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ITT in-game bullshit stories

Yesterday we had game night and a small x-mas present exchange. At some point during the game the PCs tried a golden wine that was incredibly strong, and they all passed out. When they woke up, my DM described how my cleric woke to find herself devoid of clothes but covered with a blanket, laying next to the still sleeping fighter, a Madmartigan style character who hits on my cleric all the time.

The problem is that I play my PC as a nun of sorts, and hence her maidenhood and celibacy were very important for her, because she was devoted to her deity like a RL nun would.

And when I asked the DM why in fucks sake he did that, he said the fighter player requested it as his x-mas present. So I had my cleric slap him in tears and run away, but I am still incredibly unhappy.

Have you ever been so upset you considered quitting the game?

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Maybe the golden wine made anyone's christmas wish come true? That'd be a fairly ok handling, in that case (although i as GM would ask the fighter to reconsider his christmas gift because of potential OOC conflict)

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While the fighter's player desire for your PC is sort of creepy I don't really see the problem. He is playing a Madmartigan, and that sort of thing is just what he would do.

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ehhhhh, your entire post has an odd smell about it.

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Troll harder, chump.

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You are being a whinny shit, OP. That was just fine. Maybe borderline date rape, but fine for a chaotic neutral PC.

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So your PC had fade to black drunken sex after getting drunk?

Maybe you shouldn't have tried the wine in first place

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I'm sorry to say it OP, but if you point out how virgin is your PC then you are asking for someone to fuck her.


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>Female PC gets pretty much raped

>/tg/ thinks "she had it coming"

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I think that problem is that the GM decided that his celibate nun will fuck someone after getting a bit drunk.

Or maybe it's just that you're a 13 year old trying to feel grown up to hard.

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You know, maybe, just maybe, he simply wished for a night of simple and cute cuddling instead of drunken sex?

By the way, what did everyone else wished, you included?

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She wasn't raped. She was drunk by what OP says.

Besides what's the deal with making rape a complete taboo? PCs murder and steal and slaughter things all the time and nobody cares. I've seen PCs that go so grimdark is scary. Yet when rape happens everyone flips their shit.

It can happen in game, just like you can die in horrifying ways. Deal with it.

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So... you were raped. In game. Wow. I'm pretty sure were I you, I would retire the character and make a new one, and tell the DM that if he ever has one of your characters raped again you're leaving the group. Cause being raped isn't fun for you. And you go to his game to have fun.

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Several problems here.

1. Don't want to black out and get fucked? Don't drink.

2. You're a man. Stop playing "omg mah fake waifu is a gr8 virgin!". Grow up. Games are for fun, not for you to roleplay your fetishes.

3. A guy took advantage of you doing #1. It's your fault, not his. It should have been even more obvious not to drink with him if he's fucking hitting on your ass.

4. You're using an MLP picture. You're clearly some sort of overgrown "man"child faggot. And I use the term "man" here very loosely given your circumstances.

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Guys, OP is not asking for moral support but asking if you have ever been so angry you considered leaving a group, thus implying his/her desire for Drama and/or horror stories. Even the title says so: ITT in-game bullshit stories.

You are fa/tg/uys, not highschool drop-outs, so get some class.

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My paladin had a similar situation. Even if my DM and I saw it coming from a mile off and it was played mostly for laughs.

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If myth and media teach you something is that is not rape if is an atractive heroic guy.

Ask Conan and Rhett Butler

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You do realize taking advantage of someone under the influence is legally considered rape?

Still, in any case, that was a bit over the top.

No, he said he was playing a nun-like cleric.

You guys would be on his side if he was playing a male Paladin that got drunk and killed an innocent in his drunken state.

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Could be an interesting roleplay chance between you and the fighter- getting into 'why did you take advantage of me', etc.

If you're not comfortable with it, have a chat with the fighter's player, tell him to scale it back. Quitting the game over it won't help anything and might kill the game outright- it was a dick move by the GM but it sounds like you were having fun.

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So you're saying you're okay with being raped in game?

Okay. That's fine.

I'm not. No one I know is fine with it either.

I think you think that because something can happen, we should be okay with it happening. That's not how I spend my recreational time, buddy.

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I am saying if I make an atractive female PC I should consider it. Just like I should consider her getting ripped to pieces by an owlbear or chewed by a dragon.

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Shit wasn't cool, they took liberties with your character that you didn't give them permission to.


The best answer is to roll with it. Only have words with the DM if things get weird. Just take this as another stage of development for your character and work through it. But don't get all passive agressive bitch about it either.

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>virginity = fetish


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But if you're taking that route, why isn't the group barbarian hunted down and executed for his murders?

If you want your group to be put to real-world consequences, then why adventure? Your party might as well just be a bunch of farmers.

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>Depending where you are, if you are drunk/high/fatigued, you can't consent to anything: thus, rape.

Anyways OP, yes. I have. The other players wouldn't stop heaping shit on me, and I'd get punished while the Lolrandum rogue got away with another murder.

I didn't, and the DM that encouraged this kind of behaviour quit our group after a fight with the Rogue, who is a much, MUCH better player now. Stick it out, it may get better.

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>he said the fighter player requested it as his x-mas present

What the fuck /tg/, none of you see this shit as creepy?

OP and fighter players are both dudes. Fighter player, rather than a cheap beer or twenty bucks or whatever passes as a buddy gift would rather RP taking advantage of another dude's character.

That's masturbating under the table creepy shit

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>1. Don't want to black out and get fucked? Don't drink.
That's not how it works, especialy not when drinking a single little bit of wine

>2. You're a man. Stop playing "omg mah fake waifu is a gr8 virgin!". Grow up. Games are for fun, not for you to roleplay your fetishes.
>Grow up
[Insert Quote by C.S. Lewis here]
And you decide what the propper way to have fun is?
Ain't seeing a single one

>3. A guy took advantage of you doing #1. It's your fault, not his. It should have been even more obvious not to drink with him if he's fucking hitting on your ass.
It's really bad form to do something like this without talking it over OOC. You show THAT GUY-ish tendencies here, anon.

>4. You're using an MLP picture. You're clearly some sort of overgrown "man"child faggot. And I use the term "man" here very loosely given your circumstances.
>What is an "reaction face"?

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'cause it's not supposed to be realistic, it's supposed to be EDGY.

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This thread is going to go places, I can tell.

And if it's bothering you so bad, why don't you just ask your DM and the fighter to work it out so that the sex didn't happen? They do it in cliche bullshit sitcoms all the time. Two co-workers wake up after a night of drinking in various states of undress, and HIII-LARIOUS hijinks occur as they unravel the mystery of what happened and ohh look, play the canned laughter because it turns out they didn't sleep together at alllll~

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It is in this case. He designed a character based on his fantasy girl and he made stupid decisions that lead to her blacking out and fucking the other fighter. Boo fucking hoo. I would tell him to man up about it, but that'd assume any manhood in someone as antithetical to manhood as OP.

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Yeah alright, so if I make an attractive female character, I'm not going to go to the slums at 3am butt naked and bend over. That's pretty obvious.

That said, I don't ever expect a GM to rape my character, because that's not fun (unless it's your fetish).

It's sort of the same way when I make a character I expect the GM to not say "A man runs up to you, obviously insane, and stabs you in the throat. You die within seconds." Yeah it could happen. Yeah I should probably try to avoid it if possible. It's still a dick move for the GM to do it.

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What? If you go into a town and slaughter the villagers a good DM will have consequences. Like having a price on your head and bounty hunters wanting to cash it.

Why it should be different with rape? I am not saying the fighter should get away with it, but is childish to say anything bad can happen except rape.

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Was going to complain about that, before getting caught up in fighting against the other creepy pic related's here.

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Is this your first time out to the old troll game?

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>He designed a character based on his fantasy girl
Where do you get this shit? Do you just imagine what you think OP should have said and consider it fact?

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If I could do that, I'd bite small children, so they would grow up with the neckbear virus.

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Because it wasn't a direct mistake of OP.

The rape only occurred from direct interference of the GM, all the player did was pass out. The equivalent is if you pass out and wake up to find that you've slaughtered a village and have half the king's army after you.

This is just as bad as forcing the Paladin to fall, and the only reason why you support this is because you want people to be less sensitive about rape.

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You know, I was wondering why so many posts in this thread are juvenile and misogynist, and then I remembered the date.

I can't fucking wait for christmas break to end so we can lose all these summerfags.

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I wished for less random looting and more plot. The way I play my PC she doesn't like to just go around killing things for loot.


I suggested it later, but the fighter said "I didn't knew you were a virgin!" after she slapped him, so the DM said that is proof she got laid.

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All we can tell for sure is that his character was kind of inspired by a nun. Since it's a cleric, which, assuming D&D, means she's running around in full plate, so the nun-fetish doesn't apply here at all. Seriously, you should have that fetish figured out after about five minutes on the internet.

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Goddamn /tg/, sometimes I hate you

OP you are completely justified in being angry. WITHOUT even getting into the whole issue of rape at the table, the gm took control of your character for you. Your character is the only thing you control in the game. The gm should never do this, except in extraordinary circumstances.

And as far as rape... for your table to include sex, rape, slavery, etc, you first must make sure everyone at the table is okay with roleplaying that. The gm never cleared this with op. That is shitty. End of story.

Sage for fucking terribleness

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No, that's hilarious. He knows how seriously OP takes his stupid fucking waifu character and his wish was to wipe that smug "im a virgin cleric n don't hit on me hurr durr!" look off of his face. If someone like OP came into my group I'd do the same fucking thing.

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>Less looting
>more plot

My money is on the GM getting pissy over this, and letting the fighter get away with it. Rape could be considered a plot.

