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In this thread; original ideas for undead creatures.
No generic human zombies, no skeletons with two legs and two arms, no ghost dragons; lets see if /tg/ can be really inventive with its necromantic creations.

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pretty much everything has already been done. I like the concept of thrulls, even if it hasn't been pushed far enough IMO: living creatures made out of dead meat.

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-Undead wolves to track your enemies reltentlessly wherever they go.
-Sentien and evil pools of blood.
-Giant series of rib cages with a skull on the end, they use ribs as legs.

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Pretty much this. OP picture is generic metamorphosis of generic human zombie + generic zombie phage. It would be simpler and hardier to just create the zombie as a centaur in the first place, so I dunno what kind of retard Necromancer is running around making that shit.

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>Undead wolves to track your enemies reltentlessly wherever they go.
Dire Wolves in WFB
>Sentien and evil pools of blood.
there's a STC like this, it can even generate avatars of itself
>Giant series of rib cages with a skull on the end, they use ribs as legs.
mostly a cosmetic thing, but why not the skeletal centipede

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because centipedes dont have skeletons

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idiot, a skeletal centipede is exactly what you suggested

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Undead trolls.

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Your pic is not that original for undead creatures.

pic related

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It's the undead version of a guy with a hostage shield. Hard to kill without risking the human it's captured being harmed.

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Except the person in it was human. So by the look of it, its some sort of monster that devours a person alive then uses the body to have hands.

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Looks like she's bleeding out of her head in the picture.

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Skelecopters, pinwheeling skeletons and lead-weighted skeleton horses with attached lances

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Hang on, i've got a few left over from Zoofights.

Crocodevil. It's a Fiendish Crocodile.

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Posting more by OP's artist.
They draw some amazing shit.
Acid Ghouls

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That looks like those fuckers from Penumbra.

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I looked up the artist once.

Lots of fantasy porn. Not nearly as many death creatures as I expected.

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When it dies...

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same guy that do all the funny bard ones.

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fuck that op

skeleton dance

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Thats why he is awesome.

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Here is a good one. Amphibious zombie army.

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And when it eats a priest...

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When the Undead Devil has a body anew.

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Guys, I have an idea!
What if...
What if you took an plate armor,and like filled and covered it with flesh and other fleshy stuff, and then reanimated it!

It would be like zombie, but it would have armor inside!
So when people try to fight them, they just think that they are rather funnily shaped zombies, but when they attempt to strike them BAM, full plate resistance under the flesh!

They could also hide swords and axes under the flesh, so when the fight starts, the weird shaped zombies are suddenly wielding deadly weapons, while being hard as fuck!

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... does that little rock girl have a cameltoe ?

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City invasion force! Hide well put together ghouls and zombies amongst pilgrims entering a city with their weapons hidden inside of them. When the time comes, BAM, instant agents of chaos. Same could be done with ghouls covered in explosive runes.

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Ghouls....covered in explosive runes.
The perfect suicide bomber, as it is already dead!

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It could also make a great police force.
They can't die, don't need to be paid, they will objectively carry out the law.

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Has a living armor made from bone been done yet?

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I've seen Bone and Fossil golems, so I guess that counts for that.

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...can't you just cast Iron Bones?

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Depends, was someone inside of them and humming "I am Iron man"?

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Okay, okay...what about a Worm that Walks, but it's made of cocks...ZOMBIE cocks!

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I think that's when you get tangled in your undead skeleton's ribcage after falling on them

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That is true.
If people got over the whole undead are evil thing, they'd realize the multiple quite useful and practical uses undead could have. Free labor is the most obvious and in my opinion, the most significant application the undead could have. There could be other uses too.
Litch technocracy running on undead labor, so that the living may live in utopia ftw!

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Stillborn (taken from BONES Quest)
Undead Babies (Yes,literally) with a pale grayish-blue skin. crawling towards you with rapid speed. Possess tiny, yet considerably sharp claws and can suck the life out of you (again, literally). Also make frequent use of short-ranged teleportations and can emit paralyzing screams.

Stillborns may either be the result of innocent babes falling into the hands of Necromancers or, in rarer circumstances, be literal stillborns that are unaware about the fact that they never possessed a life of their own. It is unknown whether these tiny ghosts actually want to hurt those coming to close to them, but given their magical abilites, they should be avoided at all costs.

