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I was thinking of having my Chaos Warband follow the Codex Astartes.
Thoughts on this, /tg/?

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Do what you want with your own army.

As long as it's not game-breaking no one cares.

>Captcha: Hatword the


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Rule wise or fluffwise?

Rulewise, knock yourself out.

Fluffwise, they're called Renegades(think the Soul Drinkers).

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My imps are lead by a chaos space marine


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And I don't mean renegades per se. I mean actual Chaos-worshipping Marines that use Codex tactics and even recite passages during battle.
Kind of like Chaos Ultramarines.
Or would it just be silly?

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I don't think that counts, there's already rules for "Chaos guard".

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Umm....yeah. Renegades are the best I can think of. Alpha Legion is the next closest since they just confuse everyone.


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>Chaos Warband follow the Codex Astartes.

Blood Ravens?

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>I mean actual Chaos-worshipping Marines that use Codex tactics and even recite passages during battle.

"With combat knife, boltgun and grenade, the Space Marine shall assail his foe."

"The chainsword is the will of the Space Marine made manifest."

"When harried, the Space Marine shall drive his enemies back."

"The Space Marine shall master all weapons -- and all battlefields."

"A single Space Marine squad shall be worth whole regiments."

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Exactly. I got the idea from that guy.

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Stop quoting the Codex in service of the enemy!

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Shall we call this manuver "Steel Rain?"

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"We - we could have done so much, you and I... Why are you abandoning me?"

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This could be interesting. An ultramarines successor chapter that fell to chaos because they thought the emperor was getting in the way of following the tenents of the codex?

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Reminds me of my own personal warband. A new space marine, a scout basically, who got captured by the forces of chaos. They tried to convert him, and started to do a pretty good job, until he found an old legend on a dusty planet he was attacking at the head of his warband. A single man, once the equal of Abbadon himself, who out-fought Lucius and doubted even in the face of Erebus. Inspired by the tale, the man renamed himself, and now Mournival Loken leads the Twisted Fists warband in using chaos against itself.

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It lacks boxes if you ask me,the metal kind.

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I suppose having a renegade chapter who sees the benefits of following the system put in place by the Codex Astartes could be pretty interesting. Better than "durr we are traitors that r mean we shall destroy all new weapons and aemouer lol KHAOSS111!!!1"

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I'd forgotten how well written Chaos Rising was.

Well, if you didn't go for the retarded Pure path.

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> Destroy new weapons and armour
J'excuse? When does chaos do this?

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It's quiet a fun idea, there's a lot you could do with it. I'm imagining space marines a bit like Westboro Baptist Church. They claim to be the only people properly embracing / understand chirtsianity / imperium yet everyone else sees them as the exact oppoiset.

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That's the reason all Chaos Marines look the same.

Even the ones which converted three centuries ago.

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But someone took them...SINDRI!

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Tarkus and Avitus has the best traitor lines, I think

but they're probably the best "characters" in the series

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"And then -

- the dead will come for you as well."

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Current codex focuses more on post-Heresy Renegade Chapters. So where are the assault cannons? The storm bolters? The Land Speeders? And so on.

Hell, things like drop pods and Apothecaries are mentioned in the fluff, even for the original Traitor Legions, but can you actually take them? Lolnope.

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Jonah Betrayal was the saddest one.

It wasn't his fault.


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I like how blatantly obvious the fallen angel is


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Even so, with more of them coming, they bring few enough numbers compared to the original legions that the technology isn't yet available in large enough force to be regularly taken.

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Hey guys.

What if, bear with me.
There was A Chapter who's geneseed mutation turned them into women.

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A single "modern" Chapter that's turned renegade should be able to use the weapons currently at it's disposal. Fluff excuse? They destroy all the new fangled tech to honor the gods.

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Do it properly!

"Someday, you will see through all the lies.

And then.

The dead will come for you as well."

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You could do renegade space marines...without being affiliated with chaos. Despite all their training, cybernetics and surgical enhancements; they are just humans who get bored, jealous and can feel underappreciated despite all the space marine worship via statues...in the end what depresses and jades most space marines is just war...never ending war.

Space Marine Pirates GO!


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You did ask for this, to be fair.

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except mehreens are fucking lame.

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but there are already the blood angels

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OR, you know, you use them with the codex whose equipment they still have and whose abilities they still invoke, simply in chaos' name.

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everytime I see those, a part of me dies inside

shit, if you want female T4 3+ saves so badly, do something interesting with them

>heavily modified personal guard of a debased (but wealthy) inquisitor. Said governor is 400+ pounds and carried around on his own mechanical palanquin (Bjorn the fell handed rules) while scouring the outer rims for heresy and exotic foods

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Here is they're Primarch

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What? I never said anything regarding the validity of OP's thing. I said it was more interesting than the newer Chaos Warbands just destroying their stuff. I'm just explaining why they do that.

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my Khornate guys got their hands on a Baal Predator. obviously it only comes out for Apocalypse but

>the Lord's face when it and a Land Raider or two full of Berzerkers roll up on a blob of dudes

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RED versus BLUE

One side good one side bad.

Loyalist Space Marines versus Loyalist Space Marines. Tau versus Tau. Loyalist Imperial Guard versus Loyalist Imperial Guard. Chaos versus Chaos. Tyranid versus Tyranid.


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Thematically very appropriate for Renegades, especially an Ultramarine successor. Interesting as well, to see a take on renegades that isn't just HURR DURR SPIKES AND LOOTAN.

And works fluff-wise too.

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Yeah? Big deal...

My Deathskulls have an entire goddamn Looted Armored Company. Name a vehicle. It's in there.

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Dreadknight that had been "gifted" to the Blood Ravens.

in b4
>it's a MC not a vehicle

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