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Anyone who plays female PCs is playing their fao fantasy.

is like how female players always play the sort of guys they would write fanfiction about

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>I suggested it later, but the fighter said "I didn't knew you were a virgin!" after she slapped him, so the DM said that is proof she got laid.

You never said anything stupid or slipped a secret when you were drunk before? I sure have.

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So rather just kick out a dramaqueen, you'd engage in passive aggressive creepy behavior?

You're fucked up, man.

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And I leave your group moments later, because I neither want to play with a thatguy as DM, nor risk that my character gets ruined in unexpected ways too.

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You, child, need to go to bed and turn off your shitty Linkin Park albums.

Also, you're not allowed to get your ears pierced, or dye your hair.

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>If a guy came to my gaming group and wanted to play a cleric with a vow of celibacy, I would have the other players rape his character
>Just call me Sanguinatus

I give it about a 60% chance you've committed a sex crime in your life.

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Make sure everyone understand your character was just raped. Not only against the characters wished but the players as well.

If they're completely okay with that then they're assholes. Leave them to their shitty fates.

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look up and roleplay the various stages of grief that rape victims go through. have it end in your character's suicide. the goal is to make everyone feel as uncomfortable as possible while teaching them about rape. it would not be out of character to try to have the fighter arrested if there are laws against rape, or to castrate him. they thought it would be cool to have fun ruining your character, so its okay to have your fun ruining theirs.

You should leave the group, not because of the guy sexualizing your character, or because he asked the DM to RAPE your PC as a christmas present, or even because the DM actual granted the request.

You should leave because the DM is willing to force you into situations your character would not get into with no chance to avoid them. You shouldn't become blackout drunk off "okay we drink the wine". It should be multiple drinks with descriptions of "you feel woozy" and "your speech is slurred and your eyelids feel heavy" and saving throws. Not one sip, fade to black with implied rape.

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You make me sad.

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Just because you seem obsessed with sex doesn't mean you understand what drives a specific player to pick his concept.
Stop >implying you don't love dwarves because they represent a manliness to you that you lack yourself.
(See? I can do that to)

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Christ, you are as bad as the crowd that considers the rape A-OK.

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Playing a female PC is not different from pretending to be a girl online, no matter how you see it.

In fact, I'd say is healthier to play an obvious fap bomb than try to express you feminine side by playing a "realistic" girl

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No, that's not it. There's a difference between a MAN roleplaying his fucking waifu and being a weirdo and someone roleplaying a well thought out character for the purposes of a game. Given what OP is telling us, he's offended because his waifu has been raped. He's the former, and that's shitty for any group. He's taking a game far too seriously and he's investing THIS much anger over a nonfictional entity being fucked when they were drunk.

Really? Grow up a bit. Roleplaying is for fun and stories and adventure. You can't cry when you participate in in-game activities and consequences happen as a result. I'm sorry, but fuck your waifu. Don't want your perfect girl fucked? Don't play her or put her in situations where that could happen.

>> No.17340910

>Anyone who plays female PCs is playing their fao fantasy.
>is like how female players always play the sort of guys they would write fanfiction about

Ohhh my god I'm so sorry, I didn't realize. Listen buddy, do me a favor and call your mom and let her know you want to go to bed. Apologize to your mom for me too. It's so hard to tell over the internet when someone is, you know, special. I didn't mean those mean things I said about you, alright? So don't cry, and I'm sure your mom will be in soon to get you ready for bed.

>> No.17340916

So, do you also have the distinct feeling that we're talking with a hyperactive samefag, not a whole bunch of creepy bastards?

>> No.17340918


>And I leave your group moments later

If you were such an effeminate pussy and a whiny douche that we actually did that to you, then you leaving was no great loss anyway, slick.

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Seriously /tg/? Seriously?

This was perfectly fine for the PC in question. If anything is the perfect chance for a fun love-hate relationship.

Funnily so, I am sure that if OP had been a girl she would be perfectly fine. Hell that is the sort of fantasy girls just LOVE

>> No.17340924

All roleplaying is pretending to be someone else you twit. Why is gender different? You are a fucking tool

That's fine if your group is jokes and nothing serious. Not everyone is like that. Respect other people's choices.

>> No.17340925

Not the guy you're replying to, but I actually think it's like 3 or 4 16year olds. You know the type. Avoided by every girl in school because they're overweight, plus they have an overprotective mother, so they think badly of any woman.

"Man breaks into a womans house, rapes her, and shoots her in the face? She had it coming, should have had a dead bolt on that door. "

That type.

>> No.17340927

Are you aware of how much of a spaz you just sounded like?

>> No.17340930


>I don't have a way to refute


>> No.17340931

You're one of those DMs who makes paladins fall while under mind control, aren't you?

>> No.17340934

Yes it fucking is you retarded degenerate.

Maybe you just see your character as an avatar for your killing and looting, I don't know.

Other people actually roleplay. You do know it's not that uncommon for men to play women in plays and other media? And vice versa. You do know this right?

>> No.17340935

First off, you need to remove it from the game world. Let's put on the big-boy pants here. Don't do the bullshit "let's RP it out" crap.

You need to get the fuck off of 4chan of all fucking places, and call your fucking GM. The "rape" is almost a backseat issue here. He railroaded your character at the behest of another player (who probably thought he was being cutesy and funny and less HURR DURR IMA RAPE THE NUN), and that's the main fucking issue. Not the implied fucking rape. You need to tell him that you're not happy with the railroading, and that he needs to come up with a solution to it and then never do something quite so asinine again. If you're that uncomfortable with it, SAY SOMETHING TO HIM. Ask the fighter why that was his wish. Was it malicious because you're a creepy fuck playing a virgin nun, or was he trying to further some sort of storyline in a dumbass romantic-comedy sort of way? Don't go shitting up /tg/ with it. Fucking retcons exist for a reason.

>> No.17340936

Just because it's not well crafted doesn't mean it's his "waifu". Actualy, if he wanted it to be his Waifu, it be a NPC, like a follower or something, not his own char.
And even if it was NOT one of the million other reasons for playing a female... who cares?
Still was shitty from the DM. What'd you say if your character was killed by an enemy purely per descritpions, without ever entering combat?

>> No.17340938

Only on /tg/ would someone post "my DM created a scene where another PC gets to rape my character because that player wanted it to happen" and get responses of "it's your fault for not playing Slab Bulkhead, son of Crunch Rockgroin, the manliest man to ever have ever lived!"

Stay classy, /tg/.

>> No.17340942

>"Nuns love it when you rape them! It's hilarious!"

Isn't it past your bedtime?

>> No.17340943

>Roleplaying is for fun
>5 words later saying "FUCK YOU FOR TRYING TO HAVE FUN"
>not even missing a beat
This is impressive in a pitiful kind of way.

>> No.17340948

I believe OP should continue playing his character but should now dedicate the clerics life to destroying said fighter, physically and spiritually.

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"In fact, I'd say is healthier to play an obvious fap bomb than try to express you feminine side by playing a 'realistic' girl."

Spoken like a true faggot who is too insecure in his own masculinity to see the appeal in roleplaying a different gender, or to tolerate anyone else who is actually up for that particular roleplaying challenge. It's faggots like you who give real heterosexual and homosexual men a bad name.

>> No.17340952

This reminds me of that guy who was talked by his friend to crossdress and cosplay as his female PC for a con, and how said friend bought the undiers and paid the body depilation and hair saloon.

>> No.17340953

Best tool at the GMs disposal, hands down.

>> No.17340954

This man has the right idea. Don't cry over it, don't take revenge. Talk about it like normal well-adjusted people. Maybe the other player is a sick fuck. Maybe he thought it'd make for great comedy or roleplaying.

See, situation like these are why I actually TALK with my players before and after sessions, even though I've never seen them face-to-face.

>> No.17340961


I'm intrigued, please tell us more. And I assume that the guy was heterosexual, right?

>> No.17340970


To be honest 90% of novels for a female public always include a pruddish female character who is eventually kidnaped and ravished by some super atractive and masculine pirate/highwayman/bandit/rebel

>> No.17340972


Of course. Anyone willing to dress their friend up as a woman and any man willing to dress up as a woman for the aforementioned friend is most assuredly as heterosexual as you can get. I can't possibly see a scenario in which those two would be homosexual in the slightest!

>> No.17340974

Actually I was referring more to your obvious disbelief of girls playing rpgs too.

And uh, no. No female I know is okay with rape, especially not at the gaming table. Every single roleplayer I've encountered is definitely not okay with having their character driven around by the GM.
It's about respecting personal boundaries, and violating that is in poor taste. It was rape in OP's example, but it could have just as easily been dead babies, racism, abuse, "lol paladin falls" slavery- whatever. Everyone has something they'd rather not get brought to the table. It wasn't cool of the GM to let that fly, and they need to discuss it like adults.

>> No.17340980

>playing wizard, friend playing archer
>in rear ranks, blasting things in 4e
>mention how it's kind of fortunate that we're fighting in these small corridors, I don't have to move up in ranks and I'm not getting hit at all
>skeleton picks up another skeleton and tosses it right next to me

>> No.17340982


Yeah, but he was so beta he ended accepting. It was a while ago, but I remember the thread where he was asking if it was strange/scary that his friend bought some undies indentical to what his PC wore.

>> No.17340984

Confirmed for never having seen Willow.

>> No.17340986

>And here is the glorious wine of which you have the glory to be awarded with! Have a taste!
With all do respect sir, I am not one for alcohol.
>But come on, just a taste!
>[everyone else]Yeah, have a drink!
Oh... oh alright, just a little taste.