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So... I have to know to what extent something can be resurrected. If a necromancer can resurrect a skeleton and animate it, wouldn't it be just as easy to take the top layer of your skin and resurrect it?

What about Oil? Or heck, what about red dye made from squished beetles?

How far can we take this?

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How about a zombie? Just an ordinary zombie.

Then you stab it to death, it drops down and BAM!

The skeleton launches out of the skin and joins the fray! And the flesh becomes a golemn or ooze or something.

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So basically you take a skeleton, intestines, skin, muscles, and other body parts. You resurrect them all, put them all together, and make them work together to form zombie Voltron.

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Ballista made of skeletons, that shoots skeletons. Ideally the latter skeletons have hang gliders, but no big loss if they don't.

Build the walls of your fortress out of zombies with their spinal cords fused together instead of using logs. Maybe make them vomit acid or something, so the fortress is hard to siege.

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Now I want to add that to my setting. A kingdom where they don't think necromancy = bad. They use zombies and corpses for all the simple tasks, farming, shop cleaning, and other tasks that are simple and repetitive. As a result I guess the people would all be either lazy, since they don't have to do anything, or artisans, since they have so much free time to work on perfecting their crafts that the zombies can't do.

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I took it one step further once. Everyone was zombies, except the younger generation which still had to make enough children before they could go undead. They were all fully sentient too.

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Man, do you even realise how many undead things D&D has done? There are sentient sheets of human skin, hopping undead livers, brains charged with necromantic energy.

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>Get a really fat guy
>Reanimate him
>Remove his inards.
>Add a spring board
>Fill him with rats
>Turn all the rats into Wights

When he is attacked, the attacker gets a face full of level drain.

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The Graveflower: Flowers planted within cemetaries that wither and die, but become undead plant life due to the necromantic energies of the area. When they bloom, they emit a pollen that emobilizes living people nearby. When the person becomes paralyzed, the Graveflower's roots dig up through the soil and stab into the person. They are drained of life while paralyzed and still conscious.

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I like the thought that when someone dies they can give the body to the country. They receive some money as a 'thank you' for bolstering the undead ranks.

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/tg/ as a whole has done variations on this countless fucking times.

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Wood is basically dead pieces of a tree, right? Enter enemy city, animate their houses. You might be able to do a similar thing with the way the ground is probably absolutely full of dead insects and things, but I don't know if that would work out, structurally. You might at least cause a landslide.

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Or if you want to go the Evil route you can have it so that people give their corpses to the state to pay off some sort of fraudulent debt, effectively forcing the citizens into labor during life and after.

It fills the big hole in the market. The zombie servant hole. A big corporation focussed on necromantic research and zombie innovation. Our new zombies last longer and smell less!

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Could you reanimate the dead wood in a house?

Imagine waking up one morning to find your house has already eaten you.

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Reanimate the pelts your enemy is wearing

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While a neat idea, the zombie horse having to hunt people down and trap them to reach maximum effectiveness is pretty inefficient; they wouldn't be that terrible of a threat if you're well armored or in a group. At least not any more so than most other undead monstrosities. They would be most effective when a large number of them are sealthily released in urban areas -small villages and farming communities, where they can pick off farmers and travellers. The fear and turmoil they would produce w\is going to far outweigh any real damage they do.


This motherfucker, on the other hand, is brilliant. From the picture, he doesn't seem to need to actually hunt anyone -he just scoops the dead and wounded off the battlefield and goes from being a shortbus to a shortbus with road warriors hanging out the windows swinging axes around and screaming like lunatics. magine a line of these fuckers stampeding across the battlefield at you. That shit-your-pants materia, right there.

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One of the countries in Eberron is like that.

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Carbon makes up most life.
Carbon of dead animals go into ground
Coal is carbon
Over long period of time, pressure makes coal into diamonds.
Go up to king and animate his jewelry.
You zombies are now diamonds!

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Yeah, soil would mostly have been a living thing at some point in time. Then again, having a necromancer go around reanimating the ground itself is pretty silly

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I think most of these creatures are meant to be "Armed" after a battle or against defenseless people.

