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Played a few games yesterday and have some questions.

1. If I move a space marine in the movement phase, can he still take the single 24" shot? (instead of the two 12'')

2. Can characters shoot first and then move? (shoot the 2 12'' shots or the single 24'' shot and then move 6 inches up)

3. I notice tyranids have a save of +6, so when I shoot them with my S4 bolter do they still get to attempt a save? If not or yes explain.

4. It says in this codex that a hormogaunt has A2 which im assuming mean 2 attacks, well if they assault me, they get an (extra attack) so does that double it too 4 or just add 1 attack to make 3?

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These questions are all found in the rulebook and are stated quite clearly

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No. But he can take the two 12 inch shots, if he's in range
No, unless they're in cover, in which case they get a 4+ cover save. Because the AP of your gun is lower than his armor.
Adds 1 attack.

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1, No. You stand and fire at range once, you can rapid fire even after moving.

2. No. Move, shoot, assault. That order, and your entire army has to move, then shoot, then deal with assaults.

3. Armor saves are negated by the AP of the weapon, not the STR

4. A2 is the base attack, if they get +1 from charging they have 3 attacks.

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I've read the rule book but read it all in one day so these are things that have escaped me or I just lacked a clear understanding of. Still though if you are going to take the time to reply give me something of use.

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3.Depends on the AP of the weapon you use. if you use a Bolter with AP5, they don't have a 6+save, because the AP is equal or higher than the save.
4. 3, how the hell do you think 2+1 will be 4?

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Thanks guys. I find the AP values to be a little confusing since i associate low numbers with low str etc etc I'll try to remember it.

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OP here, I thought it would be weird if they did get 4 attacks but the person I was playing with said that since the base attack is 2 that it could make sense if adding a attack meant adding the number that its base stat is.

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>adding a attack
>add 1 attack
> + 1 attack

As far as i know it is not the base attack but the nummer of attacks the unit has, by the way.

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OP here, i thought it made more sense like this but wanted to be sure and fair too the other player so wanted to ask.

That feel when playing for fun

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>+1 attack means you double their attacks
>Kharn the Betrayer now has 12 attacks on the charge

God i wish the game was actually played like this

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OP here. We are only using the most basic units right now with no high cost characters so we didn't run into anything that was overtly broken. To be fair 4 attacks is a lot but hormogaunts Do have 6 legs and 2 giant scythes and all dem teeth.

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>4 attacks is a lot but hormogaunts Do have 6 legs and 2 giant scythes and all dem teeth.
>mfw Orks can do this with only 4 limbs and a head

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OP here.

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Wait, Boyz have Furious Charge so they add a strength and init too, right?

Mfw dual wielding Big Boss unleashing 12 WS5 S10 I8 blows while charging.

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OP here.

Im going to draw my interpretation of the ork slave race

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What kind of Big Boss is this lol

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...How have you worked this out?

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Hey OP, how about you read the rulebook instead of using /tg/ as one?

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This Kind

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1. No. If you move, your Marines can only rapid fire. They are basically firing from the hip while moving, so they can only hit stuff close to them, and not fire accurate aimed shots at range.

2. No. The movement phase comes first. You either must move or not. Shooting phase comes next. Remember that most armies have heavy weapons available in their squads, and you can't fire a heavy weapon if you have moved (you have to brace the weapon). If you could do what you just described, then you could fire all your heavy weapons,and then still get to move, which would defeat the purpose of it. So No.

3. No. A Bolter is AP5. This means that it ignores all armor of 5+ or 6+. If you run into anything with an armor save of 4+ or better, they will get their saves, but 5+ or higher dies like a bitch.

4. If you read the rulebook it's pretty clear on this. The attack bonus for the charge is just one extra attack on top of however many you get. So your Space Marines would get 2 attacks on the charge, and his hormagaunt would get 3. Be aware that some units can get an extra attack, such as a Space Marine with a bolt pistol and a close combat weapon like a chainsword. So because he is using two one-handed weapons, the Sergeant will get 4 attacks on the charge (His base is A2 +1 for two one handed weapons +1 for the charge). So, even though an Assault Marine only has a base attack of 1, he still gets two attacks normally, because he is carrying a pistol and a close combat weapon. Assault Marines will therefore attack 3 times on the charge (base 1 +1 for two CCW +1 for charge) and 2 times normally.

