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I was playing some DOW2 retribution yesterday as kayos campaign and much of the missions depict chaos fighting chaos. I can understand that and all since different warbands like to fuck eachother but black legion was fighting black legion, and the game has you attack guardsmen just turned chaos.

Is black legion really that retarded? Attacking fresh addition to the gods like that instead of siding with them and using them as a meat shield?

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Look at their name. Chaos.

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>"You are no Space Marine, you are barely even a man!"
>"You will DIE for that!"
>Avitus and a devastator then proceed to do the crazy walk away from the scene as Diomdes begins his charge, leaving the guy who was out of the loop as a cruel joke to face his wrath.

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Relic was to lazy to create different campaigns for all 5 factions - the only different thing are the dialogues.

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Yeah but if they spend time painting their armor the same shouldn't it make sense that they attack other warbands atleast?
You know they're chaos but not retarded.
Otherwise they would not be more of a treath than tau

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Relic has never been good at writing Chaos. Then again, there are rules for Abaddon to shoot at his own ships in BFG.

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Nemeroth is a dick who hates you and wants you to fail.
Abaddon is so disconnected from the whole thing he gives a grand total of zero fucks and just wants to watch you stumble around like an asshole.
Eliphas is in no position to argue with either since he is living deep in borrowed time.

Retribution was not about Eliphas' glorious conquest - it was abotu Abaddon wanting to humiliate him and show him that he fucked up in the past and that shit had to end.

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There is a lot of infighting between the various warbands and companies of most Legions, remember that their all fighting over the attention of the Gods, pretty much the most powerful resource you can imagine.
Abaddon also seems to promote a 'survival of the fittest' mentality amongst his warlords, reasoning that if you couldn't hold out against your fellow commanders you'd be useless in the Long War anyway.

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Look closer. In retribution you are fighting alpha legion.

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>I can understand that and all since different warbands like to fuck eachother but black legion was fighting black legion

Kyras' dudes are alpha legion.

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Yes, Black Legion is that retarded.


>"You have failed me for the last time..." Abaddon the Despoiler does not tolerate failure, as many of his followers have discovered to their cost. If Abaddon's re-roll is used for a Command check or Leadership test on another ship or squadron and the test is failed a second time, he will become angry - very, very angry! In the Chaos Shooting phase Abaddon will direct at least half the available firepower and lance strength of the ship he is commanding against the weaklings who have failed him (assuming the worthless scum are within range and fire arc). Resolve the attack as normal, just as if Abaddon's vessel were an enemy.

>Should this dreadful failure occur on Abaddon's own ship, it will lose one damage point as the Black Legion massacre those who failed him. No Leadership increase is gained.

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The Alpha Legion have pledged their ''loyalty'' to the Ascendant and future Warmaster Azariah Kyras.

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You have to admit it's a pretty cool rule. You can imagine Abaddon going completely apoplectic.
Considering the size of Abaddons fleet and how much attention the Chaos Gods give him, his stress levels must be fucking enormous.

A normal Chaos Lord is like a supervisor and the Chaos God he serves is kind of like his Manager. He gets away with doing a few cowardly acts or being fairly self serving but as long as the job gets done the Manager is fairly happy and isn't watching him all of the time anyway.
Compare this to Abaddon. Poor old Abaddon has got the entire board of directors breathing down his neck. It's no wonder he freaks out when people fail him... because if people fail him.... he fails the Gods.... and if he fails the Gods.... HE FAILS THE GODS!

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That's probably a better explanation for this shit than anyone at GW has ever come up with.

And really, that kind of makes sense... or would, if not for how terribad he fails and how much of Chaos's resources he's wasted time and time again.

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Another of Abaddon's rules:

>You may not place a Chaos Lord on the same ship as Abaddon (you don't get to be a Chaos Lord by spending lots of time near a bloody-tempered maniac!).

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One piece of fluff says that Abaddon never smiled or laughed for 10K years.

His face is fixed on a constant frown.

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Maybe we just need to get him on anti-depressants and it'll be much more enjoyable to work for him.

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no one knows what it's like to be the bad man....

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Man, you'd be pretty sad too if you had no arms.

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Now it make sense why Abaddon is such an idiot. He got so much work and responsibilities on him.
Starting to feel bad for him now. Oh well.

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To be the sad man?

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Behind searing eyes...

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And no one knows what it's like to be hated. To be fated to telling only lies.

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>Call off the attack brothers lets burn all the space marines
>you know despite them being in power armour than can survive being voidborn

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But my dreams, they aren't as empty...
As my conscience seems to be.

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Can someone tell me where the whole no arms thing originated?

Why does he have no arms?

Where did they go?

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The arms of the model are really fucking prone to coming off

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In eons past, some guy posted a picture of the Abaddon model he was working on, and asked /tg/ to rate his model.

The model was covered in centimeter-thick paint, and was somewhat unfinished; the guy hadn't attached the arms yet.

/tg/ started questioning this guy on how Abaddon planned to take over Cadia when he had no arms. A few of them even started suggesting that this is *why* the Black Crusades never succeeded at taking Cadia. Some even suggested that Creed had already Tactical Genius'd said arms.

Thus, the meme stuck.

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No, no, no.

