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How cute, the girl is drawing a guardsman and an eldar marrying each other

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The girl is known as Queen Miko.

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It's a Vindicare Assassin.
And a Farseer.



Do you think love can bloom? On a battlefield?

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Actually it IS a Guardsman, no Vindicare would walk around with a lasgun, and that's clearly a lasgun on his back.

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What do you know, it really is a Vindicare Assassin. I need glasses

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Maybe if this was an alternate dimension, where it can. But in the Warhammer universe, everything is so damn grimderp, that I'm half expecting to see another picture filled with
soldiers slaughter these kids for heresy.

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its an exitus rifle you shitlard!

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What about in the second edition of the game?

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No way broski, that's a lasgun. Lasguns all have the same muzzle. Looks like Taldeer broke up with Liivi and found a lookalike.

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The follow up picture was the Titan rising to defend them. So, no.

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Then that muzzle is too long.
Go writefag that little Guardsman and Taldeer thing yourself, we don't care.

But we know what's in the image.

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no heresy?

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>state a fact
>anons tell me to go write a story about it

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There was a follow up?

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>open thread
>childish innocence evoking immage
>neckbeards complain about misinterpretations of a child's badly drawn characters of a fictional universe
>tripfag calls someone "shitlard" for making what they believe to be an incorrect observation

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That an Exitus rifle.

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your newfag is showing

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It's a friggen vindicare.
Pic related, LCB is liked so much references have been made to it before.

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Man, those kids suck. None of them are trying to break into the Titan.

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So when are those kids going to be eaten by Tyranids?

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The girl in the red dress and the boy that is waving his hand at her will love each other when they grow up.

But destiny in this dark universe will ruin everything. Because he was recruited in the imperial guard, they will never see each other.

The sorrow will consume her and will transform her into a Slaanesh follower.

The next time the find each other, he wouldn't know what to do, because she tells him that she still loves him, and that she waited all those years for him in the warp, so they can live together for all eternity

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do you have that pic?

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seen this pic so many times.
still can't get used to the idea of this heresy.

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Is that the official image that basically confirmed Love can Bloom as an easteregg?
Or do you intend us to call for an execution of these children?

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you now realize that the kid pretending to be a chaos marine is missing a hand ;_;

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Yes, that's it.

I think the one that canonizes Acolyte Grendel is in the same book.

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Go back to whatever blasphemous forum you spawned from.

You can't see his hand because it's hidden the hilt of the wooden chainsword.

And how does he look like a chaos space marine any more than he does a normal space marine?

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>Go back to whatever blasphemous forum you spawned from.

He's probably from /co/. ;_; doesn't trigger tears of buttmad over there, because in some ways they're less aspie than us.

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Could be /a/, as well.

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;_; is the only chan approved emoticon, since it signifies roneriness and broken dreams.
It has been this way since forever, baka.

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>chan approved
Pick 1, newfags.

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what about his other hand?

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rolled 86 = 86


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Oh god, the newfriend butthurt is so ripe I can taste it. Lurk more, friend.

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For your Information

LIIVI was present in the Slaughter of Victory bay. He tried to Assassinate Captain Thule. He failed and got purged with the rest of the Guardsmen there.

The Blood Ravens crushed the Eldar and routed them. Rather than flee with the rest of the Eldar, Taldeer Choose to stay behind and delay the Blood Ravens so the other Eldar might have a chance to escape. She thought by dying for her kin she would atone for her failure. The Blood Ravens did not give her the satisfaction of a swift death. She was beaten, drugged and was handed over to Chapter Master Kyras.

Kyras tortured Taldeer until he broke her and extracted all her secrets, Then he murdered her and kept her soulstone as a trophy.

Such is the price of failure in the grimdarkness of the 40K galaxy.

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rolled 83 = 83

his fist, pointing at the artist

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Your canon is fail.

Only the Guardsmen who sided with the Blood Ravens were mass-purged.

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>she falls to Slaneesh
>gets meta-raped by countless sex demons in the warp
>dat NTR

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Luckily Ronahn, Kayleth and Veldoran managed to defeat Kyras, retrieving Taldeer's soulstone and returning it to her Craftworld Ulthwé, where Caerys is now using it as a sex toy.

Or not, since Eldar never win. And fuck Elenwe for not saying anything, ever.

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The Injured and maimed guardsmen (The ones that Avitus missed in his rage) were shipped off world.

Victory Bay was a bloodbath a few guardsmen walked out of that mess.