Phew, long winded, but it's hard to explain through typing. Really, just read the assault phase section of the rulebook and you'll get this stuff. For the first two questions, they would be answered clearly in the shooting phase section of the rulebook.

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British here,

Im going to draw my interpretation of the ork master race

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2/10 for getting me to reply.
I Read it all at once so I dont think I retained it all. Besides I think people on here explain things better since you get something worded it multiple ways to avoid misunderstandings that a single explanation might create.

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OP here I like that picture.
I can tell you draw because even though its a shit scribble if you look closely you have an understanding of some of the human form that gets lost in some drawings like the side of the back doing the V taper. Am I wrong?

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You are asking questions which are clearly and concisely stated by the rulebook. In other words, you don't have the rulebook and want us to tell you how to play the game.

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I do draw yes. I was using a mouse and anatomy isnt my strong point, but I think it turned out pretty well.

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flayed ones can do one more than that with just two sets of claws and NO MOUTH

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Thanks dude. I think I get it actually but I'll review that section.

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OP here. I already have made pictures of the necron from my old tripfag days. They are some trolls.

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Flayed ones also have metal feet for kicking dicks, dont forget about those.

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Trollcron in the back.

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Requesting this to be drawn.

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I gotta go shopping first but I'll get right on it

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dad buy me some Gatorade.


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rolled 94 = 94


Is that a grot on his leg with chest and hair squigs?

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Oh god I laughed

Why am I laughing so hard

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Captured female space marine.

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Oh boy here we go

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40k newbie thread?

So my friend is getting me into 40k. I have a couple of figures that I've painted up for fun. But, I don't like the way Space Marines play. Is wargaming worth it if you only know one other person who is playing?

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I would say so, yes.

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It makes it so you can't just make up one awesome list that rapes everything. You have to change your tactics and
>buy new models
eventually you'll have a fluffly list with history that you're happy with that can somewhat handle the ridiculous tourney lists at your FLGS!

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Ghazzy can get +2A on the charge instead of +1...

Would that triple his 5 attacks?

>15 S10 power attacks at I1 with a 2++, 4 wounds and immortal warrior assuring that he gets to make these attacks.


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Can someone here explain the assault phase? Do you get armor saves in the assault phase?

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i'd say depends, so you like the painting bit as well? if so, yes, definitely, if no, then it can be used to make NEW FWENDS! so basically, yes. Unless you don't want to meet people.

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if the enemy has power weapons, no, if they don't yes (most guys don't have power weapons)

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Okay so, in the assault phase, team 1 attacks team 2, team 1 uses their WS and compares it to team 2's WS too see if they hit? Is this right so far? then what happens.

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Since you don't have the rulebook, here ae the rules.

Both players roll a number of D6’s equal to their model’s Attacks characteristic.
Each player picks his highest scoring dice and addshis model’s Weapon Skill (WS) to the score. Hethen adds any Combat Score modifiers as shownon the opposite page. The total is the CombatScore.
The player with the highest Combat Score wins. Inthe case of a tie the model with the highestInitiative characteristic wins. If there is still a tiethe combat is a stand-off.
Compare the Combat Scores of both combatants.The difference between their Combat Scores is thenumber of times the winner has hit the loser. If you win the combat on a tie you still cause 1 hit.
For each hit scored the winner rolls a D6 on the Wound chart in exactly the same way as hits fromshooting. The Strength value will depend uponthe weapon used.
Models which are wearing armour may attemptsaves in the same way as troops hit by shooting.
Resolve injuries in the same way as you would for wounds inflicted by shooting.