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The DEATHGUT, also known as a "Butcher's Zombie" or "Gut-strangler," is a form of mindless undead composed entirely of the sewn-together intestines of large animals and monstrous beasts. An individual Deathgut takes the form of a big, slimy, festering pile of guts. In its movement it is best compared to an ooze. When a Deathgut reaches a target it coils itself around him with surprising speed. It kills by strangulation, but even those who survive its attack may be in trouble, for a Deathgut is typically filled with all sorts of diseases and parasites that anyone who touches it may be exposed to. The Deathgut has little protection and is not difficult to slice up, but it exudes a vile stench that nauseates those who come near it and serves to discourage attack. The Deathgut is not particularly stealthy; though it creates little noise as it moves, it is typically surrounded in a swarm of buzzing flies.

Being mindless, a Deathgut is a fairly low-level form of undead, often used by aspiring necromancers for whom a butcher's offal is easier to procure than an intact human body or skeleton. They are not difficult to make, but a strong stomach is a necessity.

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>Go to a king
>He's eating a steak
>Reanimate dat shit
>Steak now moves
>Ruin his meal

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>wait till he finishes the steak
>resurrect the steak inside of his stomach

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See now, this one just doesn't even make a lick of sense. What does the thing even need a guy in there for? It's smart enough to hunt and swallow people, but not smart enough to wear armor or pick up a weapon? That's just dumb.

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Maybe it gains the person's knowledge from doing that. It would make it a better fighter from capturing a warrior.

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Well someone drew up a concept for it. Forget the stats for it, but the ability was something like this

>Ogre Pod
>When a host is absorbed, the Ogre Pod can leech 1d4 health per round, with the host taking the same amount of damage. After battle is over, the host heals at a normal rate. If the host is killed, the Ogre Pod can consume another the next round of combat if it fails a grapple check.

Also, I'm not sure if it needs the host for armor/weapons. I think that was just art.

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Hell, you could sack a city with the contents of an average butcher's shop.

"And that, my boy, is why we celebrate every March 12th as The Day of the Marching Hams."

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Name it Rotgut instead. That way we have puns.

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A couple of friends and I have been worldbuilding a specific setting for a while now. It basically boils down Cyborgs vs. Undead vs. Demonbinders.
In doing so, we've got a few unique-ish undead.
The best is probably oil golems. Since oil is basically compressed liquid organic matter, it makes sense a grand necromancer could instil it with unlife. The vessel can be any corpse, with the oil is injected into it in place of blood, or animated entirely on its own as an amorphous mass. Either way, you end up with an explosively flammable abomination which is thoroughly berzerk due to the innumerable souls of the creatures of different breeds and species that make up its composition. For best effect, fill the body of a corpse golem with undead oil and create organic vents in the golem's flesh. Then set it on fire.

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I support this. And "rotgut" is a better name.

One wonders if you could make more powerful ones from, say, dragon guts or something. Maybe you could have entries for different sizes. Enjoy your Colossal Rotgut...

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Would the guts of a dragon still be able to breath fire?

If we just reanimate the "Fire Bladder" could we make walking napalm bombs?

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The fire bladder will still need the chemicals to burn, so strictly speaking: no. But we can change that.

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only humans are smart enough to be sentient, how about some artificial construct with human body parts squished into it, the particular bodypart defining what the construct does as a primary purpose.


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>Feast of fear
>Using the powers of ressurection the necromancer reanimates an all-you-can-eat buffet
>A swirling maelstrom of chicken wings, spare ribs and triangular ham sandwiches, which attacks by covering the clothes of your foes in oil, sauce and grease, resulting in unwashable, permanent greasy stains on their favourite garments.

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Sigh, /tg/ MOD DYSTOPIA never ends.

So what, we can't talk about Morrowind on here anymore?

>> No.17403954

There was a boss like this in Bard's Tale if I remember correctly.

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>Dust is mostly dead skin cells
>Reanimate all the dust in an abandoned house
>Wait for those meddling kids

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What have we learned from this thread? NECROMANCY HAS NO LIMITS WHATSOEVER.

If it was ever dead, it can be resurrected under your control. If you burn a corpse you can make an ash undead and a CO2 undead. If you have a steak you can resurrect it. If you have a strain of sausages you can turn it into an undead snake. If you have an outer layer of skin a necromancer can resurrect it while it's on you. If you're wearing leather pants a necromancer will resurrect it and have it break your knees.

It's a bloody miracle necromancers don't rule everything yet.

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What about a slef-replicating snake necromancer? He can animate his skin and he sheds it often, undead snakeskin army anyone?

