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The year is 2096. Decades of economical decline, enviromental pollution and constant fighting to stay the top dog in the sinking boat made our planet what it is today - a grey and bleak shithole. Century long experiment called welfare state failed with a bang, In this new so called 'society' you are the scum of the lowest kind because your gene-code isn't 99% perfect and you aren't rich enough to buy yourself friends in the right places. You will never have work or receive education, But life is what it is and even in such fucked up conditions you must survive. You have made your decision, It's all or nothing.

From where are you?
Greater H-Kong
Citade de Mexico Nova
or maybe from somewhere else?

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Greater H-Kong

Tracer tong is where its at.

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I am come from most glorious land of Mega-Moscow.

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Hong kong for make use of glorious chinese corruption

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For the Fatherland!

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Old Downtown São Paulo

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Da, Tovarisch, Mega-Moskow.

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NO fuck you ignorant childish morons.

If you wanna swan around with fake russian accent, play GTA, or any other of those dime a dozen crapfests.

Op, if you choose russia, this thread will be dead in less than a week.

And to the rest of you, i bet you re-posted the same thing.

= samefag


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Greater H-Kong it is then. World economical capital, it is a rich city with a very strong black market in electronics and bionics. Also, all the Indonesian drug routes lead directly there. A good place to start making a life.

What is the nature of your gang? Triads? Some nationality? Maybe a continental colony of yakuza? Russian mafia also shows a lot of interested in South-East Asia...

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bro you just destroyed this thread get out

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sorry for missing some posts. if you will really want, you will be able to change the city in time.

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We shall be a group of completely legitimate businessmen, with no connections to organized crime whatsoever. Seriously.

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Well, if we are going with Hong Kong, let us at least be of Russian descent.

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riight -wink-

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Perhapse we sell that non-aug rejection stuff like in de3?

Sort-of want.

Lets see how long /tg can hold itself before engaging in larceny.

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Is this alright, Skargan?

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How about a middle-sized German company selling advanced production machinery?
Kinda Ned Stark-style.
Oblivious to the methods of the arena.

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Sanctuary time!

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Local shop and business owners in the [WHATIDON'TKNOWHELPOHLORDNO] hood of the city.

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In the course of 21st century Chinese immigrants literally invaded Syberia and Far East Russia... But now their descendants are slowly coming back to reclaim their homelands. You are half-russian half-chinese, a very lucky combination in nowdays world. You were raised in Syberian village among normal people, so you sort of feel uneasy about heavy augmentation that you encounter a lot since coming to H-Kong. But what is most important about you is that you decided to stay away from the path of violence for as long as possible,,,

Will /tg/ add any other details for our nameless 'bussinesman' before we begin?

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Didn't read but kinda want.

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Or this.

I've allways wanted to play a GmbH corp.

Belive me, this will turn out awsome if it does.

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Russian-Chinese community business owners and pillars of the community.

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But as its based outside of germany it would have to be AG, denoting publicly traided company.

I think he should be half german half chinease.

Dr.No was half german half chinease.

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While I support the idea, I would recommend we don't ignore OP.
This is supposed to be his game, after all.

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I am here to serve you while enjoying myself, but I am not willing to withdraw what I already stated, sorry.

Health: Better than ever
Status: Alpha as fuck
Equipment: Semi-automatic GG-2u handgun and two bullet clips, Russian passport, Chinese passport(yes, having them both is illegal)

Numbers: 3 brothers
Reputation: Unknown... yet.
Morale: Ready and willing.
Base of opetations: small rented office near the docks. nice view, but nothing else.
Wealth: 5000 NCU(New Currency Units) - a middle class worker earns around 1000 a month

Currently you and your three friends that trusted you and threw their lives away to come to the H-Kong are sitting around the table in your office while smoking your last pack of cheap Russian cigarettes. Finally, one of them, Dmitrij, asks:
Hey, boss... So we were just wondering - what's the plan?

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"We buy packs of pudding, with bar codes placed on each individual cup, and through a loophole in the system, redeem air miles worth more then the pudding itself."