>Alright, the wine was unknown to you all, super wine, and you all black out.
>I am sorry Fred, your Paladin fell.
>I am sorry Jeff, your rogue needs to amputate his foot.
>And Philip, your wizard is now wanted for in the kingdom for witchcraft, I said he was supposed to be careful in these regions.
>Oh and Mark, your Cleric lost her virginity.


>> No.17340990


Sorry. It was a simple question. And some people tend to do some really crazy/stupid stuff out of nowhere, you know?

>> No.17340991

On one hand, all of this
>all people playing female characters are, by their existence, asking to get raped and everyone should just accept it
...is a bit depressing to hear. The DM basically green-lit an episode of date rape, and there's no way that this isn't creepy. If someone in one of my games said
>Dude! For Christmas, I want to fuck Carl's character. I want to get her drunk, and then I want to fuck her.
...I would be more than a little uneasy, even if it was in character for someone playing to the chaotic-neutral. Shit like this is usually one of the harbingers of a soon-to-be-imploded campaign.

But after seeing dozens of posts reiterating 'get over it, she was asking for it', it really hits home that someone is just trolling in a troll thread. Or at least a troll-hijacked thread. And that makes me happy because it's being far more deftly and intelligently played than a lot of the trolling I've seen on /tg/ of late.

>> No.17340997


The guy forced to dress up was straight at least

>> No.17340998

I'd say no, but this thread taught me that I'm wrong

>> No.17341001


>discuss it like adults.

That went out the window when OP decided to act 13 and roleplay his fantasy woman as some sort of virginal warrior and then gets mad when he drinks some sort of magical wine and wakes up next to the fighter.

Not everything will go your way in a game. You and your waifu are not special snowflakes that everyone has to worry about offending or not harming. Your character will get into tough situations and have random shit happen. That is the point to a game. Shit happens and you need to roleplay out a solution. That is FUN. It's not fun when everyone just goes around not facing any adversity and just slashes shit all fucking day long.

Your character got fucked because she drank too much. Stop crying about it and roleplay it out. How would your character react? Is the deity offended and abandoning you? Is some sort of repentance required? These are things you can use to advance the story instead of being a whiny child.

>> No.17341002


You don't realize how far misoginy can go, uh?

>> No.17341003


>HURR shoulda known the wine would knock your ass out no matter what.

>HURR clearly any female character you play is fetish material. No way a female cleric might be like a nun at all.

>DURR the rape is your fault, because you should have known this was planned out by the fighter's player and the DM

>DURR you like things I don't, I should question your masculinity.

1/10, at least you tried silly filly.

>> No.17341009

>That went out the window when OP decided to act 13 and roleplay his fantasy woman as some sort of virginal warrior and then gets mad when he drinks some sort of magical wine and wakes up next to the fighter.
Still not seeing it.

>> No.17341012


>Special snowflake

He dropped it! Confirmed for troll, we can just ignore this thread now.

>> No.17341014


Unlike all the bullshit with idiots saying the OP was being whiny, I'm going to say you're the one who's actually whiny if you wanted to leave your group because of that, because that's hilarious.

Maybe a tiny bit dickish, but still hilarious.

>> No.17341017

Quote where OP said that specifically or get the fuck out.

>> No.17341018

eh, I didn't leave the group, I just thought it was a dick thing to do

>> No.17341019

I still don't get it /tg/

If the proper rolls and saves are involved, why is rape so bad?

I don't think the DM ask the players if is alright for their PCs to be wounded or even killed. Why should be rape any different?

>> No.17341021

Yeah. Up till that last post I was almost thinking it was just a retard, but he got to obvious now.

>> No.17341030

Stop trolling.

>> No.17341032

When I read the first part of your post this was the first thing that popped into my head (start at 2:45 and go until it's no longer relevant).


>> No.17341037

Because there weren't any and neither was a way to see it coming and avoid it. At least you can run away from a combat that'll get you crippeled.

>> No.17341042

The fact that we´re arguing over whether it´s ok or not to rape another players character is incredibly pathetic.

Now, back on the topic of what OP was asking. Was there ever a time I got angry enough to leave a group over some bullshit?

Why, yes, yes there was. I took the Leadership Feat once, in a Pathfinder Game, to represent gaining a Wizardly apprentice and ignoring that whole bullshit with followers. She was described as a happy young girl with little talent for magic who was being taught by my character. Eventually, after about half a year of sessions, the wizard and his apprentice got married, after she saved his ass for the thousandth time. The day after their wedding? The Rogue walks up to her.

"I´m rolling to seduce her."
"Alright" Says my DM. "Roll my a bluff check."
"With modifiers...that´s a 36."
"You talk her into sleeping with you."

He had taken the Leadership feat as well, and she became his cohort. I did not get any cohort to replace my Wizards former wife

>> No.17341050

Because it's something that a lot of people just don't want in their games and if you can't respect that then you're a douche.

It's like having a group of big strong men wrestle your character down, holding him down and taking turns to defecate on him. It "COULD HAPPEN YOU GUISE". But why the fuck would anyone subject a player to that?

>> No.17341051

What the fuck is that piece of fucking abominable shit?

>> No.17341052

God, that's painfully stupid.
Glad I've never had anything like that happen, especially with a character I'd invested that much into.

>> No.17341055

The fuck.

>> No.17341057

>Not everything will go your way in a game.
Alright, the wine was unknown to you all, super wine, and you all black out.
I am sorry Fred, your Paladin fell.
I am sorry Jeff, your rogue needs to amputate his foot.
And Philip, your wizard is now wanted for in the kingdom for witchcraft, I said he was supposed to be careful in these regions.
Oh and Mark, your Cleric lost her virginity.

>> No.17341059
File: 2 KB, 101x126, 1324686081229s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i find /tg/ humorous with our "virgin" fetishes... Grow up man children

>> No.17341060

While a nun's celibacy is very important to her this does not sound like rape, what it sounds like to me is the character had a bit to much to drink which inhibited their ability to declare consent or not, so kind of hazy. That being said it is certainly not the kind of thing that would make me leave a group, and if you can't bring yourself to just ask the DM to make sure it does not happen again then the character is probably not that important to you. Also it's like like the patron deity of the PC in question would abandon the character for being "raped", so I fail to see the big deal.

>> No.17341064


I am not talking about OP's.

Let's consider this. Imagine your female PC is fighting some blackguard, and he makes clear that he will rape you if you get defeated. His attacks are not aimed to wound but to disarm and overpower.

Lets say you roll bad and the NPC blackguard gets his way. It would be really that different from getting a sword to the gut?

>> No.17341066


I'm sorry, but if anyone did that in my group we'd all have a laugh. Nobody would bitch and complain about their waifu drinking too much and having sex. It's a game and we'd all get over it and roleplay out solutions and pay more attention to "how can this advance our story along further?" than "bawwwwww u hurt my felingz by fuckin mah waifu or shitting on my character!"

>> No.17341070


>> No.17341071


Because it's a boundary ,that when crossed, is detrimental to everyone's fun. For example: You buy a video game, right? And the video game is about... let's say fighter planes. You are enjoying the fuck out of it, right? And suddenly there's a level where you end up doing something you find in bad taste, like say, raping a baby and then eating it's intestines. That one level will probably send all the fun you had previously down the drain. Messing up what was, until that point, a damn fine game.

Sorry if the example is a bit extreme or if I didn't make any sense.

>> No.17341077
File: 10 KB, 251x200, shrug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's a difference between rape fantasies and real rape, Anonymous. Much as there's a difference between playing a video game where you violently murder people with a car and doing it in real life.

>> No.17341078

0/10 stop being so obvious

>> No.17341079


I don't know about you, but I'd rather be dead than raped. I don't think my ass could take that.

Of course, that's probably because I see men and women as equal beings, so the misogynist logic being championed by two determined trolls would override that.

>> No.17341086

You drink some wine and black out.

You wake up and a man in a fur suit is jacking off onto your face, screaming YIFF YIFF YIFF

Hey guys. It could happen.

>> No.17341087

There was a guy back in the college gamer's club I went in college to who could totally rock this slinky red cocktail dress. Granted, he hadn't shaved his legs (or his face) which kind of ruined the femininity of it all, but DAMN he was shameless with it. He even forgot he was wearing it once, which caused some problems when he propped his feet up on the table during the meeting. But that's another story and it only involved the people sitting across from him.

The point is he was as straight as they come, but wasn't about to let worrying "WHAT IF THEY THINK I WANT IT IN MY BUTT?" get in the way of a joke. Or whatever it was he was doing. There were an entirety of zero shits given on his part.

It's a self confidence thing, I guess. I certainly didn't leave the guy's group over it, although I think the excessively christian girl might have had another one of her epileptic jesus fits because of it. Dude was a fantastic roleplayer.

>> No.17341091

Personally, I'd have started with asking the GM why he was okay with thism without asking my if I was okay with playing out that situation, then I'd ask him why he allowed her to be seduced away from my char without roleplaying, on a permanent basis and with a single roll.
Then I'd tell the other player out of character that my character is pissed and has gone madwith grief in a way only wizards can be and is currently planning his revenge (and possibly to magic the memory of her relationship with the other character away, if we are already at such a low).

>> No.17341096

I left a group after one of the players killed his own child.

Online, over IRC, we played a GURPs Fantasy game. The party consisted of the following

John the Plain, a Knight of some order I forget the name of.
Fyrich the Fair, an Elven Mage.
Mary, a Half-Orc thief, my character.
And Peter, a Bard.

Now, I´m not going to bore you with tales of our adventures because we didn´t really have any. We got into fights, we got drafted, we deserted, we slew a dragon, raided a Wizards tower, typical fantasy stuff. Over the course of a year, Mary fell in love with Peter. After a few drunken nights, Mary became pregnant. We decided to timeskip to the end of the pregnancy, as none of the characters or their players felt comfortable dragging along a pregnant woman into dangerous situations.