>> No.17404635

Probably because they won't stop dicking around trying to find something they can't turn undead.

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Courage the Cowardly Dog already did that with Voodoo

>> No.17404671


"Good news everyone. I resurrected a marshmallow."

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Why limit yourself to dead flesh?

Dead plant life could work as well.

Kill a forest off with a simple disease that targets plant life. Raise said plant life into a giant undead golem.

Yes fire may work, but then you have a giant walking forest thats on fire coming at you.

>> No.17404689


Gentlemen, I believe you're dancing around the concept of an EXOSKELETAL centipede. Y'know, since centipedes don't have bones like us vertebrates do. Lurk moar on /an/ and /sci/.

>> No.17404693


So, a compost golem?

Kills adventurers, conquers lands, and fertilizes soil.

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Quick /tg/! Tell me some bullshit that lets me make undead fire!

>> No.17404718

can we sage this?

>> No.17404719


Burn some wood and resurrect it. Bam, undead fire.

>> No.17404730

Wouldn't that just be an ash golem though?

>> No.17404737

And it'd probably be the size of Godzilla, depending on the size of the forest. And you could probably do something with all the dead animals that will most likely fill the forest.

Okay so it'd go like this.

>Town is having a nice day.

>Suddenly dead animals attack. Mostly herbivores, so they can defend themselves.

>Then undead carnivores these are much more dangerous.

>If that doesn't work, GIANT MOVING UNDEAD FOREST!

>> No.17404744


Well you should resurrect the fire, not the logs, nor the smoke.

Technically you could also get some corpses, let them decay in a closed room, resurrect the decaying gasses from them, and set it alight when needed.

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#.5 MM 2 page 89
Medium Undead (fire, incorporial)
it possesses people and burns them from the inside out.

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> Be necromancer
> Find alchemist
> Become bros
> Fill skeletons and zombies with nitro glycerin-filled bladders where their guts should be
> Enjoy the perfect suicide bombers

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>Be Necromancer
>Be Bros with other Necromancer
>Both get to the level where they can become Liches
>Make the other person their Phylactery
>Live in seperate countries

This way, the only way to kill them for good would be to somehow kill them at the same time

>> No.17404837


Talk about major heart burn.

>> No.17404842

Zombie bacteria/microorganisms ?

>> No.17404847


>Be necromancer
>Befriend league of necromancers
>roughly one hundred members, all powerful to become liches
>have a drawing to determine who becomes your phylactery
>a hundred liches that are each other's phylactery
>spread around the globe

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Would those do anything? Can zombie bacteria reproduce enough to cause any damage?

>> No.17404853

>>ghost fire

That sounds great

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>Get that fat smelly guy nobody likes to carry your soul forever

>> No.17404902

giant moving undead forest with a hive of hellwasps and a colony of undead termites in every tree

>> No.17404925

>a hundred liches that are each other's phylactery
so you just need to destroy one and it sparks a hilarious domino fall reaction?

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better yet, have skeletons be hung from all the trees. That should make it... oh, about a CR 8 per tree. Oh, and some undead dryads to tend to it.

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I have the weirdest boner right now...

>> No.17404942

This gives me an awesome idea for BBEGs. Can't go with over 10 liches because it would be very deadly to most parties.
9 of the liches have made the 10th their phylactery. One of the 9 gets the main lich's phylactery.

Be a great quest, party having to kill the 10 liches, knowing unless they kill the one with all the phylactery, they will keep coming back.

>> No.17404946


There was a 3.5 book that had a "necromental" template that could be applied to any elemental to make them a zombies.

Instant undead fire, water, dirt, air, etc.

>> No.17404956

No. The killed lich just respawns with their partner. And the lich who's phylactery was destroyed just needs to make a new one.

>> No.17404957


I don't quite think you got the concept.

It's like secret Santa with phylacteries, except the person you draw becomes your phylactery.

>> No.17404978

OP's pic is my fetish.

Goddamnit OP.

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What about a shape shifter that makes its self look dead so it can sneak up on its pray?

>> No.17404992

I think he was one of the people that thinks that, destroying phylactery = killing the lich

>> No.17405006

I've been tinkering with a plant that grows inside the skulls of corpses, sending it's vines out to move the body in order to grow larger.

The plant, when animating a body, grows sharp-shelled seeds on the fists so that they appear spiky at first. Successful hits place these seeds inside the targeted victim. If the target dies, the seed starts to grow. Otherwise it's considered a disease that can be cured normally.

