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Hey, /tg/. I come to you with a trade request: Blood Bowl for a drawing. I'd totally be buying Blood Bowl if it weren't for the fact that I don't own a credit card, and I want to join the rest of the /tg/ers on the field. I don't want to be a freeloader, and about the only thing I can trade online is art. If interested, my steam ID is dekasutu. Add me, and give me your drawing request.
Picture is one I drew, but not colored or finished or much of anything. Thanks in advance!

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I'll take you up on this.

I want a picture of Duke Nukem, surfing a flying bane-blade into Godzilla, While playing a guitar solo, and getting head from no less than three women (dosen't have to be explicit.)

I only want this picture to one up my friend's picture of Chewdakka as the most stupid/awesome thing you got /tg/ to draw for you.

I'll gift you the game after you post the picture here.

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Bump for great justice!

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Also, is that the coat of arms of Austria-hungary on his cuirass?

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Yeah! I seriously love you for noticing that. It's a setting I made that takes place far in the future on a planet isolated from the rest of humanity, and they found the crests in ship records and view them as sacred.

How good do you want it? Care if I draw it halfway first, and finish after gifting? I'm getting tired and won't have too much time to do a second drawing.

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Hey, I'm both willing and serious, but I can't find you on steam.

Post a link to your page or something.

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Sorry about that.

And that. I had no idea you were serious. Add me and I'll get started.

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Like a sketch to prove you're actually doing it?

Yeah, works for me. I was really only going to do the 'after' thing in case this was a scam or something.

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Friend request sent.

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Yeah. I'm starting on it. Add me whenever.

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Accepted. Says you're offline for some reason.

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Not using the steam client.

That's probably why.

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Ohh. Want reptar instead of godzilla? I feel like drawing reptar. I'll draw godzilla if you want him, though.

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I'd honestly prefer Godzilla.

Believe it or not, this is actually a representation of why I'm not allowed to play D20 Modern/Urban Arcana.

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Godzilla it is. Ohgodohgodohgod I want to hear that story very badly.

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I had a friend who insisted that 'd20 modern isn't broken' and that he could 'take anything I threw at him'.

He was wrong on both counts.

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I've done so much stuff to troll my DM out of spite, like one time he had a crossbow bolt hit me through Protection from Arrows and later I tried to fuse a human to a horse to make a centaur using Protection from arrows.
"WHAT? Explain how that even works."
"It doesn't protect me from arrows, so what does it do?"
"*10 minute rant*"
Got a lot of the base down.

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It wasn't 'trolled out of spite' it was more 'challenge accepted'.

He'd seen me play some silly characters, but had never seen me go into what's now called 'full Henderson mode'.

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Protection from Arrows gives you DR 10/magic vs. arrows, it doesn't make you immune to arrows, you colossal fuckwad.

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The arrow was only going to do 5 damage, and I told him I had it up then he said it does it anyways

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Well alright then.

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I have a 12-year-old sister running around so I hope babes in bikinis not blowing him is good enough.

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Meaning it was a magic crossbow, you idiot.

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Still there, man?

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...Wait a minute.
>Go to /v/
>Have drawfag threads in exchange for PC games
>Never have to pay for a game again

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Is that the actual pic?

Either way, I laughed, Blood Bowl Gifted.

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Haha. I went to /tg/ for this, since I know you guys love Blood Bowl. I just wish the guy who requested the drawing would respond, it's making me slightly nervous. I spent like an hour on it.

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Steam was being a bitch about my Credit Card for some reason.

WHM always delivers.

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Oh! There you are. I was wondering. Want me to touch it up more? I have assignments due at midnight, need to get those done. But afterwards I can make it better.

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Personally, I feel like knowing that picture exists is worth $8.

Any and all improvements you make to it would only make the fact of it's existence better.

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Yeah, I'd personally want it better. That's my WIP, I'll work on it more and send it to you over steam. The gift didn't arrive yet, but I bet the servers are under super stress from holiday shopping.

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Yeah, nothing in like 20 minutes. Maybe the servers are really bad.

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Cool. I'll leave it to you then.

One fa/tg/uy to the next, thanks. There's also the official /tg/ bloodbowl league if you wanna rock that.

Fuck it, buying myself a copy while I'm here.

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Good God sir, this is literally the best thing I've seen all day. This whole experience has really instilled the Christmas spirit in me...

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Ohhh yeah. What's the group called so I can join? I'm going to play this hardcore.

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It's like the /tg/ league.

Hold on, I'll find a link.