As soon as the child was born, his father took her into his hands, and gave her a name. If I recall correctly, it was Josephine. He then walked over to the window, and threw her out from the top of the tower, before slitting his own throat.

When asked "What the fuck man, why", he responded with "I was tired of the character."

>> No.17341106
File: 108 KB, 324x360, apple_eyebrow_raise.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Goddamn, that sucks.

It reminds me of something that happened in our game. A while ago our paladin PC sacrificed her life to close a rift to another dimension and was hailed as a hero. Her body was taken to a chapel to put in an altar until we could bring her back to life. The Pally player said she wanted to keep that PC, and was just rolling a temporary replacement.

>mfw when the next game we find the BBEG in a burned down village, alongside a cloaked figure. Then the BBEG pulls the cloak away to reveal the deceased paladin, wearing an obsidian bikini with some jagged armor bits and covered in the blood of the slain villagers. Then the BBEG says thanks for the "fine materials", gropes the undead Pally making her gasp, right in front of us and then both teleport away

>> No.17341107

Rape is one of those things that really makes people uncomfortable when it gets brought to the table. Funfact: you can't know who has been raped or has a rape victim in their personal life just from looking at them.
Think, like the Piss Wizard and the Forest of Piss comic that gets posted here all the time. It makes people uncomfortable at best. It makes me want to punch holes in walls. Even if it is just make believe, it's an incredibly callous thing to force the player through and I honestly cannot blame anyone who walks if their wishes aren't respected. (after vocalizing that dude, this shit isn't cool.)

Like, say a player is Jewish, had family that died in Auschwitz, all that jazz- then the GM says "LOLOL your character is a neo nazi now! Enjoy those swastika tats!" Railroading is a dick move, doing it offensively is just hurtful.

>> No.17341110

I'd be okay with that situation, as long as I'm not railroaded into it (i.e. the Blackguard just wins or has a significantly higher level). I'd still tell him to ask the other players for their consent if I wasn't absolutely sure that they see no problem with that.

>> No.17341118

That's fucking hot. I mean, its a dick move, but still fucking hot.

>> No.17341120

A DM could retcon-fix this, though.

>character was actually possessed
>child born under an ill star
>survives, secretly, somehow
>your PC has to deal with their child somewhere down the line, who is possibly being manipulated by a sinister force from birth onward

>> No.17341126
File: 24 KB, 493x376, 1279173784281.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Be playing in group irl me bisexual male..

Be playing character fairly similar to irl me fighter with a high intelligence and extremely open views on sexuality... My pc frequently sleeps with men in game as well as women...

New paladin joins group....

Kills me while im in bed with my same-sex partner while yelling "Cleanse the land of all homofaggots!"

Me leave group never come back...

>> No.17341129

No it's not, what the fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.17341137


This might just be me, but I would've kicked the player of that bard, retconned that whole situation and either continued the game one person short or found a new player. I hate when people try to pull 'lolrandom' shit like that to get their way with something. Would it really have been so hard for him to discuss changing his character with the GM?

>> No.17341138
File: 83 KB, 507x507, ugh3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jesus Christ how horrifying.

It's never pleasant to discover that the group you're with actually consists of sexual degenerates with no self-control.

>> No.17341142

>Like the Piss Wizard and the Forest of Piss comic

Goddamn it. I LIKED that comic. I thought it was funny. I WOULD GIGGLE AT THAT.

And now I'm never going to be able to enjoy it again because all the watersports is replaced in my head with DM mandated PC-rape events, which I know are based more on actual games that have happened than should be possible in a civil society.



>> No.17341143

I'd do the same to you but instead scream: "Cleanse the land of all horrible grammar!"

>> No.17341148


So, you could roleplay fucking other men and doing what YOU want, but someone else can't do the same because it'd offend you?

For everyone who has issues like this: just stop playing. If you are that sensitive then roleplaying in a gritty world of killing, slaughtering, looting, and other shit just isn't for you. Why don't you all go play Candyland and have a great time. Roleplaying just isn't your thing.

>> No.17341158

Probably has a mind control fetish. Not so hot when other people are being discomforted.

>> No.17341160


Wait... what? Paladins do not work that way...

P.S. the paladin's player was a stupid asshole.

>> No.17341161

Yesterday we had game night and a small x-mas present exchange. At some point during the game the PCs tried a golden wine that was incredibly strong, and they all passed out. When they woke up, my DM described how my dwarf woke to find himself devoid of beard but with a with a full head of hair, laying next to the still sleeping elf, a Black Adder Richard IV style character who threatens my dwarf all the time.

The problem is that I play my PC as a traditionalist of sorts, and hence his beard and moustache were very important for him, because he was devoted to keeping a large and well groomed beard like a RL Amish would.

And when I asked the DM why in fucks sake he did that, he said the wlpf player requested it as his x-mas present. So I had my dwarf slap him in tears and run away, but I am still incredibly unhappy.

Have you ever been so upset you considered quitting the game?

>> No.17341162

>can't greentext
>mentions intelligence and view of sexuality in same sentence as if somehow related
>leaves group over deeds of a new player
Not sure if stupid or just bad at trolling...

>> No.17341166

The difference is that his character's man-fucking did not involve damage to or death of other PCs.

>> No.17341168


Now I feel bad for not recognizing this. Anyone mind posting it?
I am curious.

>> No.17341169


No, fuck you. You're obviously fucking retarded.

>> No.17341172

Troll detected

>> No.17341187

Sh, his PVP-Server in World of Warcraft is propably just down for maintance and he's bored.

>> No.17341195

>It's never pleasant to discover that the group you're with actually consists of sexual degenerates with no self-control.
Agreed. I think this is actually one of the reasons that alignment was such a maligned system: it leads to situations where players and DM eventually HAVE to argue about what assholes they are before proceeding.

On the other hand the DM could have just as easily said. "She can see how serious you are, and that you really want this... *SLAP*. 'I'm getting married, asshole. Get the hell out!' And for the record, you also can't use diplomancy to convince her you should have all her possessions, or to get her to slit her own throat."

>> No.17341196

I think the problem comes in when you start equating one character getting laid in consensual circumstances with when another player (who is new to the group) straight up murders him while spouting homophobic catchphrases probably cribbed from /b/. Those two things are not even close to being on the same level in any respect.

That, and it's just bad manners to start killing other members of the party on your first day. No wanter how you run with it, it makes you look like a douche who's only way to have fun is by pissing in other people's drinks.

>> No.17341198

Ummm no I left because i was not going to be in a group with someone who was passive aggressive and didn't like who I "spent" my time with.
And thank you.
It was part of my character not something where i was like "OH i must has this since ims dis way"

>> No.17341199


>ad hominems everywhere

stay classy /tg/

>> No.17341201


It depends on the scenario and the scene. Sometimes those kinds of events make sense. Just as that other person could roleplay normal homosexuality of today's age, another character has the right to kill him and disagree. I'm gay and even I would not throw a temper tantrum over my character being killed for their sexuality. That comes with the territory of playing in a medieval setting. You can't expect everyone to play and suit your sensibilities.

Maybe it's just me and my group, but we tend to throw those kinds of things in. Not just for "lol random", but every now and then having a character do something that seems horrible is fun. It gives you a real story and allows things to go deeper than looting gold off of bandits the whole time.

>> No.17341208

If this had been the first post, /tg/ would have been in an unanimous outrage.

Fucking hypocrites.

>> No.17341220

The only answer is to completely fuck them over for letting it happen.

Talk with the DM and say that since your character technically broke her vow of celibacy, she has lost her cleric powers. She has gone batshit crazy because she no longer has the comforting background murmur of her god talking to her, and is generally irritable and downright homicidal when it comes to interacting with the Madmartigan character. The only thing she cares about is redeeming herself in the eyes of her god; in fact, talk this over with the DM and tell him in no uncertain terms that if she had to choose between redemption and leaving the party out in the cold, you would choose redemption.

tl;dr? Disregard party; acquire Redemption.

>> No.17341222


Yes they do. Right here in Monster Manual XVIII. Homofaggot. Challenge Rating 6. Huge Size Abberation. Flight Speed 10ft. Brine Spray REF DC13 half 3d6 acid. ALWAYS CHAOTIC EVIL.

If he was murdering people for their sexual orientation, THAT' D be a fallin'. Personally i'd call him on it, I think he's playing the 'mistaken identity' card too liberally. Maybe if he mistook them for Gnolls or something, but innocents aren't even in the same damn size category.

>> No.17341230

Considering your cleric's celibacy was forcibly taken from her, and D&D gods actually exist in their setting, that PC should logically have to watch his fucking back.

I'm sure there's an order militant to the church to resolve the issue if the god's too busy.

>> No.17341236

for all that you people seem to hate games with sexuality in them, you all seem to play in them

>> No.17341237

I don't know this was a few years ago... I'm currently dming a group of friends I'm not to worried. Was just sharing my experience.

>> No.17341240

it doesn't matter if its the guys "waifu" (*eyeroll*) character or not.

What if you had a gay friend who was always hitting on your character in game then the OP's situation happened?

wouldnt you feel violated? like thats just something you would NOT do and you had no control over it, but now it's happened and it can't be retconned.

>> No.17341255


>gay hits on you


now we start with the homophobia?

>> No.17341263


I know this is a joke but, not all paladins are "kill maim burn everything evil forever", you know? Hell, I don't like that specific stereotype myself.