Once the target dies, and the seeds sprout inside the body, it spends sometime growing, slowly replacing the nervous system at a rate of 1d4 days per hit-dice of the creature infected...assuming you're using the d20 system or some sort, otherwise adapt it to whatever. The point of entry for the seeds sprout small flowers that almost look like bright-blue tulips.

Once the process is complete the body/host/undead simply "gets up" and starts walking towards a large body of water, growing seeds on the fists/claws/whatever in about a week or so.

It attacks any passers by, hoping to spread its seeds.

>> No.17405012


I guess. Why isn't correct knowledge about Liches more widespread?

>> No.17405036

Mis-information spread by liches. Party only targets the phylactery and are shocked when he doesn't die. Lich can finish the group off when they're surprised.

>> No.17405061


So great, now we have an order of liches that are virtually invincible unless you manage to destroy them all at pretty much the same time, spreading misinformation like "if you destroy the philactery the lich dies" and "a lich's power can be drained by the impure touch of a human female."

>> No.17405066

Libris Mortis I believe. Either that or Heros of Horror.

What if we had a Living Spell-Raise Undead. Send it into a battlefield.

>> No.17405077

Vampires do the same thing.

>> No.17405079


If there was, a necromancer would find a way to kill it and resurrect it.

An undead raise undead spell.

>> No.17405082

Dude, awesome idea.

>> No.17405090

Why doesn't a lich make multiple phylactories? Much like Voldmort did with his souls. And hide each one in the insane lengths that Koschei went too to hide them.

>> No.17405104

Skin Kites were my favourite addition from Libris Mortis.

Undead Human Skins that are shaped to fly and fuse with the skin of living humans then rips away, leaving them skinless, to make more Skin Kites.

All it takes is one dropped in an unsuspecting village to start a flock. Imagine the PCs coming across a town full of dead, skinless bodies transfixed in stares of pain and fear.

Then the flock descends.

>> No.17405118

because a phylactery holds your entire soul. There's no such thing as storing half a soul.

>> No.17405123 [DELETED] 

I am pretty sure a lich can.
The thing is, he resurrects by the phylactery. So if he keeps it near him, he comes back nearby. Put it on the other side of the world, he'll end up there if killed. And its possible for it to be destroyed on accident if he doesn't watch over it.

Most paladins will smash anything they detect evil coming from

>> No.17405124

1 soul for one phylactery, I imagine. Soul-splitting is a thingy-majjig unique to Potter-world.

>> No.17405126

Thanks. It's still a work in progress, but they're going to be the cannon fodder in my campaign once I get everything written out

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You remember castlevania? Those dragon/snake skeletons that wriggled about and spat fireballs? attach a few of those to a high ceiling. Now, give them reach and spring attack so they never have to enter melee range.

make a castle. make the fixtures, doors, staircases, furniture, etc. out of bones. Animate it all.

get something big, pick off all the flesh, scrub the bones clean, decorate to taste, add pillows and weatherproofing to the ribcage. Ride inside in style.

>> No.17405168

really, sage the hell out of this.

>> No.17405180

Reminds me of the new DF update with a "bug" that causes necromancers to animate walking skin.

And of that terrifying flayer zombie thing in the PF Bestiary 3.

>> No.17405184

>For a crime he didn't commit, my necromancer is stripped of all of his equipment and is thrown into jail. Save for his undies.

>The jailer taunts said necromancer, insulting him, insulting his craft, calling him a corpse fucker and all that.

>My guy takes all of this in stride, until jailer decides to insult his party members. People he fought with and had pulled him out of the fire several times.

>The jailer gets a little to close and the necromancer grabs the jailer.

Summon Skeletal Ally

>The bones inside the jailer rips out of him and peels the flesh off. Now at my command he lets me out. Putting on the jailer's clothes and taking back his equipment we head out.

>Turns out the jailer was apart of the plot to frame my necromancer and would have been turned into a vampire by his lord. Eventually use said jailer's skeleton to kill the vampire.

>> No.17405195

besides, which one would you respawn at? A lich respawns at his soul, so you would respawn in pieces at the seperate soul shards. Unless of course, you respawn at the LARGEST piece, in which case you can start dividing in half every time you stick one in. For example, your soul soul shard would be (1/(n+1)) of your soul, where n is the previous number of times you've made a phylactery.

