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After having rediscovered my small Eldar collection, I've been debating whether or not to start them up again. Seeing as I haven't seen an Eldar army, much less played with or against one, in years, I could really use some advice.

I'm not going to bother listing what models I have since I'll be expanding my collection with new (non-3e) models anyway. With that in mind, can we have an Eldar Tactics general thread?

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>engraved codpiece

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An eldar would look cool with Toki's mustache...

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Is there any way we can be certain that Mordhaus isn't actually Commorragh?

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Yeah, Dethklok and the Clockateers aren't cybergoths, unlike 90% of Commorrites.

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go for mechdar as they are the best. beside waveserpent you should only get fully upgraded falcon as they never die. you need at least two prisms to be effective.

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Good to know.

How are Shining Spears?

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Seriously, Dragons are awesome IF they get into range.

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Bad. I mean Mandrakes Bad.

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harlequins are better than banshees, warp spiders works the best in unit of 7(some mathhammer was involved), do not get eldrad if you are only using doom and guide farseer

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>go for mechdar as they are the best. beside waveserpent you should only get fully upgraded falcon as they never die. you need at least two prisms to be effective.

what, so he should get 1 falcon because both falcons and fire prisms are heavy support?

besides, falcons aren't NEARLY as survivable in 5th ed without skimmers-moving-fast and separate glancing/penetrating tables

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true in 5th ed. i was just pointing out that if you want prisms you need at least two, but falcon is more durable for now

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If you want to play Eldar, play Corsairs.

Falcons can hold 10 guys, all your guys have jetpacks, half the shit in Heavy has been moved to Fast Attack, and you can even take some Dark Eldar.

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how about that?

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talks about eldar, you should read up on some, but make sure your army still retains a unique flavor

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Yes, because optional fandex rules from forgeworld are sure to be accepted everywhere.

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my good man

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uh, does it look so ridiculous?

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According to FW's Facebook, the 10 model capacity was a typo. It's still 6.
And Webway portals are a 35pt upgrade for Void Dreamers.

Also, for anyone that is interested, this page lists what units are in what part of the force org chart for Corsairs:

There's also a link to FW's facebook in the comments section.

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it looks good, but eldar already have slanty eyes and now he looks asian

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What an unfortunate incident.

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I fancy picturing Eldrad and Vect as similar to this.

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FW rules are legal now, though super-heavies, fliers, and gargantuan creatures are marked "Apocalypse Only."

*cue evil laugh

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>Mandrakes Bad
Ouch, that's pretty harsh.

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Harlequins in open-topped transports?
Hell yes.

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This should make things easier. Please feel free to copy/paste the following, including a grade from 1-10:
(1 being SHIT and 10 being Fire Dragons)

Warlock Council
Jain Zar
Maugan Ra
Striking Scorpions
Howling Banshees
Fire Dragons
Dire Avengers
Storm Guardians
Guardian Jetbiks
Shining Spears
Swooping Hawks
Warp Spiders
Wave Serpents
Fire Prisms
Night Spinners
War Walkers
Dark Reapers
Support Weapon Battery

You are always quite welcome to justify your grading.

On a different note, which White Dwarf issue had rules for the Night Spinner, again?

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Farseer- 9 (almost mandatory)
Warlock Council- 5, 8 with jetbikes and spears
Autarch- 7
Avatar -6
Yriel- 8
Eldrad- 10
Phoenix Lords- 3 (yes, ALL of them)
Striking Scorpions- 6
Howling Banshees- 6
Harlequins- 5
Fire Dragons- 10
Wraithguard- 5
Dire Avengers- 6
Rangers- 5
Guardians- 4
Storm Guardians- 3
Guardian Jetbiks- 6
Shining Spears- 3
Swooping Hawks- 3
Warp Spiders- 3
Vypers- 2
Falcons- 7 or 8
Wave Serpents- 8
Fire Prisms- 8 or 9
Night Spinners- 6
War Walkers- 8 or 9 in large numbers
Dark Reapers- 5
Wraithlord- 4, 7 if two or more are taken
Support Weapon Battery- ??? forgot about those, actually.

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Sounds badass, I'll give them a look.

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if you do have war walkers give them missile launchers only. 48 inches for firing distance instead of 36 will save them from return fire. It is godtier if you run a squad of 3 with a guide farseer nearby.
Also know the trick to do with your farseer; if your farseer is in a vehicle you use the vehicle's hull to measure for psychic power, thereby extending the range

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nightspinner pdf for you.

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>Vypers- 2
but Vypers look so awesome :(

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Many thanks. I thought they might have put the rules online, but I couldn't find them.
Apparently Corsairs get them as Fast Attack choices. Brutal.

I like them too, friend.
And they aren't THAT bad.

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>that feel when I bitz-ordered an elfdar guardian so I could crucify him on some crazy altar of slaanesh, and when I was clipping the shuriken catapult off of the right arm, the arm went flying and I can't find it anywhere

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>As the Nightwings, Phoenix and Vampires soared down, they were met with a tremendous firestorm of las shot and artillery shell. What heavy armour his command staff could muster, but he had not sent the young colonel into battle empty handed.

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>Fire Prism grav-tanks seized vantage points on the scrubland north of the sepulchre, yet were assailed by fast-moving Tactical squads before they could fire so much as a shot on Calgar's position. To the west, bellowing guns of Predator battle tanks drove Warp Spiders scuttling into the dead forests and ambush at the hands of Ultramarines Scouts. Thunderhawk Gunships roared across the skies, cannon and missile searching for elusive and agile Eldar Nightwings. Bike squads of the 6th Company prowled hill and crag, percussive bursts of bolter fire hammering Eldar Vyper squadrons.

Such things happen when the Eldar go to War.

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Many thanks. I thought they might have put the rules online, but I couldn't find them.
Apparently Corsairs get them as Fast Attack choices. Brutal.

I like them too, friend.
And they aren't THAT bad.

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So it looks like Corsiar lists will mostly spam Falcons, Night Spinners, and, hell I dunno, Warp Hunters? Fire Storms?
The same Mechdar you always see, but with no Farseers and more tanks. If that is even possible.

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You can take DEldar WARRIORS as an ELITES choice? Of all the fucking units... Don't get me wrong, Warriors are good in many circumstances, but a single squad clogging up an Elites choice? Why even bother?

You can take 1 elite/fast attack choice from Eldar, but you're stuck with basic Warriors from DARK Eldar? Why bother including ANY DEldar units if it had to be THAT one.
I guess it's still better than Mandrakes...

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>follow link to some other 40k blog
>realize that it's by someone who goes to the same GW as I do

I am so going to murder the fuck out of your Orks or Space Wolves on Killzone day, Skarvald the Troll-faced.

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Please, that's marine fluff involving calgar. It shouldn't be taken seriously.

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Eldar bump.

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