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The Blood Ravens ending is most likely to be Canon, and that means Taldeer's soulstone is resting in the bottom of a tainted lava pool.

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Argh, that's probably the biggest reason Caerys is the worst DoW1 Farseer. She's too busy chasing after Taldeer's souldildo to be of any interest.

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Shouldn't be that hard to retrieve, though.

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There's room for every ending except 'nid and Chaos to be canon. Relic will probably work details from a number of the endings together, if they ever pick up on the Spehss Chronicles of Force Commander Vanilla Ice and/or Chapter Master Gabe again.

And they probably will keep Gabe around.

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FC Vanilla Ice is in the Eye of Terror, bro.

He left his hammer behind though.

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Doesn't mean they can't set a game in the Eye following Ice.

Or that he can't come back with all sorts of "gifts" from Chaos.

>yfw Vanilla Ice is gifted a Verne Troyer sized Eliphas, because that would be the best way for Abbadon to punish Eli.

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Unacceptable, The Blood Raven Ending is the only Canon ending.

Taldeer is gone FOREVER!

That's a happy ending.

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>She's too busy chasing after Taldeer's souldildo
And Tau. Those forehead orifices open up all sorts of interesting possibilities.

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I'm working on this sequel for 40k
I have called the sequel Warhammer 50k (IM SO SMART)
Anyways you can find the details on deviantart, just search for it.
I created the whole thing with the goal of a brighter future for everyone in the year 40,000 that wasn't too optimistic but still epic

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But we already have Tales of the Emperahsque, which is essentially Warhammer 41K: Status Quo is Broken Edition.

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Yep. I've seen that homebrew. Orkz becoming "civilized", Eldar and humans teaming up, nerfing the 'nids, no god emperor, nerfing the crons, etc.

It's a nice idea, but just not my cup of tea. 40K is fun because it's so fucking grim and every single day is a struggle to overcome massive odds. It's not fun when everyone's getting along.

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Suddenly, Vanilla Ice returned with:
A Blackstone Fortress or two
An extra pair of arms
An extra first company
And a bitchin spear

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>40K is fun because it's so fucking grim and every single day is a struggle to overcome massive odds.
Unless you're the Imperium.

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ESPECIALLY if you're the Imperium.

Have you ever opened a 40k book?

>> No.17350015

Fun to watch from an outsider's perspective, of course.

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I think he means that they've got plot armor and mostly always win every single battle they're in.

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Have you read the latest codexes?

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Wait, wasnt there some book where Taldeer was hooked up to the Litany of Fury? Maybe as a navigator or something? I cant remember exactly it was awhile back when somebody was posting some bits from one of the Blood Raven Novels.

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Dawn of War novels. Written by CS Goto, and generally dismissed by most sane people (although if I remember correctly DoW2 actually references some of his characters and plot points).

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Just so everyone knows, it COULD be a Lasgun in the picture.
The reason being, int he LCB story, LIIVI runs out of ammo for his Rifle, and picks up a lasgun from a kill team that comes after him and Taldeer.

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So... any particular objections if I start image dumping for a little while while?

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How large is your collection as of today?

>> No.17350727

Of just Love Can Bloom and related folder?
A little over 40MB, 187 pictures, 3 subfolders.

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thats not true, theres heaps of battles mentioned in the fuff that the imperium lost. Part of the reason the Tau are still around is because they've managed to fight off 2 failed crusades.

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>Hive Mother

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So I'm going to go get me a steak. Outback Steakhouse or Texas Roadhouse? I can't decide.

>> No.17350994

Now that I think about it, there is the Cattle Baron too...

>> No.17351005


Texas Roadhouse. Outback is overrated and overpriced.

I once took a girl out to Outback for steak. I have never since regretted not going dutch as much I did that day.

>> No.17351065

Yeah, but I like the desserts at Outback. Oh well, Texas has better steaks anyway.
And sense I WAS planing on paying for two, money won't be an issue.

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Alright, I'll keep posting when I get back.

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What sourcebook is this pic from? Inquistor rulebook? (What edition?)

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/tg/ already has a 50k.

The ship is all. The ship moves.

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Ah, that was a fine meal. Ordered a fine cut of steak and didn't even use steak sauce like I normally do.

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Anybody still there?

>> No.17352084


I am! Where'd you end up heading?

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The Texas Roadhouse. Had a 10oz Prime Rib, because why not?

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Shut up. You're retarded and you've probably only been here for like a year anyways.