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The same plan we have every night, Dimitrij.
Try and take over the world!

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We are near the docks, there must be ships or whatever they use in this age coming and going and all kinds of business bustling all around us. I say we should look into extortion. Do we own any kind of vehicle?

>> No.17394868


Looking at Dmitrijj "Well, the plan is to bring a few toys from the good old motherland and sell them here, of course."

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You remember how they banned European sweets?
We will hide Belgian chocolate and German marzipan in weapon transports.
But first we will need some money to get started.
--> >>17394841

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Oh, just keep walking, and viddy what turns up, O my little brothers.

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Dmitrij thinks hard and then answers:
'I believe I could get us a transport quite easily, but how much are we willing to pay for it and what are our priorities for it? Or maybe we could just take it, like back home? Anyway, while walking down the docks I noticed at least a few cows worth milking. There are some stores and markets in the area. If we would find a way to make them see our way, they could prove to be of value to us. Also, those huge warehouses to the north are full of European machinery and parts that are brought here for assembly. Some dock-worker even claimed that he could get me a bionic eye for half the price, so I guess he is getting them from somewhere around here.

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Grab ya gats niggas, we gots ourselves a truck to steal.

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Boost the truck? That could be risky. But afterall, we dont want our own car, bought with our own money confiscated. Or is it best to stick to only 1 sort of crime? Less risk.

>> No.17394996


"Let conceal our weapons, go wait by the nearest highway, and see what passes by."

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Yeah, we go jack some little truck, nothing remarkable, one of the kind that drives around in dozens.
Then we go find this dock-worker and squeeze him a little till he tells us where those bionics are.

>> No.17395030

Anything with four wheels, four doors and a big trunk should do it. If we have sufficient skill to just steal something, go for it, but don't be stupid and don't steal from your neighbourhood. Next, let's get some cheap sidearms or at least some collapsible batons for our goons and start scouting around.

>> No.17395031


Less variety=less friends and that's bad for business.


"Alright, gentlemen, we are going to "borrow" a fancy car from around here. Check the parking lots. I'm going to talk with that dockworker you mentioned."

>> No.17395075

You smile as you listen to your friend. After he finishes you hide your GG-2u inside your jacket.
'I believe it might be well worth the risk to acquire a car by means that are hard to trace back, After all we are planning to stay here. Let us go and wait by the nearest highway to see what passes by. I always liked to hitchhike.'
As the sun was setting over the harbour, four men in bussiness suits left the docks.

Please roll d10 everyone.

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rolled 5 = 5


>> No.17395098

rolled 10 = 10

High or low rolls?

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rolled 10 = 10


>> No.17395108

rolled 7 = 7


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Your heist was a complete success. Under cover of darkness you approached one of the many building sites and stole a worn, but quite sturdy truck. Also it seems, that building site manager left his brand new Toyota Keynaro unattended and you shot two rabbits with one shot.

When returning to your office Keng, another one of your friends noticed a few suspicious looking hotels along the way. He claims, that he is almost completely sure that these are whorehouses.

=Assets status=
Hikimari Ltd.(shipping and warehouses) - ???
Small Bussines around the Docks - ???
Whorehouses - ???

>> No.17395182

The truck. Your gang exchanges brofists and boasts a lot about how well are you going to live here. Small victories surely help the attitude.

Morale: Excellent.

>> No.17395193


"I think our next coarse of action should be to hit one of those whorehouses. We go in, buy a girl and size up the security. If we think we stand a chance, we go in, kill the whores and take everything we can fit in the vehicle. We have to let the other gangs around here know competition won't be tolerated."

>> No.17395217


Why dont we get one of the call girls to visit the wherehouse security. We can either let her in on the deal, tell her to slip him a mickey, or simply let it play out, while we hiest the place.
It would pay to have some guy watching them on radio, incase they break it off too soon.

>> No.17395221

>kill the whores
Whoa whoa, I don't think that is a very good decision. The whores are merely working there.