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>implying anyone understands the rules the first time they read them

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Knives, swords and other close combat weaponsoften use the fighter’s own Strength. The chart below is used to determine saving throw modifiers where amodel’s own Strength is used in hand-to-handfighting.
Model’s Strength Armour Save Modifier
3 or less 0
4 -1
5 -2
6 -3
7 -4
8 -5
9 or more No Armour Save

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OP here is that even in edition 5?

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Why don't you read the rulebook and find out?

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OP here is that even in edition 5?

Because I read the rule book and some of this stuff didnt make sense which was the reason for this thread, which from the looks of it, someone else pointed out so saved me the trouble of explaining. I didnt see what you mentioned in what I had read.

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Add +1 to your score for each of your opponent’s rolls of 1
Add +1 to your score for each roll of 6.
If your fighter charged into combat this turn add +1 to his Combat Score.
If your fighter is standing on a higher level, platform,or slope then add +1 to his Combat Score.
If your fighter is carrying a heavy weapon, or other heavy piece of equipment, he suffers a -1 penalty on his Combat Score.
If you charge an enemy who is sheltering behindcover such as a low wall, then you suffer a -1 penalty on your Combat Score that turn. Note this penalty only applies during the turn when you charge.Note that hit modifiers for weapons are never applied in hand-to-hand fighting. These only apply when shooting at a distance as described in the Shooting section.

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>Zhadsnark the Evil Suns Warboss
>8 str10 powerklaw attacks striking at I5 instead of I1
I guess you could say a charge from Zhadsnark would.... wheely hurt..

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Is this from Gorkamorka?

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>Mfw I did this same thing yesterday in another 40k rules thread

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Also, don't forget the parry rule and the +1 mod for having two hand weapons, which appears in the paragraphs instead of the mods list.

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It's the same OP.

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models with highest number in 'I' strikes first, generally (enemy may have modifiers), they take all their attacks. next, models with next highest 'I' untill all models have attacked. If both team have say '4' in 'I' they attack at the same time.

hmm... i'll try a greentext to explain...
>player 1, 5 striking scorpions, exarch has power claw
>player 2, tactical marine squad (5) sergeant has power fist
>player 1s striking scorpions have I5 compared to player 2s marines I4
>However, only 4 of the scorpions strike now. the exarch has a power claw, which puts him at I1
>player 1 rolls attacks for scorpions, kills 1 marine (woo mathhammer)
>3 marines get attacks back (sergeant has powerfist, so is at I1, like the exarch, one is dead), kill 1 scorpion
>sergeant and exarch take attacks at the same time, kill everything

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OP here. MFW when you are correct.

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OK, so let's get to THE PARRY

Fighters armed with swords/chainswords etc can parry. A model fighting with a sword or equivalent can force an opponent to re-roll his highest scoring Attack dice before working out his Combat Score.If both combatants are fighting with swords then the ability to parry cancels ouIf a model carries two swords it may parry twice.

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i understand the Initiative to decide the order in which they go (although I really appreciated the greentext example) but I was trying to figure out how you decide if someone is wounded or not in a melee since it doesnt use the BS chart or WS chart, i think it uses S to toughness but im unsure.

Thanks for the good example though, thats more or less the best way to explain stuff like this.

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OP here, I dont remember reading anything in the rules about a parry but it could be a special rule I overlooked in the codex maybe. Im playing 5th edition which might be the problem.

all dam rules all dam hamboiguhs

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Mind that any successful hits are resolved with the profile of the weapon being used exactly as in shooting. This means that for things like Hand Flamers and Web Pistols, the enemy can be set alight or ensnared in a web by a successful hit. I've recently had an Assassin with a Web Pistol web up an entire Space Marine assault squad in a game, only to have them all roll sixes and stand back up the next turn.

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You're being trolled. Those are Warhammer Fantasy Battle rules.

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Op here, so does that mean in close combat I am rolling to see if my WS allows me to hit, and THEN using the S4 of my BOLTER (compared to the T3 of hormogaunts too see if i hit? That doesnt seem right since im not shooting with it.