The only reason you don't see it used on /tg/ is because it's mostly used on boards with spoilers like /v/, /a/, and /co/.

They write something, and then follow it up with a spoilered ;_; And they've been doing this for a while now.

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>dat waitress outfit

>> No.17352421

For which Eldar?

>> No.17352432

Taldeer is my waifu of the year all years, but Macha is looking pretty cute as well.

>> No.17352446

>Anything related to LCB
>Not horrendously stupid

Nice little picture otherwise though.

>> No.17352463

>Milf Gaunt
And delicious Macha DFC.

>> No.17352485

You know... LCB was one of my first /tg/ collections. There's certainly plenty of art.

>> No.17352491

fuck macha

Lonely wych will always be number one in my empty heartspace.

Also maurader-chan and the raging anti-gurofags.

>> No.17352512

I have a Ronery Wytch folder in here too.

>> No.17352524

so just how big is TheCollector's collection?

>> No.17352559

You don;t have a maurader chan folder?

She was flavor of the week for like two months when warhammer online came out bro.


>> No.17352560

For /tg/ it's 1.35 gigs, 5054 pictures, 58 folders.

>> No.17352579

I have one or two, sure. But I never played Warhammer online, nor did I ever take much interest in Warhammer Fantasy.

>> No.17352596

That doesn't matter you're supposed to collect everything.

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>> No.17352625

Hey now, I've always only collected that which interests me.
There have been plenty of short lived memes and characters that I took no interest in.

>> No.17352644

I hereby name you the "collector of things that interest me or are above subpar quality".

>> No.17352658

Well that's FARSEER Macha, but your point still stands.

>> No.17352667

No, this >>17352560 is a banshee.

>> No.17352675

He's been TheCollector for a while. And that's fine and dandy.

>> No.17352709

I saved it as Macha. As far as I am concerned, that's all that matters. Besides, how many redheaded Eldar can there be?
But no, I'll remove this one from the LCB/Macha folder.
Bout... 3 years now.

>> No.17352729

You know... I've never been in a strip club. I can only assume this is what they are like.

>> No.17352741


Kinda like that, but with more 40 year old men.

>> No.17352767

So no Heretical Xenos?
That's kind of disappointing.

>> No.17352777

They're terrible places where women take the money you could spend on more warhams figures.

Plus you might accidentally see a tit.

>> No.17352779

>Dem tracts of land

>> No.17352832

Well now, can't have that can we?

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>> No.17352944

Her sister is no slouch either, when equipped with an Underwire.

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rolled 12 = 12

Taldeer, why so sad?

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>> No.17353020

Because Pickles.

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>> No.17353043

"Farseer, what calamity have you foreseen?"
"At lunchtime...the cook will get my order wrong ;_;"
"Truly, a day of tragedy for our people."

>> No.17353101

Hey man, Eldar have high expectations.

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>> No.17353134

her loin cloth has a smiley face on it.

>> No.17353137

>> No.17353145

>> No.17353148

everyone one else has had more sex than me.


>> No.17353162

Thats because LCB is the only thing newfags care about

what about the dragon turtle and commoner who were going to find some bitches?

>> No.17353169

Especially that Taldeer whore.

I can still hear them in my head.

Please help me.

>> No.17353173

You know, I'd never seen that video before Culexsus drew that.
Are you talking about MOTHER FUCKING DRAGON TURTLE and Dude in a Rowboat? Because Dude in a Rowboat said there would be chicks man, where are the chicks?

>> No.17353179

You can't pick up chicks in a rowboat.

>> No.17353181

>> No.17353186

You can totally pick up chicks in a Rowboat. Chicks dig Rowboats.

>> No.17353196

Speaking of MFDT and DiaR, was there ever more then just the 2 made?

>> No.17353200

What chicks are you going to pick up anyway? It's not exactly like we have a large supply of them.

>> No.17353204

... Mermaids.

>> No.17353213

Have you declared rowboat girlyman as your spiritual liege yet?

I here there's bitches in it.

>> No.17353217

>> No.17353222

You do realize that they don't have all the interesting bits and are probably looking to eat you, right? At very least they intend to lead you to your doom.
I kneel before no one.

>> No.17353223

I'd rather not, Coat of Stars or no. Horse can go to hell too.

>> No.17353230

I approve of the fact that Eldar females seem to be so well endowed.

