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Ok, in your opinion, fluff-wise, who'd win in these fights.

Daemonette vs DE Wych
Ork Nob vs DE Incubi
Blood Angel Terminator vs Necron Lychguard
Tyranid Warrior vs Eldar Striking Scorpion
Grey Knight vs DE Grotesque

I'm kinda bored and thought it would be a fun little game.

I'd also generally would like to know.

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1: The Emperor
2: The Emperor
3: The Emperor
4: The Emperor
5: The [nospoilerson/tg/]Cultist-Chan[/nospoilerson/tg/]

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>Daemonette vs DE Wych
Wych, Daemons aren't as deadly as the fluff would have you think.

>Ork Nob vs DE Incubi
Nob. Their strength quickly overcomes the advantages of armor and power weapons (which do all of jack and shit against av 6)

>Blood Angel Terminator vs Necron Lychguard
Probably a Termi, they are just too strong.

>Tyranid Warrior vs Eldar Striking Scorpion

>Grey Knight vs DE Grotesque
Grotesque, GK are fucking mooks.

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>aren't as deadly as the fluff would have you think


>ok, in your opinion, fluff-wise

I would say, the winners are the complete opposite of everything the above poster has said. However, none are as powerful as the sheer force of his retardation.

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3. Lychguard - RP + invuln saves (that shield) + power weapons = termie ain't shit.

4.Scorpions all day.

5. Cat from OP's pic. 4+ cuteness rolls.

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>Daemonette vs DE Wych
Depends on the Daemonette. Bog standard, it loses. Especially powerful ones might win.

Ork Nob vs DE Incubi
The Incubi. In fluff, Eldar are pretty good in general. Nobs are disposable.

Blood Angel Terminator vs Necron Lychguard
Necron. The Terminator might win, but it's a tossup mostly in the Necrons favor.

Tyranid Warrior vs Eldar Striking Scorpion
Eldar again. Bog Standard Tyranids have strength primarily in numbers.

Grey Knight vs DE Grotesque
Grey Knight. Not even a competition.

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what would give a grey knight a run for his money?

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>Daemonette vs DE Wych
>Ork Nob vs DE Incubi
>Blood Angel Terminator vs Necron Lychguard
Not sure.
>Tyranid Warrior vs Eldar Striking Scorpion
Striking Scorpion
>Grey Knight vs DE Grotesque
Grey Knight

This dude here beats all of them. At once.

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Incubi, I guess.

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See, I would have thought that a Tyranid Warrior would best a single Striking Scorpion with sheer brute strength and resilience. Guess I was wrong.

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I... I don't know what to say to this...

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>DE wych
Honestly I see this as a 50/50. Daemonette wins because they will always outnumber the wychs and we know fluff gives a bonus to the undernumbered.
>DE Incubi
Mother fucking Nobs ain't shit to quick lil elvies. According to fluff mr.incubi should have nob cut to ribbons before he even swings.
>BE Terminator
Plot Armor: End.
>Striking Scorpion
Warriors will outnumber, therefor Scorpion has huge advantage
>Grey Knight
Only people as hard a sue as knights are wolves.

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Glorious. God bless Space America.

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CSM Dreadnought vs Blood Angels Dreadnought
C'Tan Shard vs Keeper of Secrets
Carnifex vs Deff Dread
Wraithlord vs Trygon
Bloodthirster vs Avatar
Destroyer Lord vs DE Archon

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Destroyer Lord beats everything. Ever. Preferred Enemy (Entire Galaxy.)

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>CSM Dreadnought vs Blood Angels Dreadnought
Blood Angels Dreadnought
>C'Tan Shard vs Keeper of Secrets
Keeper of Secrets
>Carnifex vs Deff Dread
>Wraithlord vs Trygon
>Bloodthirster vs Avatar
>Destroyer Lord vs DE Archon

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Blood angles Dread wins because it doesn't randomly go pants-on-head retarded( Fluff wise I'd say Chaos dread because they are venerable and have the powers of chaos at their insane wills)

That's a hard one but I'mma say Keeper of secrets.

Carnifex will strait rape a deffdread because of MC rules. (Fluff wise I still have to say Carnifex because they are described basically as walking can openers)

Trygon will again strait shred a wraithlord depending on if he got the charge (Fluff wise I can see a Trygon popping up and pulling the wraithlord halfway into the ground then dismantling it piece by piece)

Bloodthirster no question. Why? Because fuck you space elves that's why.