>> No.17341268

>implying you can't have one without the other

>> No.17341273


I'm not going to lie to you bro. I don't think he mistook two guys copulating for a Homofaggot. While two humans locked together would have the same amount of limbs, and the brine sprayers kinda look like dicks, if you were playing a baseline human, there's no way you'd have transparent skin.

I have suspicions you were playing with someone either too passive-agressive to directly confront the group abut it making him uncomfortable, or worse still a homophobe with power fantasies.

>> No.17341278

Your post implied that he was new. I wasn't going to say anything negative about your post before reaching the point where you appearantly ran away because of someone NEW.
That, combined with the fact that your posts seems to be written in under ten seconds doesn't cast a good light on you. English is not my native language either, but I at least TRY to give a shit about what I write. If you did too, I'd have seen the content in a different light instead of having the impression your story makes to me reinforced by it.

>> No.17341279

0/10 no one is actually this stupid

>> No.17341280


>look at female coworker's legs because she is wearing a miniskirt.

>Get sued for sexual harassment.

>Have a gay stare at you and you don't like it?

>you are a hateful homophobe

Is just me or things are more and more unfair for straight males?

>> No.17341284


I'd be fine with that AND the OP situation. Freak things happen in game and hopefully there's going to be a story behind it. That's why it's called "roleplaying". World events happen and you play a role to find solutions and have fun.

What if someone in your group had someone in their family murdered? Do you stop killing goblins and bandits now? It would be inconsiderate to kill around them, right? Are you now going to sit around pretending to be a dwarven miner who does fuck all in the way of adventures?

But that'd be stupid, wouldn't it? Same goes for the above. This is ROLEPLAYING, not Dr Phil.

>> No.17341287

>implying you can get sued for looking at a pair of legs

>> No.17341288


I think fighting for Abberation rights is going to be an uphill struggle, but i'll concede Gnolls was a bad example.

>> No.17341290


ok, lets say some pimply landwhale wants her character to sodomize your character, and the DM allows it and you have no say in the matter.

>> No.17341292

>his friend bought some undies indentical to what his PC wore
Why would his description of his PC include her underwear in the first place?

>> No.17341297
File: 478 KB, 450x253, trioohfuck.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you shitting me?
While I do agree that there will be players who play girl characters for the sheer purpose of fulfilling a fetish, the grand majority (me included) play female characters for a different perspective on things in game.
>VtR game, first game ever
>female Gangrel, raver/biker, neonate, extremely n00b
>lesbian on top of all that
>eventually became a plot-mover with fighting an ancient Greek goddess and incurring the fearsome wrath of one of the Primogen of the city
>never once involved sexual roleplay into the game, nor did I make a big deal out of the fact that she was a lesbian, much less girl
Sorry to hear that you have such a problem with people playing opposite genders. What if a girl was playing a male character? What would you do then?

>> No.17341298

The worst thing you can be in this world is a caucasian middle-class male.

>> No.17341303


Well, if everyone at the table said that they weren't comfortable with that situation. It'd be considered a THAT GUY move and they'd ask for a retcon (something which the DM is fully in his right to do). If everyone was kind of "meh" or ok with it I'll probably role play the consequences and the attempts to solve the situation. I'd personally go with the later. But that's a matter of personal taste.

>> No.17341308

Who says it was in the description, instead of coming up in a weird situation during one of countless sessions? Stranger things have happened.

>> No.17341310


If your DM doesn't allow you a perception check before setting off a trap, thats bad DMing.

if your DM likewise railroads you into doing something majorly out of character and you have no say in it, its also poor DMing.

>> No.17341313

Nah. /tg/'s pretty clear upon they don't like sexuality in any form

>> No.17341317

Welcome to one hour ago.

>> No.17341322

How are sure the cleric didn't rape the fighter?

>> No.17341327


OP, since her maidenhood and celibacy were an important part of your battle-nun's faith and religious upbringing, you should make her lose all her powers.

"Ha ha ha! You date-raped my cleric, that's so hilarious! What's that? You need healing? You're bleeding to death? It's too bad that my god took away all my magic on account of I'm not a virgin any more. Sucks to be you. I'mma go eat a giant turkey leg and learn a new career. Have fun storming the castle!"

Also, yes, I know about being pissed off. And the situation also involves a female character getting raped -that is, all of them. Every female character I have ever had, my (former) DM railroaded into rapetown. At first it was kind of funny, but then it just got weird, so i stopped rolling female characters. It didn't really stop the DM from being a twat, but at least he wasn't focusing on me any more.

>> No.17341329


I think i've made it clear the worst thing to be is a Always Chaotic Evil Abberation. Even the most hardcore moral person is going to club you to death withougt blinking.

>> No.17341331

Are you fucking kidding me? You HAVE to be a troll.


>> No.17341337

Because drunks do stupid things, not widely out of character things. Would you, without joking, start to praise FATAL as the best thing to happen to humanity after a few glasses?

>> No.17341341

Alternatively, retire the character, roll up a paladin/fighter/new cleric, and eventually murder the fighter. What? It's roleplaying, just deal with it.

>> No.17341348

Of magical gold wine? Maybe. I don't know. Let's say you an me go out for a drink later and we'll see.

>> No.17341356

>implying we weren't assholes enough to make the OP, who was already disturbed enough run away in tears during the first half of the thread, like a bunch of degenerate /b/tards.

>> No.17341358

She had taken a vow-of-celibacy. Meaning that's the complete fucking opposite of what her character would do.

Drinking loosens inhibitions and makes people do stuff they want to do but won't for whatever reasons. It won't magically turn an anarchist into a republican nor any sort of total opposite-swapping like that.

>> No.17341365


orr, you could be a an african baby with no parents, no way to feed yourself and aids.


>> No.17341367

Oh let's. I'm sure you and I will have a great time. It will be a night to remember. For at least one of us anyway.

>> No.17341368

Love how many people are like 'deal with it'.
Start playing more high-fantasy, because if it ain't an adventure, it ain't worth roleplaying in.

>> No.17341379

I'm sorry.
But look at the comic again, and put yourself in the shoes of the players who have to deal with that and understandably punch the DM's shit.
It's a funny comic, and I giggle at it too, but it does have the very important message of LEAVE YOUR FETISHES AT THE GODDAMN DOOR. Or, at least that's how I read it.

>> No.17341384

Fucking THIS.

>> No.17341386

Given the player pool that /tg/ seems to be working with, I'd say that's the safest course to take.

>> No.17341391

I'd laugh, then i'd laugh some more, then i would compose myself.
...And then i would laugh until i vomit, holy shit dat mental image.

>> No.17341394


Hows it going, Sanguine? Still messing up noble's parties?

>> No.17341406

Sorry I wasn't clear. The paladin was new to the group but had played with us for about 3 sessions. It had come up that I was bisexual not even entirely sure why, it was a while ago. But the guy who was playing the paladin was not the kindest guy ever. And he made some small comments about it on our third session with him. I didn’t really think anything of it because like i said they were small comments to the effect of "Your character better not try to seduce me." Which I took as a joke. The next session we had finally made it back to town and my pc had made a decent amount of cash. So he went to the local fighting rings and had a round in the cage. When he got put of the cage some of his fans were there. One of them happened to be an npc my character had been increasingly falling for . So i took him back to my home in the town where the rest of the party had been staying as well. And fade to black scene my character and the npc are asleep in bed. The paladin says that he’s been staying awake all night to see what would happen with me... So he rolls for sneak. Rolls an 18 which succeeds and continues to sneak into my room and kill me and the npc. While shouting what he said. I left the group after that because it got damn close to a fist fight between me and the paladin because of him slandering not only me but my boyfriend at the time.

>> No.17341408

While most people aren't genetically predisposed towards republicanism or whatever, most people have a pre-programmed biological desire to reproduce. And besides: Magic. Wine.

Retcons cheapen the experience in my opinion, but seeing how this is basically the DMs fault and the player is very unhappy about it, the DM should allow for a quest of some sort to "regain the character's purity" or some shit.

>> No.17341409

"Loosen inhibitions," my ass. Never mind that getting smashed usually doesn't make you forfeit beliefs you hold with religious mania. The OP gave no indication her character was even attracted to the fighter - personally or sexually. So I'm figuring the fighter raped an unconscious or mostly-unconscious woman who couldn't fight back.

This. Let another member of the order or a mercenary in their employ pay the fighter a little house call.

>> No.17341421

In this case, let me retract my opinion.
I feel sorry for you and it at least seems like one of the better choices to make, considering the situation.

>> No.17341433

Sorry I wasn't clear. It was my bad for not making clear the entire situation. Its not your fault I just didn't make everything clear.

>> No.17341439

And yet I don't feel the need to hump every woman I see, instead having a bunch of preferences.

>> No.17341471

Hm, good point. I've been drinking with a few very firmly set in their belief types before, and if anything it makes them a hell of a lot more vocal about it.

>> No.17341476

Okay, I am confused. What is the final word on this?

Was the OP blowing things out of proportion or not?

>> No.17341488
File: 43 KB, 552x395, what-the-fuck-is-this.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>1. Don't want to black out and get fucked? Don't drink.
Yes. Because that's totally how it works in real life. Any celibate person who ever has anything to drink always loses their virginity, or at least deserves to. It's like how anybody who ever smokes pot should be anally sodomized with a kitchen appliance.

>Games are for fun, not for you to roleplay your fetishes.
Wait. Date-raping a chaste party member is okay, but a character who doesn't have sex is fetishistic and over the line? Please tell me you're trolling. It seems like you are, but sometimes people are genuinely as retarded as you seem.

