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Hi /tg/, /x/phile here.

I have very little experience with tabletop/p&p RPGs, but would like to get into them. I'm interested in running a game based on SCPs and other X-Files-like things. I've read some threads about Call of Cthulu, and I like the idea, but I have some questions.

1. Keeping in mind that I have basically no experience, what would be a good system to run a game like this on?

2. If I do choose CoC, do I really have to stick with the eldritch stuff? I mean, the game is based around elder gods etc. but is it possible to run a game without them, or is it better to just use a different system altogether?

Thanks in advance.

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Bumping with SCPs:

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Really, as long as you're willing to dive into the material and figure it out, any system will work to start.

As to your second concern, the wonderful thing about pen & paper RPGs is that you get to change them to suit your needs. Don't want to use elder gods? Just don't. Reflavor everything to involve your own campaign elements.

I don't have any experience with the CoC system, but I hear lots of good things about it, so my advice would be to download the PDFs somewhere and give them a read.

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I think /x/ would really enjoy Unknown Armies. If anyone has the UA IHOP picture, well, that pretty well illustrates why I think that.

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>1. Keeping in mind that I have basically no experience, what would be a good system to run a game like this on?
Well there's CoC like you mentioned. There's also "Hunter: The Vigil" by White Wolf or just using the nWoD system without Hunter. It'd be a bit more work but the system itself isn't too complicated and is about 'modern horror.'

>2. If I do choose CoC, do I really have to stick with the eldritch stuff?

I don't know much about CoC but I think if you just remove references to Elder Gods, keep/tweak the Sanity mechanic and add a few new skills to the list you should be fine. RPGs are pretty flexible as long as you don't do something completely fucktarded like try to use CoC for a dating game or something.

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Also PDFs? Any more information?

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first of all. SCP-086 is the best SCP.
secondly cthulhu rules are pretty much straigthforward, there is even a few pages long quickstart that summarize everything you need.
thirdly: Delta Green. It's Cthulhu in modern setting

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>Get SCP-504
>Set up hundreds of small audio devices around the house
>Tell bad jokes into them

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Ahhhh, SCPs, best nightmare fuel I have ever enjoyed.

I would totally try to run an rpg based on it, except for the horrific dreams they cause whenever I read up on them...

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>Using CoC for a dating game.
>Her rejection drives me to madness.

Blend it with Bliss Stage and I think you'll have something magical.

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>as long as you don't do something completely fucktarded like try to use CoC for a dating game or something.

don't listen to him

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Call of Cthulhu
Unknown Armies
Kult (labeled the darkest RPG there is).

But really, why do you need a system for more then just a bit of inspiration?

Unknown Armies, basic Roleplaying, Savage Worlds, comes with great basic mechanics, the settings Unknown Armies, Kult, Call of Cthulhu (and others) adds soem inspiration. The rest is up to you, the books, the mechanics, even the die rolls are nothing but sources of inspiration and suggestions. You players and GM) make up the Roleplaying/Story.

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>do something completely fucktarded like try to use CoC for a dating game

Challenge accepted.

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World of darkness, another good base to take where ever you want it.

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Here's a thought.

D&D 3.5. Heroes of Horror and Tome of Magic supplements. Party of binders and archivists.

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I'd also recommend "Don't Rest Your Head". Fantastic game system, and it can be refluffed fairly easily to suit quite a number of systems.

You can get some scary results if you do things right, no matter the system. It's all about the plot you write.

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fuck, I meant 0-87

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Do any of your players know about SCPs? If so, I'd advise against this as a campaign. They'd spend all session messing with that coffee machine or that thing that upgrades everything.

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Don't you mean the House of Leaves IHOP picture?

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/tg/, never change.

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Planning on playing with friends who don't know too much about SCPs, and preventing them from playing as Foundation researchers / having access to contained SCPs. Kind of like how most characters in CoC games are regular schmucks who get caught up in the story.

Hadn't read this one, very cool

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I would personally start off the game with the players being taken out of Death row as cannonfodder for the foundation.
As long as they stay relatively healthy the foundation will keep using them to test, retrieve and secure SCP's due to a sudden shortage of manpower; and if things play out right they may discover that they have been in contact with a lot more SPC's than they can remember...

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Obviously you won't have them at the site of one of those "toy" SCPs, or else require explicir clearance before any test.

Come to think of it, you could take a little inspiration from Paranoia, replacing Friend Computer with Site Overseer. Or you could take a lot of inspiration and have a device called SCP-1D4, consisting of a tube big enough for a man that "processes" humans, leaving them with a glyph on their arm and six dots. When a processed subject dies, they're replaced by a slightly mutated clone. The PCs are Task Force D-4, a group of D-Classers who get sent on suicide missions in lieu of standard termination.

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>Hilarious, untested SCP objects
>Expendable characters
>World at stake
>Untested weapons

Well, I know the next one-shot I'm running while piss-drunk. My players will enjoy a good mix of horror and hilarity. Horrarity, I shall call it, and then see if I can alternate screams and laughter while playing.

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I found your basic rules list.

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I've not played it myself, but how about Delta Green? It might have good ideas for quasi-governmental agencies dealing with unnatural phenomena.

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Also, has anybody here read the vestige descriptions in Tome of Magic? Most of them would be right at home in an SCP description.

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