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So, I really enjoy building little Jokes or Memes into my terrain. This is because I believe the "grimderp" to be a very important factor of 40k - so most of my cityfight stuff has posters or motivationals or whate-have-you on it.

Of course, I am always searching for new stuff.

To get a thread rolling, I'll commence a little dump of some compiled stuff to print out, cut out and glue to terrain :)

Feel free to contribute

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I had a similar thread some time ago, with quite some success - there was acutally a large amount of neckbeards contribootin, so hopefully we'll be able to repeat this.

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OP is good and should feel good.

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curious, that the uploading takes so long.

Let's make this a "Terrain Builders : General" thread for exchange of ideas and whatnot.

What have you guys been working on lately? I did an Eldar Warp-Gate just yesterday, because I felt that a quintessential piece like that hasn't been (properly) done before.

Picture at the end of the dump, but I can tell you what I used:
- 1 Razorwing
- 1 Fire Prism Kit complete
- pieces from 2 more Fire Prism Kits
- Assorted Bits

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I've haven't been building much lately but I'm thinking about ordering a couple of Hirst molds and going to town.

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thank you very much kind sir, I firmly believe that we shi/tg/ets done here :)

Although sadly, since Voidquest died I haven't been here quite as often.

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You should. The best way to actually finish something is to just fucking start doing it.

I have loads of people in my broader gaming circle who talk big about projects and stuff, but they don't ever get anything done.

Really saddens me.

Of course, for me it's the same. I have hundreds of Ideas, but barely any get constructed. What you have to do is sit down, start building it and don't stop till you're done :)

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07 / 10

lalalala :)

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I have some pics that could work as small posters or motivationals

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thank you very much


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I'm out

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Oh, I promised a pictore of my Warpgate:

Critique welcome

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and the second pic

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not bad at all
also thank you for starting this thread, I got quite some new material out of it

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It might just be image quality, but it looks a lot less smooth than i would expect...
and it may just be lighting but it also doesn't look as bright as i'd expect.

Except that it looks awesome

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this is the last of what i have that can be used as small posters on terrain

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Heh, nice.

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this pretty much.

However, the grainyness and bad lighting probably stem from OP using an iPhone to photogaph this.

At least, that's the way my iPhonephotos always turn out.

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Some stuff from Dystopian Wars

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moar Dystopian goodness

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last one

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I agree, I just have other things I should finish first, haha!

I used to build a lot of fantasy terrain, mostly castles. I did build a pretty cool stepped pyramid and some other stuff. I know I can't get stuff done I just haven't had much reason to do any terrain building lately other than vaguely wanting to.

Really nice work on the warp gate, by the way!

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whats the sauce on that pinup artist?

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Something I made for an Eberron campaign.

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Mine are sized to print-out as 1in posters, banners and signs.

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4/4 WIP

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Have some IG Valkyrie nose art!

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These collections would be a lot more impressive if they hadn't all been reduced to thumbnail size.

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rolled 100 = 100

Must bump with more content in exchange for some kick ass work by other /TG/s (terrain guys/gals)....

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rolled 82 = 82

Some friendly fliers brought to you by your local Genestealer cult...

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rolled 20 = 20

This is a larger file, but it's 300 dpi, so it should give good quality image output at that resolution and fit / fill a 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper.

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rolled 81 = 81

It would work a lot better if I attached the picture too...

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Personal favorite of mine. And /co/ related.

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I have to say whoever did the imperial guard poster in this with the rhyme deserves at least my thanks, I'm going to put as well as a few others on terrain I'm making.

now I just wish someone would do some Daemonette "Pop" or graffiti art.

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Thinking more on that, what do you guys think about a blasted out wall covered in these posters?

also I come bearing gifts of hazard signs.

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That reminds me, just had an OSHA inspection at work. The ash conveyors are filled with the blackest, oilest water you can imagine. We got hit on not having a sign that read, "CAUTION NOT POTABLE WATER DO NOT DRINK" on the conveyors. I turned to the inspector and said something along the lines of, "Is there a precedent incident that justifies us needing those? At some point someone somewhere was retarded enough to not know that water that looks like that out of a machine that is clearly labelled as an ash conveyor and drank it?" He was not amused.

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>"Is there a precedent incident that justifies us needing those? At some point someone somewhere was retarded enough to not know that water that looks like that out of a machine that is clearly labelled as an ash conveyor wasn't potable and drank it?"
My brain and fingers are having communication issues.

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I know that feel on a smaller scale bro. We had a health inspector come through yesterday, "surprise inspection" (still passed with an A) but the one thing he did write us up for was having a bleach water bucket without a label on it saying "water may contain bleach".

That and he told one of my cooks that he needed to take out the piercings on the back of his neck, saying it was a health risk. cook looked at him and said " oh man I'm sorry I didn't know people would get sick from me rolling my neck in their food." and proceeded to turn around and go back to work.

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gonna post some of the stencils I downloaded a long ass time ago, maybe one or two will inspire you guys to make a poster out of it for your little plastic mans battles.

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Election poster on the side of a ruined building

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anyone got an idea where I could find a toilet minature for a piece of terrain? I want to make a blasted out building and have the only real wall still standing to have an un-damaged toilet on one side.

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well nevermind found some on ebay through mega miniatures....not a great sculpt but it's in 25mm scale so it's close enough to what I need.

so I'm thinking, take a milk crate, cut out some sections so I have some entry points. melt down other sections, attached to one of the melted out sections is a section of wall, behind it is a lone untouched toilet. Maybe some graffiti on the wall next to it.

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>reduced to thumbs

3,000px thumbs?

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I wish there were more D&D ones.

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>right click
>Save as


Oh, no new posts?

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>the individual posters, not the file as a whole

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