminators are less common because the units are very expensive, and you can't do as mushc with them because there will be so few.
Lots of infantry is good, with marines theres a nice balance of infantry that is effective but you can still have a nice number of them.

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Maybe Kriegers just have freakishly large hands.

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Deathguard is horribly out of date.
Loganwing and Draigowing are cool and I know people who play one or the other but it just isn't very good both in terms of tactics and in terms of modeling. It's kinda boring having an army of one type of guy. It's also kinda inefficient having an army of only heavy infantry. You're slow and easily countered if the enemy is prepared.

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True enough, but it is kinda funny that in most games my turn takes 10 min at the most, but my opponent takes almost that in movement.

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I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of thirty TH/SS termies with CML's marching across the field in a blaze of glorious glory.

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A Hormagaunt box gives you ~72pts~ and Termagants give you ~60pts~ and a single (10pt) Ripper Base.

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If you go guard you'll have so many units to paint that by the time your done painting your army you'll be reasonably skilled.

Also artillery and AT-STs and regular dudes with ceramite balls.

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fuck yea, this has been very helpful

I guess on a side note, what is ones preferred method of thinning your paints, as well as other painting tips and tricks.

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Use a spare ceramic tile; add a drop of water, mix paint with it, use it like an artist's pallet.

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Love the sword stuck in the left shoulder.
Not wild about the right, tbh.
You model, tho.

Well done!

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Okay whichever you guys is posting this crap from the store please gimme a text, I just wanna know which of you is posting my stuff up here

The right arm looks better when you get to it's side, it has a full tapestry ready for painting held up by a pair of bloodletter horns. Model based on a contemptor, adjusted by me, claws by naga.

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