>> No.17405201


Now now, you're letting all that perfectly fine skin and intestines go to waste.

>> No.17405209


That's not how summons work

>> No.17405233

Once when I was a young 3.5 player and a necromancer I tried to get an undead steed. I reasoned that the horse didn't have to be strong as that would be needlessly expensive so I bought the cheapest, oldest horse in the stable. I then took it to a back-alley, and slit it's throat.

After it ran around for about a minute before dying of bloodloss I dragged the carcass back to the alley, applied the onyx gems to it's eyes, then cast the spell. Since I had neglected to remove the flesh and was summoning a skeleton horse all of the flesh and organs were blown off and my character was knocked prone and covered in gibbs.

Do you guys have any negative repercussions for uncareful necromancers?

>> No.17405259

Animated golem/construct of old splintered bones?

Looks like a white gravel path, until your feet suddenly sink in and get stuck. Then the entire mass starts to surround you, every splintery chunk spinning, shifting and boring into your flesh.

If you are unable to escape the pieces just press closer. First armor, then flesh is mangled and squeezed out of the constricting shifting mass. Tangled scraps of meat and shiny things to feed the crows in the trees above?

When your bones are finally broken down the whole mass starts to slump and spread out again, covering just a little more ground this time.

>> No.17405276

leaving the squishy bits and the metal bits lying there

>> No.17405280
File: 30 KB, 328x400, 01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Now now, you're letting all that perfectly fine skin and intestines go to waste.

"For shame, young man! Kids these days... why, in my day, we used EVERY part of the corpse."

>> No.17405285


Just wipe it under the bone shard path. No one will know.

>> No.17405296

Undead Testicle Golem

>> No.17405311
File: 197 KB, 760x933, 1228684130522.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.17405341
File: 10 KB, 144x145, 1226433824027.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay you make the fire and then you killthe fire with a water and theny ou ressurect the fier!

>> No.17405350
File: 139 KB, 685x963, leicheoberschutze.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Dats some Keith Thompson. Have some more Keith Thompson.

>> No.17405358



>> No.17405402

Not sure if want.

>> No.17405592


These would be great for shock and awe. Keep the villages scared out of their minds.

Imagine if you were a villager, see these undead monstrosities attack. They grab your friends and family and kill more of your friends and families.

>> No.17405836
File: 66 KB, 400x274, rosen-exoskeleton.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit, wait.
Undead exoskeletons!
Imagine this fuckers, but made from troll bones and flesh.

>> No.17405990

Why not step it up.
Undead mechs!

Giant constructs of bone, and blood. Piloted by a necromancer inside.

>> No.17406051


>> No.17406063

Fuuuuuck! Get some wizards on this immediately.

>> No.17406079
File: 294 KB, 1024x768, 26eda1d0c4ee98382e8d1a2f55bfeefc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does a Legion troll count for being too generic? I've always loved the idea of the dead combining and crudely reforming themselves into different forms to suit their needs.

>> No.17406089

Exalted did it a decade ago.

>> No.17406091



>> No.17406167
File: 80 KB, 640x512, feat00407grotesque_hybrid_full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminds me of this guy from MTG. Grotesque Hybrid it was called.

>> No.17406195

Everything has been done in some PnP game.
No need to point them all out.

>> No.17406521

Find villagers, and drain their blood. Separate the iron form the blood, and forge it into a weapon. Animate the blood at any point during the process (...or EVERY point, just in case) and bam, you now have an undead sword to do your bidding.

>> No.17406568

- A ghost made of other ghosts. A ghost-golem.
- A ghost inside a skeleton inside a zombie inside a suit of living armor
- An insect skeleton. Only the carapace remains.
- Beetle ghouls. Paralysis everywhere.
- Zombie bear centipede. Oh god, the mental image.

>> No.17406631

Take the rest of the blood, which is also animated, and inject it into villagers. Then animate their skeletons with golemancy.

>> No.17406710

Why not make a blood golem instead?

>> No.17406743

Living beings have bacteria in them constantly being born and dying.
Reanimate intestinal bacteria, make it kill off all the other bacteria. The victim suffers from explosive diarrhea.

