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Hi /tg/ Im new posting here, I friend told me yu could help me decide between two games Ive been wanting too buy, I was planning o buying risk legacy and MGS risk, but a friend recently got axis and allies, and buying those two would be too much, can you guide me wich is more entretaining risk legacy or the metal gear one?. thanks

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dont tell me this place hates board games just like /v/ hates videogames.

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We're mostly about PnP RPGs and 40k, actually.

I would go with Legacy though.

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Nah, we just hate risk.

In all honesty the threads I've seen seem to be people complaining about some of the mechanisms in legacy but praising MGS. I don't have any experience with them myself however.

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No, no -not at all.
You might just be asking too early in the day (by USA time zones) to really get the right audience. That is a factor. Frex, I'd answer but I know next to nothing about the topic.
I love the Tigers though.

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Welcome to /tg/! Here's some helpful tips to set you on your way!

1. Learn patience. Most people don't bump their thread every 4 minutes.
2. Type like an adult.
3. /tg/ responds best to tits. So post 'em if you got 'em

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>/tg/ responds best to tits

That's terrible advice. You never post a pic more interesting than your topic, and nothing is more interesting than tits.

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Not this guy or OP, but I'll be honest, that's a pretty baller tiger.

OP, I think for your choice of boardgames, you'll mainly want to consider the following:
>Risk Legacy
You destroy pieces of the game over the course of *regular* play. At the end of it you have what is probably only good for playing, you know, vanilla risk on a heavily changed board.

>Metal Gear (?!) Risk
I don't actually know a thing about this, nor did I even know it existed, so good luck.

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sorry Ive never posted in my life. only go reading through threads, and english is not my native languaje, also Im at work cant post that kind of thing. Ill be back in an hour, thank you for your time people.

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I just bought risk legacy and every time you open a box or a stealEd compartment, its like Xmas all over again. Its pretty fun, my group and I don't regret grabbing it.

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Legacy seems like a just all around retarded gimmick to me.

It's based on destroying game components and permanently altering the board. You could probably just not do that and play the game as you want though.

But hey... how about getting Twilight Imperium instead? Have you considered that, it's also a large scale strategy game but it's a bit more engaging and less random than Risk. And it's in spaaaaaaaaaaaace.

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