The Archon would win because in the fluff they can suck whole planets into a pocket dimention for the lulz. On the table poison weapons and a ton of attacks pretty much cancel the Destroyers only advantage: High Toughness

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Basically everything this guy said.

Except the opposite.

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The Chaos Dread wins, because the BA Dread was gifted to the Blood Ravens last week.

>C'tan vs Keeper
Fuck if I know.

>Fex vs Deff Dread
The one that's bigger.

>Wraithlord vs Trygon
The fangirls, as the two engage in bizarre make-outs.

>Bloodthirster vs Avatar
What's it really matter? Isn't it just daemons and heresy all the way down, in the end?

I don't even know what a destroyer lord is.

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Ok, so who would play a game set on a Craftworld being overrun by Tyranids? Kinda like Space Marine, but you're the Eldar.

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I would, as long as it was possible to actually beat off the Tyranids with minimal losses. I'm tired of that "dying race" crap, let's kick some fucking ass.

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>Eldar kicking ass

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They might do alright so along as they don't bring out the Avatar.

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Somehow this picture makes me want to put together a necron army based on Thriller.

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What if you can play both sides? Different missions lets you play different units.

Like in one you play as a Eldar Striking Scorpion, another mission you play as a Harlequin and what not.

While on the Tyranid side you could play a mission as a Warrior/Prime trying to fight back some resistance, and in another you could be a Lictor stalking your pray, having to assassinate him/her.

I dunno, I have the idea in my head but can't put it into words very well.

I'd call the game "Craftworld" most likely.

Best thing about it would be no Space Marines or Chaos like all the other games.

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And just for fun I'd have a mission that lets you play a Eldar Titan or Tyranid Bio-Titan while a hugh battle rages below you.

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>Daemonette vs DE Wych

>Ork Nob vs DE Incubi

>Blood Angel Terminator vs Necron Lychguard

>Tyranid Warrior vs Eldar Striking Scorpion
Tyranid Warrior

>Grey Knight vs DE Grotesque
Grey Knight

>CSM Dreadnought vs Blood Angels Dreadnought

>C'Tan Shard vs Keeper of Secrets
No idea

>Carnifex vs Deff Dread

>Wraithlord vs Trygon

>Bloodthirster vs Avatar

>Destroyer Lord vs DE Archon
Destroyer Lord

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>CSM Dreadnought vs Blood Angels Dreadnought
BA dreadnought, because they aren't insane
>C'Tan Shard vs Keeper of Secrets
It depends. A super-KoS like the forgeworld one would certainly win, but a powerful shard, like a shard of Aza'Gorod, would win against a regular KoS.
>Carnifex vs Deff Dread
>Wraithlord vs Trygon
Trygon. The wraithlord is like a stoner with a sword, while the Trygon is a surprise-attacking death machine with a hundred limbs.
>Bloodthirster vs Avatar
Avatar loses
>Destroyer Lord vs DE Archon
The Archon might win if he's lucky, but if he misses his first attack, he gets mauled down.

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nobz is betta dan smalla, runtier orkz

green is best

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>Daemonette vs DE Wych
If it's the Dark Eldar Codex trying to sell new Dark Eldars, then the Wych. If it's the Chaos Codex trying to sell Daemonette's then the Daemonette.

>Ork Nob vs DE Incubi
If it's the Dark Eldar Codex trying to sell new Dark Eldars, then the Incubi. If it's the Ork Codex trying to sell Nobs then the Nob.

>Blood Angel Terminator vs Necron Lychguard
If it's the Redwardex trying to sell new Space Vampires, then the Terminator. If it's the Green Wardex trying to sell Tomb Kings in Space then the Lychguard.

>Tyranid Warrior vs Eldar Striking Scorpion
If it's the Tyranid Codex trying to sell new Extragalactic Space Locusts, then the Warrior. If it's the Eldar Codex trying to sell New Elfdars then the Elfdar wiv a chainsword.

>Grey Knight vs DE Grotesque
If it's the Grey Wardex trying to sell new MAH BONES IS RUNES marines, then the Knight. If it's the Dark Eldar Codex trying to sell Finecast shit then the Kinky Bondage Elfdar.

That's how it works.

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In terms of fluff?