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On the topic of one man versus an entire squad, when one model engages multiple enemies, this is called a Multiple Combat. Each enemy after the first receives an extra Attack dice AND an extra +1 to their Combat Score. This can get nasty very fast, with even a skilled fighter like a Space Marine Captain soon unable to hit his opponents.

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...Just get the 5th edition rulebook from /rs/ already.

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If you have a bolt pistol or combat knife, and you should have at least one of those, then you use its stats. A Bolt Pistol has a S of 4, and your space marine has S4 as well (meaning that his combat knife, as a hand weapon, does too). Or you can just punch them at S4.

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>didnt read the thread

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Read 'em and weep, pal.

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If the model carries a weapon in each hand then the model rolls one extra dice to represent the extra weapon.This bonus only applies to fighters armed exclusively with pistols and/or hand-to-hand combat weapons.

If a warrior fights with a single weapon then all strikes
inflicted in hand-to-hand fighting are assumed to have
been made with that weapon. If a warrior fights using two weapons (one in each hand)
then he strikes alternately, first with one hand and then
the other. For example, a warrior armed with a sword
and a pistol, and who strikes twice, does so once with
each weapon. Odd strikes can be
resolved with either weapon.

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OP here thats very interesting too know. Thanks for mentioning that. So what happens if it is slightly uneven at a team of 3 versus a team of 2?

Does the team of 3 still get the extra attack as they out number the enemy if even only slightly? or would it have to be at least 2 to 1 or 4 to 2 so each player of squad 1 had to fight 2 of squad 2? (ie 2 v 4 = 1v2 and 1v2)

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Carrying grenades does not prevent you using an extra weapon as they are assumed to be clipped to the model’s belt or stowed conveniently out of the way. If your model is an Ork and thus carries Stikkbombz, the stikkbombz can be used an an extra close combat weapon.

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Th most recent rules for Necromunda has those rules too.

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>A model armed with two close combat weapons is free to use either or both of his weapons to strike blows against his opponent. It is assumed that warriors will fight sensibly by feinting with their worst weapon while striking with their best weapon.

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OP here I understand. So I would roll once for the chainsword and again for the pistol, but would have to get a specific score with each since im assuming one is stronger than the other so would use different colored dice to keep track of the two weapons.

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No, do you lack reading comprehension or something? ODD STRIKES CAN BE RESOLVED WITH EITHE WEAPON. You choose.

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Yes. If you had established two hits with a bolt pistol and chainsword, you could make two different rolls to wound. However, they are both S4 with save mod -1, so there isn't any point in doing this! The chainsword gives you a parry and the bolt pistol gives you a ranged attack, but neither is actually better than an unarmed Space Marine attack.

>> No.17403450

You lack the reading comprehension, I wasnt refering to the "odd strikes" I was refering to having two attacks, and using 1 each. I was just asking if the two weapons you are using would have different S values or not which would require you too use different colored dice to keep track of what you rolled or not.

>> No.17403459

Or, more specifically, the owner of the model whose attacks are being rolled for chooses. Now, usually, the owner does roll for his own models, but the world is a big place and I will not be surprised if, for instance, a player rolls for his opponents attacks and saves or some other disgusting practice.

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It's also the rules for Necromunda, which means it's the rules for 2ed. 40k

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I sure am glad they simplified the fuck out of CC rules before I got into 40k

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OP here alright I understand. I didnt know that a chainsword and a bolt pistol at close range had the same effect as just an unarmed punch. (thats kind of silly I think but alright)

So in a close quartes battle a guy with two chain swords has the same capabilities as a guy with a chainsword and pistol or even a guy with just two pistols? (I doubt you can outfit them like this but this is just for sake of understanding.)

>> No.17403520

I don't think so, the rules they're quoting contain chainsaws and pistols.

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You can indeed outfit them like this. Here is a Seraphim with two flamers. Two. Flamers.

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if someone is just going to bitch about someones thread cause they are asking questions than just find a different thread to look at :)

>> No.17403591

Allowing this sort of thing would potentially turn this place into nothing but a Q&A for people who are too lazy to get their own copy of the rules. The rage isn't because OP is asking questions, it's because it's barely concealed attempt to substitute for not having read the rules at all.

