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Time to back to the proper meat of things and bite right into fixing Sanguinius.

The legs and torso seem fine enough as is, but I was thinking about swapping the head and wings for those of Sanguinor and giving him some new pads. And maybe a new weapon.

Requesting ideas and Sanguiniuis pics.

TL;DR - Need pics of sanguinius / how do I unfuck this model?

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Nothing, really?
Let's try a bump then.

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Hey Scriptarius, did you end finishing that Christmas Doomrider?

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I think the head is great just the way it is, but yeah a new weapon might be right...
I'll be browsing

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Definitely needs better wings.
Imo, the real problem is he looks squat and blocky. Slimmer legs and larger wings would go far in alleviating that.

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The pose is just too... specific, perhaps?

Also, the large demon head detracts from the model; sure Sanguinus kicked ass, but to have a model of him HOLDING a demon's head just seems to ruin the... theme? of the model, if you get what I mean. Seems a bit incongruous.

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I did yeah
I was thinking of a spear myself
I think the pads and the wing pose add a lot of blockyness. If I pop the wings upwards, it might add some SWOOSH.

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he need the legs of the emperors champion.

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And here's a closeup of the guardsmen
You might be onto something with the head. I'll look into it.
Not really an option - all of my Primarcs have Terminator legs to make them taller than normal marines. As such, normal power armour legs are kinda off the table.

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The weapon is fine, tho maybe you should use green stuff to to netter integrate the two pieces you made it from.

The head is not a problem as much as the neck seems weird.

Bigger wings are always better id you can find them.

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The weapon is fine, tho maybe you should use green stuff to to better integrate the two pieces you made it from.

The head is not a problem as much as the neck seems weird.

Bigger wings are always better id you can find them.

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The real reason Angron was so angry was because the other primarchs always teased him for being so short. Just look at the wittle guy.

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Hm, the neck really does look weird. Wonder how I let that happen...
Not sure if I can land any bigger wings without overshooting though. Sanguinor is about the only thing I can think of. Of course I could always do this to him instead.
Amusingly my Angron is one of the tallest guys in the army, after the Emperor and Magnus.

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So - general consensus is the wings need changing, the weapon needs to be looked at, the neck fixed and possibly the daemon head dumped?

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Motherfucker killed a great daemon of khorne. The head must not be removed. Instead, the head should be replaced: Put a fuckhuge khorne daemon head right there.

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He'd be better off standing on it at that point.
I was kinda sorta emulating this pic with the pose, even if mine was less "hey check out this thing I found" and more "YES I JUST CUT THIS OFF. WHAT ABOUT IT, FAGGOT? GONNA DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT? WELL COME RIGHT THE FUCK AT ME BRO."

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Oh and while we're on the subject, should I give Magnus a cape of some kind?

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What's so great about Sanguinius anyway?

He's a mediocre primarch.

However, the OP image is probably my favorite depiction thus far. The green stuff at his hip is just there to hold him up for the picture, I hope unless you'll sculpt it into some kind of purity paper or some fabric.

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How does the back look?

If there's enough going on already back there, then it's fine as is.

Looks reminiscent of Kharne though.

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Yeah that joint shouldn't be all that visible once I'm done. Might try to add a teardrop belt or something.

As for why Sanguinius is so great, he was quite high up in the scale of sheer power (notably, he took down a fuckhuge Bloodthirster and a shitload of lesser demons on his own), and even Horus admited he was probably the best of the Primarchs.
Just some vents and a scroll covering his butt-plate. I mostly wondered if he looked too narrow or thin. Mortarion did and a cape fixed him up pretty well.

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Ok, here's the first draft for a fix. New head, new wings.
The sword deffinetely needs a rethink and I need to add some kind of deco onto his midsection, and probably change the pauldrons or at least add those bigger top rims (whatever they are called. Crests?) to them.

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One more bump

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Definately new pads.

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Ok. New pads, new sword.
On it.

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Scripty fell asleep. He will be back momentarily.

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I actually liked the head and really like the sword, maybe just extend the handle?

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Updates galore.
Now what the fuck do I use to cover that midsection...

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I was thinking about adding a wider cross guard. Extending the handle would call for a whole new arm.

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