>> No.17406769

It's been done before, but it's still a great idea.
>Be necromantic tony stark
>build unliving necro-armor in cave

>Be necromancer/archeologist
>Find elephant and/or dragon graveyard
>return to civilization piloting a NecroMech

>> No.17406783

>Use Corpsecrafter and Deathly touch feats to add Cold damage to any zombie you make.
>Make thousands of Zombie Fleas.

>> No.17406826

>MFW I was about to say "Dead guy made up of other dead guys" but then Nito, the First of Dead came to mind

Yeah, everything's been done. Even the kind Xibit would come up with.

>> No.17406840

But the main issue is. Can you make it fly?

>> No.17406852

Skeletal dragons and other winged undead can fly. Don't see why not.

>> No.17406864

Have a kobold destruction mage in it, shooting fire to propel you?

>> No.17406892

I know what my goal is next campaign I play.

>> No.17406920

But that's for pussies.
We need to figure out how to make a flying battlesuid with undead flesh.

>> No.17406938

Liches often employ bardic cohorts to manage propaganda, when they manage to get living servants. They have to be trickier when they can't.
>a lich's power can be drained by the impure touch of a human female.
"A lich's power is born of corruption, so a pure woman may draw the power from him from his most corrupt place, though the act defiles her. It also grants her the Lichloved feat."

>> No.17406946

What the fuck is that from.

>> No.17406955

Alright /tg/ so you're gonna make a NecroMech. We need a head, arms, legs, and a torso. I say no matter what it needs some wings so it can fly. Skeletal Dragon wings seems like a good choice.

>> No.17406993

Want some crazy undead shit? KNock yourself out:
Might have to stretch some themes, but there you go.

>> No.17407020

And also a tail, to control flight.
Shit, it's already badass.

Give it giant cricket legs so it can jumpstart.

>> No.17407026


Don't several liches sort of float around rather than walk?

Why not take that ability and boost it a little?

Otherwise you make wings with membranes made from skin.

>> No.17407031

Book of Vile Darkness.

>> No.17407047


...I'm going to draw this thing.

If I get around to it and it turns out well, I might even scan it.

>> No.17407085

So dragon wings and tail.
Cricket legs.

What about arms. I feel like it should have 2 pairs.
For the head I vote for a bear skull

>> No.17407099

I've read the BoVD, and I'd remember that.

>> No.17407109


Google it. Apparently it is real. And I thought I was just pulling that stuff out of my ass.

EVERYTHING about the undead has already been done.

>> No.17407118

Sonna. Its true

>> No.17407127

I'm pretty damn sure that's where Lichloved is from. Could be Libris Mortis I guess, but I don't think so. Unless you mean the quote? It's not from anywhere, it's just intended to be the sort of thing a lich-employed bard might say. But then I got meta.

>> No.17407142

Take a large undead bug, and then fill its hollow carapace with smaller undead bugs. Or maggots. Instant nightmares!

Reminds me of a few years ago when they had this "exploding beetle" idea floating around. For some reason it was really cool to have hard carapace'd insects explode to spray their eggs in every direction, often with enough force to put holes in stuff.

>> No.17407157

What about spiders.
A giant reanimated spider filled with more spiders.
Lop off a leg, it bleeds spiders.

>> No.17407170

Needs a ranged attack. Though I'd like a central 'unibeam' weapon that's basically just a one-way portal from the Negative Plane mounted to the chest. What animals or other creatures have natural ranged attacks? Isn't there a type of wasp that shoots magic missiles? we could reanimate some of those and mount them in the wrists. The Behir breathes lightning bolts, and hellhounds breath fire, so we could build shoulder-mounted-skull-cannons out of those parts. What else can we work with?

>> No.17407177


Sounds good, but it needs more spiders.

How about you fill it with large spiders, and those large spiders are being ridden by smaller spiders.

And they're all undead, of course.

>> No.17407179

Cover it's abdomen with spiders too, like how wolf spiders carry their young.

>> No.17407192


Can we... can we take bits and pieces from a beholder?

>> No.17407215

Sounds awesome. Is there anyway we could incorporate a rust monster into this?

>> No.17407232

Step 1. Find planet that is geologically inactive, and thus a dead planet.
Step 2. Make deals with various demons or devils or whatever, to grant you immense necromantic powers.
Step 3. Reanimate dead planet, giving it a conscience which is easily malleable.
Step 4. Teleport zombie planet to whatever plane you originally come from, and watch as it begins eating that plane to get to its delicious MAAAAAAGMAAAAAAA.