>> No.17395233


Money over everything.

>> No.17395244

No U.
No massacres.

>> No.17395249

>Kill the assets
>steal worthless belongings
Do trips drain brain cells?

We want to take them over or open one ourselves with whores we steal from others.

>> No.17395258


Yeah, killing the gang members in there and telling the hookers "You work for us now," should go smooth.

>> No.17395270

No, we simply give them the choice. Join us, or leave town.

We also might want to get in touch with the union that runs the docks. With them on side, we'll be unbeatable.

>> No.17395271

A couple of days later you are finally ready to move things to the next level. Keng managed to acquire a gun for each one of you for just 600 NCU(200 each), just in case something goes wrong. You approach the hotel in Toyota. Your plan is a lot more dangerous and unusual this time, but your buddies trust you. Arkadij(the last of your friends) spits through the window and says: 'Whatever the way, I am with you till the end. Let's do this.'

[any other instructions? just hit, take money and run?]

>> No.17395280

We shall have the boys swarm the whore houses with a few bucks in their pockets and have a look at whom they belong to and how security is around them.
Also look for bitches who are treated badly.
We might be able to "turn" them and get valuable info out of them.
Once we have a picture of how whoring goes around these parts, we can decide on what we will do.

>> No.17395288


>No, we simply give them the choice. Join us, or leave town.

What if one of the whores was one of the gangsters bitches? What if one of them keeps contact with her old gang friends? It's too fucking dangerous. Either we kill the whores or do nothing at all.

>> No.17395290

What the hell are you doing?
We cannot hit a business that is possibly triad-owned!
We'll be dead within hours.

>> No.17395291

Why dont we get some russian guns, surely we know someone who knows Boris?

What are the quality on these things?

Op, we arnt srsly entertaining the idea of nocking over a little old brothel?

>> No.17395295

Wait, wait, no bloodshed.
Do what this man said. People running the whorehouse either join us or leave town in 48 hours, if they don't, we torch the place.

>> No.17395298

That is why I want to gather intel before shooting people and stealing from guys we don't want to steal from.

>> No.17395301

btw, rolls for the whorehouse raid.

>> No.17395303

There can be only one, in this town.

But it might be best if we work into the unions first.

>> No.17395311

Don't always rush for the most idiotic idea.
Remember, we're only half Russian.

>> No.17395324


Since people are complaining about killing all the whores, could we snatch them and throw them in the truck instead?

>> No.17395354

rolled 9 = 9


Fuck all of you soft ass mother fuckers, WE GO FOR DEATH AND GLORY.

>> No.17395362

rolled 8 = 8


>> No.17395379

What ever happened to planning and talking?
We can come to them as customers and talk to them, make them friends, get an idea of the structures here.
I cannot imagine them not being under someone's control.
Has anyone even thought about what we will do with those stolen or shot hookers?
Or what we will do about their pimps and the pimps' bosses?

>> No.17395396

rolled 1 = 1


Fuck them up, obviously.

>> No.17395440

rolled 9 = 9


>> No.17395441

Some inner voice within you stopped you from releasing the dogs. You see that your men are frustrated but you are happy to notice, that they still are extremely loyal to you.
(minor morale fall)
For the next couple of nights Keng and Dmitrij visit the main whorehouse(whole street is full of them, but this one is the 'headquarters' of sorts). Expensive bitches and casual living cost you 650 NCU.

However, the info that you managed to gather is quite interesting. First of all you get to know about two most prominent gangs in the area - Murderous Flower Triad(controls whorehouses and drugs) and Pacific Dogs - some sort of ex-mil gone-rogue racketeer gang that controls the shipping and warehouses. There seems to be some kind of truce between them and small bussines is sort of neutral zone.

Whorehouses themselves are well established, but protected only by token guard of two pushers for each hotel, for the whole street that makes no more than a dozen. However if you will linger for too long and let them coordinate their actions, you are fucked.