>> No.17353236


>> No.17353237

>You do realize that they don't have all the interesting bits
I've always wondered about that. I mean, they have hands, breasts, and a mouth, don't they? And it's not like they KNOW what you're up to when you go ashore.

>> No.17353245

If the setting has elves, it has to have busty elf waifus.

>no it doesn't, look at lord of the ring... OMG!!!

>> No.17353247

>> No.17353252

Depends on the Eldar, some of them are two-by-fours, others are balloons.
Mystical creatures always know shit they couldn't possibly know.

>> No.17353258

So take a shower before you go back into the water.

>> No.17353270

>> No.17353274

Why couldn't they be the other type of mermaid?
With the fish half on top and the lady half on the bottom!!!

>> No.17353285

I'd simply rather not deal with mermaids on anything but a "my species has worked it's way to being an apex predator and this thing is trying to kill me" kind of way.
Again, missing some of the interesting bits. Especially for us boob-guys.

>> No.17353290

I'll be honest, Id prefer the normal kind.

>> No.17353292

>let's see if love can bloom when you are being ripped apart...

oh that was too much for me.

>> No.17353301


>> No.17353307

Ok ok... so what if, follow me here, She not only has the TOP part of a human but, instead of the bottom half of a fish, she has the BOTTOM half of a human too?

>> No.17353308

I see what you did there.

And I like it.

>> No.17353323

Wouldn't that just make her a human? Perhaps one that walks on her hands all the time?

>> No.17353324

>> No.17353331

So when business time comes you want a nice clammy cloaca...

Mermaid love just doesn't work, unless they have the power to grow legs when dry (like in some traditions).

>> No.17353333

>Wouldn't that just make her a human?
But she can hold her breath for a really, REALLY long time.

>> No.17353346

>I have the weirdest boner right now.

>> No.17353348

Beats the hell out of the story the little mermaid is based on, jesus christ that is horrifying.
Nice quads, also, wouldn't that just be a human female who is also a really good swimmer?

>> No.17353350

>> No.17353351


>> No.17353352

It's the good end of the 40k universe, after war is finally over.

>> No.17353365

I'm... not seeing the downside here.

>> No.17353369

In 40k there is only war, because the aspies can't handle anything else. So with no war, there is no 40k.

>> No.17353380

Actually that's a definite win, but it's still not a mermaid.

>> No.17353383

OP's pic was part of a story series about a Titan's machine spirit. Basically, these kids played in the shadow of this ancient Titan wreck all the time and it sort of watched them while it was dormant. Then the planet gets invaded by some shit, I can't remember what. I think it was Tyranids, and the Titan's machine spirit wakes up and Titan gets up and defends them.

>> No.17353384


I'm not seeing the downside...

>> No.17353391

>> No.17353405

I think its more like a remote part of the galaxy isolated from the war. Imperium has left, lost or forgotten them, and the other conflicts dont have a direct impact. Society is broken down and all knowledge is just ancient history.

the galaxy is a big fucking place after all.

>> No.17353406

The downside is no happy ending, no end of war, nothing of merit or value culturally speaking. It's like the rest of fiction: the best stories have arcs and they come to a close after awhile, instead of traveling in a circle, like rednecks in an empty Wal-mart parking lot.

>> No.17353411

I give you a quest to find more of this story

>> No.17353416

Yeah, but fuck the aspies.

>> No.17353426

>> No.17353438

>> No.17353453

...My earlier post was eaten.
Fuck you captcha.
I still think they hopped on a ship and left the galaxy to someplace less shitty.
GW caters to aspies, so if you want to enjoy 40k, know that you have to deal with, and be treated like, aspies.

>> No.17353454

I'll try since I cannot refuse a quest, but I will admit that the chances are very slim. I saw it years ago here on /tg/ and I only have vague ideas of where I might find it. If I see it, I'll post it though, you can be sure.

>> No.17353462

>> No.17353465

>start posting on /tg/
>hear about LCB
>decide that they just fucked off to some quiet webway cottage within five seconds of meeting each other, bypassing grimderp

It's cute, but that's all.

>> No.17353477

Is this the censored... yes it is.

>> No.17353486

>> No.17353495

>> No.17353498

welll collector I'm going to bed but I'd like you to know from this point on you will have constructive criticism coming your way oh board based deity.

>> No.17353501

>> No.17353512

Constructive Criticism? On what?

>> No.17353520

Probably anything you want it on and the stuff you need (but don't realize it) on. I don't know, I'm not that guy.

>> No.17353530

yeah that.

till then goodnight.

