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I feel like drawing, but I have no ideas for what to draw, so can we have a drawthread?

I suck at drawing human faces!

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Could I get a man in a trenchcoat, standing on the hilt of a sword? Preferably in a body of a space marine.
Could he also have a big floppy hat, and could he be crouching on the pommel please?

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Can I get a janitor from SS13 mopping the already clean floor near exit shuttle with evil smile on his face?

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A mandragora (pic related) paladin, carrying a shield and spear.

Bonus points for dramatic poses.

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that's just horrible man

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Ooh! OP, could you draw an intricately carved dwarven statue, with a mural on the pedestal it stands, depicting some great battle? The statue should be of a Dwarf with Nifty Trousers.

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Sorry, but I couldn't figure out how to make the guy both stand on the hilt of the sword, while simultaneously crouching on the pommel.
All my attempts looked like he was trying to insert the pommel to his ass.

Doing this next: >>17376131

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Man, those little guys look pretty cool. You're alright, little plant guys.

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A knight in full armour with a flail and shield, preferably in a stance that makes him look like he's about to swing it into someone's head.

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I know there's a queue but here is my requst. An Ogryn holding a Commisar above his head kneeing in the groin another Ogryn who is trying to reach the Commisar, all while yelling "Dis is my Commisar get yer own!"

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Yep, I'm playing one in an FFD6 campaign. Guy goes up to everyone's knees, just about, but he charges into battle with the best of 'em.

He's also the manliest motherfucker in the party.

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That is both adorable and manly as fuck.

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>I suck at drawing human faces!
I request a golem or construct entirely made up of human faces

or like, a ball of faces

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This little dude was fun to draw.

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Yesss, thank you!

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Heh, that's pretty cool.

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/r/ing a guy in a jumpsuit holding a jury-rigged shotgun over his shoulder.
Bonus points for grumpy face.

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Here is your dwarf statue

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Thank you, kind sir! Our fortunes rise and fall together!

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A catgirl in full armour with a stonking great sword giving a :3-face at a group of very scared goblins. It's obvious that the catgirl is going to enjoy this. It's obvious that the goblins aren't.

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Here is your knight.

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Sorry guys, I'll have to stop earlier than I expected. Something came up.

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A post-apocalyptic robot who used to be a mechanic and is now also a doctor.

He's sitting at a desk with books like Grey's Anatomy and Popular Mechanics on it, has a newton's-balls desk ornament with only one ball, and a nametag that says "Dr Tynmann."

See pic for possible aesthetics.

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Could you draw a mithral warforged with a huge two handed sword and a cloak stepping on the end of his cloak, then tripping and falling backwards off a gangplank with a surprised look on his face, shouting "FUUUU-" while a pier burns behind him?

My current character in pathfinder, would be ever so grateful to get a picture of that, because at the time it was hilarious.

Bonus points if you draw one of the crew throwing an anchor at him.

(Failed a jump check, then a balance check, then a swim check, ended up on the seabed with an anchor embedded in my shoulder)

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A Kobold Pimp with a featherhat and bling

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I occasionally draw, just as a pass time. I really enjoy tablet drawing, what would be the best one to get on a budget? All I've heard is Wacom and Bamboo.

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I got my bamboo tablet just for about 50 euros, but it was the cheapest model.

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I got my bamboo around 5 years ago for $99, it's still running strong.

also, I'm about to jump in on this right here

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Hmm, could join in, but the requests so far doesn't appeal to me that much.

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not really familiar with animu, but I couldn't make that face otherwise

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Assuming you are the op of that thread way back where that picture you posted is related, I am pleased to contribute to that setting.

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I'd like to request a drawing of a homebrew race.

Broad, strong build, covered in fur, about 7 feet tall. Wearing a thick fur lined jacket, a fur kilt, and boots. Head structure like pic but with small saber tooth fangs.

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Okay, Tau Earthcast Girl treading water (gear in pic related) bitching out her worker drone for sinking her hover boat by accident. Probably smacking it with a wrench or some futuristic tool.

"I said FLUSH the HEAT SINKS, not SINK US!"

The drone should look pretty glitchy, maybe held together with duct tape (or Tau equivalent).

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A werewolf with great stonkin' big X-cross-section punchdaggerlike things, except the blades go all the way back up her forearms, over bracers holding the things.

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I am he, and I laud you. Love the detail on the optics, and the mismatched hands.

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Thanks. Truth to be told, I always preferred drawing machines and robots over humans. Humans faces are fucking hard to draw for me. They always seem to become too uncanny if I try to ad even little bit of detail to them. No such problem with robots.

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Robots are fun to draw, no doubt.

>> No.17378798

Especially when they have T&A.