Some guy posted a pic of a perfectly painted Abaddon with no arms -which he was painting separately- on /tg/. It instantly became a meme.

And a very annoying one. When your trying to run a semi-serious campaign of Black Crusade, it gets annoying.


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I have hours, only lonely. My love is vengeance that's never free....

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Now it's just weird seeing him with arms.
poor dude

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You may be right on that. I remember it as being badly painted, but its been a long time, and there have been numerous badly-painted versions over the years.

That said, it does rather interfere with any attempts to include Abaddon in a game. Having the player's effective "peers and patrons" tell them that "Abaddon is a schlub, lets not talk about him" has helped me in the past.

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What would Abaddon even do if he won the Long War? What would any of the Chaos factions do? Do they have any long term goals, any plans besides "fuck the Imperium's shit"?

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After they fuck the Imperium shit they go and destroy other faction until only Chaos is left.
Then Chaos destroy itself because there's nothing else left to ruin. Or atleast that what one of the Xenos prophecies anyway.

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Think Eye of Terror, everywhere.

And every world is a daemon world.

Humanity and all Xeno races in the Milky Way become Chaos's bitch.

On to the next galaxy.

I hear there is a lot of shit to rape, out smart, kill, and plague in the Tyranid Galaxy.

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I'm pretty sure they don't. The galaxy gets pretty boring for Chaos without hordes of innocents to corrupt/kill/sell for cash, and the ensuing infighting between victorious Chaos armies would probably wipe out most of the galaxy, rendering the Dark Gods sorely lacking in worshippers.

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No one knows what it's like to feel these feelings like I do, and I blame you!

No one bites back as hard on their anger. None of my pain woe can show through.

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Ooooh so it's a /tg/ specific meme.

Thank god i i asked before i made the mistake of trying to joke to someone about Abbadon not having any arms.

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I heard it in the singer's voice and I fucking lost it.

Thanks /tg/, you made my night.

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>People call Abaddon incompetent for failing 13 Black Crusades.
>They don't realize that succeeding a Black Crusade is the endgame scenario for Chaos.
If they ever get past Cadia they'd fuck the Imperium's shit up completely.

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Cost me 45 fucking dollars and that shit won't stay on

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Excuse me while I shake in my boots from obsolete gear and vastly inferior numbers

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If Abaddon is the self-insert of one of the GW developers/writers, then why does he suck so much?

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The Chaos Gods have the universe right where they want it. The Universe as it stands is on the edge of falling. It would take a lunatic to look at the shit that is going on in the 40k universe and claim that everyone is acting rationally, reasonably and logically. The universe is already a nightmare. The Gods are farming it in it's current state for the emotions they feed on.
The Universe is slowly dieing and the Gods are not in favor of speeding the process up.
In the 41st millennium there is only war and the laughter of thirsting gods.... and there is a REASON the Gods are laughing.

If Chaos was to win... the unvierse fast tracks to the Ranadandra and everyone loses.

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You have to differentiate between warband and legion, the legion composes of thousands of backstabbing, bastardly, dastardly, mofoing subfactions, all vieing for dominace amongst amongst themselves;
the warbands ARE these subfactions, sometimes even composed of marines from different Legions and/or renegade/excommuncated Chapters.

So, yes it´s perfectly normal for warbands of the same Legion to screw each other over for the slightest increase in power.
Also, even though Abbaddon commands Eliphas, it´s not like he´s on official Legion business, and even if he were, the boss is far, far away.

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His left arm looks fucking tiny

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You know I like this guys idea. How do we know that the Eye of Terror opened up just in the Milky Way to be a way for the warp to take over the Universe. Why is life just limited to the Milky Way? You have any idea how many galaxies are out there! How many races they could taint with Chaos?

So many races to plague, to kill, to show excess in the extreme, and to "just as planned". I think Chaos really wants to break out of the Milky Way to get started on the rest of the Universe. Just think of the god's rage at how they can't influence the rest of the universe.

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What's between Abaddon and the Blood Ravens is something deeply personal.

Also he desperately desires Gabriel's soul.

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So if the Chaos gods win...they lose.

No wonder Abaddon fails all the time, if he ever actually makes it to Terra, he and his bosses are out of a job.

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Not quite. Chaos depends on a fresh harvest of souls. The Imperium is producing more than an adequate amount. So it would be foolish to obliterate the Imperium and their production of delicious souls. Chaos 'wins' when they can force a stalemate with the Imperium, and loses if they either wipe out humanity or get wiped out themselves.

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So that's it? Really? Chaos just, implodes if it wins. I like the, "go fuck up the universe after we're done with the Milky Way" idea a lot more.

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It's fuckign Chaos. It doesn't DO coherent long-term structural planning. It just DOES.

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Chaos is the cancer that's killing the galaxy.

Once the body succumbs to the cancer and dies, the cancer will die with it aswell.

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How large is the Empyrean? Is it just one funny anomaly within the Milky Way, one possibly not repeated in other galaxies or is it perhaps an almost insignificant part of a greater plane of existence that stretches throughout the entire universe?

Would it be possible for there to be gods or beings that make the four Chaos gods we know look puny in comparison? Say gods that could snuff out entire galaxies in an instant?

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