>> No.17353542

Not going to lie. This girl right here is one of my favorite drawfags. Don't get me wrong, I like anybody who helps my collections grow, but some of her work over in /co/ is what got me started as the Collector.

>> No.17353557

Hmmmm... well I'll be keeping my eye on you Anonymous.

>> No.17353560

She is pretty good. Isn't she the person who is responsible for that story?

>> No.17353576


found the artist for you

IronShrineMaiden on deviantart

apparently it was a series called "Titan Playground" but it got purged when she made room for new pics

>> No.17353595

>"That Story"
You'll need to be a little more specific. No, she didn't do Love Can Bloom, but she drew the Pictures for that series of WITCH Incest Stories, the I'm into That story (Both written by Gunwild) and is the one who did the Doomzula pictures and comic.

>> No.17353609

Oh, fair enough, it's been at least 2 years since I read LCB.

>> No.17353627

I should probably read it again too...

>> No.17353643

>> No.17353663

>> No.17353665

If only the universe was actually that fun.

>> No.17353678


>> No.17353683

>> No.17353692

>> No.17353715

>> No.17353726

>> No.17353752

His name is probably Ryan or something along that line.

>> No.17353754

Man, I wish Sexy Losers would update. It's been like two years since the last one.

>> No.17353755

>> No.17353771

BEHOLD! The Image that cursed Macha to eternal Virginhood!

>> No.17353784

>> No.17353785

I kind of like the idea that their relationship was a lot like Full Metal Panic for the first 6 months or so, with Eldrad as the student body president.

>> No.17353819

>> No.17353827

Still getting more than you ever will, bitch.

>> No.17353832

What? I mean, I've never seen the show.

>> No.17353842

>> No.17353853

>> No.17353861

Basically: She's a relatively normal (if lively, hot-blooded, and possessing an intelligence-based power she doesn't even know of.... it's complicated) high school girl. He's a boy raised as a soldier. There are giant robots, shenanigans, and attempts to make the boy suitable for normal life. Hilarity ensues.

>> No.17353864

>> No.17353881

AH, I see. Sounds alright.

>> No.17353894

>> No.17353896

You should watch it, it's highly entertaining.

>> No.17353912

I know ABOUT Fumafu, but never really looked into too much detail.
And I'll be honest, I'm a sap for Romantic Comedies, but Hellsing is my favorite Anime.

>> No.17353925

Ok... not exactly sure what's going on in this picture, but I know I saved it in the LCB/Macha folder for a reason...

>> No.17353930

Don't read the manga though, it has a serious case of the mood whiplash, the anime has it bad enough, but shit gets incongruous when you have a fun sports-festival one issue, and the next is serious business.
Fumoffu is a part of it, as is The Second Raid. Fumoffu is the fun stuff, the rest of it is pretty serious..... relatively anyway.

>> No.17353940

>> No.17353948

>> No.17353957

>> No.17353972

Alright /tg/, I have 2 subfolders (that I can post, the third is NSFW stuff) One of Lofn, and the other is the rest of >>17353101
But I also work in the morning, and need some sleep.

>> No.17353980

I'm sure this will still be here when you get done with work.

>> No.17354006

I kind of doubt it. I sleep for 7 hours and then work for 9 more after that.

>> No.17354008

That feel when you never liked love can bloom and remember the original ending that no one else seems to remember.

Good riddance.

>> No.17354018

Maybe.... I've seen them last a long time.
The one that ends in a fucking cliffhanger?

>> No.17354023

So love bloomed in the battlefield?

I need to read the dawn of war novels

>> No.17354042

Sadly it's only tangentially related to those, it's actually a unreasonably well-written fanfic.


>> No.17354044

Ah, there we go. They changed megaupload again.
more like a fanfiction from the dawn of /tg/.

>> No.17354049

Though the simple solution is to simple stick it all on Megaupload, which I am doing now.

>> No.17354055

The HELL? How did these two get switched? Guess that's what happens when you Multi-Tab Post.

>> No.17354070


>> No.17354094

Fuck Macha, can someone post the Titan story? Sounds real cool and even baww worthy.

>> No.17354123

Hey thanks!

>> No.17354286




>> No.17356905

I still say it's a Lasgun.

>> No.17357002

In LCB, LIIVI picks up a Lasgun when his Exitus rifle runs out of ammo.
And the artist for the pic is the one who wrote the original story, IIRC.
So either way, it still can be a Vindicare.

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