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does anyone have the picture of the street samurai in a black trenchcoat holding a black sword and has a black gas mask with red eyes.

...its cooler than it sounds

also cool pictures general

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You'd be better off looking on /r/. Polite sage for not really /tg/

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well in that case
pc portraits

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JUST to spite this faggot, imma start posting in accordance with

I MAY have what you want.

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not what op is looking for but badass enough

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That a vindicare or some 40k thing?

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art from Last Man Standing.
have a badass spear shotgun headhunter fucker

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I know its not quite... but fuck it if imma dig through this entire /tg/ folder of mine.

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/tg/, you really must stop posting so many female character portraits. they female to male ration is the same as the us college population will be in 10 years.

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Danke. Also, I have the rest of that guys works, and they are SO over the top its hilarious.

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i only have this one
I found the rest of it before but never saved them

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cause the "paladins" are fucking awesome in LMS

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But what it is is porn. A very SPECIFIC kind of porn, that transcends a entire genre and hobby.

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Hold still, bro. I'm taking aim.

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>modern paladin
>I want this so bad.

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second last "paladin" from LMS

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Aimin with one of THOSE soviet POS? Better luck just getting close and OPENING FIRE LIKE A MADMAN.

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Does anyone have that sketch of a Terminator Marine helping a little girl find her parents?

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This design could have been going "PEELZ HERE."

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It's mighty easy to aim when the pope has you tied up underground, bro.

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Hey, totally not OP but a minor request:
Pictures of people falling. My collection in that respect is... lacking.

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Doesn't look like it. Please take this t-rex mount as solace.

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Going back to MANLY MEN

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From the thumbnail I thought it was Doc Brown in the future being an all around fly motherfucker.

I see I was wrong.

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guess there was another one

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Any more along this line? It fits my MnM character, but more is always welcome.

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Don't have many paladin pics. Here's a rogue trader falling to heresy, though.

Honestly, don't know if I can help you out much. Will keep an eye out in my folders.

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Wait, is there like... a series these dudes are from?

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not really series but... its called last man standing
from http://adonihs.deviantart.com/

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Don't see any heresy here, just a business deal.

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LOTS of shit is awesome in LMS.

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Which one is more symbolic of a penis, the blaster or the cigar?

If both, is the pic twice as manly?

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Porn? What?

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Considering that is Han Solo's blaster...I'd say the blaster.

And when one mans blaster is more phallic than a lightsaber, you know he's a badass.

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Danke. Have a MANLY MAN in reward.

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abel and kane you say?

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Correction. Have the MANLIEST MAN IN MY FOLDER!

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Going through MANLY, CLASSY and BADASS. Probably not in that order. Objections?

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Among others.

Coincidentally, also mfw I thought the dude in that pic was Steve Irwin.

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The line between the two is often thin.

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But yeah. Falling. This would be NICE to see.

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Shit. Steve Irwin WOULD make that pic a thousand times more badass.

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>this statue
>all the bitches

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contribootin to the classy/badass pile

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Always need more.

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This is turning me on. I feel like that's not right, it's not serious.

But my boner is all serious. All business with this guy, all the time.

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for the manly/badass.

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>This fucking guy

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Mat Cauthon, Prince of Classy (sorry I don't have this without the title below)

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whoops meant this one.

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Allow me to mess with your assumed sexuality EVEN MORE!

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Wrong one!
This! This bitch must be a pussy MAGNET!

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Here we see someone demonstrating THE MANLY WAY TO FALL OFF A BUILDING!

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You know, I'm a terrible human being for this, but that whole civil war in Libya made for some BADASS MOMENTS.

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The mustache alone impregnated 4 women.

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last one from me. goodnight.

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wow so long since my last character dump

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Finding Nemo 2: The Andromeda Gambit.

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>serious looking picture
HAHA oh god, my sides

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I'm still here. trying to grab things in my file that are exceptionally BA/classy/manly
Classy explorer dorf!

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You don't know those are skittles.

They could be non-american Smarties.

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Here's another dorf

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nope, skittles
it's only funny if it's skittles

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This kid is MANLIER than 90% of us will ever be...

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its nice to actually be contributing to portrait dumps.

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Like a BOSS

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Or, more sadly, that might be the highpoint of his entire life. In a few more years he could end up on /tg/, posting with the rest of us manchildren.

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for some reason i have a lot of assassin-esque pics

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have some armour concepts.

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wonder who im even dumping for at this point... oh well

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a personal favorite

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wizards n shit

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I love the skittles on this one so much.

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The poor poor skittles.

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