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So, as an example of a complex combat, I'll present to you the case of my assassin versus some unfortunate Assault Marines.
An Assassin has the following combat statistics:
WS8, S5 A4, I8
This one is armed with a Web Pistol and a knife (hand weapon), giving him a total of 5 attack dice.

A Space Marine has WS4, S4 A1, I4. These are all armed with bolt pistol and chainsword, giving them +1A and a parry. They also charged, giving them +1WS for the round. There are four of them standing. Their friend with the flamer is struggling to escape a web spray a few meters away.

The first duel goes as follows. The Assassin rolls five dice. His highest two are a 5 and a 6; he rolls one fumble (1). The opponent makes him re-roll the 6 using his Parry. It comes out a 5. The Assassin's highest dice is a 5; he adds this to his WS8, subtracts the fumble, and comes out to 12. The Space Marine has rolled a 4 and a 5, and his score is WS4 + Charging 1 + highest roll 5 = 10. The Assassin's score is higher by 2, and he inflicts two hits. He chooses to make one web pistol attack and one hand weapon attack. The web pistol hit automatically ensnares the Marine, taking him out of action for the time being. The hand attack at S5 fails to wound.

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By the way, Seraphim can also dual weld melta pistols.

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In the second duel, the Assassin rolls 6 and 6, a critical, but also two ones. The opponent makes him re-roll a six, but it comes out six anyways. The Assassin's score is WS8 + Crit 1 - Fumble 2 + Roll 6 = 13. His opponent has the first outnumbering modifiers: +1A, +1WS. He rolls three Attack dice, and gets one 6. His score is WS4 + Roll 6 +Charging 1 + Outnumbering 1 = 12. The Assassin scores only one hit. Not wanting to risk leaving a combatant standing, the Assassin gives him the web and the marine drops to the ground.

In the third duel, I'll skip the details of the Assassin's rolls. He ends up with a Combat Score of 12. The opposition, now with +2A and +2WS, is starting to give him some real competition- but still only reaches 11, and is quickly webbed up like the rest.

The final duel gives the remaining assault marine +3A (total 5!) and +3WS (total 7, plus the charge mod for 8!). The combatants are now fighting on nearly equal terms, and the Assassin is in actual danger- I only gave him Mesh armor!
The warriors tie Combat Score at 12, and thankfully, the Assassin's higher Initiative gives him the one hit he needs. The entire assault squad lies struggling at his feet.

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>implying that is any worse than half the stuff on here sometimes.

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thanks man.

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This is fascinating. Can you do a necron scarab next?

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But wait I thought tyranids didnt get the extra attack for close combat weapons i.e their claws

>> No.17403683

A note; every assault marine was in base-to-base contact with the Assassin, or as near as their protruding arms would allow the model to be placed. Otherwise outnumbering would not have come into play.

The rules for Web Pistols are that any target hit is automatically enmeshed in the web, without a roll to wound or hit. They can escape if, in their movement phase, they roll a dice, add their S, and equal or beat 9 with the result. If they fail in this attempt, they take a wound.

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Versus an Avatar.

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These are good posts but I think they might only apply to Edition 4 or earlier.

>> No.17403725

I don't have the tyranid codex on me, but the stat line should either say "2(1)" to indicate that they have already been taken into account, or simply "2" if the editor was feeling stingy about ink. The lack of a particular template for displaying stats is one of my bugbears about Games Workshop (like the way they have recently dropped the "taking all armour saves as normal" standard phrase, but common sense should get you through. If they don't explicitly say something then shrug your shouldiers, even if the model displays it. On the other hand, if the wording only makes sense in a particular context, don't tryto rules lawyer your way through. A good rule of thumb is to consider if it was worded a different way, what would happen.

>> No.17403728

OP here if you are talking about the hormogaunts, the small ones with the scythes, i think each of the scythes count as one weapon which is why a hormogaunt's base stat is A2 on their profile meaning two attacks.