>> No.17407236
File: 283 KB, 900x602, 1292083726539.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

An unarmed fighters worse enemy. Spider armor.

>> No.17407258

Use boiled ligaments like glue / concrete, bones like struts, and skin like walls / tarp. Zombie buildings! Or zombie tents that eat people. Corpses would need to be kind of fresh.

>> No.17407267


Apparently rust monsters do what they do because of certain bacteria living in their stomachs and blood streams.

So that's a definite yes.

>> No.17407302

Wait. We could make that into a kinda missile system. Create an undead hawk or something and fill its chest cavity with a bladder filled with the bacteria. Have it fly into a group of enemy soldiers and the bladder explodes releasing the bacteria into the group.

>> No.17407363

Are there any creatures that can become invisible? If there are, we can give our undead iron man suit Nanosuit features.

>> No.17407391

I don't know about invisible, but there is some monster that can appear in a different location that it really is. Dislocation beast or something.

>> No.17407397

Not invisible, but how about displacer beasts?

>> No.17407432

Greetings from /b/
I've been reading threads all day
I have realized something
While I may have thought I was a /b/tard, I am actually a fa/tg/uy, but never knew it
I love you guys
I'm coming here more often

>> No.17407444

I meant to say that I've been reading /tg/ threads all day

>> No.17407463

I'm this guy.
>>17407397 Displacer beast is what I meant.
I don't think we should put that on the NercoMech.
But defiantly something that could go on the living body armor.

>> No.17407464

Imps can turn invisible up until they attack.
>find and kill a lot of imps
>create undead from their corpses
>take the newly necrotic skin and put it on the necro mech
invisble necro mech.png

>> No.17407484

Sit down comfortably because this is gonna blow your minds:



>> No.17407487


Brilliant! So now we have a giant undead robot that can turn invisible, and an iron man suit that can turn invisible.

What else kind of absolutely ridiculous shit can we put in these things? We already have superior armor, superior strength, flight, invisibility, rust bacteria, beams...

Let's put in an undead Illithid brain and see what happens.

>> No.17407491
File: 92 KB, 706x738, ssdsdsdsd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Made a quick sketch.
I don't know what the arms should be.
It's a clusterfuck already.

>> No.17407495

Not fantasy but why not a zombie/ghoul in a powered exoskeleton?

They can tear and toss shit apart and still nom (assuming their heads are exposed)

>> No.17407521

ghost dragon breath weapon does stat damage.

>> No.17407524


What about a pair of tentacles? For crushing, gripping and fine manipulation.

>> No.17407536

Just going crazy with undead abominations is not the answer IMO.

Take pretty normal undead, but make them more interesting through other means.

I like the Imass from The Malazan Book of the Fallen, for example.

>> No.17407543


Regular arms and displacer beast tentacles?

>> No.17407563

not only that, since it's non-good, you can give it levels in Dragon Fire Adept and have it take the Five-fold Breath of Tiamat. Throw n the shadow-creature template and it gets a 50% miss chance in shadows. Then, assuming it has more than 3 HD, have it take the Cause Fear ability.

>> No.17407568

That concept is fucking horrifying.

Imagine it. Some ungodly rotting horse creature running you down, its two upper portions flaying wildly, the stench overwhelming, a thousand rotting undead tentacles making hideous sounds as they slap about trying to grab hold of you.

And then you are captured, you are entombed within this rotting carcass, you are placed within the writhing, rotting, weeping flesh. I don't know how it eventually controls you; is rotting flesh forced down your throat and up your nostrils and into your brain?

I'd imagine it like Half Life headcrabs; the victim is under the creature's control, but fully aware, and in constant, horrifying agony, eternally tortured and controlled by this abomination.

>> No.17407585

Yeah. Sounds good.

>> No.17407593

How about this...
You have a zombie that buds. Essentially it is a mass zombie that produces offspring via a budding system. A system fulled by the offspring providing nutrients to the matriarch/patriarch/zombiarch by feeding til they are full of meat and then reassimilating themselves back into the mass zombie. And by mass zombie I mean a massive, fleshy zombie.

>> No.17407595

Mount beholder eyes in the hands so you can pick and choose what ray attack you want to use.

>> No.17407619

fueled* not fulled.

>> No.17407628

you just described the flood from halo

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