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There are no gods, only man.

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>no gods
I believe that the Ruinous Powers would like a word with you, OP.

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>God-Emperor of Mankind

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>implying the God-Emperor is not the Eight Ruinous Power

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>Eight-pointed star
>Space Jesus

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He never chose to be a god. He was raising Man into an atheistic scientist, and would destroy the Imperium of the 41st millennium if he knew what was created in the wake of his physical death.

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>Four Ruinous Powers
> Eighth

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They said I could be anything

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Is that a SoB turned Slaanesh?

Cause that would be awesome.

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What he wanted people to believe long enough for him to usurp heaven and claim creation as his own.

The 40kverse may be a shit hole where there is no real light at the end of the tunnel but at least there is an abundance of branches coming off that tunnel.

Had the Emperor truly acceded from mortality he would have become the Enslaver God of Order. It would have been worse.

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He knows full well what's going on with the Imperium.
Read the Age of Apostasy fluff.

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The entities in the Warp aren't gods. They are powerful as hell, and they can fuck shit up, but they aren't gods.

The Emperor is a WHOAAAAAA+ class psyker, but he isn't a god either.

There is no magic in 40k, and so there is no gods.

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>There are no gods

I don't know dude, I saw Dave from down the street pray to some dude named Corn or whatever and he got a chainaxe for an arm.

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I'm not sure if you're stupid or trolling.

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Did he pray to Corn, or CROM?


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