>> No.17403756

...is that a Gorkamorka profile?
Whatever, it's the same as their 2e.

Three Scarabs versus an Avatar of the Bloody-Handed God.
Let's look at the abilities of Scarabs here. WS1, S3, T8, W1, I2, A1.
Their Disruption Zone means that the Avatar will not use the Wailing Doom in hand-to-hand, instead using its base profile. Their Metal Eater rule only applies towards vehicles. They have no weaponry, but do have a 2+ save on 1d6. They cost 30 points each; why /tg/ is wasting models as pricey as Space Marines in an impossible assault is beyond me.

The Avatar, at 300 points, has WS10, S8, T8, W7, I10 and A5. I think we can see where this is going. Ordinarily he is armed with the Wailing Doom, but that's irrelevant thanks to the Disruption Zone, which renders useless *all* weapons, even Tyranid ones.

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Hey /tg/

is this the smartest wound allocation Set-Up for a 10 Man Paladin (GK) squad?

halberd (mastercrafted)



psycannon (mastercrafted)






justicar with hammer

>> No.17403839

>is this the filthiest, dirty cheese wound allocation Set-Up for a 10 Man Paladin (GK) squad?

>> No.17403866

Now, the first round. Let's be generous and give the Scarabs the charge, for +1WS.
The first Scarab rolls 3. Its total Combat Score is 5. The Avatar rolls two sixes, a five, and two threes. He has got a Critical and a roll of six, with no fumbles. His Combat Score comes to 17, and he inflicts TWELVE hits at S8 with a corresponding -5 save mod for Strength. The Scarab is utterly destroyed.

The second Scarab has two Attack dice thanks to outnumbering. It rolls a fumble (1) and a six (which is NOT a critical- you need two sixes for that), giving him a total of WS1+ Charging 1 + outnumbering 1+ roll 6 - fumble 1 = 8. The Avatar of the Bloody-Handed God rolls two sixes (a Critical), a five, a three, and a two. His Combat Score is 17 again, and he inflicts NINE hits at S8 with a corresponding -5 save mod for Strength. The Scarab is utterly destroyed.

The third Scarab has three Attack dice thanks to outnumbering. It rolls two threes and a one (fumble!). It adds three and subtracts one from its WS, adds one for charging, and adds two for outnumbering. Its Combat Score is thus 6. The Avatar of the Bloody-Handed God rolls a five, a three, and three twos. His Combat Score is 15, and he inflicts NINE hits at S8 with a save mod of -5. All three Scarabs have been destroyed...
But wait! They may regenerate! On the following Necron turn, the Necron player rolls three dice for Repair. Four, Three, and Five. The Scarabs remain on the ground- they need a 6 to regenerate, but if they roll 1, they teleport out. In the next turn, the Necron player rolls four, five, and five, and they stay put again. In the final turn of the game, he rolls three, three and five. Nope, they're all staying down. Game ends.

>> No.17403876


field only crisis suits.

>> No.17404015

Da Necron Rayd - it's a Gorkamorka Scenario. I don't know whether it was fanmade or from White Dwarf.

>> No.17404071

I think it's from Gubbinz, which means it's semi-official, like Citadel Journal stuff.
Not that anyone bitches about officialness in Gorkamorka or 2e like the 5th edition 40k folks do.

>> No.17404089

Unrelated, but didn't want to make another thread:

Retarded fluff aside, how much do Grey Knights affect your tabletop experience at all? Are they so OP that playing against them isn't any fun?

I'm a relatively new player, GK is my second army after 'Nids. My FLGS has had a lot of new people showing up, looking to grab a game and stuff, and all I have now are my GKs, and they have been unpleasantly surprised by a few things (namely fortitude and Vindicare stuff).

I've found that when I played against armies I didn't know (Shrike lists, Spacewolves, Blood Angels), I had unpleasant surprises as well, and I think that might be the same thing that my opponents now are feeling, but I don't know if its worse or not because of Grey Knights shit.

>tl;dr: do grey knights make 40k un-fun?

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