Anyway, let's look not play pretend here. The cleric was raped. While it's possible that a religious person could take the life-altering action of forsaking her vow of chastity after drinking too much (even though it doesn't sound like she was trying to get drunk), that isn't the sort of thing that a GM can force on your character. The player should be firmly in control of personality/character changes like that. Granted, it's still over the line to have a GM enforce the rape of your character (without an understanding), but at least he isn't controlling your character's actions in that case. So the cleric was straight-out raped.

>> No.17341489

No they were not dm is fucking over her/his? character...

>> No.17341492


Yes. The OP was acting like a little bitch and should probably stop roleplaying as some virginal vixen cleric next time. He should leave it in his room where he can fap all day to it, not bring it around and act like a faggot.

>> No.17341494

What kind of Nun drinks uber-wine?

>> No.17341509
File: 70 KB, 448x342, shrug mokou.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Catholic kind, when accepting the blessed sacrament?

>> No.17341529

>Wine as part of a religious ritual, doled out by persons she trusts
>Random wine from random place


>> No.17341535

Do you people really get this worked up over made up characters?

>> No.17341536

Anonymous was obviously being facetious.

Anyway it's not like the OP claimed her cleric was a Muslim or something. Probably they don't care if you have a sip of wine.

>> No.17341549

0/10 why do you still try

>> No.17341552

Okay, clearly the guy in the OP--if he's actually telling a real story--was making a character DESIGNED for such an event. It'd be like if you make the "I cannot drink" vow of sobriety for a Monk or Paladin or a vow of non-violence or whatever.

Now, it's not bullshit to make those characters get pushed. Since if you set up an ethical/duty dilemma for your character it's the same as if they said they were cowards or shy or something and you push them until they have A MOMENT and then get past that.

Having them have a vow of chastity, and then break it, could be a fine time for some character growth--if it was consensual and on purpose. Having it forced on you sucks the same way anything that is forced on your character sucks. But you can also be forced to DIE, in combat, so yeah. I'd say that rape is usually a bigger violation than just getting yourself smashed. I figure most people would rather die gloriously in combat than be tortured to death. Same as people geeeeenerally have an issue with rape, IC or IRL.

So even if the OP is a drama whore, everyone else in the party would have been the dickest of dicks and anyone who thinks rape or drunk-rape is okay are up there with them as future That Guy players.

>> No.17341560


True, there's people who actually believe that. But they're also fucking retarded.

>> No.17341569

You do realise the whole point of a nunnery or a monastery is to cut yourself off from all the evil things in the world, including sex, drink, drugs, comfortable clothing, the fucking works.

>> No.17341571


Yeah, because when I make something for a reason I'm surprised when it happens. He clearly didn't want it to happen.

>> No.17341576

Yeah, my elf dying at the hands of that beholder was literally the same as Schindler's List.

Of course, I'm of the belief that there's nothing wrong with crying about actual tragic events, but when I hear people wept over Toy Story 3 or whatever, it's like, really?

>> No.17341578

This is made up people in a made up game designed out of sheets and dice. You should not have the urge to cry about her getting drunk and having sex with a frat boy.

>> No.17341582

You do realize fantasy religions =/= Christfaggotry, right?

You do realize that the OP's character was not a nun, but a cleric, right?

Go ahead and read the post again. I've got time.

>> No.17341589

beat me to saying this

>> No.17341610

>But you can also be forced to DIE, in combat
Of course, D&D is about combat and violence. If it weren't, then suddenly dying in unexpected violence would be over the line. Now, if you have an rpg that has rape as a major element (and everybody knows this going in), then that's okay. That's when the rape parallels the death in a combat-oriented game.

>> No.17341618


Scroll down to the Middle Ages.

>> No.17341629

That's just what I mean. If you design something for a reason, you may have an idea when you want it to happen. You may not want it to happen randomly without consent when some other player decides it's raping time and a deus ex drinkia is thrown into the mix.

Like, if a character is being set up for a dramatic breaking of his Vow of Non-Violence when he decides he's had enough and slaps the shit out of the BBEG to save the party, that sounds cool.

But having someone break it FOR HIM because they slip him some Gold Wine to make him flip his shit and say "You all wake up and the Nun is covered in the blood of the children she tore to pieces, breaking her non-violence in a Heeelaaaarious way!"

Well that sucks.

I'd never make the "I'm SO VIRGIN" character, but if someone DID in a game of mine I'd want the other players to not view that as open season on them. No more so than the Paladin is open season just for shits and giggles.

>> No.17341646

Everyone in this thread is full of shit, OP. Bring that up with your GM and the other player, and reasonably explain explain why it upset you. If they are mature adults (unlike /tg/) they will understand that you are upset by this and you can work it out.

>Have you ever been so upset you considered quitting the game?
Yes. Sometimes GM and players, or players and players, don't mix. In these cases, rather than get one party to change, it is sometimes in everyone's best interest to leave a game.

One thing I really don't understand about /tg/ is all these stories about one player or GM being an absolute twat, that didn't end 5 lines in with "So I left the game because i wasn't having fun."

>And when I asked the DM why in fucks sake he did that, he said the fighter player requested it as his x-mas present.
Yeah, the fighter's player sounds like a fuckhead.

I would suggest leaving, OP. Don't burn any bridges, just explain that you don't think your personalities are compatible enough to play a D&D game together.

>> No.17341649

No one was crying. They were have a completely rational emotional reaction, though.

>Implying movies or books aren't made up
>Implying it's the paper the book is printed on or the digital bytes containing the movie that evokes the emotional reaction and that it's UNFORGIVABLE IMPOSSIBLE to share the same feeling for dice and sheets of paper.

Not everyone is you. Everyone has emotional reactions to different things. If you judge them for you're a gigantic asshole.

>> No.17341664

Nunneries were regularly used as depositories for noblewomen who wanted to get laid. Nine-month vacations weren't uncommon.

>> No.17341668

Good sir, I like you. I like you very much and I agree with every part of your post.

I wish you luck in all your future endeavors.

>> No.17341692
File: 20 KB, 300x341, stooooopid.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope I never end up with a douchecake like you in my games EVAR.

RPGs are to have fun. This, especially without talking to the PLAYER ahead of time, is not fun. It kills the player's interest in the game.

Lack of player interest? You have no game.

>> No.17341697

I wasn't defending the rape, I was drawing a distinction. Even if it's a game about violence, if you die in combat you generally demand it be a reasonable, fair fight, not by fiat. And you also would be mad, really mad, if another player killed your character.

Now, most people get more mad about the idea of the BBEG raping or torturing or mentally enslaving their character than they do about the, quite possible, death of their character by a dramatic falling pillar or a summoned Death Titan or fireball or dragon or whatever.

Given that, having the worse option--rape or other kinds of character-changing anguish--forced on you by the GM and your players at the hands of another player character? How can you continue with that campaign? You're just done then.

I may not quit the game but I'd be angry and I'd be so mad at the other players that I'd wipe the slate clean. I'd have had the cleric lose her powers from it, renounce their cause, and go off to be whatever and ask the GM that she not be killed or harmed or brought up off-screen, even at another player's request, and then roll something new up.

>> No.17341702

This. Logic by the bucketful.

>> No.17341720

This is actually a pretty decent solution as long as there is no bad blood in the group. But in large part its going to depend on the group and how the op feels about it.

>> No.17341723
File: 17 KB, 500x372, 1254004983987.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, if you wanted to play a nun, you would have her be a loose whore? You are clearly too young to know what's actually going on here, so why don't you just go back to /b/, hmm?

>> No.17341744

Well, considering what real-life nunneries were like...

Let's just say the nun fetish has some basis in reality.

>> No.17341749

Yeah, I wasn't arguing against you. I was just noting what I saw as an important distinction to keep in mind when comparing the two scenarios. It was intended as more of a qualifier than a correction. Overall, I agree with you.

>> No.17341753

Oh wow.
If my GM did this the last time I played a maiden with a chastity vow, that character may very well have tried to murder or more likely, cripple and or have the guy arrested and locked up in a dungeon. Or even if she wouldn't have, others in her legion might have.

Seeing how the GM would have had thousands of other options than mystical wine of brief out of character magic, and how the retalliation would have been perfectly in character, I would say the GM without doubt, would have been at fault.

To have one character prisoned and or crippled, and the other broken and down, and all with nasty hangovers, isn't a cool plot.

>> No.17341776

>so easily trolled

Christ, mention women and you people go full retard.

>> No.17341794

You don't think things like this actually happens?

Or you don't think we'd been appalled if OP's character was male and raped?

No really, I want to hear which kind of stupid you are.

>> No.17341806

You do realise OP said "nun"

Fuck off.

>> No.17341816


>> No.17341818

>nun of sorts
Get it right.

>> No.17341827

>The problem is that I play my PC as a nun of sorts, and hence her maidenhood and celibacy were very important for her, because she was devoted to her deity like a RL nun would.

>a nun of sorts

>like a nun


>of sorts

You must be a goddamn illiterate, or else too butthurt to sulk off in silence. It's okay, you have no e-peen here, Anon.

>> No.17341831

This thread is awful and you all should feel awful. Isn't trolling a bannable offense?

>> No.17341837

Nun. Yep.

"of sorts" means "it's like X where X is the preceeding words"

So, "Nun of sorts" means "It's like a Nun."

Isn't English fun?

>> No.17341843

Technically, but on 4chan, "trolling" means "disagreeing with a moderator's opinion or tastes."

>> No.17341846


Not the kind to get involved in this trollfest. Now here's the kicker before I leave, if it hadn't involved a woman then this thread would have died after twenty posts and all of you would have different opinions.

Again, so easily trolled.

>> No.17341858

You're not even grasping at straws at this point, Anon.

A dagger is like a sword. A truck is like a car. A priest is like a rabbi.