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Slanneshi Whore Lord is going to give away like a thousand dollars worth of /tg/ games in the immediate future apparently.

Like giant /tg/ christmas.

If they actually follow through on that, I'm probably going to buy them most, if not all, the shit on their wish-list.

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This is sweet! To be honest, I think most of my day tomorrow is going to be Skyrim, since my present is a laptop that I can actually play it on! Yeah!

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wait, what?

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Someone posting under that name has been saying off and on they've been buying games really cheap during steam sales all year, and are planning to give away most of them on Christmas.

I don't have all the details myself, because I've seen part of ONE thread on the topic.

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Are you sure you sent it to me and not someone else by accident? It's been close to an hour and it never arrived.

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You are >>17323106


Same guy I friended?

That's fucking weird.

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Yeah, I'm OP in all counts. My actual account id is dekasutu if that helps, I have no idea.

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Speak thy name and I will be summoned.
hello all, yes I have been trying to "pimp" my giveaway tomorrow, and I have 100+ items for the handout.

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Also it says you're on my friends list, albeit offline, same name, and picture is some guy with spiky purple hair.

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It doesn't.

The only ID anyone else ever sees is the display one. In this case the 'arven dagger' one.

Hold on, I'm going to my main computer.

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Father Christmas! I am OP, might I request a copy of Space Marine, if you still have one? I spent all of my money getting a laptop good enough to run it, and I can't afford it now, and don't have a credit card to buy it. I'll even reimburse you with fantastic drawings or something. Steam coupons? Haha.
Yeah, hopefully we can fix this. It's really, really weird.

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If you actually do this I'm buying you shit off your wishlist.

I've seen it, and none of it's out of my price-range.

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I loled, you don't have to, though I do never turn down the kindness others offer me.

I unfortunatly did not purchase any copies of space marine as it was around the 25 euro mark and I could purchase 5 games and make 5 different people happy compared to 1 person being happy....However do you still desire a copy of bloodbowl?

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Waffle is trying to sort out the payment stuff, Steam is being finicky. Are there any other games that /tg/ is big-time into playing?

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I've sort of been wondering about getting Blood Bowl. Is it fun?

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X-com, Dawn of war 1/2, mass effect, vampire the masquerade, orcs must die, ect.

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Well, here's proof I'm not a lieing douche anyway.


>vampire the masquerade

Go with that one.

Trust me.

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it's pretty good, has a learning curve like a death dropping divebomb sometimes though.

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Was me, btw.


>Orcs Must Die.

How many copies?

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Orcs Must Die would be actually pretty fantastic, or maybe Dawn of War. Up to you.
(This is OP)

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Being inspired by Abdul Alhazred, the Mad Arab over in thread >>17324048, I'm going to just give you Space Marine. Go do a good turn for someone else, and I'll be happy with that.

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I know I have like 5+ copies ATM

in case it wasn't mentioned my steam address is : http://steamcommunity.com/id/Slaaneshiwhorelord

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Seriously!?!? Add me on Steam and I'm going to find a way to repay you eventually, I don't like feeling like I have some kind-of debt. Even if it's a small favor in the future.


so you don't have to go back up the thread.

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Friend request sent. Tag is Frosted Weasel.

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I need to just start adding everyone awesome on /tg/ to my steam friends.

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I seriously love all of you guys, /tg/. I'm going to return the favor once I can afford it.

>> No.17324383

Then you're gonna have to add everyone on /tg/ then, WHM.

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Most of them anyway.

Gives me hope for my endeavor for the New Year.

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well I'm gonna jump into skyrim for a bit, if anyone needs me you got my account, send me a request or a chat and we can do that while i beat up on some dragons.

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I'd jump on this with you guys, but I'm mostly tapped out until my next paycheck. Got enough now for tobacco and gas.

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As he's busy slaying dragons:

9:48 PM - Ekoi of The Fist: What time do you plan on doing your giveaway?
9:49 PM - Slaaneshi Whore Lord: well I plan to start @ 18-19:00 here in germany
9:50 PM - Slaaneshi Whore Lord: so if it starts at 7 pm here it will be about noon on the east coast
9:50 PM - Slaaneshi Whore Lord: but keep in mind I have 100 items to hand out and 11 took me almost 2 1/2 hours last time
9:50 PM - Slaaneshi Whore Lord: so it may be going for a while

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Would also love to play bloodbowl

Will trade someone Hats/Bills/Buds/Games/Coupons/coal/ for it? Anyone interested?

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I just played with you on tf2 didn't I?

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Bump :'(


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