Daemonette would win over the Wych. I dare say the Wych would simply try to run as fast as she could. It's a Daemon of Slaanesh, for god's sake, its mere presence probably eats away at the Wych's soul.
The Incubus would probably mince the Nob, looking at how common Orks are. A Nob is nothing but an Ork big and tough enough to lead a bunch of Orks. When it comes down to the fluff, not that tough.
Honestly, haven't read up on the Lychguard so I can't say here. I'd assume the terminator, however, simply due to plot armour for the most part. Besides, Blood Angels and Necrons are bros.
It depends. If the Striking Scorpion gets the jump, the warrior is gibbed. If they meet each other head on, it's likely a tie.
Grey Knights, all the way. Even the most basic Grey Knight could defeat almost everything else on your list.
Tie. No real advantage either way. Depends on the poor fuck inside each dread.
I'd say the Keeper of Secrets. I'm fairly sure C'tan Shards are no long the walking embodiments of the C'tan.
Carnifex, as they're designed to rip open tin cans for the most part.
Trygon, as they're an even bigger and nastier version of the Carnifex when it comes down to what they're designed for.
Bloodthirster. I'm sorry, but in the end, the Avatar no longer has any merit in the fluff. It has not won a single fight in... ever.
The Destroyer Lord would likely win this conflict. Archons are more politicians and schemers than fighters, with most of their combat revolving around whatever hideous artifacts they've collected. Destroyer Lords have designed themselves to be brutal death machines.

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I have a fun one regarding the "supers" as I like to call them.

Abaddon vs Calgar

^Winner vs Mephiston

^Winner vs Imotekh the storm lord

^ Winner vs Njal Stormcaller

^Winner vs Asdrubeal Vect (on foot)

^Winner vs Helbrecht

^Winner vs Draigo

And for a b-b-b-b-bonus round if any of you remember

^Winner vs 2nd ED harlequin Solitare

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Either fluff or TT. Or both!
if you like.

Might I also add, wound's don't carry over. Fresh battle and that the Solitare is equipped with everything.

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Abaddon vs Calgar
^Winner vs Mephiston
^Winner vs Imotekh the storm lord
^ Winner vs Njal Stormcaller
^Winner vs Asdrubeal Vect (on foot)
^Winner vs Helbrecht
^Winner vs Draigo

Abaddon is the supreme chosen of the Dark Gods. Blessed by all four and an unholy terror to face one on one. Armed with weapons that rend reality and have bathed in the lifeblood of the Emperor himself.
Draigo is the dedicated hard counter to all things Chaos.

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Boo, no Swarmlord :(

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Oldy but fucking goldy.

The song at the end makes it legendary.

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And still gets his ass handed to him by Abaddon in game. Abaddon might not be the sharpest chainaxe in the rack, but he's one scary fucker in close combat.

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There is hardly anything Abaddon can't take in close combat. Dude is made of kicked asses and overkill.

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>Good to see Micheal Bay's movie adaption of "All quite on the western front" is coming along nicely...

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Sorry man, I don't really know the rules for alot of the other races. But if anyone would like to input what they feel are the "supers". Maybe Ghazghkull or whatever, just put them after Helbrecht

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There should be a Deadliest Warrior with Warhammer stuff.

I'd watch that.

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Remember when Abaddon was more than just a CC monster? Well, not that much more, but still.

>Wargear and Gifts: Talon of Horus (a master-crafted lightning claw with integral combi-bolter and which counts as a Personal Icon), Daemon Sword Drach’nyen, Chaos Terminator armour, Demagogue (see page 43), Daemonic Rune, Spiky bits.

>Demagogue Ability
>The Word Bearer is exceptionally well-versed in the counter-arguments to the Imperial creed. Moreover he is a skilled orator who is able to incite his brethren to a fanatical fervour. The orator, and all Chaos units apart from Daemons with a model within 6” of the orator will automatically pass any Morale checks they are required to take. This skill is available only to independent characters and does not count toward their maximum number of skills.

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We have something like that in my FLGS. Everyone picks and kits out ONE dude from whatever race, no Apocalypse. The winner gets a mini of his choice.

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Abaddon my smell horrid... I mean, I doubt he takes showers or freshens up. Unless Slaneesh demands it of him or something.

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>Like Chaos itself, Abaddon was a clash of contradictions.

>And Talos hated his warm, welcoming smile. He could almost smell the corruption beneath the man’s skin, a rank scent of charred metal and polluted flesh that teased the edges of Talos’s senses.

>‘You smell that?’ he voxed to First Claw.

>‘Yes,’ from Xarl. ‘I smell spoiled meat and… something more. They are ripe with corruption, all of them. The Terminators are likely mutated under their armour.’