>> No.17395511

We raid the whore houses looking like the Pacific Dogs.
We barge in, steal the hookers, shoot the boucers (leaving one alive so he can tell his boss) and set them up in hotels in a whole different part of town, well outside of their reach.
In the end, we will profit most from the war that will follow.
We get to gather the debris, employ those pushed around by the others.

>> No.17395513


im so confused. we should just start a new thread.

>> No.17395541

Health: Better than ever
Status: Alpha as fuck
Equipment: Semi-automatic GG-2u handgun and two bullet clips, Russian passport, Chinese passport(yes, having them both is


Numbers: 3 brothers
Reputation: Unknown... yet.
Morale: Excellent
Base of opetations: small rented office near the docks. nice view, but nothing else.
Wealth: 3750 NCU(New Currency Units) - a middle class worker earns around 1000 a month
Transport: Classy car and builder truck

=Assets status=
Hikimari Ltd.(shipping and warehouses) - Pacific Dogs
Small Bussines around the Docks - No Man's Land
Whorehouses - Murderous Flower Triad
Drug dens - ???

>> No.17395552

Shut your whore mouth!
I'm just getting warmed up.

>> No.17395598

>Small Bussines around the Docks - No Man's Land

Let's just concentrate on making this our land. We have no chance of competing with Dogs and Flowers yet.

>> No.17395614

just a simple question - is there anyone following this thread and should I continue?

>> No.17395620

You have my sword.

>> No.17395657

and my AK

>> No.17395689

Good for me. Meanwhile, your guys are settled in,,, This morning Keng(pic), probably the most social bro from your pack came back with the news:
'Last night in the club I've met a couple of interesting guys, they seem to be quite capable, but they lack in motivation. I could enlist them for us, but it would cost a little...(if agree roll for this)'

Also, Arkadij wants to visit his sister in Tokyo and asks for your blessing to leave. It would take about a week, so if you have pressing matters, he would probably agree to stay,

>> No.17395706

Tell Keng to get a new haircut.

>> No.17395725

rolled 1 = 1

Let Arkadij go, family is important. How much would it cost to hire the new guys?

>> No.17395748

Heh, perfect.
Those dudes are just the material we need if we want to raid the whorehouses.
Keng shall get them, we and Dimitrij go press-gang some small businesses and Arkadij shall go find out what those Dogs actually dress like so we can dress up our new blood.

>> No.17395754

rolled 1 = 1


>> No.17395758

Keng reluctantly agrees, but demands 50 NCU for a new one,
oh damn... These guys understood that you are new blood in town. they are not willing to risk their hides for less than 500 each. Ofcourse, when money starts flowing they will want a steady income.

>> No.17395760

That's actually pretty nice hair.

>> No.17395847

You hired the new guys, but for a high price. You notice, that your life savings are melting quickly. Also, influx of new people into the gang creates some tension, your status and morale fall a little bit.

Health: Nothing special
Status: Strong, respected leader
Equipment: Semi-automatic GG-2u handgun and two bullet clips, Russian passport, Chinese passport(yes, having them both is


Old Guard - Dmitrij, Keng(social, fixer), Arkadij(away)
Henchmen: 2
Reputation: Small fish
Morale: Good
Base of opetations: small rented office near the docks. Nice view, but nothing else.
Wealth: 2700 NCU(New Currency Units) - a middle class worker earns around 1000 a month
Transport: Classy car and builder truck

=Assets status=
Hikimari Ltd.(shipping and warehouses) - Pacific Dogs
Small Bussines around the Docks - No Man's Land
Whorehouses - Murderous Flower Triad

>> No.17395902

thanks for those who stayed, but it's over, at least for now,

>> No.17395908

To get money, we need to push some small businessmen around.
Otherwise, all further plans will be void, as in not affordable.
Thus, we need to intimidate people before we start raiding the brothels.
Also our new bouncer-friends might know some whores that are looking for possible new employers.

>> No.17395923


>> No.17395935

Thanks for your time. Hopefully next thread will attract more people (I think there were only 3 or 4 of us today)

>> No.17396489

Damn it, I was getting ready to play. Oh well.

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