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A 1930's detective beating up some goons in an alleyway please. The guy should look kinda like Walter Kovacs with no mask.

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bumping to get more ideas up

>> No.17380065

I has a brush pen.

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ok, just bumping with my request...

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Pokes thread to see if it's alive

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A lizard warrior wearing flaming armor, dual wielding flaming greatswords, shooting heat rays out of his eyes. and breathing fire.

Destroying a snowman.

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Kindly requesting a Kobold dressed in a WWI German uniform, complete with Rifle, Pickelhaube (pic related), and Gas mask.

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Well, fuck. I didn't see this despite reading through.

Oh well.

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other drawfags once more unto the breach'd

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Bump for the Kobold picklehaube image!

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Gonna go ahead and take a shot asking-

An Ultramarine tactical sergeant, he has short cropped black hair, his holding a power sword in one hand and pointing with another. He has a bolt pistol in his holster and is barking orders

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Bunping my request (through the glitches)

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Oh hey I remember you. You're the one who called me out on making the abortion that was pic related. What a crazy coincidence.

Also brace yourselves /tg/ the worst artist to every grace the site is now combing through this thread.

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drawfag 2 reporting. I have few hours to spare and Im bored.

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Just going to request a regular space marine juggling balls.

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Terrible artist here. I did your picture. Sorry if it gives you eye cancer.

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Could you do another one of those, but with a normal SM Terminator saying "No YOU come at ME, heretic!"

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>I suck at drawing human faces!

Draw "Blame!"

>> No.17383079

k I'll look into it.

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I hate bumping this again... but what the hell, this is my request. ^_^;

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I love it.

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Improved version here. It's reresized

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"kleinen", German demands an accusative here.
The whole sentence would be: "Nein, DU schwingst deinen kleinen Ketzer-Arsch HIER rĂ¼ber!"

>> No.17383387

oh that's cool. Thanks captain dubs!

>> No.17383873

I just had to do it after I thought about it.

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Man, I hate you talented people. Making me feel all sad that I'm not talented.

>> No.17383932

This man (the one on the left, not the bear) trying to climb up a mountainside while a leprechaun in his rucksack complains about how slowly he is going.

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hey, I got no talent either. But i kept drawing and drawing until I got better.
feels good having skill...
but yes. I too hate talented people... lousy talented people and their freebies...

>> No.17383951


What? It's just about doing something over and over until you're really good at it. Some people have good hand/eye coordination or a better eye from the get go.
I'm saying I hate, using the term loosely, all the people that put up a lot of work and dedication into being good at something.
I'll rectify.
Lousy hard workers, making me feel bad about it.

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bumping this request

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Bumping my request one more time as well

>> No.17384011

But if she's an Earth Caste, how can a lifejacket fit around her massive titties?

>> No.17384032

Necron Lord battling Great Unclean One, surrounded by rusted, "dead" Necrons.

>> No.17384074

Warmahordes request:

Rule 63 on Cygnar's pNemo.
>Preferably early 20s.
>Black hair.
>Pale skin
>Keep the armor similar to what is on the model, and do not make it overly revealing. Sexy armor doesn't suit the request.
>Replace the white robe/cloth with a darker color like dark grey.
>Darken the blue armor a bit
>replace the brass with a dark steely color
>And replace the blue glowing coils with green glowing coils (just color swap basically)

Well, I think I can sum that up better by saying the color scheme should be more Cryx-based. Here's some links for reference:

>Commander Adept Nemo
>a Cryxian color scheme example

>> No.17384129

A male Earth Caste engineer with his drone waifus.

There's the curious, cheerful technical drone (think tachikoma).
the shy, subservient shield drone.
the enthusiastic, trigger-happy attack drone (think portal turret).
the tsundere, distant sniper drone.
the clingy, motherly command drone...

Feel free to be inventive on the engineer's design; I dunno, short fat neckbeard with an animu shirt, cybergoth dude with dreadlocks instead of a braid...

>> No.17384135

Requesting a spear-wielding Infernal Exalted being trolled by a circle of Lunars.

>> No.17384408


Good Tau engineering.

>> No.17385678

bump for hybridform raging wolf

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>> No.17385696


/tg/ in a nutshell.

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Tau crisis battlesuit surprise buttsex

>> No.17385705

better idea:

wraithlord on battlesuit lesbian action.

>> No.17385719

OP of

Can totally get behind this.

>> No.17385820

Battlesuit Lesbians: A 40k supplement for Car Lesbians

>> No.17385923

>> No.17385942

You da man artist guy!

>> No.17385962

Well, while we are there:
A (female) Wraith Lord bitchslapping a female Avatar for being a dumb cunt and dying all the time.

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