A dagger is not a sword. A truck is not a car. A priest is not a rabbi. A D&D cleric with a vow of celibacy isn't a nun.

>> No.17341859

Sorry bro, if they'd raped your male cleric I'd be pissed as well.

>> No.17341870
File: 43 KB, 181x175, 1253895494279.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, they're not. I'm fairly certain that you just made that up right now so that you could say something and your opinion be backed up by fact. And just for the record, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, was fiction. Just sayin'.

>> No.17341873

Who said D&D cleric with vow of celibacy?

Not OP.

You're wrong.

You only believe you're right based on your own misunderstanding.

>> No.17341875

Vow of chastity, not vow of abstinence [from alcohol].

I am probably mixing up the names somehow (might be continence instead?) but the char vowed to not have sex, but was under no constraint against alcohol *as far as we know* (she did drink the magic wine [willingly?]).

>> No.17341892

Research it if you don't believe me. Medieval nunneries were where you sent your daughter to keep her away from cock.

>> No.17341903
File: 18 KB, 757x743, smugMP.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>my cleric
>her maidenhood and celibacy were very important for her

Want to try again?

>> No.17341906

>Medieval nunneries were where you sent your daughter to keep her away from cock.
This doesn't imply everyone in there was a slut.
It implies everyone in there was sent there to prevent them from being a slut.

If they were already defiled out of wedlock they were a lost cause.

>> No.17341912

Nothing's "wrong with me," if you have any kind of imagination at all I'm pretty sure you're capable of things that are "hot" and would make someone uncomfortable.

Also I don't have a mind control fetish (though yeah, that'd be reasonably hot but certainly willingness is way more fun), but its probably that I find "I must martyr myself for the greater good manly tears the paladin saved the day" to be unbelievably trite, and a cool reversal like that is pretty awesome and hot.

The equation of commit suicide=good makes me want to puke. Nothing worse than someone with a martyr complex.

I didn't really assume the undead paladin would be mind controlled -- its a common trope, that undead lose their morals and restraint (for some reason), and I sort of assumed someone who's mind controlled wouldn't gasp upon being groped. But who knows?

>> No.17341918

She's celibate.

That's not the same as the vow of Celibacy.

That shit has prerequisites.

>> No.17341936

Oh my God guys, this guy doesn't like Paladins being paragons of virtue who aspire to martyrdom and self sacrifice despite that being the whole purpose of the archetype.

He's so fucking deep and edgy.

>> No.17341940

>undead lose their morals and restraint (for some reason),
Generally it is because "undead" are animated by some force OTHER than the original soul inhabiting the body.

>> No.17341942
File: 34 KB, 322x311, ohho.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Congratulations. Your semantic games have inadvertently reinforced the "she's not a nun" argument you were (trying to) challenge earlier.

>> No.17341951

>she's a nun of sorts

>> No.17341964
File: 210 KB, 625x416, deal with it.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And again we're back to where I proved to wrong. A rabbi is not a priest. A cleric preserving her celibacy is not a nun.

>> No.17341982

>she's a nun of sorts
Still Wrong.
You can't read.

>> No.17341985
File: 27 KB, 184x184, 1324230692083.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hipster Paladin

>> No.17341987

Meaning, this argument has none.
Just why.

>> No.17342006



Stop watching porn

>> No.17342011

He's probably referring to how "get thee to a nunnery" was an unsubtle jab at how easy it was to get a girl in the sack.

>> No.17342024


>> No.17342047

"Is" and "Is like" do not mean the same thing, you sad sack of shit. Concession accepted.

>> No.17342050

That's kinda ironic then.
When the 'spergers think you're squabbling over meaningless shit, you know it's time to ease up.

>> No.17342062

But "is like" referring to a "Nun" means "think of a Nun, that's what this is"

So, to all intents and purposes, a Nun.

What concession?

>> No.17342063
File: 33 KB, 400x300, 1310522462246.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just give up on this guy, anon. He's a brick wall.

>> No.17342066

D&D isn't real life. There is no nun class in D&D, and nuns in our world have never cast spells or fought dragons. Obviously there's going to be some difference. I'll agree that "nun of sorts" is a bit softer than "she's a nun", but the intent is clear. The OP intends his character to be functionally similar to a nun, especially with regards to chastity. Everything else is just semantics.

>> No.17342067

>person comments that a nun shouldn't be drinking wine, subtly implying that this counts as consent for sex
>several people note that the character isn't a nun, and she's not a Christian (or a Muslim, in one post)
>drinking-is-consent anon gets butthurt and tries to argue that she is, in fact, a nun - fruitlessly
>she's still not an Abrahamic
>drinking wine still doesn't imply consent for sexual intercourse

>> No.17342077
File: 24 KB, 632x467, heavy chickenshit outfit face.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

meet the samefag

>> No.17342086

Yeah, you gotta add the roofies to the wine, first.

>> No.17342089

"Is like" does not mean "is." Are you disabled?

>> No.17342091

No, implying that drinking alcohol not produced by her brethren is irresponsible.
So, Nun or not, she's not a very good Nun.

>> No.17342096
File: 498 KB, 603x449, 4koma unimpressed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/tg/: "being celibate or inebriated is asking for it"

Modern /tg/, gentlemen.

>> No.17342105

But the intent is clear.

OP wants us to think of a Nun when we think of his character.

Ergo, functionally, it's a Nun.

>> No.17342109

Oh no she's not a good nun, does this mean she should get raped by dm fiat?
I'm not sure why being a good nun or not has relevance.

>> No.17342121

I dunno, I watch nun fucking videos all the time and they're great. I don't see the nun crying afterwards.

>> No.17342123

That's basically what earlier posters were arguing. Drinking is consent/playing a female character is consent.

Never mind the guys-playing-girl-characters hobby horse /tg/ loves so much, what the fuck is wrong with this group that a player asked for pretend rape sex for Christmas with another PC's character...and the DM allowed it?

>> No.17342128

Well, OP is all pissy that she's a nun so she should be treated like one.

My point is, she's not acting like much of a nun.

Nothing more than that.

>> No.17342138

>Well, OP is all pissy that she's a nun so she should be treated like one.

He's pissy that his character concept was shat upon without even bothering to ask his opinion. By no-save rape, no less.

>> No.17342151

>Implying that makes it okay to railroad a PC.
>Implying that makes it okay to rape a PC without talking to the player first.
>Implying that celibacy was not still important to the character concept.

Seriously? This isn't even what we're arguing about here.

>> No.17342156

But he was shitting on his own concept by playing it badly.

I'm also pretty sure his DM doing a jokey magic wine wake up with fighter WUT DO!? Wasn't meant as "lolraeptiem" just "A Joke"

Like if Joey woke up with Ross's dick in his ass. They'd both be shocked and be all "urgh!" but it wouldn't make the episode devolve into a debate over the enigma of homosexual love.

>> No.17342162

Point noted, she drinks, the awful person.
Doesn't excuse rape fiat.

>> No.17342173

Mental gymnastics are at work here.
I guess i'm done.

>> No.17342174

It was obviously meant as a joke.
"Oh noes, I woke up with the Fighter!"

>> No.17342178

It's simply a device to make imagining her character's beliefs easier. That does not mean she's subject to other nun shit, like savagely beating children or not drinking.

>> No.17342181

If the player doesn't consent, it's rape.

>> No.17342184

I've made a point you disagree with so you're going to just disregard it as "mental gymnastics"...?


>> No.17342187

You would THINK that, sure. But this player asked for this as a CHRISTMAS PRESENT, which hints at more bizarre motives.

>> No.17342194

And guess what, the joke backfired.
Always ask before you pull a stunt like that, doing things out of the blue is asking for trouble.

>> No.17342198

>Joke in a tabletop game with buddies
>OMG it's as bad as real rape!!
You need to learn to separate reality from fantasy.
You really do.

>> No.17342202

>But he was shitting on his own concept by playing it badly.

No? Because "like a nun" still doesn't mean "a nun." It doesn't mean she wears a habit, or a rosary, or whacks knuckles with a ruler, or doesn't drink. It means she has nun-like traits.

>> No.17342206
File: 51 KB, 635x348, FUCK PHYSICS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>strolling on the beach
>set up camp for the night next to a cave in case of stormy weather for quick shelter
>dm: "Yo find yourself unable to move upon waking up, you feel a series of warm wet strands crossing your body, a large spider looms over you"
>"I sit up"
>"You're covered in webs, how are you planning on moving"
>"I was lying on sand you fuckwit"

>> No.17342210

I forgot about that! No one asked the player AND he asked for it as a present.

Fucking weird.

>> No.17342215

The only "bizarre motive" is "I'll piss off the uppity player - this will be funny!"
Or, the butt of the joke didn't have the gumption to take it in good humour.

>> No.17342216

Oh, I'm sorry that you're too dense to read in between the lines here, let me make the distinction for you:
>If the player doesn't consent, it's character rape.

>> No.17342222

If it happens to your character, it's not a big deal.
Just a game dude.

>> No.17342228


Pissing off other players for fun is passive aggressive bullshit in the first place.

If you have a problem with someone, you should talk to them. Like an adult.

>> No.17342230

If it was a joke, your DM is kind of a jerk - ideally the player should be aware even if the character isn't, unless there's some greater plot at work that would make it too metagamey.

If it wasn't a joke, your GM fucked up. It's basically the same thing as forcing a paladin to fall with no player input - even if there's no mechanical loss for no longer being celibate, it's still obviously an important concept for the character.

If the latter, what you should do is courteously express your problem to the DM and why you feel he made a bad decision. It's not really fair to do serious things like this to a PC without any input on their part, and the fact that it was a "gift" for another player doesn't justify it (and honestly, that's sort of fucked up that someone asked for that as a gift).

