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I love the Warhammer 40k setting, despite some of it's sillier ideas I still find it endearing in some way. Thing is, I have never played the actual game, nor do I want to.

I'd much rather play a more "adventure" style game, if that makes sense. One more based around a group of people going around the Warhammer universe. I've heard of Rogue Trader and Dark Heresy, but I'm not sure which would be better.

Also, my friends are interested in the setting too after what I have told them. But the thing is they want to know more, is a brief summary (I know, sounds ridiculous even to me) I can get them?

>Tl; dr: How do I introduce Warhammer 40k to my friends and should we play Rogue trader or Dark Heresy?

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Rogue Trader all day erry day.

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Direct them to the TVtropes page about 40k.

and unless you want your characters to die before being able to have adventures, try Rogue Trader rather than DH.

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Black Crusade. Family fun for all.

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in a way... yes.

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Is Rogue Trader very complicated? The group is fairly experienced but not with anything overly complicated.

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It's really no too bad. It's percentile based, and uses a profession based system, but I've never found it hard to understand, even coming from a different TT background (D&D).

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This is almost exactly the same situation I am in right now (though I have played the game) and I am interested in this thread, bump.

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Dark Heresy - You're mooks for an Inquisitor. You're utterly expendable and expected to investigate and occasionally dispose of horrible threats to the Imperium and mankind. Investigation, horror, insanity and corruption are all big themes. A mixture of grimdark CoC/Delta Green.

Rogue Trader - You're goddamn space adventurers with a kilometer long starship capable of crushing cities and more money than can be represented in non-abstract terms. You're still human, but you're also powerful and important. Exploration and adventure are the dishes of the day, with side orders of intrigue and mystery at times.

Deathwatch - You're the Emperor's angels of death. Make no mistake, this is a combat game. What makes it good is when you find yourself in improbable situations with the odds stacked against you and there's a half-dozen background intrigues making your life more difficult.

Black Crusade - You're the bad guys in a setting of bad guys. Except you may not be bad guys to begin with, or may just ascribe to unconventional sets of ethical laws. It's a game largely about overthrowing the Imperium and bringing Chaos to people while also watching your own back, but in practice it can run like any of the above three games or a mixture of several.

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Thanks guys. Looks like I'll be picking up Rogue Trader, it sounds like what I'm looking for.

In Rogue Trader, do you HAVE to be human? I have nothing against the Imperium personally, but I think my group might be a little bummed out. I know at least one of them was really looking forward to being a Kroot mercenary. Are there any alternate rules available?

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I think that there are rules for ork freebootaz, too.

And you can adapt rules of Xenos antagonists to make them into PCs, I guess.

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Well that's good enough I suppose, thanks.

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I'm still more interdasted in the tau girls than this topic.

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Ork Freebootas and Kroot Mercenaries are both options from the book Into The Storm.

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With a dick or with a crotchboob?

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Deff Skwadron Campaign. Exploring the 40k universe on the wing..... and bombing the shit out of it.

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Ah, /d/ lite.
How I've missed you.

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choose one

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A bead of sweat slid over the side of Shas'Ui Shenraya's eyebrow and down along her nasal slit, just above her lips. The cold air of the hall felt soothing on the Shas'Ui's warm skin. She thought it odd how heated up she was in the open room and not tucked snugly within the confines of her battlesuit. The alien eyes of the diplomats that had received her group were all on her, dressed down to just the tight latex of her undergarments. Somehow they felt tighter-- tugging almost as they observed her perform her usual daily exercises. Internally she cursed the noble Aun who had suggested the activity-- a cultural show of how the Tau soldiers kept themselves fit.

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Flashing a glance at the Ethereal, he turned a piercing gaze toward Shenraya that took her off of her rhythm. The intense stare of his silver eyes urged her onward in her task. Taking a deep breath caused her top to stretch around her chest with an audible noise. It was if the material had somehow gotten smaller, making it hard for the Tau girl to breathe. She nodded her head down to focus her thoughts and then looked back up at the aliens before her with a smile. It wasn't just her top, it seemed as the Shas'ui slowly brought her hands between her thighs and bent her knees down. The leggings pulled against her skin and her bottom threatened to split her in three. She couldn't look down to confirm, but the battlesuit pilot was sure that everyone watching her could see every contour of her sex now through the material. Her hooves scraped against the ground as she brought her hands up, letting out her breath and raising them high before circling them around back down again, returning to a squatting position.

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The Tau girl continued her exercises, sweat shining brightly on her skin. One of the aliens bid the Ethereal over and, out of Shenraya's earshot, they had what appeared to be having an animated conversation. As she moved her hands to the side, her arm brushed against her chest, dragging roughly against the nub of flesh and the end of her breast. Smiling again to try and hide her arousal, Shenraya wondered if the aliens could even comprehend what she was going through. The Shas'ui admittedly knew nothing of this particular group of aliens. They were tall and lean, and their armor had long, draping robes that were dark in color. Returning again to the squatting position, Shenraya's clothing squealed as it stretched and rubbed against her damp blue skin. She could feel the edges of it tugging against her thighs and stomach, against her shoulders and her chest.

The Ethereal then turned towards Shenraya from his conversation and pointed directly at her with his long, grey fingers, saying some words to the alien he had been talking to. The Shas'ui didn't know it then, but she was about to be introduced to how the Dark Eldar did things.

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Shit. Toss up between the two on the left. I guess the red head.

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The Fire caste girl?

In that case, I choose Water!

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dem hips

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space wakfu.

inb4 people argue about how weeaboo the tau and wakfu are.

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Far left, no regrets.

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You'll have to change her regularly, you know.

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You're only making this decision easier

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We're still lacking tau diaper fapfics...

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>diaper fetish

Seriously now

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This is a most serious sexual orientation, sir.

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>This thread

Tau'va preserve us.... preserve us from the perversions of the Gue'la.

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I read that as
>Tau'va pervert us

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It's not our fault if your women can't control their bodily functions. But it sure is cute, somehow.

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It's not like it was solely their fault...

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Of course, there's this "eldars/necrons conspiracy" theory.

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Speaking of which, is there any good writefaggotry of human/Tau sexy heresy that doesn't revolve around bondage?

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I was thinking "anal ravaging conspiracy" theory.

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I'm not sure... does "being both encased in a very small space" count as bondage?

and does "being clad in painfully tight underwear" count as bondage?

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Sure ends up loosening their little buttholes.

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there would be if someone wrote this

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Nope, they don't.

You got any about that?

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Heretical Love Quest had a guardsman and a tau girl stuck inside a battlesuit and having incidental sex.

As for tight undies, here you go:


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