>From there, their replies deteriorated in usefulness.

>‘The Warmaster smells like he’s been boiling human flesh in engine oil,’ Cyrion ventured, slightly less helpfully.

>All Talos got back from Uzas was an acknowledgement blip – a single burst of quiet static indicating an affirmation.

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In fluff terms, Grey Knights are one of the most powerful units there are.

The average mook is equal to a greater Daemon at least, head and shoulders above your average space Marine.

Only a few of them can cleanse entire worlds of Daemonic infestation, and their Chapter Master even beat up a Daemon Prince in one on one combat once.

Likewise, the Necrons are pretty boss in-fluff. I don't know about the new codex, but in the older fluff they were Space Marine killers; more than capable of wiping out the full might of entire chapters.

The Eldar and Dark Eldar are strong in that they tend to prepare for fights well and almost always fight on their own terms. However, they tend to lose rather consistently to the Space Marines and other factions. They don't have the top-tier strength to take it.

The Orks aren't particularly powerful one on one, except for Warbosses, who are a serious challenge even for Space Marines, and more than a match for the average Marine.

In the fluff, a single Space Marine is worth thousands of normal soldiers.

They tyranids are individually weak, but strong in numbers and their ability to OM NOM NOM the environment so that their numbers don't decrease, but increase instead. Unless you can aggressively strike against them and maintain the pressure, they will quickly build to overwhelming numbers.


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The Imperial Guard and Sisters of Battle are weak but numerous. They tend to lose in fluff against most major enemies, but hold the line until stronger forces can get there. Despite this, there are many surprising victories in their favor.

The Tau are weak in personal combat but good at ranged combat and maneuver. They are basically the weakest faction in general, though. In fluff they can massacre the guard and Orks, but tend to have a lot of trouble with heavier opponents like Space Marines (excluding Firewarrior).

The strongest fluff faction is probably the Adeptus Custodes, though. They are effectively as strong compared to a space marine as space marines are to normal men. The fluff tends to bear this out. They're more than a match for powerful groups of all kinds.

So my general race rankings are as thus:

1: Adeptus Custodes
2: Grey Knights
3: Necrons/Chaos
4: Space Marines
5: Tyranids
6: Eldar
7: Dark Eldar
8: Orks
9: Sisters of Battle
10: Imperial Guard
11: Tau

This can of course flip depending on conditions. The Tau often pull off wins they shouldn't, for instance. But in the large scale, these are the strongest factions. The Space Marines are typically fighting an uphill battle against the forces of Chaos. The Custodes and Grey Knights are the powerhouses that are called when absolutely no one else will do.

And yes, the Custodes do apparently still fight, in some capacity. They're basically the Emperor's spooks, above and beyond the assassins, in addition to being his bodyguards.

Plus, they tend to keep that giant portal to the warp under the Golden Throne in check. They basically rape Chaos.

>> No.17392494

Imagine bringing that home to the parents.

>> No.17392510

>"Dem smelly Chaos-boyz iz weak, not nearly enuff of a challenge for da boyz."
Even Orks agree: Chaos stinks.

>> No.17392530

These are Abaddon's chosen. Compared to them he looks normal.

>> No.17392557

Fuck I wish I had an entourage like that...

Are there in-game rules for these guys? They look pretty badass.

>> No.17392576

Medusa V would have been a good opportunity to give Ygethmor (Four-Eyes) rules. But now he's dead. Killed by an Elfdar no less. A female Elfdar.

>> No.17392579

>A giant in bloodstained black power armour swam into focus on the holo-slate, his helmet crowned with blades and a long, curving sword gripped in both hands. “The primary target is known as Devram Korda, and is believed to be the same individual once known as the Tyrant of Sarora. It is said that he distilled the bodily essences of the planet’s largest hive city for a single vial of elixir. The properties of this elixir are unknown, but for a period after its ingestion, Korda became, to all intents and purposes, invulnerable. He conquered the entire system and ruled it with an iron fist, distilling yet more elixirs from the bodies of each planet’s population until finally he was toppled by warriors we believe to have been rival Chaos Space Marines from the Emperor’s Children.”


>> No.17392583

She died horrible afterwards though.