Also, this guy:
is a piece of shit and you probably should ignore him.

>> No.17342232

I've never heard a good joke that involved rape.
I like how you're blaming OP though, that's the mental gymnastics i was talking about.

>> No.17342235

I'm pretty sure he was saying that if the player didn't consent, the *character* was raped.

>> No.17342243

How would you like it if I took the urn containing your mother's cremated remains and threw it into a wood chipper? It's just a bunch of ashes, after all.

>learn to irrational personal attachments

>> No.17342253

OP is skeeved out that one of his groupmates may be a that guy tier sexual deviant or a passive-aggressive troll. And that the DM is complicit, too stupid to notice, or just as bad.

This is why the OP is upset.

>> No.17342262

You've never done something you know will annoy someone for the sake of getting a laugh out of it?
Any attempt to not suck your dick and stroke your ego is passive aggression?
Well, if it WAS a joke and OP didn't get it, then it was their fault.

>> No.17342276

>Destruction of personal property is equivalent to saying your pretend character woke up with a dude.

Yeah, your analogy is, how do I put it...?

Fucking wrong.

>> No.17342284

>OP was Butthurt over a joke


>> No.17342287

Or maybe it was a bad joke that could've been done with much better taste.
Like i said, i never heard a good joke that involved rape, or taking advantage of unconscious women if you prefer.

>> No.17342298

To the OP: Look up how Rape victims normally react to the physical and psychological trauma.

Play it out. Don't go out of your way to draw attention to it, just have it happen.

Go through the stages of it getting worse and worse until either somebody tries to help you, or your character kills themselves.

If anyone freaks out calmly explain you were playing the character realistically from what happened. Worst case scenario, you end up leaving your obviously shitty group.

Best case Scenario, they realize what they did, and fucking LEARN from the experience. If not the characters, then certainly the players.

>> No.17342302

But the joke wasn't rape.
The joke was "you woke up with the fighter after getting drunk"

Countless comedy shows use this trope.

Do you all get bent out of shape and write into the networks for condoning rape...?

>> No.17342322

>You've never done something you know will annoy someone for the sake of getting a laugh out of it?

No, because I'm not a psychopath who enjoys pissing people off. Are you nine years old or something?

>> No.17342330


And the problem wasn't the sex, it was the character being rail-roadbed into doing something wildly out of character for no reason.

Maybe it wasn't literal sexual rape, but it was rape of the concept, immature, stupid, and utterly pointless.

If the only thing that could possibly be gained from the experience is fucking over one of the group members and turning them into a spiteful fuck who hates you, WHY WOULD YOU DO IT.

The group clearly knew what he thought, and how he would react in advance and DID IT ANYWAY.

This is the fucked up part.

>> No.17342344

>winding someone up


You're pathetic.

I return to my assumption that you only deal with sycophants who suck your dick and stroke your ego.

>> No.17342362

It was rape of the character for the OP, and no matter how much you sideline that with romantic comedy it still made the OP plenty upset.
Again, that is why you talk shit like that over before doing it.

>> No.17342368

>The group clearly knew what he thought, and how he would react in advance and DID IT ANYWAY.
Cause they thought he'd react like a sensible human being and take the game lightly, like a game, and laugh that shit off.

Obviously his super serious play style and that of his group trying to enjoy themselves and have a laugh don't mesh well.

If he's the one person in the group not having fun, but everyone else is and now he intends to force his own view of fun on them - do you know what that makes him?

That's right.

That Guy.

>> No.17342378

Unless the group did it as a "can't wait to see the look on his face..." joke.

Maybe OP needs to remove the stick deep in his ass...?

>> No.17342386


I think that there's a difference of severity here.

The same action that you find amusing, is dickish, yes. But not absurdly so.

Taken to the extremes, it makes you look absolutely insane.

I happen to agree with him over you: This is well past joking/ribbing between friends and well into the realm of malice. Either the guy doing it had no fucking clue what he was doing, or he was actively trying to do something vile and hateful for the express purpose of it amusing him.

I kinda think it was a misunderstanding on all sides, but the OP is by far the least to blame for what's going on.

>> No.17342400

We sure do have a That Guy here, it's not the OP.

>> No.17342407

>This is well past joking/ribbing between friends and well into the realm of malice

No it isn't.

There's nothing malicious in this unless the OP chose to take it that way.

He needs to thicken up his skin and pull the stick out of his ass.

>> No.17342420


As someone who's actually done jokes like that before, with people who laughed and didn't....

If somebody was visably upset to the point where the OP clearly was, you should be apologizing, retconning, and talking it out.

Doing anything other than exactly that makes you a terrible person.

Example: Dumping a bucket of water on somebody? Funny.

Dumping a bucket of water on somebody, thus ruining their expensive dry-clean only coat and the $400 smart-phone in their pocket? Not funny.

Even giving the group the benefit of the doubt, they should be backpedaling right now.

>> No.17342431

How could they be the same person? They're arguing different points.

Also, OP, ditch the DM. Where's the fortitude save versus passing out from the alcohol? Where's the Respect he ought to give your character?

>> No.17342437

>one person doesn't fit with the group
That's what OP is describing.
OP is that guy.

>> No.17342450

>Dumping a bucket of water on somebody, thus ruining their expensive dry-clean only coat and the $400 smart-phone in their pocket?
Fucking Priceless.

But I do kinda take your point.

If OP was a rape victim with a chronic phobia of romantic comedy, sure.

Not if he's just too attached to his pretend Nun.

>> No.17342459


>Dumping a bucket of water on somebody? Funny.

>Dumping a bucket of water on somebody, thus ruining their expensive dry-clean only coat and the $400 smart-phone in their pocket? Not funny.

Yeah, this. This right here.

Reguardless of your view on the matter, you should at least be asking what's wrong if somebody freaked out like that.

Maybe they're "That Guy", or maybe they were raped/knew somebody who was.

Even if they are 'that guy', which I personally doubt but has no impact on what I'm saying, any and everybody not wondering why their friend just flipped out over a 'joke' is THAT GUY even harder.

>> No.17342466

Save it. I didn't think 4chan could disgust me anymore but good job, you just managed.

I can only hope that you've been trolling all along.

>> No.17342484

Having a different opinion to you is worse than gifs of babys in a blender?

Butthurt man.

And not actually refuting the point that the rest of the group is cool with it, and he's not.

The one person in the group ruining the fun of the others is always called That Guy.

So OP - he's That Guy.

Sorry if logic is disgusting.

>> No.17342500


The thing is that there's a fine line between a prank that makes you funny, and a prank that makes you an asshole.

Personally, I think that if the group disagrees with where the line should be drawn, fine. Talk it out, chalk it up to a misunderstanding.

Even if they can't see where the problem is, they might want to avoid the subject in the future out of respect.

Where I'm seeing the problem is that these people, who are supposedly friends, watched one of their number react THAT BADLY to what they saw as a harmless joke, and don't even bother asking what's wrong.

>> No.17342528


The thing isn't that he's the odd man out, maybe he is, the point is they don't care.

If you saw one of your friends obviously upset for some reason, would you ask him what's wrong or just tell him to man the fuck up and not bother?

One of these choices makes you a terrible person.

>> No.17342533

I imagine they're used to watching him overreact.

Did you ever think OP was just a drama whore?

>> No.17342550

Actually, both choices are context dependant.

If I saw a friend obviously upset about something in game, as in, floods of tears, moved or horrified, sure, I'd stop and ask what's up.

If I saw the guy who made a nun fap-bait character get all pissy over a christmas day joke, I'd tell him to shut the fuck up and stop being a drama queen.

Neither of these make me a terrible person.

Just a person.

>> No.17342564


I won't deny the possibility.

I don't personally think that's the case, but I'll admit there's a chance I'm misreading the situation.

Even under those circumstances, the group should give a damn. If he's that bad, they should be talking to him about it for a different reason.

Either way, the group should be coming to the table to talk. If he's some sort of drama-whore, than they're still not great people, but I would be forced to think somewhat better of them.

His sins don't forgive theirs.

>> No.17342567

Whatever makes you sleep at night.

>> No.17342578


You have a point, but if they were THAT BAD about lol drama, you should take them aside and have a talk.

>> No.17342598


That said, I think we can all agree that the fighter requesting a 'fade to black' so he can do what amounts to RAPE on a fellow PC plant's him firmly in 'That Guy' territory.

>> No.17342606

If he's a drama whore who can't take a joke, then the group didn't sin at all.

They got a laugh out of an idiot. An idiot that needs to mellow out.

But sure, despite the fact he came to /tg/ to whine about it, I'll assume he's legitimate and not just a drama queen. I find my scenario much more likely.

But hell, at this point there's no sense denying the - IMO Slim - possibility of your pov being correct also.

You really think how you deal with any social situation is all covered by a blanket rule and are never based on context?

I'll sleep fine. You'll stay retarded.

>> No.17342619

Well, no.

Cause as far as I'm concerned what the fighter's player requested was "I want him to wake up next to me after getting drunk. I think that'd be funny."

I don't think every comedy show that has two people who wake up next to each other after they both got drunk is condoning rape.

>> No.17342623

Or, just put up with it cause it's funny.
That's what happens. In some groups, the drama whore just becomes "LOL The Neurotic One"

>> No.17343235

So OP, how does the fighter's player feel about this.

I mean you may have been railroaded into getting raped, but how does he feel about being railroaded into raping you?

I find it a bit hard to believe that he figured his request to 'hook up with the hot cleric' translated into 'date rape my party member'

And if it did you should have seen this coming. And not been there.

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