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Who is your favorite Primarch?

rowboat gillyman and yiffs need not apply

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The Unknown Primarch.

From what the Blood Ravens say about him I figure he is a nice guy.

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Leman Russ of course.

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Everyone treats him like shit.

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I never understood why Lion is killing pikachu

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Ferrus, cause hes awesome

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Because it's a symbol for how he's repressing his homosexuality

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It's a Warp Monster, like the kind Calliban had an infestation of.

Rogal Dorn, because as 2nd places go he's pretty fucking solid.
He's actually kind of human, and I respect that.

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They were talking bout Magnus.

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Perturabo. Got sick of his brothers' shit and having his glory stolen.

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the magician god is a powerful one indeed.

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No, It can't be true the Unknown Primarch is no heretic.

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I always liked that story, it is short on the grimdark, funny and something you could actually believe could happen in 40K.

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Accept no substitutes.

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Sanguinius all the way!

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Goddamn Blood Angels spamming the thread.

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After reading Tales of Heresy, my simpathy for Angron has grew a little. Yes, he was just a grunt, slaved all his life for pitt-combat while some of his brothers were building empires from dust.
But It feels fucking bad how he was teleported away from his fellow gladiators in the Last Stand, when everyone and their mothers could keep his life pals as battle brothers (See Lion and Russ)

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It can't be true. It's IMPOSSIBLE!


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The whole Angron debacle makes it look like the Emperor was goading him into rebellion.

Its like the Emprah went:"Just how can i make my rageaholic creation even less stable. Hmmmm.......Idea!!!"

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Guilliman. His success speaks for itself.

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All our glories LIES!


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Don't be sad, just stea... receive another primarch as a gift.

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Yeah, at least he had some kind of motivation.
Then, there is Mortarion.
Horus: Hey bro, do you want some heresy?
Mortarion: Supercool, bro!! Let's heresy all night.
It feels a little like Jersey Shore jocks talking about going party.

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No Primarch leads the Angry Christians.

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Maybe Curze because he's goffik, maybe Vulkan because he's a space alchemist.

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Konrad Curze.

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You can shut your whore mouth.

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[/spoiler] batman

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Indeed, the Blood Angels can be justly proud of being based on the genes of the only female primarch.

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Freakin' hilarious.

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Roboute Guilliman

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horse obviously i mean why not?

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> horse obviously i mean why not?

You should hoof it out of here before all the neigh-sayers turn up.

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>implying moral wasn't shattered on impact

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implying moral wasn't shattered on the way down

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But that's Engra Deathsword from Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

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That pic is not 40k, its Warhammer Fantasy.

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What folly....What has become of my chapter...

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But Sigmar is a missing Primarch.

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something awesome

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I believe that is one of the few things actually officially retconned.

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I know the real reason the two unknown Primarchs were excluded.

"Greetings, my son. I am the immortal emperor of mankind and i have come to bring you back to Terra where your legion awaits you. But first, what is your name, my son?"

"Martin Klump, father."

"Martin? .... You mean Dominus the Terrible, warlord of the seven wastes!"

"Seven Wastes? But father, this is prime farmland."

"....*chough*....I have no doubt that your harrowing childhood have prepared you for the wars to come nonetheless."

"Well, Melvin and Elsa have been really good to me, there was this one time Mike tried to steal my birthday gift but we talked it over and.... Father? Why are you leaving?`"

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and the slans are the old ones

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The real unknown primarch.

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>that LOD shift.
Really Relic? Really?

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Khan deserves more love

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He might have meant DOF (depth of field). Or level of detail.

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In my headcannon, at least one of the unnamed sons turned his back on the emperor willingly and untainted by chaos, seeing the imperium and the emperor, in some way or another, as unworthy to rule over mankind. He then founded humanity anew beyond the limits of conventional Astronomican warp travel.

The imperium then went full "HERESY!!!" and erased his existence from the records, seeing it as too great an insult to the emperor and having the potential to seed the dangers of doubt.

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Perturabo because he kicked the imperial fists bitch ass

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Except in the more recent HH novels it's been heavily implied that the Space Wolves obliterated the two unnamed Legions and those left alive were forced to join the Ultramarines, thus explaining why they had the highest numbers during the Great Crusade.

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so when will Khan gain his own novel?

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When he burns down the Black Library and salts a maiden world.

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Its headcannon; something I thought of on a whim but rather liked.

Regardless, I like to think of the two unnamed sons as non-chaos traitors.

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or body guards for the emprah..custodians gotta come from somewhere...right?

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How much salt do you need to salt an entire planet?
I think that will be my next Black Crusade Campaign, the players must steal a ship full of salt going to some Forge World and offer it as a gift to Kharn.

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Custodes are Proto-marines
Something between thunder warriors and astartes.

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Just because of how it sounds.

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although Khan and Corax come close

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dooorn, rather woody sort of word

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Definately Magnus.

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Actually while there is a clear line of progress between the thunder warriors and space marines, the custodians have been alluded to be some kind of offshot.

Space marineish but better in some ways but nebulously worse in others.

Actually one of the problematic things with the HH books is that we find out that the Emprah had everything from day one, custodians, space marines, sisters of silence, assassins of all kinds of flavor. And somehow he already had all this while on earth.

Just where did he get all the sisters of silence from for example? Blanks are tremendously rare, but he had so many of them that he could staff entire organizations with them and even had the luxury of just using one gender for that purpose.

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Konrad always, such a flawed fucker.

As for missing Primarch's there is plenty to go on in the latest flick, but I just can't decide.

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Toss up between Konrad and Alpharius because they both chose to Hersey without the influence of the warp.

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Are you sure all sisters were born female?

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Even if he had some archeotech to make men into women that meant that instead of five nulls there would be ten nulls available to him.

Nulls are vastly more rare than psykers, there certainly should not be enough of them to make up entire organizations with.

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this is the guy who suposedly bargained with the very beings he thought to destroy, wh knows what deals he made

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the first time the Sisters appear is already something like 200 years into the Crusade

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>Chose to heresy without Warp
>Was tricked by Xenos instead

Yeah, pretty cool reason to heresy

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Night Haunter did not choose Heresy. He chose FREEEEEEEDDDDOOOOMMMMMM

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You wish you were this Boss.

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You mean dead?

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I still maintain hope that the Second and Eleventh are actually primarchs that the Emperor managed to protect from the initial interference by Chaos and hid them away on a task of grave importance and had them expunged from the records for the security of their mission so that everyone would simply believe them to have been heretics of great taboo instead.

One day they shall return, as shall Vulkan, as shall Khan, as shall Leman, as shall Corax. And on that day shall Guilliman and Lion arise.

And by their sacred mission so too shall the Emperor return to us, and by his grace all shall be redeemed, and so shall Chaos be averted. As the traitor legions return to his grace. As the warp returns to ether, as Chaos returns to the warp. On that day. Someday. Soon.

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I love that book series. The night lords became my favorite after that. Anyone know if the audiobook is worth it?

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Vulkan: where the hell did he go? Did they never mention what his mission was? I mean, it's obvious he didn't tell his legion where he was going because they have no idea where to look for him but he didn't even mention what his mission was?

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He found a webway portal to Commaragh. He chased the Dark Eldar through and was never heard from again.

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That was Khan.

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The only thing he told them was "when you find all the pieces of the Tri-Force, I'll return and we'll fuck shit up 'yo".

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He went off to teach inner city kids in Necromunda, they are the future of the Imperium after all.

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