>> No.17392591

>Daemonette vs DE Wych
It's a matter of who can pull the dickiest tricks. The combatants are fairly balanced, so it's really a matter of tactics, luck and whether or not the Wych has anti-Daemon weapons.
Ork Nob vs DE Incubi
>Blood Angel Terminator vs Necron Lychguard
The Terminator will "win", but the Lychguard will reassemble/phase out, so the victory is not final. If the Terminator keeps waiting for the Lychguard to reassemble, the Lychguard will most likely win in the long run due to attrition meaning nothing to the Necrons.
>Tyranid Warrior vs Eldar Striking Scorpion
One on one? Striking Scorpion. They are just too fucking agile for a big mean motherfucker like a Warrior. However, keep in mind that Warriors always travel in packs and they have a swarm of smaller Tyranids around them. Tyranids are all about redundancy.
>Grey Knight vs DE Grotesque
Grotesques are badass, but they're not match for a Grey Knight.
>CSM Dreadnought vs Blood Angels Dreadnought
Raw power? CSM Dread. Wit? BA Dread.
>C'Tan Shard vs Keeper of Secrets
Only the Shard can be defeated for good, the Keeper of Secrets will just come back for more after a hundred years, so in the long run the Keeper.
>Carnifex vs Deff Dread
Carnifex, hands up.
>Wraithlord vs Trygon
Wraithlord, easily, given time to prepare. Trygon, easily, if given the element of surprise. Trygons are fucking terrifying but Eldar are way more badass in the fluff (unless getting their asses kicked by everyone else) than on the tabletop. Also, there are 80 Trygons for every Wraithlord out there.
>Bloodthirster vs Avatar
No clue, but it will be epic.
>Destroyer Lord vs DE Archon
Destroyer Lord

>> No.17392640

What if we gave the Tyranid Warrior a lashwhip+Bonesword combo?

>> No.17392662

Then the Warrior wins.

>> No.17392678

Somebody else throw out some match ups. Thread seems to be going nicely.

I'm not a very good judge on what has a fair chance vs what.

>> No.17392687

Oops, forgot
>Ork Nob vs DE Incubi
This is entirely up to how badass the Nob in question is. "Nob" is a sliding scale.

>> No.17392692

>Daemonette vs DE Wych
Wych, I' say.

>Ork Nob vs DE Incubi
Incubi are boss, but the Nob will keep fighting with 2 missing limbs and half a head. Incubi might get hits in, but orks are made for fighting and winning.

>Blood Angel Terminator vs Necron Lychguard
Terminator. Bam, Thunder hammer to the head, Necron gone.

>Tyranid Warrior vs Eldar Striking Scorpion
It's going to get awfully messy with tyranid innards torn to shreds by a chainsword.

>Grey Knight vs DE Grotesque
Grey Knight.

>CSM Dreadnought vs Blood Angels Dreadnought
Mark of Khorne, CSM. Other marks, Blood Angel.

>C'Tan Shard vs Keeper of Secrets
Daemon might lose one fight, but eventually the shard might lose and be destroyed forever.

>Carnifex vs Deff Dread
Carnifex. A Carnifex will run through a sqadron.

>Wraithlord vs Trygon
Wraithlord. If there's a spiritseer nearby. Otherwise the Wraithlord will resort to digging its nose despite lacking one.

>Bloodthirster vs Avatar
50/50. They are evenly matched in combat prowess, the Bloodthirster slightly stronger. but the Avatar much better protected by arcane runes.

>Destroyer Lord vs DE Archon
Archon. Can't kill what you can't see. Shadowfiled keeps the Destroyer swinging at mist and shadows.

>> No.17392698

>Only the Shard can be defeated for good,
>Defeated for good
The reason the Shards exist at all is because the C'Tan can't be killed for good.

>> No.17392707

This is a toughy, it all depends on who goes first and if it's all close combat :/
I'm gonna do simultainious combat

Abaddon vs Calgar
Abaddon, Calgar is bullshit.

^Winner vs Mephiston

^Winner vs Imotekh the storm lord

^ Winner vs Njal Stormcaller
Mephistond loose.

^Winner vs Asdrubeal Vect (on foot)

^Winner vs Helbrecht
Vect hands down, Helbrecht is just aweful

^Winner vs Draigo

^Winner vs 2nd ED harlequin Solitare
I'm glad someone remembers this because they were mean as hell. Considering Vect hits at half his weaponskill, the Solitare would have no problem disposing of him.

>> No.17392708

We are talking about the single Shard. Not the C'Tan. The Shard can be defeated, destroyed, etc. the C'Tan cannot (for all we know).

>> No.17392722

What of the Flayer? The codex only says they are nigh impossible to destroy.

>> No.17392724

Void Dragon

>> No.17392727

If a Shard can be killed for good then you could kill a C'Tan by killing every Shard.

>> No.17392731

Codex says that if a C'tan Shard's necrodermis is breached, it's "scattered to the galactic winds". Presumably the Shard isn't destroyed, but just has to be tracked down and imprisoned again.

>> No.17392742

Wouldn't the C'Tan just return back to it's energy form if all the Shards are destroyed?

What of him? Imprisoned in Mars.

>> No.17392749

I like to think Llandu'gor let himself be destroyed, and now he actually lives on in the Flayed Ones he 'cursed'. Like each Flayed One contains a tiny portion of his essence. At least that's how I explain the concept of Necrons catching the flayer virus to myself.

>> No.17392754

>Wouldn't the C'Tan just return back to it's energy form if all the Shards are destroyed?

Nothing to suggest that, only that the essence of individual shards become scattered. It might just keep on flying to the opposite ends of the universe.

>> No.17392764

Or become feral and return to noming on stars.

>> No.17392787

1: Daemonette
This comes down to my interpretation of the Fluff mind you.
2: DE Incubi
Space Marine killers, through and through. Incubi belong to a Blood-Brotherhood. Ork Nobs are disposable.
3: Necron Lychguard
Aeon Old Guardian, millenia of experience.
4: Striking Scorpion
Supremely skilled individual vs Strength in numbers.
5: Grey Knight
Best Warrior the Imperium field on the battlefield vs "Honk Donk I used to be a Guardsman"

>> No.17392832


or you just release a million C'tan babies into the universe that only once held thousands at best.

>> No.17392880


Wych since they are meant to be the best fighters that the Dark Eldar have and the Dark Eldar have some fancy ass fighters even by 40k standards.

Incubi. Nobs in fluff are still sub Space Marine tier while Incubi can fight them one on one with no real issues.

There isnt any fluff on Lychguard and Terminators are pretty tough in fluff to the point that they can be stepped on by titans and still function. Ill leave this one be.

Even with the warrior/Scorpion fight. Striking Scorpions aren't THAT amazing, even in fluff and Warriors are roughly about the same but beastial in nature and ignore pain. The Scorpions have the edge in standard protection but lose out on assault since lolchainswords are mainly used for shock tactics. You cannot shock a tyranid.

Grey Knight smashes then entire group of Grotesques alone. In the fluff, Grey Knights are fucking librarian tier on a single man scale. They basically fight the combats that would bog down a chapter of Marines for months and deal with it in an hour while taking minimal casualties.

Noone comes close on a single level to a Grey Knight.

>> No.17392885

Not every hint in 40k lore is to be taken as fact. Red Herring.
Void Dragon's Dead.

>> No.17392904

C'Tan can't die. Never have been able to. Now they are are explicitly 100% immortal.

Void Dragon has never been said to be dead.

>> No.17392916

>If it's a Tactical Terminator, the Lychguard wins. If it's an Assault Terminator, the Terminator wins.
>Tyranid Warrior
>Unfortunately, probably the Grey Knight.

>> No.17392927

whoa dude, those are some pretty tight match ups you have done there.
>>demonette vs wych
both can perfectly win
>>ork nob vs de incubi
the same, the ork has brute strenght and resistance, the incubi is fast as fuck and can cut and parry whatever shit you trow at him
>>terminator and lychguard
i dont like newcrons so no fucking clue
>>tyranid warrior vs eldar striking scorpion
they will have to outsmart each other
>>gk vs grotesque
this is the only one that its clear-gk wins

>> No.17392931


"Honk Donk I used to be a Guardsman"

>> No.17392939

That cat always brings a smile to my face, not matter what my mood.

>> No.17392941

Then I i got hit in the leg by an arrow.

>> No.17392942

I meant to say, i lol'd heartily.

>> No.17392947

It says that it's near impossible to destroy them, but that implies that they can be destroyed.

>> No.17392982

>C'tan babies

>> No.17392998

Where the fuck did you find that? Or did you just draw that? Nobody's that fast!

>> No.17393013

it's been floating around /tg/ for months

>> No.17393015

Found it on /tg/ of course.

>> No.17393017

/tg/ is gonna hate me for this suggestion, but lets do this match up:
> Daemonette vs DE Wych
like an episode of deadliest warrior.....without all the Killshot jokes.

>> No.17393022

Void Dragon, Outsider?, Nightbringer, Deceiver.

>> No.17393057

Yes, those are the previous big four C'tan Gods.

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